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WWE Champions

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If you guys could pick and choose the landscape surrounding the current title holders in WWE who would you go for and why? For me (with some show roster swapping):

WWE Champion - Kevin Owens - Currently prepping for his mania match against rumble winner Sami Zayn.

KO has always been a stand out performer for me and these two have an opportunity to steal the show and tell an amazing story years in the making

Universal Title - Gunther - Ready to face Brock at Mania.

Gunther has all the makings of the new unstoppable force, so seeing him take on the old one would be a hard hitting classic.

Raw Womens - Asuka feuding with Bliss

Bliss desperately needs a gimmick change but she’s always put on great matches and delivered in her promos. Asuka is just a bad ass as well, loved her NXT run.

Smackdown Womens - Bayley about to face Ripley

Flair should be kept away from the titles for a long while IMO but this one would basically be playing out the same just with a different champion

US title - Chad Gable - Coming up against Pete Dunn.

Mr Chadley Grables has more than earned a shot at singles success, and these two could put on a MOTN contender easily.

Intercontinental - Sheamus - embroiled in a 4 way feud with Drew, Ricochet and Cody.

I haven’t bought into Cody’s return at all tbh, think he would be better suited in this match with a bunch of guys who can all put on an instant classic.

Raw Tag - Street profits - going up against New Day

Two insanely talented teams, Street Profits should have been title holders for much longer than they have been.

Smackdown Tag- Judgement Day - about to face the Usos

Trouble with when all the belts are tied up in long term storytelling is that you can’t capitalise on naturally over performers before it dies down. Prison Dom employed some shady tactics to win the belts and the Usos want them back

Women’s Tag - Lynch and Lita feuding with Rousey/Bezlar

When WWE bother to care about the women’s tag decision it might be worth fantasy booking. Till then this is the best I got
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Re: WWE Champions

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Cracking question. Unfortunately, I'm so out of the loop with what's going on over there, I can't even begin to answer this question, but I hope others will because it's a great thread of conversation.
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Re: WWE Champions

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I may be in the minority and enjoying WWE at the moment, so my picks may not be as exciting and different as some of you.

WWE Champion/Universal Title - I think Roman dropping it to Cody is the right call here. Let's have Cody go into a series of defenses versus Seth, Lashley, Gunther, and others.

I would also keep the titles together having one top champion elevating the US title on Raw and IC title on Smackdown.

Raw Womens - Becky Lynch: Probably, the top lady in WWE. She brings everything together and can have a great match with anyone.

Smackdown Womens - Rhea: She is being built as a monster. She will eventually have a top Mania match with Belair.

US title - Sami - With Cody carrying the torch for a bit let Sami bring some respect to the US title on Raw. Could feud with Solo right away with Roman gone for a bit.

Intercontinental - Gunther - Let him break HTM's IC title reign which would be roughly 184 more days. This will also help elevate the IC title when he finally drops it and challenges for the top belt.

Raw Tag - Usos - They are the top tag team right now IMO. Move them over to Raw where Sami and others keep some interesting matches and stories alive.

Smackdown Tag - Imperium - With Gunther as the top guy with the IC belt with Roman taking a break surround him with the new tag champs and make Imperium the new force to reckon with.

Women’s Tag - Ronda and Baszler is fine with me. They can be sold as bullies of the tag division for a while - give Liv a tag partner to feud them as Liv is in a story that enjoys risk and pain and all that.

NXT Title - Ilja Dragunov with Bron Breaker moving to the main roster.
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