The Rutherford Guy’s theme hits and Rutherford comes out. He turns around as he reaches the top edge of the ramp and kneels down as Nikolai Sinclair and Daniel Dream walk out from the back with their GLOBAL Tag Team Championships raised high in the air. As they reach Rutherford he stands up, bows down and then turns around demanding the crowd to the same thing. A few do bow but a majority boo the pair. Nikolai smirks in the direction of Daniel and whispers something as all three men start heading down towards the ring. They enter the ring and as usual Rutherford takes the centre while Daniel and Nikolai stand on each side of him. Rutherford raises the microphone he grabbed on the way in the ring.

“Ladies and gentlemen, tonight is a big night for us. My clients will be defending their tag team championships against Border Control. Now it has to be said that we are no strangers to….taking advantage of certain rules. But straight up cheating, that is crossing a line. Now it can be debated we have cheated a bit…but not to the level of Border Control.” 

Rutherford takes a deep breath. 

“Now if my clients can avoid the pepper spray, I am confident in their ability to yet again successfully defend their tag team championships and stay your champions.” 

Rutherford hands the microphone to Daniel. 

“You call bullshit. I had to get back on my bullshit, I forgot to call you back. Schmidt, I’m not mad but how are you going to have a fake name called Truth? You should let sleeping giants lie. You think you’re greater than us, but you’re just standing on the shoulders of giants. I don’t go out of my way to take someone else’s food but I’m going to show you the difference between someone who calls himself the Truth and those who are undeniable.”

Daniel hands the microphone back to Rutherford.

Rutherford is about to continue but Nikolai whispers something. Rutherford raises the microphone. 

“My client Nikolai Sinclair states and I quote: Tonight, we will prove why we are the best. We will destroy Border Control and yet again look ahead for new challenges. But do you know what I look forward to the most? Claiming two more victims….” 

Daniel for once decides to interrupt and stretches out his hand for the microphone. Rutherford is in shock but hands it to him anyway. Nikolai just smirks. 

“Nikolai wants to claim two more victims. Washington and Lincoln won’t be able to save you. What a difference fourteen months can make. Magnum Opus, you called El Principe a terrorist. Last show, you called someone a terrorist. I used to wrestle to collect dead president heads on paper, but you can call us terrorists, because now we’re going to wrestle to collect dead president heads.”

Daniel hands the microphone back to Rutherford.

“Thank you. And I continue to quote: Claiming two more victims will be something I am very familiar with. But the difference this time will be that I am not only claiming victims, I am out to destroy you. All this interference in our matches has made me pissed off. And that is not good for anyone standing face-to-face with me.”

Rutherford looks in the direction of his clients and Daniel gives a quick nod. Rutherford hands him the microphone. Daniel takes the microphone and raises it to his mouth.

“You think Truth, Justice, and the American Way will save you? If you want to play this game, let’s play. Somebody told me that I could be great if I just got out of my own damn way, I’ll show you that I learned from my mistakes. Have you ever stoned-faced the top guys? I have and I’ve gone face-to-face with them. Truth, you might make the top five as champion but you and I both know, if GLOBAL made a Mount Rushmore, we’re on it and you’re not. That includes Darring and Reyn, and I got a tag team partner. And as great as I am, I’m the weak link, right? So who do you think the third and fourth face are? I respect them both. Darring and Alex know I’m a selfish, stone-cold killer. Fuck a Mount Rushmore, they just build a monument to us.”

Rutherford gets the microphone back. Nikolai nods in agreement to what he heard from Daniel. They slowly raise their championships as Rutherford speaks. 

“At the end of the match tonight you all will hear something you need to get used to AND STILL YOUR GLOBAL TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS THE RUTHERFORD GUYS!!!!!”