The Dirty Greats

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The Dirty Greats

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Team: The Dirty Greats

Aleczander The Great
“Big Aug” August Lazar
Del Waterstone (Big Aug’s manager/media guy)

Individual Stats:

Aleczander The Great
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 264 lbs.

Big Aug
Height: 7’4”
Weight: 375 lbs.

Team Information

Gimmick Description:
A superteam made up of two of GLOBAL Wrestling’s top stars, “Big Aug” August Lazar (big, pure friendly babyface) and cocky shithead Aleczander The Great (heel, self-professed GLOBAL Hall of Famer).

Team Theme Song: Whoever wins the coin toss. Big Aug’s theme, “Hot Cheetos and Takis” by Da Rich Kidzz. Aleczander The Great’s theme, “Hall of Fame” by The Script feat.

Entrance Description: They pose in front of one another with Big Aug getting cheers and Aleczander The Great getting jeers.

Motivation: The Tag Team Championships.

Team Background: After both men exchanged victories over one another over the course of GLOBAL Season 1, a recent issue with Alecz’s former alliance with Best of British led to Aleczander and Big Aug fighting against common enemies. The Dirty Greats have come together as an effective team that still bickers amongst themselves.

For appearance and in-ring info, check the links to their separate bios:

Aleczander The Great:

Big Aug:

Team Moves

Heartburn (clubbing forearm to bent back opponent’s chest) from Big Aug followed by More Power to Your Elbow (effectively, a driving People’s Elbow) from Aleczander

Chokeslam lift (Big Aug) released into a falling flatliner (Aleczander)

Big Aug bodyslamming Aleczander onto a grounded opponent (whether Alecz wants to or not)

Double shoulder block

Double back elbow

Occasional "Friendly fire" spots where one guy hits the other by mistake (clotheslines, shoulder blocks, etc)

Team Finisher

The Dirtiest, Greatest Finisher Ever (Aleczander holds them in a standing powerbomb, Big Aug hits them with a standing lariat cause he’s goddamn tall)
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