Backstage, The Bro stands ready with the two men poised to challenge for the Global Championship tonight, Jimmy Classic and Trae Larkin of the Prime Time Athletes—sharp and geared up for the evening’s battle. Following their recent altercation at Domination, the duo appears in high spirits, chuckling and mocking the champion, Sean Darring. In Jimmy Classic’s right hand, he casually holds the iron crowbar, notorious for its role in the previous event’s brutality.

The Bro launches the interview with a straightforward inquiry, “Thanks for joining us before your big match tonight. Can you share how the Prime Time Athletes are heading into what is arguably your most significant match in Global to date?”

Trae Larkin quickly takes the lead, his tone dismissive, “What kind of question is that? First off, we aren’t your bros. Second, we’ve been dominating the champion for months. This is just another night for the Prime Time Athletes. The real pressure is on Sean Darring. We’ve beaten and pinned him twice already. He’s the one who has to face both of us tonight, and let’s not forget, the last time he saw us, we left him bloodied and beaten.”

Jimmy Classic then chimes in, emphasizing their point by lifting the crowbar for all to see. The Bro nods, absorbing their confidence, and follows up, “You’ve certainly established dominance with those two tag team victories over Sean Darring. And tonight, he faces both of you in a Triangle stipulation match. But considering this isn’t a tag team match and only one can emerge as champion, how do you plan to navigate those dynamics?”

There’s a brief pause as Jimmy Classic and Trae Larkin exchange glances. Jimmy quickly asserts, “Look, it doesn’t matter which one of us wins tonight. A victory for Trae is a victory for me, and vice versa. What’s important is that the Global Championship becomes Prime Time. That’s all that matters. Nothing Sean Darring or anyone else says can distract us from our goal. We’re focused on finishing what we started. We win tonight, and then we’re coming for the Global Tag Team Titles to become double champions.”

Trae nods in agreement, fully backing his partner’s statement. But before The Bro can delve deeper, Jimmy Classic snatches the microphone from his hand, clearly irked by the line of questioning. “I don’t like your line of questioning. Do you want to know what’s on the Prime Time Athletes’ minds? Here it is—Broken has been championed. Darring’s time is up. You’re looking at the future of Global. We’ve beaten him repeatedly and outsmarted him every step of the way. He’s nothing more than a physically broken relic. We will do the wrestling world a favor by wrapping up his career in a neat little bow tonight. We’re taking that Global Championship, and we’re going to end his career for good.”

The Bro, undeterred by the intimidating demeanor of the Prime Time Athletes, leans in to press further. “Many have tried to take that title from Sean Darring; what makes you think you two will be any different?” His question is cut short as Trae Larkin assertively bumps his chest against The Bro, effectively silencing him from continuing the inquiry.

Jimmy Classic, seizing the moment with a grin, hoists the iron crowbar high for all to see. “We are bringing a little insurance with us tonight,” he declares confidently. “Not only does the champion have to contend with both Trae and myself, but if things get a bit dicey, Sean will get up close and personal with our little friend here.” He gestures to the crowbar, implying a threat of violence beyond the usual confines of the match rules. “In the end, the odds are overwhelmingly stacked against Sean Darring. There’s just no way neither Trae nor I will leave the ring without that Global Championship. We’ve planned for every contingency.”

Realizing that the athletes have made their stance abundantly clear, The Bro steps back, allowing the Prime Time Athletes a moment of menacing camaraderie. Trae Larkin leans in towards Jimmy Classic, his voice laden with resolve, “All good things must come to an end—Sean Darring’s title reign and his legendary career. Tonight, it’s the End Game for the champion.”

Their laughter echoes a sinister sound that plays off the event’s name, “End Game,” using it not only as the title of the night’s event but as a grim prophecy for the end of Sean Darring’s career. This dark humor encapsulates their ruthless approach and chilling confidence as they head into one of the most anticipated matches of their careers.