The Legend Sean Darring






Miami, Florida






The Final Countdown by Europe


The Legend Lock: With his opponent on his stomach. Sean applies a scissor lock to his opponent\'s arms. Sean then rolls in the same direction on his opponent\'s head, forcing his opponent\'s body up at an angle where their neck supports their body weight. At the same time, Sean tries to hyperextend his opponent\'s elbow across his body.


Inverted Indian Death Lock Cradle, Back to Back Roll Over Low Blow: Desperate times can cause the Legend to return to his heel days. Figure Four Leg Lock around the guard rail Rapid Chops across the chest


Neck breaker, Superplex, Inverted DDT, Hangman\'s Neckbreaker, Single Arm DDT, Snap Suplex, Jaw Breaker, Falling Down Sleeper Hold, Northern Lights Suplex, Crucifix Rolle Up, Snap Mare, Figure Four Leg Lock, Belly to Back Suplex, Knee Breaker, Inverted Russian Legsweep, Brain Buster, Drop Toe Hold, Backbreaker, Octopus Hold, Choke (if the situation calls for it), Eye Gouge (if the situation calls for it), European Uppercut, Irish Whip, Elbow to the head, Double Underhook Suplex. Other Standard/veteran Grappling pro wrestling moves work also.


Ring IQ: Sean has been around a long time. He has seen almost every situation by this point and knows how to use the ring to his advantage. 9 Lives: Sean probably has used up 100 lives inside professional wrestling, but you get the point. When you count the legend out, he finds a way to put himself back in the game. Cardio: The Legend hasn\'t always had the \"pro-wrestling\" perfect physique or been the best pure athlete in the league, but he learned from an early age the man who doesn\'t get tired hangs on long enough for a winning opportunity. Even in his late 40s, the Legend has kept himself in great shape.


Age: The one opponent, a man, can\'t beat his age. Now in his late 40s, there is no doubt that Sean isn\'t as good physically as he once was. Past Injuries: When you have been in the wrestling world for over 25 years, you rack up an extensive background of injuries. At any time, some of these can pop back into play and cause a situation to become worse. Pro-Wrestling Face: Hey, it\'s wrestling 101 - even though Sean is willing to resort to his heel days when needed, at this stage, he is a face, which puts him in a position where he can and will be taken advantage of. It comes with the territory.


Sean spent 3/4\'s his career as a classic heel doing whatever it took to succeed and win. It didn\'t matter who it hurt as long as it padded his legacy as the greatest wrestler to ever step inside the ring. He lived and slept professional wrestling. In his last chapter, Sean came to terms with his actions and the people he hurt. Unable to give the business up, Sean has started giving back to the industry that has given him so much joy over the years.



I think Sean should be a pretty easy character to write. Think about most of our favorite legends in the final stages of their career. He shouldn\'t be doing anything too high-risk unless a particular situation/story calls for it.


Sean has joined Global, looking to write that final chapter of his career. He wants to help the league grow, mentor, and inspire a new generation, and he would have one last run in the sun as a Legend everyone watched him be for many years.


Sean started his wrestling journey in his young 20s in the late 90s. His last league was in SCW, where he won the SCW Heavyweight Championship. Now in his late 40s - The Legend continues to get pulled back into the business he can\'t seem to quit. His heart and mind say he can continue to be the Legend. However, father time will always be undefeated, and it\'s only a matter of time until it defeats Sean Darring.


Sean is an older veteran with many miles in the wrestling ring, and it\'s starting to show. He is an Italian-American with dark hair that is starting to go a bit silver in places. He is still in good shape for his late 40s, and out of the ring, he dresses with class and success. Suits and dress clothes. On the way to the ring - Sean wears (ric flair style) glorious legendary robes - these are all different colors depending on the occasion - red, blue, white, gold, and purple - with \"The Legend\" written across the black in its full glory. Inside the ring - he wears different color singlets - red, white, light blue, and gold ... They have \"The Legend\" written across it with matching boots.