[Dom 24] [Match 6 (AND Segment 19)] [ALEX REYN VS. CRUSADER X]

“Ladies and gentlemen! The following contest is set for one-fall! Introducing first! Now residing in San Antonio, Texas, weighing one hundred and ninety pounds…CRUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADEEEEEEER X!” “Crusader X with a lot on his plate recently. Just three shows ago, he had an amazing match against Daniel Dream cut short by interference from our International Champion.” “You […]

[Dom 24] [Segment 17] WHO ARE YOU?

The monitor flickers to life. Again it show Reyn in his chair. This time, more lively, more animated. The fully head Reyn leans into the camera. “Crusader. I wish to give you my apologies. I honestly should have come to test you sooner. You’ve earned that regard. It was, afterall, you who felled the East […]