“The Anime Fanatic” Sara Cross

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“The Anime Fanatic” Sara Cross

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Name: Sara Cross

Height: 5’3

Weight: 115 lb

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Alignment: Underdog Face (baby face)

Style: strong style/high flyer

Theme Music: Stereopony- Hitohira No Hanabira

Entrance: As the lights dim, the guitar slowly begins to strum a few notes and the crowd begins to go wild. After the verse starts, an excited Sara Cross. As the music continues on to the chorus she hops into a jog down the entrance ramp, high fiving various crowd members as she does so. As the second verse begins, she stops at the end of the ramp and searches for a fan to lend her shirt to. As she does so, she smiles brightly and leaps onto the edge of the ringside, slipping through the middle and top ropes after a few moments of taking in the arena itself.

Appearance: Sara wears a pair of pink trunks with various anime characters, including but not excluding some of her childhood favorites. Walking to the ring, she’d wear a black sleeveless tee shirt of somesort to the ring. As she approached a fan of hers she would give them the shirt, hoping to inspire them like she was all those years ago.


1. “Greninja Splash”

This is a frog splash but done from the top rope.

2. “Lunatone”

Lunatone is a moonsault done from the top turnbuckle, landing on her opponents as a way to end the match.

Signature moves:

1. “Super Saiyan”

In this move, Sara will scream at the top of her lungs letting out a vicious battle cry. After she does so she leaps from the top turnbuckle and performs a Corkscrew Dive.

2. “CrunchyRoll”

The CrunchyRoll is a Sharpshooter, done center ring but as she pulls her opponents legs back she will speak different anime catchphrases to her opponent in Japanese.


Favorite moves:

1. Spinning Heel Kick
2. Neckbreaker
3. Slingblade
4. Double Dropkick
5. Top Rope Lariat


1. Body Chop
2. Various quick kicks
3. Spinning chop
4. Spinning Elbow Strike
5. Various knee strikes


improvised wrestling tactics
Strong stamina in ring
Can keep up with any opponents speed in ring


Still new to the ring
Was self taught, which leads to blind spots in some of her reversals
Can be naive and fall for heel mind tricks in ring

Double-Edged Sword:

Quirks/Eccentricities: classic anime mannerisms, think like ATLA (Avatar the Last Airbender)

Dos and Don’ts when writing your character:
Beliefs, Values and Desires: She’s an anime fanatic so her moves in the ring sometimes would mirror that when fighting opponents, think about how some anime characters fight who are the “heroes” like Aang from ATLA or even Vax from Vox Machina.


Sara Cross came from a middle class family. Her father was an IT supervisor for a small corporation within Seattle, and her mother worked at the high school as an administrative advisor. Sara’s first love became Anime, as she fell for the up and coming shows like YuGiOh, the many Pokemon series’ as well as as many others like Avatar the Last Airbender. When she continued to grow into her teen years, her older half brother, a teen named Haruto, showed her what would become her second passion, professional wrestling. Sara, falling in love with the promos cut by the performers much more than the actual sport itself began to study, hoping one day she could get her big break. She may not be able to be an anime hero, but she could inspire others in her way.
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