Punch Drunk Purcell

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Punch Drunk Purcell

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Name: Punch Drunk Purcell (real name Edmond Purcell)

Height: 6’1"

Weight: 351 pounds

Hometown: New York, NY

Alignment: Face

Style: Brawler/power. Veritable rookie in wrestling, but capable of the odd feat of athleticism for a man of his size.

Additional Description - Think Otis from WWE, but FISTS instead of amateur background.

Punch Drunk Love (pop-up into right hook)


The Sandman (rear naked choke - learned from his brief MMA stint. He'll use this as an alternate finisher or may choke the opponent long enough to hit them with a Punch Drunk Love if need be)

Bald Bull (headbutt)

King Hippo (flying crossbody, mainly done to oncoming opponents)

Rope-A-Dope (Olympic slam - probably his most "technical" move)

Jab/hook/overhand blows
Single-/Double-leg takedowns
Scraping crossface forearms
Charging clothesline
Basic Body slam
Shoulder tackles
Overhead belly-to-belly suplex
BIG back body drop
Body shots to cornered opponent

VERY powerful strikes (right hand)
Good footwork for a big man (boxing background helps to pace himself for longer matches)
Fairly quick learner for a big man
He can take a HIT and keep going

Still a rookie, rookie mistakes can happen
Bit of a temper
While he’s quick for a big man, he’s still slow compared to more traditional wrestlers
Not used to fighting technicians and high flyers

Quirks/Eccentricities: The Green-eyed Wild Man. The Round Mound of Ground and Pound. He's a wild, massive ball of energy looking for his next fight. He doesn't mind looking like an ass and doesn't mind talking himself up/down depending on the situation. A face Brock Lesnar in the body of Butterbean.

Dos and Don’ts when writing your character

DO: Have him play fair, enjoy a good scrap, play to the crowd.

DON’T: Have him engage in scientific wrestling, fly (aside from the King Hippo), accept help from outside forces, cheat.

Beliefs, Values:
Still a little oblivious to the inner workings of wrestling. Ultimately wants a paycheck to provide for his family and three kids, but wants to earn it by winning until he’s got a title to call his own.

Backstory: Edmond Purcell aka Punch Drunk Purcell is a former boxing champion and MMA star. The fridge-like Purcell cut his teeth and gained popularity in both bare-knuckle boxing and toughman competitions by knocking out opponents of various shapes and sizes in spectacular fashion, earning the nickname “Punch Drunk” for the condition he would leave opponents in after his fights. In 2020, he gained a degree of infamy following what was supposed to have been a charity exhibition boxing match with internet celebrity and YouTube streamer Zach Cooper. What started out relatively friendly ended with Cooper being knocked out on live TV from Purcell after what was reported to be an accidental low blow. Purcell’s temper got the best of him and from there, cost him some big money fights in mainstream boxing. He crossed over into MMA overseas and went an undefeated 4-0, all with the help of his girth and a rear naked choke used to defeat his opponents, but wasn't enjoying himself.

In early 2022, Purcell took a far less conventional way back into the limelight through his manager - professional wrestling. After spending nine months training, Purcell took his talents around being less of a “worker” and more of a special attraction, but one that was garnering interest fast for his unusual appearance, hard hands and wild energy. Fast forward to 2023. Now, Purcell sets foot into GLOBAL Wrestling, his first high-level professional wrestling endeavor looking to make an honest living for he and his family.

Appearance: Caucasian, bald, piercing green eyes. A refrigerator with legs (fat on top of some muscle). Tatted right arm of various nondescript designs. Yellow boxing-style trunks with black lines on the sides and "PUNCH DRUNK!!" across the waistband in black. Black knee pads, yellow wrestling boots. Black MMA gloves with yellow padding on the back.

Entrance Music: “Riot" by Duckwrth
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