[#24][Segment #7]Leadership Meeting

The arrival, with no fanfare or entrance music and during a downtime in between matches, of a tall, muscular blonde woman to the ringside area of the Globe causes significant confusion both among fans in attendance and at the announce desk. The commentators posit that she may be part of the ring technician crew (then, […]

[#24][Segment #4]Charity Roxx

The initial fanfare of British military march “Rule Britannia” elicits the usual mixed reaction, as fans find themselves split between acknowledging the Best of British’s athletic prowess and disapproving of their attitude. It does not, in all fairness, appear to affect the relevant parties either way; indeed, Kerry Buckingham and her two charges are barely […]

[Dom 24] [Match 6 (AND Segment 19)] [ALEX REYN VS. CRUSADER X]

“Ladies and gentlemen! The following contest is set for one-fall! Introducing first! Now residing in San Antonio, Texas, weighing one hundred and ninety pounds…CRUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADEEEEEEER X!” “Crusader X with a lot on his plate recently. Just three shows ago, he had an amazing match against Daniel Dream cut short by interference from our International Champion.” “You […]

[#24][Segment #15]White Knighting

The first few chords of Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” are enough to completely change the mood inside the Globe, from euphoric elation to vociferous displeasure. By the time the superstar represented by the song emerges through the curtain, accompanied, as ever, by his posse, trash has begun to rain down from the seats to either side […]

[Dom 24] [Segment 17] WHO ARE YOU?

The monitor flickers to life. Again it show Reyn in his chair. This time, more lively, more animated. The fully head Reyn leans into the camera. “Crusader. I wish to give you my apologies. I honestly should have come to test you sooner. You’ve earned that regard. It was, afterall, you who felled the East […]


We get a shot of The Bro’s back as he stands at an intersection of hallways.  He turns to face the camera, revealing that his arm is still in a sling after Jerry David’s attack on him a few weeks ago.  He holds the microphone up to his mouth and somehow manages to speak quietly […]

[#24][Segment #12]At Sixes and Sevens

“So…you gotta be Coach, right?” The Latina teenager gives the stern-looking blonde walking beside her a bright, toothy grin, but the older woman barely breaks her stride, let alone her expression of frowning concentration. Still, the youngster’s attempt at an icebreaker does not go completely unheard or unacknowledged, as evidenced by the next few words […]

[#24][Segment #2]Breakout

Beverly Hills, California April 14, 2024 9pm The pool water sparkles limpidly under the floodlights, its soft swishing motion providing the only sound in the otherwise still, windless night. Beyond it, the poolhouse appears equally as still, with no light or sound coming from within. All of a sudden, however, the door to the latter […]

End Game

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