Lucas Quinn says, “We’re back for some top-tier GLOBAL tag team action. Global tag teams are turning heads with the growing star power in the division. Inside the ring, we have a young local team that’s been wrestling in a local California promotion. They’ve been rewarded for their hard work and skills in a try-out match here tonight.”

The crowd gives a polite cheer as the youngsters, Gage and Trevor, are introduced as the LA Express. They raise their hands, excited for the opportunity in front of the largest crowd they’ve ever faced.

The Mark comments, “This is the biggest opportunity of their young career for the LA Express. Let’s hope they do a good job and win some scouts over backstage.”

Allie agrees, “It’s hard not to root for Cinderella stories. These two look like fine young wrestlers, and it appears their families are right there in that section, hooting and hollering with signs. Good luck, Gage and Trevor!”

The tone shifts as Dirty Palm & Benix by Legacy plays over the PA system. Out steps the unpopular duo of Jimmy Classic and “The Suplex Ninja” Trae Suplex. Global Nation roars in boos as the arrogant and cocky tag team known as the Prime Time Athletes makes their entrance.

Lucas Quinn tries to put his feelings aside and adds commentary, saying, “Well, here comes the talented Prime Time Athletes. They came close to winning the tag team titles, but their problems with the Rich Family have continued.”

The Mark adds, “You have to feel for the LA Express. Imagine getting a call from Global. You’re all excited to find out you have an opportunity at your lifelong dream, and then you find out your opponents are these two guys.”

Allie says, “Except, it adds a little extra motivation for 99% of the wrestling world. I’m not even sure these guys’ grandmothers root for them.”

Lucas and The Mark agree with Allie as the Prime Time Athletes finish making their way down to the ring, joining the young LA Express inside the ring. Jimmy Classic and Trae Larkin point and laugh at the youngster as the referee, Duncan Sullivan, begins explaining the rules to both teams.

Allie shakes her head, saying. “Look at the Prime Time Athletes; they mock the youngsters, LA Express, and act like they are scared. Can’t they ever behave?”

Lucas Quinn answers honestly. “I am not sure they can, Allie. Let’s hope the LA Express are ready for their big opportunity and shut these two up.”

The Mark adds. “You know the Rich Family is hoping and watching backstage.”


The bell sounds, and both Prime Time Athletes roll out of the ring, waving off the youngsters who remain in the ring, not amused by the shenanigans of the despised tag team. The fans loudly boo the antics of the Prime Time Athletes.

Lucas Quinn voices his frustration, saying, “Oh, come on. This is the LA Express’s big night. Stop trying to poke fun and ruin it for them and everyone else.”

The Mark interjects, “Look, Jimmy Classic is getting into it with their families.”

The camera captures Jimmy Classic talking trash back to the section, which appears to be both Trevor and Gage’s family. This provokes Gage to sprint over and leap over the ropes. The crowd erupts in cheers as Jimmy Classic turns just in time to eat a senton splash over the ropes delivered by Gage!

Allie shouts, “Serves him right!”

Lucas Quinn agrees, “Gage has had enough, and Trae Larkin rushes over like a pitbull to attack Gage. But HERE COMES TREVOR!”

Trevor follows his partner’s lead and dives over with a suicide splash, catching the unsuspecting Trae Larkin. The fans go wild for the hot new tag team as they take to the air and catch the Prime Time Athletes off guard.

The Mark observes, “It looks like The LA Express are athletes in their own right, and they’re here to make the most of their opportunity tonight, folks!”

Lucas Quinn concurs, saying, “I don’t think the Prime Time Athletes saw this coming!”

Trevor pulls Trae Larkin back into the ring, and the referee, Duncan Sullivan, points to the two men, designating them as legal combatants. Trevor launches a flurry of right hands and chops at Larkin. He then targets the right side of Larkin’s leg with a sharp kick, following it up with another powerful kick. Trevor rebounds off the ropes, swiftly ducking by Larkin under a wild right-hand swing. He springs into action with a head scissors takedown.

Lucas Quinn comments, “The LA Express has come out with a lot of energy, while the Prime Time Athletes were more interested in embarrassing the two young kids than in having a wrestling match. It seems to be backfiring on them.”

Having just springboarded from the corner into an Asai Moonsault, Trevor attempts a high-risk maneuver. However, the Suplex Ninja, Trae Larkin, raises his knees at the last moment. Trevor of the LA Express lands chest-first onto those waiting knees.

The Mark winces, saying, “OUCH! That will take the wind out of a sail really fast.”

The Suplex Ninja gradually rises, shaking off the cobwebs from his mind, and gazes down at the young wrestler rolling on the mat, clutching his chest. Trae Larkin switches to attack mode like a predator sensing an opportunity, ruthlessly stomping away at Trevor.

Lucas Quinn observes, “Jimmy Classic, cheering his partner on, while Global Nation expresses their disapproval with boos directed at Trae Larkin.”

The Mark notes, “And it seems those boos are fueling Trae Larkin as he forcefully hoists Trevor up—BIG SUPLEX!”


Trae Larkin nearly hurls Trevor across the ring, then swiftly leaps back up and poses for his partner, Gage, positioned outside.

Allie shakes her head in disapproval, remarking, “Prime Time Athletes doing what they do best… Trae Larkin seems more interested in intimidating Gage than in wrestling Trevor, the legal man inside the ring.”

Trae Larkin pulls Trevor up and starts delivering sharp slaps across his face. Shouting toward Gage, he inquires, “You want to join Global? You want to be a top tag team?”

Lucas Quinn comments, “Trae Larkin is trying to humiliate these youngsters.”

Gage extends his hand as if requesting the tag, and Trae Larkin lifts Trevor before twisting him over with a hefty belly-to-belly suplex.




The Mark remarks, “Trevor kicks out. The youngster isn’t finished reinvigorating this Global crowd!”

Trae Larkin appears to savor the pain he’s inflicting on Trevor, slowly picking him up. He attempts to set up another suplex, but this time, Trevor acts swiftly and rolls Trae up with an inside cradle.



Lucas Quinn observes, “Trae Larkin powers out, and he charges but is met with a big dropkick from Trevor. Trevor quickly turns and dives, tagging in Gage!!!!”

The enthusiastic Global crowd, fully behind the newcomers, erupts with a resounding cheer as Gage rushes in and takes Trae Larkin down. Larkin tries to fight back but ends up on the receiving end of a roundhouse kick. Gage promptly ascends the ropes and executes a flying body splash, bringing down The Suplex Ninja and going for the cover!



Jimmy Classic thwarts the pin by stepping on Gage’s mid-back, then forcefully lifts him up and drives a close-range knee into Gage’s midsection. Ignoring the referee’s orders to return to the outside, Classic wraps his arm around Gage’s head and slams him hard onto the canvas with a DDT!

Allie expresses her frustration, saying, “Oh, come on! Jimmy Classic isn’t even the legal man, and he’s attacking Gage like that.”

Trevor must share Allie’s sentiments as he rushes into the ring, catching Jimmy Classic off guard and sending him tumbling over the top ropes with a head scissors.

The Mark comments, “Well, that’s one way to take care of that. Trevor isn’t done, though. He’s climbing the top ropes!”

Trevor leaps off the top rope, twists in the air, and lands on Jimmy Classic just as he starts to rise, eliciting cheers from the fans!

Lucas Quinn shouts, “Trevor, with a twisting dive, just silenced Jimmy Classic and took him out! I think we all loved to see it!”

Inside the ring, Trae Larkin and Gage are slowly regaining their footing. Referee Duncan Sullivan is struggling to regain control, instructing Trevor and Jimmy Classic to return to their corners. Gage approaches the Suplex Ninja but gets a thumb to the eye. Blinded, Trae Larkin seizes the opportunity and delivers a Dragon Suplex.


Despite the harsh landing, Gage somehow manages to stumble back to his feet, only for Larkin to hit his Asai DDT, known as the Ninja Nuke.


Lucas Quinn exclaims, “We’ve seen Larkin put men away with that move, and now he hooks the leg.”





The Mark adds, “Trevor slides under the ropes, but it’s too late. He was too focused on Jimmy Classic on the outside.”

Allie expresses disappointment, saying, “The LA Express showcased some flashes of high-flying ability, but in the end, Trae Larkin was too much!”

On the outside, Jimmy Classic has pinpointed the section of fans, which has now been confirmed to be Trevor and Gage’s family and friends. He’s gleefully taunting them, laughing and making mocking crying faces.

Lucas Quinn expresses his disapproval, saying, “This is uncalled for. Somebody really needs to put a stop to these guys. Now Trae Larkin is joining his partner on the outside, mouthing off.”

The Mark remarks, “Maybe the Rich Family will finally be the ones to silence these guys.”

Allie chimes in, saying, “We can only hope.”