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Team United

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Name: Flyin' Ryan Ansell
Height: 5'10
Weight: 178lbs
Hometown: Manchester, England
Alignment: Face
Style: High Flyer/Brawler
Finisher: Phoenix Splash
Signature moves: 450 Splash, Springboard 450 Splash, Standing Shooting Star Press, Springboard Lariat, Tornado DDT
Moveset: Crossbody Block, Moonsault, Moonsault Press, Hurricanrana, German Suplex, Hangman's Neckbreaker, Russian Legsweep,
Strengths: Fast, agile and energetic
Weaknesses: Inexperienced, a lack of power and mat technique.


Name: Ant Rushton and Ade Flowers

Height: 5’9/5'10

Weight: 179lbs/184lbs

Hometown: Birmingham, England.

Alignment: Face

Style: Highflyer

Theme Music:



Signature moves:

Ant and Ade do EXACTLY the same moves - think Ryu and Ken.

Moveset: Dropsault
Somersault Senton
Springboard Moonsault/Lionsault
Springboard Crossbody
Springboard Crescent Kick
Springboard Missile Dropkick
Flying Tornado DDT
Missile Dropkick
European Uppercut
Body Press
Flying Side Cross Chop
Spinning Wheel Kick
Running Dropkick
Frog Splash

Strengths: Agility – Blessed with amazing athletic ability.
Chemistry – They know each other inside out, having known each other for years before hooking up as a tag team.

Weaknesses: Strength and size – While strong compared to a lot of people in the street, this is wrestling and they can easily be overpowered.
Mat wrestling – He doesn’t specialize in this area, either. Very much an impact and a flyer-type of guy.

Double-Edged Sword: High flying – The element of risk, over reliance on it and lack of all-round ability.

Quirks/Eccentricities: None.

Dos and Don’ts when writing your character: Have them fly quite a bit.

Beliefs, Values and Desires: Loyalty is a major thing.
The team comes first.
To be GLOBAL Tag Team Champions – or at least challengers.
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