Alex Reyn










Martial Artist/High Flyer


\"Seven Days to the Wolves\" by Nightwish


The East Wind Cutter (Lifting Rolling Cutter)/Pangeas’s Fall (Corkscrew Moonsault) NOTE: Pangea\'s Fall is easily his strongest finisher, but that danger is a double edged sword. A hit guarantees a win. A miss guarantees a loss. As such, he never uses it


Signatures: Ascendant\'s Wrath (Running springboard suicide crossbody) / Running Front Flip DDT / Superkick to opponent’s head resting against ring post.


Multiple Headscissors Takedown variations, Alex irish whips his opponent into the corner then hits a running splash in the corner, before whiping the opponent into the opposite corner and spearing them in the corner Diving Hurricanrana Multiple DDT variations Jumping DDT+Dropkick to knees (So he executes a Jumping DDT, but instead of swinging his legs out to the side, he swings them directly into the opponents knees). Multiple Swinging Neckbreaker variations Leaping Tornado DDT Striking Spear Springboard Rebound Crossbody Diving Crossbody Shooting Star Press Various Striking combos from martial arts training, favourites are Jab, Punch, Hook, Punch or Jab, Punch, Uppercut, Punch Running Dropkick or “Van-Terminator\" to head or neck of cornered opponent Various kicks Bicycle Knee Guillotine chokehold Single Knee Camel Clutch Dragon Sleeper GTR followed by a Tiger Suplex Triangle Lancer Northern Lights Suplex Repeated knees to downed opponent Superkick to the back of a kneeling opponent\'s head. Slingshot, swinging dropkick\'s opponent\'s knee into ringpost Calf Slicer Stomps to back of opponent\'s head while strangling them with a cord.


Speed and agility. Can very easily outmaneuver most enemies. As a martial artist first, wrestler second, he has a unique approach to combat that can make him unpredictable Ruthless and cunning mind. He can find many inventive ways to hurt his opponents


Smaller size means it takes less shots from big men to put him down. Still pretty new to technical moves and chain-wrestling. He can do it, but a more experienced practitioner has him beat in that area. Struggles greatly against foes as fast, or faster than he is


Cold, dispassionate and ruthless. His voice rarely rises above a monotone and he will completely ignore the crowd to focus entirely on his opponent. His body language is eerily animalistic and there is a hidden core of savagery and violence hidden under the icy demeanour that becomes more prominent in more competitive matches. Aside from the aforementioned savagery, Reyn is, nine times out of ten, eerily calm. Even when inflicting brutal acts of violence, his expression remains as calm as if he were a chef tenderising meat. He never looks at the hard camera when cutting an in ring promo because he doesn\'t care about the viewers. Instead he will look towards geurilla since is words are directed at the locker and his opponents. He is a fast learner and adopts moves from his opponents.


His code of honour, unusual for a wrestling villain, is one that scowls at disqualification, interference or any kind of tainted victory. Reyn won’t revert to cheating, not even as a last resort, and why would he? He’s an incredibly precise striker, who lets his hands go on tap and takes the fight to his opponents, invading their space and expertly controlling range. Alex is quick without being lightning-like and effectively uses aerial-based offence like crossbodies, huricanranas as well as his patented Shooting Star, Flipping DDT or Ascendant’s Wrath, which aren’t his go-to match-winning manoeuvres, but can easily be dug out as damaging weapons to cause harm to an opponent. The key is never to rest on his laurels or be stationery, preferring to go about his business rather than pander to the crowd – Reyn never wastes a move for a minute. Spears early on in the match defy convention; a 200-pound competitor using it as a signature may not seem like the right fit in most people’s eyes, but placement, speed and surprise all beguile the opponent while they’re nursing their ribs. Reyn ruthlessly targets the head with various strikes, neckbreakers and DDTS to significantly soften a rival up for the jewel in his rich artillery – The East Wind Cutter. The Lifting Rolling Cutter has put down every single opponent it’s ever been used on. Alex’s lack of wrestling fundamentals actually makes him more dangerous at times as he doesn’t suffer old-school wrestling tactics and punishes those with quick, hard-hitting counters, such as palm strikes as receipts for his opponents’ ill-conceived, predictable Collar-and-Elbow Tie-Ups. However, while he IS improving in this area, his application of submission moves can still be sloppy and the longer a match goes, Reyn’s patience diminishes which can either spell serious danger to his opponent or lead to poor decision-making by the animalistic Alex. It was said of Filipino phenomenon Manny Pacquiao that he throws awkward shots from all kinds of angles. The legendary boxer-cum-politician has belied his size with bewildering pace, power and IQ – all tools Alex Reyn carries in the squared circle, essential given he’s the smaller man almost every time he enters it. Nevertheless, he’s always the aggressor, looking to overwhelm his opponents with strikes and surprises, not suffering foolish tactics gladly. Quite frankly, The East Wind blows most opponents away. Alex looks to separate the weak from the strong. Fight or flight? As a former wrestler once said: \"Beat Alex Reyn if you can – survive if he lets you.\" Your trial – and torture – starts NOW.


DON’T have him cheat. He considers himself above such cowardice. His own skills are superior enough. DON’T. EVER. have him accept interference. Even if the interference is helping him, his fights are sacred. To interfere is an unforgivable insult and we WILL attack anyone who gers involved. DON’T have him play to the crowd. They’re lesser creatures. Barely more than insects to him. DON’T have him use classic wrestling moves that aren’t on his sheet (clotheslines, bodyslams, suplexes,) he was neve classically trained. He adopted most of his moves through self-practice or imitation. DO have him try to hurt or even injure his opponent. The referee is merely a formality. If he beats you down until you stop moving, it’s a win in his eyes. DO have him use his high-flying as a weapon. It’s not there to show off, it’s a tool that allows him to outmanoeuvre, flank and stay one step ahead of his opponents, or for extra damage to compensate for his smaller size. DO have him be alert, savvy and strategic. Always looking for a way to exploit an opening or remove an advantage. He’ll target injuries, manipulate team members against each other, ect. The mental battle is as important as the physical one (He sees the above cheating as the lowest form of \"cunning\" DO use any martial arts strikes you like. He’s a martial artist first, wrestler second.


BELIEFS: The Weak Must Be Purged. Those Who Cannot Fight Are Weak. VALUES: Combat Prowess. Those Who Are Strong WITHOUT The Need For Others. DESIRES: To Test all other wrestlers and remove the weak and elevate the strong.


Alex Reyn made his official in-ring debut at jOlt wrestling on their Rise of the Legends PPV, attacking the flamboyant tag team known as the entertainers. He crippled Alfie Button and challenged Darren Best to a war, hoping to bring out the fighter within him. The two clashed for several months, but Darren was unable to avenge his former friend and eventually fell to Alex Reyn\'s hands too. jOlt closed down soon after and Alex left to seek opponents elsewhere. Eventually coming to Hard Knox Wrestling on the Defiance brand, he made a name for himself by savagely assaulting and crippling Colby Spencer, offended that Colby called himself the \"Evolution of wrestling\". Soon after that, he engaged in a feud with another newcomer named Ashley Chase. Hospitalising her friend Tiffany and kidnapping her younger cousin to motivate Ashley into fighting him at her full ability. Despite Ashley overwhelming him in their match with her strength, speed and aggression, Alex was able to stay focused and use his cunning and tactics to pick up the victory. Though he returned her cousin to Ashley out of respect for her efforts. A few weeks later, he was challenged to a match at Divine Supremacy by a mysterious entity called \'Flame\' who also seemed to have ties to the supernatural. While Alex was at first dismissive, he furiously accepted the challenge when Flame interfered during his match against then Bloodlust Champion Brian Stryker. After defeating Flame at Divine Supremacy, Alex set his eyes on the Bloodlust division. Declaring all participants to be unworthy of the title, he entered into the Mansion of Ruin match. While he was unsuccessful, he managed to hospitalise half the participants, showing a beastial, more powerful side to himself. Following the Mansion of Ruin match, Alex Reyn began to target wrestlers who had won the Bloodlust title during it\'s 24/7 period. Believing that they were like seagulls scavenging over scraps and that winning the title in such a manner was disgraceful. However, his attempt to carry out this judgement and execution was halted when one of his targets was saved by Brian Stryker. A bloody feud began between the two as Alex Reyn became determined to punish Brian for this interference. Even attacking him in his hotel room. It reached a point where a member of the HKW Board of Directors threatened to fire both of them and have them arrested if they did not keep their hands off each other until their match at Destiny (HKW\'s Wrestlemania). Knowing that Brian could no longer touch him, Alex Reyn used this opportunity to brutalise and hospitalise the man whom Brian had previously saved. Doing it right in front of Brian Stryker so that Brian was forced to watch, unable to stop it. The two fought at Destiny, and despite ruthless tactics from Alex Reyn, Brian emerged victorious. But at a cost. The months of attacks and mind games had finally taken their toll on Stryker and he snapped, beating Alex Reyn to a bloody pulp. He won the match, but for one, horrifying minute, he had become every bit the monster that REYN is. Several months later, Reyn would appear in NBW to attack then NBW Keystone champion and Hall of Famer, Max Hopper, only to be stopped by former rival Darren Best, reigniting their feud. Unfortunately, interferance from A-List prevented this match’s conclusion and Reyn left Darren to deal with A-list, while he set his sights on Max Hopper and his Keystone title once again. Despite a valiant and heroic effort by Max, the East Wind would prove too much for him, and Alex would claim his first championship in the Keystone title. After the match, he would heartlessly assault his opponent, breaking his leg and ending the hall of famers legendary career. Following that match, he began a series of open challenges, culminating in a match against Johnny Bedlam at Legacy, but was forced to take time off to recover from mounting injuries. Upon his return, he was challenged by Pro-wrestling veteran Keegan who hoped to rekindle his career by defeating the rising star. Like Hopper before him though, he was unsuccessful and was forced to retire due to injuries sustained. Next came Keegan’s long time rival, the Son of Malta, who hoped to do what his old foe could not. But despite a grueling battle, he too failed to topple Alex’s reign (pun not intended). Having reluctantly aligned himself with corrupted manager Xander Napoli, Reyn was tasked with destroying wrestler Rey Diamentes, However, Rey proved more than a challenge and despite not succesfully defeating Reyn in their first match, the King of Diamonds earned the East Wind’s interest, and Reyn began to taunt the newcomer. Hoping to bring out a worthy challenge. He got what he wanted and more. In a match for the Keystone Champion on the 117th episode of Slam, the King of Diamonds finally toppled the East Wind. leaving the formerly undefeated champion shell-shocked in the middle of the ring. In the following months, Alex became more reckless, more vicious and more arrogant, he seemed to almost be in denial about his loss, and set his eyes on the promotion of Southern Championship Wrestling. Going on a rampage that set him after the company\'s oldest active wrestler, The Legend, Sean Darring. But although Reyn made short work of the unsuspecting Darring in their first contest, his arrogance blinded him to The Legend\'s resolve, and Sean defeated the East Wind at Bloody Sunday. With two major losses in a row, Reyn was now a mess, a shell of his former self, he began spiralling down, losing to even the lowest of jobbers. And it was in this pitiful state that his old rival Darren Best found him once again. If Darren had wanted a chance at revenge, there was no better opportunity. And yet... It was too easy. Darren had worked for years to defeat Alex Reyn. The East Wind. And whoever this pathetic wreck was, it was NOT Alex Reyn. So Darren resolved to bring Alex Reyn BACK. Because when he finally faced the East Wind again, it would be with his rival at his BEST (Pun not intended). Unfortunately... he succeeded. And a grizzly injury to one of Darren\'s friends heralded The East Wind\'s return. His confidence and composure now restored, The First Predator has once again set its judgemental gaze upon the wrestling world. Hollowing a brief stint terrorising IBW as the Hardcore Champion and a feud with the Rutherford Guys, including Daniel Dream, Alex Reyn’s current whereabouts are unknown.


Lean but athletic, there is something very clearly... off about Alex Reyn, from the long, stringy black hair on his face, to the blue eyes that look like they belong more to a rabid wolf than a human being, to the intricate tattoos on his arms and back that look like they were inscribed by a tribe of madmen, it all paints the picture of a homeless nutcase. The kind of lunatic you\'d see scavenging for food in a bin or ranting on a street corner. Which makes his calm, well-spoken demeanour all the more unsettling. in the ring, he is shirtless, with an old and damaged pair of long pants and boots. Alex Reyn has also fashioned crude, makeshift elbow protections and taped fists. Both of which are stained with long dried blood. He wears a ragged blue tank top while outside the ring, and a long black cowl with a wolf skull mask for his entrances.