The Rutherford Guys

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The Rutherford Guys

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Team: The Rutherford Guys

Team Basic Information

Discord Nickname(s) (If two Discord users, separate with comma):
@Niko/Rutherford#3101, @Hector Bomb#1049
Team Name: The Rutherford guys.

[Richard Rutherford (manager)
Nikolai Sinclair
Daniel Dream

Combined Weight:


They are good friends and under the management of Rutherford they are doing great.

Team Information

Gimmick Description:
World champion level talent managed by Richard Rutherford with their own wrestling styles that have dominated the tag team division.

Team Theme Song:

Entrance Description:
They walk out followed by Rutherford. They stop and glance at the crowd or stop and raise their titles if they got any.


Team Background
Nikolai and Daniel have been a team for a long time. They occasionally have single title runs, but always have Rutherford with them.

In-Ring Achievements
Longest reigning IBW Tag Team Championship
Current GLOBAL Tag Team Champions

Team In-Ring

Team Moves

Double Big Boots,
Double Shoulder Tackles,
Double Clotheslines,
Double Suplexes,
Double DDTs.

Team Finisher

Rutherford's Resolution (Double Cutter)
Rutherford's Diabolical Deal (Oklahoma stampede by Daniel combined with senton by Nikolai)
Global tag team champions
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