Bash 4 Cash (B4C)

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Bash 4 Cash (B4C)

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Team: Bash 4 Cash

Bling I
Bling II

Individual Stats:

Bling I
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 264 lbs.

Bling II
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 249 lbs.

Team Information

Gimmick Description:
Two masked brawlers working for the cash provided by “Mr. Merchandise” Lamar Sellers. The goal is all in their name - Bash 4 Cash.

Team Theme Song: “Money” by I Fight Dragons

Entrance Description: “Money” by I Fight Dragons plays. Out come Bling I and Bling II to mess somebody tf up.

Motivation: The Almighty Dollar, dude.

Team Background: Not much is known about each member of the team individually, other than they are the best brawlers that money can buy and that there is no low they won’t stoop to get the job done. Bling I is rumored to be possibly a former Marine of some sort (noted by a Marine-influenced tattoo on his upper left bicep). Bling II is covered all across his arms, neck and back in scars and is rumored to be a former deathmatch wrestler.

Bling I: Tall, very muscular, tanned. Faded Marine tattoo on upper right bicep. Green upper bands on biceps. Black box-length trunks with various dollar signs all over. Knee pads and boots of the same type. Black mask with a dollar sign on the front, mesh type. No visible facial features with the mask.

Bling II: Just a tad shorter than Bling I, but also jacked. Caucasian, not pale, but lighter than his partner. Various scars across upper body, chest, arms, attributed to possible deathmatch wrestling career prior to GLOBAL. Same identical attire to Bling I (mask, gear, etc.), but only the mouth is exposed on his mask.

In-Ring Achievements
Watch this space.

Team In-Ring:
Bling I - Powerbrawler. More of a “wrestler” than Bling II. Good at using suplexes and slams.

Moves: Run For Your Money (Helluva Kick, running yakuza kick to cornered opponent - singles finisher), full nelson slam, Lifting DDT, Samoan drop, running knee drop, standing spinebuster, lariat, sleeper (wringing the neck and really strangling an opponent), side slam, back suplex lift into side slam, leg hook into curb stomp, release German suplex, overhead belly to belly suplex (a la Owen Hart, to oncoming opponent)

Bling II - Wild brawler. Overwhelms opponents with quick movement then hits them with anything not nailed down (and sometimes throwing them into things that are nailed down). Late stage walk-and-brawl a la Steve Austin.

Moves: Making A Killing (leaping piledriver - singles finisher), jumping axe kick, stomping, snap suplex, running knees to cornered opponent, STO, reverse STO, rope-hung neckbreaker, flying elbow smash, headbutts galore, wild punching combinations, biting (the mouth of his mask is exposed), hair pulling, eye poking/thumb to the eye, raking, et al.

Team Moves

Cash These Hands (series of body body from Bling II into a Full Nelson Slam by Bling I)

Check the Receipt (Running big boot [Bling I] / russian leg sweep combo [Bling II)

Team Finisher

FINISHING MOVE: GTB (Get The Bag) - Discus Lariat (Bling I) combined with running shop block (Bling II) - modified Total Elimination finisher
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