Domination 09 - Feedback Thread

Please post all your feedback for the shows here
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Re: Domination 09 - Feedback Thread

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Correction, Brian - there were FOUR good wrestling matches on this show: 4 on 4 opener, Players vs New Fanatics, and the semi-main and Main events.
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Re: Domination 09 - Feedback Thread

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pdbnb wrote: Mon Apr 24, 2023 3:39 pm Correction, Brian - there were FOUR good wrestling matches on this show: 4 on 4 opener, Players vs New Fanatics, and the semi-main and Main events.
I can get behind that.
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Re: Domination 09 - Feedback Thread

Post by Keegan »

The Players v Health Fanatics was garbage.

I can get behind that.

Thank you very much to everyone for feedback, though.
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Re: Domination 09 - Feedback Thread

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BEST MATCH: Alex Reyn vs EZ Rah
United Kingdom vs United Trouble was a great tag team match as well and the main event was great but the hardcore Alex Reyn delivers as always with EZ Rah.
BEST SEGMENT: Victory and Defeat
Lots of fun segments on this show but Victory and Defeat connected more, obviously because it was targeted at my character. Also it was a segment that really felt like a go-home promo before a big pay-per-view match. Greatly worded and loved the metaphor of the patriotic Daniel being like soldiers going into war in the jungle.
BEST ANGLE: I'm still all in on the Master Sisters.
BEST LINE OF THE NIGHT: "Directions from death itself. Surely this could not become more absurd…"
ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT: Not much complaints here, I feel like Gold Rush could have been slightly more emphasized but I think we have a decent build already.
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Re: Domination 09 - Feedback Thread

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Cheers, Hector.
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Re: Domination 09 - Feedback Thread

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Well you know how I do....I read and react

Let's have it!

CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR - Great opening sequence and I love when these lead off. This one was a tad flatter than normal, but still a great thing when our announcers lead off the show and not seven segments.

DIG - Jerry David has EZ sounding freaking homicidal at this point. Nice short segment that keeps this feud simmering well.

MAKING FRIENDS - I love the sweaty bros! This is comedy gold as it develops and if you remember these two from their feud with their old will be hilarious.

ON WEDNESDAY - It is a decent segment by Trouble Roxx and it is done within the stream concept, which is what I think makes the team different and interesting. This should be used more even in their matches and Global is the perfect canvas to be able to pull it off (see Pierson arc 1).

UNITED KINGDOM VS UNITED TROUBLE - This is the problem with the tag team division....the champs are IN THIS MATCH and there is zero fanfare about it. In fact they are made to look like cowards with a sneak attack to start. The match is ok and Roxx get the pinfall for their team to win....but this match is full of teams that are essentially interchangeable in every way. The only team that stands out on spec is Roxx but that was because of the segment right before the match.

*****SPECIAL COMMENTARY ON DIVISION***** = The tag division is devoid of true standouts. There is not a real "main event" team. Think about the glory days of tag wrestling and you had discernable levels to them the same as you had in singles. You had to beat the head shrinkers to get the mounties....then you get the killer Bs then you might get the Hart Foundation or Bulldogs or et al. No REAL pecking order because they are bland or too similar, right or wrong. Teams like PTA and Roxx are funny, so they have a slight bump in being a tad over....but the only people who throw out other tag teams (and I am not mentioning my "tag team" in this as I never see them in title contention but a side comedy act) in any true fandom is because they are 1- connected to them from other leagues/places or 2- only tag stuff that is read. There is no angle from any team that has made that team stand out as the leaders of the division....and titles don't automatically do that. /end rant

MAN OF FEW WORDS - Glad to see something from Son of Malta here, even if I know it was written by someone else. Though in fairness, many of us have covered for this character over the years to keep him solid. I loved what I saw here and Brian did it justice.

PRELUDE TO INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT - if it wasn't for the filename in the early part of this, I wouldn't know whose segment this actually was. This needs to be improved upon. Solid segment overall, but I think we are supposed to believe the talking idiots are Border Control....and that shouldn't be what they are like at all. When we first met them, they were menacing soldiers at Lexi's this point they are a carnival sideshow that isn't even funny. I miss the old nasty dudes.

PAYING THE PIPER - Just wanted to sell the fallout from the last show. These guys are fun to write and doing Hank and Hopper with them was even more fun.

FIGHT IN THE FAMILY - A cat fight with the champs and then they focus on roxx....I believe the PPV match is set. It did what it was supposed to.

RESPECT THE GAME - This one made me laugh. I enjoyed itt a lot and these are the kinds of things we can do in Global that air during the show and nobody in the audience hasd a clue...not even the announcers. Great stuff.

VICTORY AND DEFEAT - WHY FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY IN THE SQUARED Reyn focusing on Dream in this segment instead of the man he is facing! I get that the excuse/reason that will be given is "well he is showing confidence in looking past EZ" but if that is so.....what is said here that would make ANYBODY want to actually sit through the match. EZ didn't focus ont he match either, but he has a hot program that can be a focus...REYN HAS NOTHING BUT THIS TOURNAMENT! This was a ball drop in a big way as Reyn essentially refused to sell his tourney match as important at all.

LESSON IN RESPECT - This is a great segment. It includes a pair of teams that I believe after this will collide at the PPV. And the reason? teasing over comments from a kid. I love the continuity. I love the Rich Family actually acting like they are bigger swinging dicks than they may truely be (but they are our Von Erichs and if you don't think those boys didn't taunt others about their heritage, you don't know people at all). Good stuff and it invests me in any match between these two.

PLAYERS VS ???? - MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!! GORDON GAINES SHOWS UP AND I HAD NO CLUE!!! Triple G in the flesh baby! Is this Keegan's way of forcing me to take another of my jobber dudes and get him over? lol probably not. The "Big" nickname and gimmick comes from a jok idea Keegan and I talked about back iN SCW and I guess he decided to spring it on me. Thanks buddy....good match and I'm Glad the Players went over

DEATH'S DIRECTION - Naked Man continues his search...y'all have to be figuring it out now.

THE FINAL STRAW - The title says what I feel about this ENTIRE ANGLE....I'm sick of it. It just isn't a good angle and Jed deserves to be more than a punching bag for one of the most unrealistic and uncultivated characters in the league. If Jed had just cut a promo by himself, this would have been good....I just don't think the other 3 have any real interest going for them.

DAVID VS BIANCA - Without a doubt the Jester was going to show up....and now we know how it will play out. Let me put forward a serious question....


Why bother. The Bianca handler is gone. The Jester may or may not continue past the PPV and if it isn't the case....why bother even having the match? Just saying.

YOU AND ME 1 ON 1 - I enjoyed this because it gave a nice push for this angle and I'm glad to see X move on past dealing with Amber (who also is now not with us past PPV) X vs Button will be money when we finally get to it.

TRYOUTS - This entire segment is full of easter eggs from conversations, rants, and etc in the discord. I couldn't resist. Although I believe both my fake characters could do well here in place of others lol

TRUTH CONTROL VS THE XIANG DYNASTY - Solid tag team match and I was happy to see Xiangs win even if by DQ. This all fit the characters and it sets up a very interesting match for the PPV.

SIGN - Another short segment for this angle and it worked perfectly for the set up of their PPV match. I'm looking forward to this one for sure.

MESSAGE FROM THE LEGEND - Amazing sell job from the champ here. Love the interaction with the trainer and it shows the old school mentality of the Legend. Darring is one of my fav characters and has been for years. He sells this main event for this show and he is brilliant.

END GAME APPROACHETH - The way this ends is probably obvious, how I got there has been stressful for my brain, but I think we are set up for the finale of this one.

REYN VS RAH - Great match in the action department. I didn't like the "honoring a dead man's request" line in the opening. Seriously....selling is important even when you are writing matches. Also Reyn not having an entrance is getting old. And the announcer actually saying "May God have mercy on his soul" is not in his character AT ALL. The match was good from an action standpoint, but the end was never in doubt because neither guy every tried to sell this match. Technically a good match, but not as good as it could have been with those involved. Also, even though EZ got a lot of good shots and etc, the match still ends with Reyn somehow being a beast and nearly killing someone.

CHARLIE - Every time I see a Doritos segment I walk away wondering what I just read. lol This is really an awkward piece that plays into the true absurdity of Doritos man. I loved it.

MAIN EVENT! MALTA VS DARRING FOR TITLE - Match of the Night for me. It wasn't because I was shocked by the result....because I wasn't. This match just really played perfectly as the old man defends against a legit tough guy. And Darring sells extremely well and then manages to pull it out. This is the kind of selling Ric Flair did in the territory days and I always dig how Bell does it. Great stuff all around and that is why this was the best match by far!

LEGEND VS HALL OF FAMER - And the set up piece for the PPV main event! I loved this and even though stuff is what it is irl, I'm still pumped to see how this rolls out.


This was a MUCH better show than Dom 8 by far!

Sean Darring is the man. Full Stop. End of discussion.
EZ/David will have some fun at PPV and it shows that the angle stayed hot without bloating the show.
I think Trouble Roxx has potential if their gimmick is fully utilized.
Crusader X is a complex character that I'm really starting to dig.

Tag division issues as I mentioned earlier
Border Control should be menacing and not big dumb morons
The tournament was hurt this episode for lack of selling by the two semifinalists

Loved that thsi one was better and looking forward to the PPV!

And yeah....

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Re: Domination 09 - Feedback Thread

Post by BlairPWO »

BEST MATCH: Tied between E Z vs. Reyn and the main event. Both styles of matches are near and dear to my heart. An insanely violent and somewhat bloody plunder brawl followed by a slower, more technical match in the main sounds like my kind of wrestling show! Loved the finish to E Z vs. Reyn as well as Son of Malta's rib work to Darring. I'm a sucker for sudden finishes in mat based matches, too. Pretty much every match here was a reasonably fun read, though. In particular, aside from the Invisible Wall cliche (though it did kinda make sense as to why Jerry wouldn't want to ditch the match), I also liked E Z destroying the house band in the Jerry David vs. Queen Bianca match.
BEST SEGMENT: Victory and Defeat. Reyn cutting a promo on a Battleship and making a commentary about American history while challenging Dream is hard as hell.
BEST ANGLE: There were a few pretty good ones, but E Z and Jerry David is probably my favorite. Maybe the hottest and most well built feud on the last few shows.
BEST LINE OF THE NIGHT: The Simpsons crack in EZ vs. Reyn made me chuckle.
-Typos. Spelling errors aren't a big deal to me, but in the UK vs. UT match, I noticed an instance of a character being called the wrong names, which IS a big deal and did confuse me ror a second.
-The tournament doesn't feel like it's as big of a deal as it should have been this whole time.

Overall, I was worried that the show would be overly promo heavy after I failed to finish my match on time, but after reading it, it might be a good thing I didn't. The balance here was perfect and my match was pretty long, so it would have thrown it off. Fun go home show overall. If it was an actual wrestling show that I was watching, the man and E Z vs. Reyn would likely both be matches that I'd throw on my running Twitter thread of "good matches" (7/10 or higher). Maybe the UT vs. UK match too. There was nothing here that I'd call outright bad even if Doritos Man gives me nightmares.

One final note. I really appreciate the feedback for my segment. This is due to one big reason:

I didn't like it.

I didn't think that it was up to snuff. The key moments didn't "sound" the way I wanted them to. I didn't think it had the impact I wanted it to have. In my head, it just did not work. Nonetheless, I polished it up and fired it off because I genuinely didn't think I could construct anything better with the scenario I'd set up. I figured I'd take the negative feedback on the chin and work harder next time. However, considering that everyone who left feedback seemed to enjoy it? I now know to adjust my writing and my expectations for my own writing accordingly. Reading it back after reading the feedback, there are things I'd change, but I'm much softer on it now and think I did an okay job. (Aside from the typo. "A fire keep" was supposed to be "a fire creeps into his eyes," for anyone wondering.) Knowing that I hit key points that my fellow fed members are looking for helps, so I'll keep hitting those points and find new points to hit along the way! Thank you guys.
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Re: Domination 09 - Feedback Thread

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(Sorry for a delayed review... again, but here it is! ^^)

BEST MATCH: The United Kingdom vs United Trouble (KETHARTIC AS HELL. Was thoroughly satisfied with the end result, even if they unfortunately got beat to hell and back by the sore losers. All in all GREAT work! Honorable mention to the Jerry David v Queen Bianca)
BEST SEGMENT: Victory and Defeat. (Mind Games. Enough said. Honorable Mention to "You and Me, One on One."
BEST ANGLE: Queen Bianca/The Jester
ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT: once again, I can't think of any ^^;
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