A LESSON IN REALITY An hour before GLOBAL Domination 07 begins Hidden in an alleyway just outside of the arena, a man breathes deeply as he shivers in the cold night air. His black hair is messy with dirt and rain, his clothes and beard are caked in filth. It looks like he hasn’t washed […]


WELCOME TO MIAMI An aerial show of the lengthy, streaking white building across the street from a stunning row of palm trees reveals the Miami Beach Convention Center, the home of Domination 6, and a massive change to the previous half a dozen shows that have preceded it. ‘WELCOME EVERYBODY to a party in the […]

MAGNUM OPUS Welcome to Magnum Opus “Magnum Opus” by Sunlust opens the inaugural GLOBAL Pay-Per-View over the top of a montage of the shows stars. Hayley ‘The Raven’ charges towards Carnival, her arm outstretched, but the discus lariat is ducked and connects instead with Todd Rich, knocking him out. A slow motion shot of Hayley’s stunned […]


BREAKING NEWS The camera is set up backstage at the Globe. Steve Blaine is frantically rushing towards the underground entranceway with an assignment. The door swings open, and entering is Sean Darring. The Legend is dressed in style, ready to represent as in a grey tailor-made suit. The Legend notices Steve Blaine quickly approaching him […]


THAT’S RICH…COMING FROM YOU! Last week at The Rich Family residence in Dallas, Texas.   Freddie Rich, looking much more casual than usual, sporting a plain white t-shirt and blue jeans is stood in the middle while he is surrounded by his fellow stablemates:  Todd, blue jeans, and a green shirt, to the left of […]


RENT IS DUE The Rich Family home approximately 48 hours AFTER Domination 1. Alex Reyn moves so that he is directly in front of Freddie Rich. Still standing, the dim light making his silhouette seem taller than it actually is. A sideways glance at the television and then… “So… the Master Sisters?”+ Freddie sighs:  “Yes, […]


GOING TO WAR The Rich Family home approximately 48 hours BEFORE Domination 1. “Freddie, our car’s here,” Declan calls from the front door. “Go on, Dec, I’ll be there in a minute,” Freddie says unknowingly walking into a bearhug from a tall, lovely brunette in a red dress and a shorter yet gorgeous blue-eyed blonde, […]


WELCOME TO GLOBAL An aerial camera zooms in on the GLOBAL Studios lot in Hollywood.  Stage 49 has been specifically and specially redecorated for tonight.  They’ve kitted the normally-white sound stage out in gold from the outside with ‘GLOBAL’ written in large black letters.  A booming voice: “Welcome to Hollywood, everyone, and the world-famous GLOBAL Studios here.” There are two tiers […]