Hayley \'The Raven\' Robinson






Pine Bluff, Arkansas






Obituary - Redneck Stomp


Raven\'s Flight – Inverted shooting star press


Redneck Stomp – Curb Stomp (classic style, delivered to an already grounded opponent, as opposed to Seth Rollins style) Raven\'s Swoop - diving bulldog. Smaller opponents will be taken to the top rope and then planted with the move. Larger opponents will eat it from a standing position with Raven up top. Can be used as a finisher for smaller opponents. Raven\'s Bite – Discus lariat Raven\'s Talons – Corner Yakuza Kick


Punches (short quick jabs, windmill-style, haymakers, you name it) Knee strikes to the groin Chop block Corner uppercut (with opponent trapped against the turnbuckle) Running corner splash / Stinger splash Running knee Running punt Basement dropkick Bicycle kick Scissors kick Facewash Bulldog Facebuster Clothesline (short-arm, Cactus, regular) Spinning elbow Corner foot choke Corner hurricanrana Rollups (inside cradle, schoolboy, small package) BIG diving crossbody Opportunistic shots (especially if struggling against a larger / more skilled opponent) - Eye gouging, low blows, pinching, raking, etc.


Determination Street smarts Instinct


Quick temper Tendency to lose focus Relatively inexperienced Limited style/moveset Somewhat gullible


VERY quick to flare up if provoked Easily fooled by someone she trusts turning on her Has a pet raven


Combines basic wrestling moves of the striking variety with street-fighting tactics and instincts. Not afraid to fight ugly, but generally refrains from fighting dirty unless given no other option.


DO – have her lose her cool quickly and lose focus as a result. DO – have her fall for tricks that would not fool a more experienced wrestler DO – have her talk trash to someone she has beef with DO – have her drop whatever she\'s doing to save Ross Hanson DO – have her use the occasional cheap shot when nothing else will help (e.g. when trapped in a corner with no way out) DO – have her use weapons DO – have her struggle against submission wrestlers or much bigger opponents than herself DON\'T – have her talk trash to people who haven\'t earned it (at least until they DO earn it) DON\'T – have her take shortcuts or cheap shots as a general rule DON\'T – have her pull out big fancy moves other than the ones listed above DON\'T – make her into a technical wonder DON\'T – have her take the match to the ground or attempt submissions DON\'T – have her gloat or disrespect clean-fighting opponents who have not earned her derision (e.g. no sloppy pins, hotdogging and grandstanding, letting go of submissions for no reason, etc.)


Redneck with a heart of gold. Wants to succeed in wrestling as she has been a fan her whole life. Has a chip on her shoulder due to previous experiences in the business. Has certain less informed beliefs typical of somebody from her background, but is far from a conspiranoid.


The only girl in a family of four siblings left to fend for themselves from a young age in a trailer park in Arkansas, it stands to reason that Hayley Robinson would grow up to be both a tomboy and extremely tough – and that is exactly how she turned out, with her current interests ranging from heavy metal to wrestling, muscle cars, contact sports and birds of prey. Her unassuming physique belies a determined soul, with a fiery, confrontational attitude and penchant for speaking her mind – traits which, more often than not, end up being a double-edged sword, both in interpersonal relationships and in the context of her chosen profession as a wrestler. Initially modelling herself after childhood idol and eventual mentor Jacqui Monroe – and dubbing herself \'Hellraven\', after the older blonde\'s very first teenage alias – Hayley quickly came to learn that cribbing somebody else\'s style brings very little reward, and that success comes from being genuine; ever since then, she has strived to be no one but herself, for better or worse. This new mindset eventually brought about some modicum of success, as the young blonde (then still only 20) would come to hold gold in prestigious indie company OCW (albeit briefly) before the stipulation in a losing effort forced her to retire early, just as her and veteran and friend Ariel Shadows were finding their feet as a team, under the name Dirty Birds. True to her word, her next appearance in a wrestling ring would come a full two years later, as a ringside observer within the Metal Miitia, the family group surrounding her two youngest brothers as they strove for fame and fortune of their own. Still, the bug never quite stopped \'biting\', and Hayley soon undertook the international flight to Tokyo, Japan, to resume her training under an increasingly less reticent Monroe. In early 2022, however, fate would once again play a hand in the young woman\'s life, simultaneously taking a friend away from her, introducing her to a new one, and precipitating her return to the wrestling ring, this time as a member of Wrestleverse. After only one match, however (a thrown-together tag match in which she got the pin) she once again found herself out of a job, as the quirky company unexpectedly folded. This was when she heard of a new independent company starting up, and immediately began to seek out a try-out, alongside the new friend she had made prior to her return to the business. Now, having sufficiently impressed officials, she – alongside said new friend – seeks to finally relaunch her career in the sport she has loved from her earliest childhood...


Slender blonde, early 20s, green eyes, with a redneck metal look (jorts and cutoff band t-shirts and big boots or Converse trainers)