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Queen Bianca
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Queen Bianca Davis

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Name:Queen Bianca Davis

Height: five feet nine inches

Weight: one hundred twenty pounds.

Hometown: Malibu, California.

Alignment: Heel

Style: (Primary/Secondary.)

Additional Description (Optional:) Bianca may not be the strongest and even the fastest but she always uses her mind to get what she wants. She prides herself on being one of the direst players in the game, but when the push to comes to shove, she can compete and is deceptively skilled, often employing a lot of kicks, speed, and working to control the page of the match. Thnk of an old school heel style, and that would be Bianca.

Finisher: Coronation-Shinning Wizard
Royal Execution- Triangle Choke.

Signature moves:
Beautiful Boot-big boot
Crowned-Implant DDT
Queens Grace-Single Leg Crap
Red Bottom Shot-Brazilian Kick

Queens Makeover- Sit-out facebuster
Queens Clutch-Camel Clutch
Eye Rake
Corner foot choke.
Standing Hair Pull
Running Bulldog
Spinning Heel Kick
Hair Mare
Hair Pull Backbreaker
Back Rake
Running Knee Lift
Seated Dropkick
Adnominal Strech
Leg Lock
Beauty pageant wave followed by Elbow Drop
Boot rake

Strengths: Cunning, Veteran, Decepitly Skilled, Good at mind games

Weaknesses: Temperamental, overconfident, may struggle against larger opponents.

Quirks/Eccentricities: Bianca often will begin the match trying to get into the opponent's and order her opponent to bend the knee. Often will order the fans around ringside to do the same thing, as well as other staff members, who speak in a fake British accent to get under the skin.

Additional Description of In-Ring Style (Optional): Bianca in general, always dresses in anything designer and high fashion, tall long, legend blonde in her mid-late 20s. She often can be seen wearing her crown or tiara when out and about, especially in the arena.

Dos and Don’ts when writing your character

Bianca is the classic old-school heel, with a vicious streak to match her smug posh demeanor as long as what is written fits that, then I am game. Will employ classic chickenshit heel tactics on top of it as well.

Beliefs, Values and Desires:

Bianca believes she is the best and the new face of GLOBAL, and will expect to get whatever she wants when she wants. The Queen prides herself on her cunning and manipulation. She views herself as legitimate royalty and deserving every perk she demands. That she’s the uncrowned world champion.

Backstory: Bianca Davis is the only child and daughter of Jason, and Bayley Davis. Jason is a highly successful promoter, and casino/resort owner. Bayley is a former supermodel. The young girl always got what she wanted at a young age. Around the age of four her mother began taking her to pageants where she become known as a strong performer and often very bratty behind the scenes the judges never got to to see that side of her. However, this would begin a trend that began to take hold in her personality she also started to become a bully a trend that would earn her the nickname the queen of mean later on.

However, her biggest accomplishment to date was winning Miss Teen USA. Though it was won by less than honest means on the part of Miss Davis, however, this maintained her high level of confidence her. Despite her family's connections to Hollywood none could deal and she ended up wrestling after that in order to increase her own fame and notoriety in order to eventually transition. Getting mentored by supermodel turned wrestler Veronica Taylor, Bianca soon made her debut in early 2015 and quickly became one of the most hated people in the business. Winning many championships over the past seven years in the business, however, her delusions and paranoia would soon transform her into literally believing she was the one true Queen.

Gaining a fake British accent, demanding people bend the knee but it has accompanied the most successful stretch of her career so far, soon the TV studio-owning GLOBAL made an offer to make the blonde bombshell the star of the show which she of course accepted. After lengthy negotiations and she is now set to try and make GLOBAL her castle.
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