August Lazar




399 lbs.


Clearwater, Florida by way of Bucharest, Romania






\"Hot Cheetos and Takis\" y Da Rich Kidzz


The Food Coma (Back suplex into chokeslam)


Heartburn (Clubbing Forearm to chest of bent backwards opponent)

The Food Chain (Snake Eyes/Running Big Boot combo)

Biscuit With A Two-Piece (two back elbows and a chop in the corner)

Not Today! (Running Shoulder Block to opponent coming off the ropes. Yells out “not today!” in tribute to his NBA career idol Dikembe Mutombo)

Cookie Dunk (Goozle to grounded opponent, then lifts them up for repeated dunks to the mat)

Mt. Rainier\'s Revenge (rare roundhouse kick to oncoming opponent - named after a hot sauce he tried that was so hot, it was rumored to have killed someone. Big Aug barely survived his encounter.)


Clothesline, Biel throws and other tosses/shoves, Running body avalanche, Running corner back elbow, Leg/elbow drop, Lotsa Clubbering Forearms, Pendulum backbreaker, Headbutt, Body slam, Front face suplex, stepping on opponents giant-style, corner butt bump.


1) Size, 2) Deceptive speed in short bursts, 3) Still young so has not accrued most of the injuries that older wrestlers/giants have.


1) Still slower than most of the competition, 2) Very much a \"play to the crowd\" type wrestler and all the shortness of attention span that comes with it, 3) a tad too nice for his own good.


Big Aug is very much the definition of a big friendly giant with an appetite for life. If Boban Marjanovic was a wrestler, that\'s him.


Giant with quick flurries of offense.


Do: Have him play to the crowd after signatures, offer to shake hands and/or a snack with opponents before matches. Don\'t: Cheat, be a bully/asshole, fly.


August Lazar is a nice guy -- perhaps a tad too nice for the wrestling business, but nice nonetheless. He is a legit foodie with a capital FOODIE. What Andre The Giant was to rumored alcohol intake, Big Aug is to food and how much he devours.


The Romania-born August Lazar moved to America at the age of three with his family. Generally well-liked by his peers, athletics came calling for August in the form of basketball. Played basketball all through college and was a highly scouted NBA prospect that would eventually earn a two-year ban when he was caught doping thanks to an overzealous and demanding coach that convinced him he wouldn\'t get caught. After his initial dream failed him, Augie decided to try his hand at professional wrestling instead and found his first opportunity at Johnny Slather’s House of BBQ and Headlocks. Coupled with that, the giant freak show also started a food vlog, The Big Aug Grub Vlog, during his wrestling travels, becoming a streaming sensation by conquering various food challenges across America, eating hot food and chugging hot sauces without dying, trying questionable food that most normal people wouldn\'t touch, or simply having a massive bite to eat with other wrestlers to tell their stories. The two somehow led to big success and the attention of his size and following caught the attention of DEFIANCE. Big Aug was a standout in DEFIANCE\'s developmental brand, BRAZEN, winning their Onslaught and Tag Team Titles, while concurrently winning the sVo Triple Crown as the Roulette, Las Vegas and soon, World Champ within a year. Now taking his talents to a Global stage (hiyo) with a renewed love of both wrestling and eating, Big Aug is eager to still grow and learn... and snack. And ride this ride as wrestling hungriest giant until the wheels fall off. MANAGER INFORMATION: Manager: Del Waterstone Height: 5’11” Weight: 175 lbs. Hometown: Clearwater, Florida Quirks/Eccentricities: Del is an overall good guy that’s looking out for his best friend as he gets into wrestling. As his dad was famous referee Nic Waterstone of over forty years, young Del grew up around a lot of wrestling personalities and does his best to help Big Aug avoid trouble. Dos and Don’ts when writing your character Do: Have him at ringside. He is only there to film via phone for live streams and for recordings for Big Aug’s Grub Vlog. Occasionally dispense advice where needed. Don’t: Have him interfere, attack people or be attacked by other wrestlers/managers (for now, he’s a character being built up and that will be a story for another day when he gets physically involved). Beliefs, Values and Desires: Backstory: Del Waterton and August Lazar met just after Big Aug’s ban from the NBA in 2019 and struck up a fast friendship shortly thereafter. Del himself is a second-generation former wrestling referee and used those connections that got Big Aug the chance to work with Johnny Slather’s House of BBQ and Headlocks. Del is a man that wears many hats nowadays. He acts as the business partner and best friend of August Lazar as well as a sidekick on Big Aug’s Grub Vlog. He’ll also play the part as his manager in wrestling at times and film his exploits in-ring to feature on Big Aug’s Grub Vlog.


Mostly muscular frame, but with a slight paunch (not a massive gut, but needs to do more crunches, not easting so much Nestle Crunch). Blue eyes. Dirty blonde hair tied back in a bun a la Roman Reigns. Attire: Sleeveless red and black body suit (see Satnam Singh picture below). Giant red handprint on the chest. Red elbow pads. Black wrist tape. Black boots with red designs down the front. He has sponsors through his popular food vlog, Da Big Aug Grub Vlog, and will often wear some (fictional) food sponsors logos on the tights. The regulars are \"Jackie\'s Jerky\" and \"B\'s Custom Hot Sauce.\"