The backstage area of any sporting arena is a quiet buzz of activity. There is no shouting and screaming, no clattering of metal on metal, just quiet, diligent work. 

GLOBAL World Heavyweight Champion, “The Legend” Sean Darring, having earlier addressed the fans in the centre of the ring, walks slowly up the corridor of the quietly humming backstage area, a small, contented smile stretches across his face.  This smile widens as, coming around the bend, he spots Jerry David, dressed in a sports jacket, crisp white shirt, smart blue jeans and box-fresh tan brown shoes.

Sean instinctively holds out his hand, and Jerry, who reciprocates the smile, takes Sean’s hand and shakes it.

“Congratulations on your win, champ.” Jerry smiles, his face still scuffed with the marks of war.

“And you, Jerry. What a few months you have had.”

The two men each gently shake their heads, the hands still being shook between them.

“And hey, a legend by name, a legend by nature, huh?” Jerry grins.

Sean chuckles, “Well, so they call me.”

The champion sets off walking, but is yanked back in front of Jerry, whose expression has changed; his lips straight and tight.

“Of course, maybe you’d actually become a legend if you stopped beating jobbers, and beat a real wrestler instead,” Jerry laughs, “But what do I know?”

Jerry’s smile drops again as he releases the champions hand and stomps off down the corridor, leaving “The Legend” looking on thoughtfully.