[#15][Segment #7]How I Spent My Vacation (III)

Somewhere in the English countryside Early September, 2023 “I tell you, mate…this is going to be bloody wizzo. I have already looked into golfing and hunting resorts, and I have been in touch with a friend of mine who owns a little nightclub over there…” Rupert Royston-Fellowes, one-half of the wrestling tag team known as […]

[#15][Segment #14]How I Spent My Vacation (V)

Somewhere in Los Angeles September 2023 The relative peace and quiet of the nondescript alleyway around the back of an East LA Mexican restaurant is suddenly disturbed as three teenage boys come stumbling out, covering their heads and yelping in pain as a shower of rubble pelts them in the back and shoulders. “Ow! OW! […]

[#15][Segment #3]How I Spent My Vacation (II)

Outside Cindi’s Gym Hollywood, California September 4, 2023 The men standing outside the nondescript North Hollywood exercise facility tense up and take a tentative step forward as the equally nondescript taxi pulls up and the back door on the passenger side flies open; their body posture just as quickly relaxes, however, when a husky man […]

[#15][Segment #10]How I Spent My Vacation (IV)

Undisclosed Location August 2023 “Ninety-nine, a hun—DAMMIT!” GLOBAL superstar and resident controversist John J. Truth drops his arms to his sides, causing him to collapse face-first onto the exercise mat on which he had been flexing. “God FUCKING dammit! I could’a sworn I had you there!” “Hey, don’t sweat it, boss.” One of the other […]