[15] [MATCH 2] Prime Time Athletes vs. LA Express

Lucas Quinn says, “We’re back for some top-tier GLOBAL tag team action. Global tag teams are turning heads with the growing star power in the division. Inside the ring, we have a young local team that’s been wrestling in a local California promotion. They’ve been rewarded for their hard work and skills in a try-out […]


The raucous Los Angeles crowd has been fervently chanting for the Global champion even before the event kicks off, and their wish has been granted. The opening notes of Europe’s “The Final Countdown” reverberated throughout the arena, sending shockwaves of excitement through the Global-Nation faithful. The spotlight focuses on the entrance, and the champion emerges […]


The Bro stands ready, microphone in hand, eager to interview the Prime Time Athletes. He can’t help but feel the excitement of speaking with the typically boisterous tag team. Jimmy Classic and “The Suplex” Trae Larkin appear deep in conversation as the Bro begins. “Hey, bros! I’m absolutely stoked for this chance to chat with […]


JOIN, OR DIE (IV) Darkness. Footsteps across debris. Approaching. Darkness. A pain in the nipple. Footsteps end. A new, more searing pain in the nipple – as if something was tugged from it. Pulsating, throbbing pain. “Why can’t I see? Why can’t I speak?” Jerry David thinks. “What is this on my head?” Silence. Crumpling […]


THE OUTLAW TORN Backstage, the Metal Militia are standing in front of a camera, patently ready to deliver a message. The four members of the team appear, however, in different moods, with the two older siblings wearing stern expressions, while the two younger brothers appear more contrite. As the camera fixes on them, Hayley Robinson […]


THE INTERSECTION OF TRUTH AND DREAM The iconic opening riff to Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” is enough to immediately bring the boos from the Portland crowd – and a groan from Allie Reece, who is, as ever, not looking forward to the arrival of her least favorite person in the GLOBAL roster. “Why him?! Why do […]


AMERICAN HISTORY X The crowd’s initial excitement is quickly dampened by the legendary and instantly recognizable riff to Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid”, which heralds the arrival of GLOBAL’s most controversial group. Boos immediately begin to rain down from all corners of the Seattle arena as John J. Truth and his two bodyguards begin to make their […]


WHO NEEDS PATIENCE? As the cameras start rolling for the night, the production crew wastes no time as The Final Countdown by Europe blasts over the PA. Knowing that can only mean one thing Global Nation raises to its feet, cheering the Global Champion’s arrival. … Gold and Purple fireworks showers go off as “The […]


CLOSE, BUT NO CIGAR The cameras survey a wave of signs rather rapidly before zoning in on a smiling Lucas Quinn, suited out in light brown tonight with a green and blue tie and a small GLOBAL logo in the center.  He is flanked by The Mark, who looks like he’s got a job in […]


A MERE MORTAL “I hear you have an open challenge.” “The Legend” Sean Darring fresh from the International airport in Manchester is still wearing his travelling suit with his suitcase being pulled. He stops at the sound of a familiar voice.   Darring:  “Well if it isn’t my old friend and dancing partner, Alex.” The Legend […]