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Son of Malta

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Nickname: The Son of Malta
Hometown: Malta
Birthday: 21st September 1980 (Malta's Independence Day)
Height: 6' 3
Weight: 110kg
Eye Color: Blue

- He's a fighter first and wrestler second
- He's mainly technical
- Saw his father suffer a lot due to politics in Malta
- Was mentored by William Arthur Reagan
- Blames Keegan for WAR's death
- Lost his child in 2018 following a wrestling event in Malta


- Mentally he's very strong
- His fighting background is one of his strengths


- Mentioning of his father, son or WAR
- Right knee which had popped up when he was young


Wrestling Info

Wrestling Style: Technical Fighter

Finisher Move: The Maltese Cross
Finisher Description: Double Undercut Cross Face

Finisher Move 2: The Maltese Clover
Finisher 2 Description: Reverse Cloverleaf

Signature Move: The Satan of Side Headlocks

Special Moves:
Calf Crusher (alternate finisher)
Nuclear Warhead (Steiner Recliner)
Avalanche Belly-to-Back Suplex
Bridging Northern Lights Suplex
Snap Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex
Shoot-style leg kicks
Superstar Kick

Other Moves:
- High Knee
- Leg Lariat
- Spinning Heel Kick
- Dropkick
- German Suplex
- Slingshot Suplex
- Cobra Clutch Slam
- Fireman's Carry Slam
- Gator Roll
- Flying Spinning Heel Kick
- Enzuigiri
- Ankle Lock
- Inverted Cloverleaf
- Figure 4 Leglock
- Indian Deathlock
- Spinning Toe Hold
- Cross Kneelock
- Arm Bar
- Snap and Throw
- Russian to arm throw trip
- Arm Throw
- Arm on back claw til
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