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WAY overdue. ... nation-24/

Apologies. All on me.

s always, any and all feedback is welcome, but if you're short on time, here are some prompts:

Match of the night:
Segment of the night:
Feud of the night:
Line of the night:

Thanks very much in advance.
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CONVICTIONS: A clever title, considering where X goes with his train of thought. Great under-distress promo from my esteemed rival.

BREAKOUT: Setting up something for later...

MAIN EVENT STATUS: the PTA are babyfaces now? Because Larkin just pulled a mega babyface move. Although when he loses, he has an excuse as to why...

CHARITY ROXX: Trouble Roxx come full circle with their matches...

BRITISH ROXX: ...but it turns out differently for them this time around. What a fantastic match Keegan wrote, considering it was a last-minute lob-and-run from me, during a VERY bad week. I knew the outcome and yet I was still hooked. Every character written perfectly, and all it's missing is the usual bit of Kerrymentary. Still an MoTN contender, and probably the best non-Main Event match we've had since at least the PPV - my own included. 4/5

BEST TITLE EVER - Some sections of this are written out in script format. That said, I'm excited. A Japanese wrestler is something GLOBAL doesn't have yet, and this should be interesting.

MASKED FANATICS: A bittersweet win for Masked Fanatic after another very entertaining match. I did wonder how come Principe agreed to tag with him after bollocking him at the last show, but I still felt sorry for him at the end. Also, Principe is GLOBAL's Big Show in terms of alignment. With all the chanting, I half expected the other half of Masked Bros to resurface, and not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed he didn't rush in to save the Fanatic. Oh well... (3.5/5)


A MISSING SEGMENT: John J. should cut a promo here. It appears to have gone missing.

TRUTH BUTTON: Straight away we mention a clash between X and Reyn 'earlier on', which hasn't taken place yet. Segment placement is still this fed's Achilles Heel. I bet if I scroll down, I'll see Truth there, too. Truth takes offence to 'secondary title', HE IS THE TOP CHAMPION DAMMIT! Aw, Mark, you Michael Cole'd it with the Come On Down, mate. I'm slightly disappointed that Truth Control don't have actual BATS, as in, flying nocturnal mammals. I guess that's more Reyn's speed... Then, something Keegan specifically wanted, so we made the most of it. And now Everybody Hates Truth again - good, they were being too nice to him in the first place. Another solid match in what is shaping up to be a night filled with them. The opener still tops it, but not by much. (3.75/5)

LEADERSHIP MEETING: THIS SEGMENT. I was more bummed about the show not coming out because of this specific segment than anything else.This is what the past few weeks have been building up to, and I only regret being too brain-drained at the time to write it to the standard it deserved.

AT SIXES AND SEVENS: The interaction you never knew you wanted.

BEST WALL: A nice little tag match, much slower than the ones before it, obviously, but still enjoyable. It's always interesting to see how much smaller men will go about taking down the wall. The weakest match thus far, but still pretty good. (3/%)

CRUSIN' USA: Just me and Hector having fun with our cute couple.

WHITE KNIGHTING: ...remember how I said if I scrolled down I'd probably find John? Welp...

WHO ARE YOU?: ...I'm sorry, it's too little, too late for me with Reyn. I would probably be quaking in my boots if the guy didn't lose every time he's out there. As it is, X has got his number, and has seen right through him. The promo really comes alive when he starts talking to Jerry, though. Nice alliteration, too. Oh, but if Reyn thinks so poorly of John, why doesn't he come get some sometime?

A HARD LESSON: Darring turns up for the first time in a while, and instantly, it's the best promo on the show. I just love how old-school Brian's promos are. I wish I could promo like this

X REYN: A fantastic, Main Event worthy match between two awesome competitors, which starts at breakneck pace and doesn't let up until the double-down - then goes right back to frantic. Even the DQ finish can't spoil this. Best match since the opener, and MOTN. (4.5/5)

WE ARE NOT THE NEW MASKED BROS: A match gets made for Endgame.

MAIN EVENT: ...of course it's an angle, and of course they're not babyfaces. On the contrary - they've just made themselves arguably the top heels. Top THAT, Truth. (N/A)

FINAL THOUGHTS: This show has the best segment-to-match quality balance in a while, which makes it a shame that it was so late and that the editing/segment positioning is so shambolic. Stuff that hasn't happened yet gets referenced and impacts stuff currently happening on MULTIPLE occasions. With how long this took, this should have been double-checked. That brings an otherwise fantastic go-home show down a notch, for an overall of...


MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Crusader X vs Alex Reyn. Shout-out to Roxx vs BoB as well.
SEGMENT OF THE NIGHT: Darring's promo and the Main Event.
FEUD OF THE NIGHT: PTA vs Sean Darring, Border Control vs X Button
LINE OF THE NIGHT: Reyn's alliterative tirade.
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Match of the night: Alex Reyn vs Crusader X (Trouble Roxx vs Best of British was a very close second)

Segment of the night: Leadership Meeting

Feud of the night: Coach and Miranda (El Principe and Masked Maniac is a close second with the build, I think it'll be better in time though)

Line of the night: “You think those guys respect you? Not a chance, cupcake. Those guys fear you. The only way you’re leading them is by fear. And that’s not what a real leader does. A real leader leads by example. A real leader only uses discipline when they have to. When it’s going to actually make a difference. You? You just get your kicks out of ballbreaking guys who don’t love themselves enough to see through your bullshit and tell you to stick it.”

Convictions: Crusader X has a good idea of what he's facing against Alex Reyn.

Breakout: Short but interesting segment.

Main Event Status: I don't trust Jimmy Classic's arm in a sling. I feel a trap. I like the Prime Time Athletes gloating over their recent success against Sean Darring. A nice heel promo.

Charity Roxx: Trouble Roxx is back.

Trouble Roxx vs Best of British: Tegan's speed gets Trouble Roxx back into the match. But the Best of British get the biggest win in their GLOBAL careers. The commentator said whoever exchanges the most tags will probably wind up as the winner of this match and just from reading the match, I think that proved right. Best of British controlled the tempo and worked better as a team, spoiling Trouble Roxx's return. Maybe Trouble Roxx has ring rust or just weren't working together from being out of action, or maybe the Best of British is just the better team. But both teams had amazing chemistry and Best of British was the better team this time.

A Mark Being A Mark To The Mark: Giovanni Ferrari boosting someone's rankings in a top 20 list??? He is a mark.

Masked Maniac & El Principe vs. The Health Fanatics: The match starts and El Principe gets Damon Somner into an armbar. El Principe keeps on the aggression by targeting Damon Somner's leg. El Principe also prevents Damon from building momentum with a face rake. But as soon as El Principe tags out, momentum shifts to the Health Fanatics. Damon Somner tags in Gregg Matthews. Damon Somner and Gregg Matthews have frequent tags while El Principe almost refuses to be tagged back in until the hot tag. Ooooh. Even after the win, El Principe turns on Masked Maniac with The Crowning Moment. I feel betrayals after wins are always more interesting. And we could see it building with the momentum shifts and El Principe hesitating to be tagged in. Great development.

When The Dust Settles: A segment by Jeff and I.

International Championship: John J. Truth vs Alfie Button: John J. Truth retains against Alfie Button. I had a feeling, John J. Truth just won the championship recently and I figure he has plans later down the line. Good match by Alfie though. Darren Best and Amber Lee come to the rescue of Alfie Button from Border Control.

Leadership Meeting: I like Coach and Miranda going at each other.

At Sixes and Sevens: I love Angel's interaction with Coach.

Darren Best and Punch Drunk Purcell vs The Xiang Dynasty: Xiang and The Great Wall try a pre-match attack. A very great match.

Crusin USA: A segment that I wrote. I really love how it came out.

White Knighting: John J. Truth is doing the 'terrorist' opening line schtick. I like him white knighting for his manager though. Lol.

Who Are You?: A nice segment by Alex Reyn about Jerry David.

A Hard Lesson: A nice segment by Sean Darring about Jimmy Classic.

Alex Reyn vs Crusader X: Crusader X gets some momentum with the Running Cross Canadian Ragweed but Alex Reyn gets some back with elbows to the back of his head. Alex Reyn and Crusader X are playing mind games as much as they are wrestling. Crusader X manages to kick out of the ringpost superkick. "It was a shock attack, but it hasn’t dug X out of the whole yet." (I think it should be hole, not whole.) Crusader X shows resilience. Alex Reyn shows resilience. The best match of the show so far gets interrupted by Jerry David.

We Are Not The New Masked Bros: I like this segment setting up another match at End Game.

Main Event - Global Championship Match: Jimmy Classic W/ Trae Larkin vs "The Legend" Sean Darring: Yep. It was a crowbar. I know because that's exactly what Daniel Dream would do. Lol.
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I happen to agree with that, Pedro. All of the editing and positioning is on me. I changed the order around, given how many tag matches were booked early, and then didn't make adjustments. This wasn't my best editing effort, due to stuff going on INSIDE AND OUTSIDE of the fed, but no excuses. I apologise.

Plus, I second the sentiment of match/segment quality.

Review to come.
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