[24] [MATCH 2] Masked Maniac & El Principe vs. The Health Fanatics

The ambiance of the arena shifts to one of charged expectancy as the lights dim, the crowd’s anticipation palpable, vibrating through the air. The opening chords of “Los Consejos De Un Padre” by Gerrardo Reyes cascade through the arena, heralding the entrance of El Principe. The luchador legend, a figure of awe and respect, emerges […]

[24] [SEGMENT 18] A Hard Lesson

Backstage, the camera zeroes in on “The Legend” Sean Darring, a focused look in his eyes as he meticulously prepares for battle against Jimmy Classic in the night’s main event. He methodically wraps his wrists with white tape, a pre-fight ritual that has accompanied him through countless wars. As he secures the tape around his […]


Backstage, The Informer stands ready, flanked by the Prime Time Athletes. Jimmy Classic, his arm in a sling, raises eyebrows about his readiness for tonight’s main event, while “The Suplex Ninja” Trae Larkin stands by, his gaze warning against any missteps in questioning. The Informer straightens his tie and dives in. “Thanks for taking the […]


A DIFFERENT LEGEND No music, no fanfare. The Global Champion, Sean Darring, swiftly and quietly descends to the ring, an unplanned and unannounced intrusion. The announcers haven’t even completed their preparations for the opening when Sean Darring asserts himself, demanding a microphone before the night’s proceedings officially kick off. “I’ve been in this business for […]


SHOW ME ON THE TEDDY EXACTLY WHICH OF HIS LEGS YOU’D LIKE TO BREAK Undisclosed LocationPre-Domination 15 Beneath the light of a single lightbulb, the teddy bear of Jerry David sits on an old wooden chair, his arms and legs bound to the chair with rope, an apple duct tape to his mouth. In the […]


WHITE (CHAMPION) PRIVILEGE Fans who have been eagerly awaiting the start of another exciting episode of GLOBAL Wrestling Domination have their enthusiasm duly quashed when the very first sound heard across the arena is the introductory riff to Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid”. Tony Iommi has not even had time to complete a full run-through of the […]


A SEASON TO REMEMBER The raucous Los Angeles crowd has been fervently chanting for the Global champion even before the event kicks off, and their wish has been granted. The opening notes of Europe’s “The Final Countdown” reverberated throughout the arena, sending shockwaves of excitement through the Global-Nation faithful. The spotlight focuses on the entrance, […]


JOIN, OR DIE (IV) Darkness. Footsteps across debris. Approaching. Darkness. A pain in the nipple. Footsteps end. A new, more searing pain in the nipple – as if something was tugged from it. Pulsating, throbbing pain. “Why can’t I see? Why can’t I speak?” Jerry David thinks. “What is this on my head?” Silence. Crumpling […]


THE OUTLAW TORN Backstage, the Metal Militia are standing in front of a camera, patently ready to deliver a message. The four members of the team appear, however, in different moods, with the two older siblings wearing stern expressions, while the two younger brothers appear more contrite. As the camera fixes on them, Hayley Robinson […]