Season 1 Review

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Season 1 Review

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My season review. For the best show of the arc, it’s the PPV in each one as it bloody well should be, so I’ll be picking Dominations instead.


Best Face: Darring, and I am going to mention Big Aug as a runner-up.
Best Heel: Dream, with Aleczander a close 2nd. Reyn made a hell of a first impression, too.
Best Tag Team: Between The Master Sisters and PTA, who had a fun little feud. I'm actually going to say PTA.
Arc MVP: Sean Darring, closely followed by Daniel Dream. However, there is a STRONG case for Aleczander’s name to be mentioned here.
Best Show: It’s between Domination 3 and 5, not just for the arc, but the entire season as far as Dominations go, and 3 wins it – just about.
Worst Show: 2, though I will say it’s underrated, and I know most people didn’t read it properly, even those who gave feedback.
Best TV Match: The brawl between EZ and Jerry David on 4, which is amazing, given it was more of a segment. Other than that, I’ll say the first main event between Sean Darring and Daniel Dream. Brian wrote some seriously good stuff in this arc, which gets overlooked, though. One of my favourite matches appeared on 2, given how different it was, and I’ve mentioned it several times, but it falls on deaf ears, which is Pierson v Public. Seriously, READ IT.
Best Match: That goes to the Magnum Opus main event, though quite a few match-of-the-arc contenders appear on this show, which is why it was the best show of the year, and quite honestly, Arc 1 wasn’t topped by Arc 2 or 3.
Best Feud: David v Rah and Aleczander v Big Aug tie for Arc 1, but Dream v Darring was also good, and I liked Angel v Bianca.

Arc 2

Best Face: This is tougher. For consistency, I’m still going to say Darring, though.
Best Heel: Even harder. Well, given he’s going to get the Arc MVP in just a moment and I see him as a heel, Crusader X.
Best Tag Team: More competition here, but I'll say PTA again, though Trouble Roxx made a great start.
Arc MVP: Crusader X.
Best Show: The go-home/Domination 9, a recurring theme, and much appreciate given what it followed…
Worst Show: The debacle that was Domination 8, and the worst of the season.
Best TV Match: Off the top of my head, the main event between Reyn and Freddie on 6. I may have to go back and look at that.
Best Match: Tough, but two matches from Gold Rush get my vote here: The main event, brilliantly written by Brian, and EZ Rah v Jerry David.
Best Feud: There's no doubt here - it's David v Rah, hands down, and what a job Kyle and Scott did keeping the heat going. Special props to Brian for the work he did with PTA v The Rich Family.

Arc 3

Best Face: Mm. Darring would be another contender here, for sure, but I’m going to say Trouble Roxx, which makes it a double…
Best Heel: John J. Truth.
Best Tag Team: Trouble Roxx, no question.
Arc MVP: John, once again.
Best Show: Domination 14 just about beats 13.
Worst Show: Mm. I’ll say Domination 11, but it doesn’t stand out in the way the two others did.
Best TV Match: The Tag Team title opener at Domination 13.
Best Match: The season finale’s season finale.
Best Feud: Tough to call. Darring v Dream towards the end was excellent, but throughout the arc, I'm half-tempted to say Truth v whoever was in the room with him. But, for consistency, I'm going to say Reyn and Vitality v Angel Corps.

Overall, and I’ll try to protect my nominations until the winners are read, so let’s focus on the TV side of things…


Some observations

-While I'm glad our shows are shorted, perhaps because our segments are generally good and there was more match focus, the two best TV shows were the longest, and the same applies to the finest show overall, which is Magnum Opus. It lived up to its name, comparatively speaking.

-The best shows of the arc erred towards the tail end whereas the weakest were generally near the start. We started off slowly, and picked up towards the PPV. Something I get, but would like to see change in AT LEAST one arc in Season 2.

-Even though I like competitive rivalries, I'd like to see more heat/heated rivalries in Season 2 across the board.



Best TV Match: The brawl between David and Rah on 4 and the opener at Domination 13.
Best TV Show: Domination 3, followed by 5.
Worst TV Show: Unfortunately, 3 + 5 equals 8.
Best PPV: Magnum Opus, by miles. It had an excellent opener, a brilliant bout between Alfie and Crusader X, the midcard was fleshed out, Angel v Bianca was a lot of fun, EZ Rah v David and the main event was, and I’m in the minority here, the MOTS. Oops, I gave away something there.
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