[15] [MATCH 2] Prime Time Athletes vs. LA Express

Lucas Quinn says, “We’re back for some top-tier GLOBAL tag team action. Global tag teams are turning heads with the growing star power in the division. Inside the ring, we have a young local team that’s been wrestling in a local California promotion. They’ve been rewarded for their hard work and skills in a try-out […]

[#15][Segment #7]How I Spent My Vacation (III)

Somewhere in the English countryside Early September, 2023 “I tell you, mate…this is going to be bloody wizzo. I have already looked into golfing and hunting resorts, and I have been in touch with a friend of mine who owns a little nightclub over there…” Rupert Royston-Fellowes, one-half of the wrestling tag team known as […]


The backstage area of any sporting arena is a quiet buzz of activity. There is no shouting and screaming, no clattering of metal on metal, just quiet, diligent work.  GLOBAL World Heavyweight Champion, “The Legend” Sean Darring, having earlier addressed the fans in the centre of the ring, walks slowly up the corridor of the […]


Williamsville, Erie County, New York.Now. The sun shines through a crack in the thick blackout curtains of a teenagers bedroom in the leafy suburbs of New York. On the beige walls posters of baseball players hang, slightly sagging from age. A well-used pine desk sits beneath the curtained window, an old TFT monitor gathering dust […]

[#15][Segment #14]How I Spent My Vacation (V)

Somewhere in Los Angeles September 2023 The relative peace and quiet of the nondescript alleyway around the back of an East LA Mexican restaurant is suddenly disturbed as three teenage boys come stumbling out, covering their heads and yelping in pain as a shower of rubble pelts them in the back and shoulders. “Ow! OW! […]

[#15][Segment #3]How I Spent My Vacation (II)

Outside Cindi’s Gym Hollywood, California September 4, 2023 The men standing outside the nondescript North Hollywood exercise facility tense up and take a tentative step forward as the equally nondescript taxi pulls up and the back door on the passenger side flies open; their body posture just as quickly relaxes, however, when a husky man […]

[#15][Segment #10]How I Spent My Vacation (IV)

Undisclosed Location August 2023 “Ninety-nine, a hun—DAMMIT!” GLOBAL superstar and resident controversist John J. Truth drops his arms to his sides, causing him to collapse face-first onto the exercise mat on which he had been flexing. “God FUCKING dammit! I could’a sworn I had you there!” “Hey, don’t sweat it, boss.” One of the other […]


The raucous Los Angeles crowd has been fervently chanting for the Global champion even before the event kicks off, and their wish has been granted. The opening notes of Europe’s “The Final Countdown” reverberated throughout the arena, sending shockwaves of excitement through the Global-Nation faithful. The spotlight focuses on the entrance, and the champion emerges […]


The Bro stands ready, microphone in hand, eager to interview the Prime Time Athletes. He can’t help but feel the excitement of speaking with the typically boisterous tag team. Jimmy Classic and “The Suplex” Trae Larkin appear deep in conversation as the Bro begins. “Hey, bros! I’m absolutely stoked for this chance to chat with […]


https://www.global-wrestling.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/GLORY.mp4 WELCOME TO GLORY An aerial camera zooms in on the GLOBAL Studios’ lot in Hollywood.  Stage 49 has been specifically and specially redecorated for tonight.  They’ve kitted the normally white sound stage out in gold from the outside with ‘GLOBAL’ written in large black letters. “WELCOME GLOBAL NATION TO THE BIGGEST NIGHT IN GLOBAL […]