The raucous Los Angeles crowd has been fervently chanting for the Global champion even before the event kicks off, and their wish has been granted. The opening notes of Europe’s “The Final Countdown” reverberated throughout the arena, sending shockwaves of excitement through the Global-Nation faithful.

The spotlight focuses on the entrance, and the champion emerges spectacularly. Draped in a meticulously tailored Global-themed park purple suit adorned with a striking golden tie, he exudes an aura of celebration and accomplishment. Although bearing the visible remnants of the grueling battle with Daniel Dream just over a month ago, his broad smile lit up.

The coveted golden Global championship hangs proudly from his right shoulder, a symbol of his remarkable achievements and a testament to the trials and triumphs of the past year. Each scar, each victory, and each hard-fought battle was etched into that glistening gold.

The wrestling legend completes his confident walk down the aisle, acknowledging the adoration of his hometown fans with a gracious 360-degree turn. His face radiates with pride and genuine appreciation for Global Nation’s unwavering support.

With the wireless microphone in hand, he raises it to his lips, speaking just two words that encapsulate his sentiments: “Thank you.”

The humble legend’s obvious appreciation further ignites the fans as a THANK YOU DARRING chant breaks out.   Darring then continues.

“I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for always standing by my side. It’s been a challenging journey, no doubt. After each grueling battle, the recovery seems to take a little longer. I had complete certainty that Daniel Dream would appear at Glory, giving his absolute best. Many believed it was his destined moment.”

The crowd responds with a collective thumbs-down, a clear display of their disapproval of Daniel Dream.

“The powers that be attempted to ensure their chosen one walked away with this.” Sean Darring proudly gestured to the Global Championship, emphasizing his next point. “The odds were stacked against me, and there was seemingly no reason for me to be standing here today with a smile on my face, proudly carrying this magnificent championship title. But it’s all thanks to each and every one of you and your unwavering support.”

The legend nods, reflecting on his earlier sentiments as he continues.

“When the odds were stacked high against me, your unwavering belief and support remained steadfast. Your endless enthusiasm and words of encouragement gave me the strength and sheer determination required to endure that unforgettable night. If I could personally give each and every one of you this championship, I would. But your faith and support have inspired this old-timer to continue lacing up his boots because this legacy is far from finished.”

The fans erupt with a passionate, albeit slightly raucous, chant – “F the Board!” – expressing their solidarity with the legend.

“While I may share your sentiments on the occasion, let’s begin by extending our gratitude to Giovanni Ferrari for his support. He found himself in a difficult position, his job hanging by a thread. However, he chose integrity and did the honorable thing. Let’s also send our best wishes to Daniel Dream as he embarks on his next challenge.”

The fans couldn’t contain their disapproval and resort to boos at the mere mention of Daniel Dream. The legend, however, raises a calming finger.

“Now, hold on a moment. Daniel Dream ultimately made the right decision. He severed ties with that devious snake and forged his path as an independent man. Although we may not always see eye-to-eye, he proved to be a worthy adversary, and he faces a challenging journey as he begins the climb back up the ladder towards the top.”

The legend pauses, looking contemplative as he paces around the ring, carefully considering his next words.

“So, my friends, what’s our next move, huh? It’s pretty clear that the board isn’t keen on keeping this title around my waist for much longer.”

The fans in attendance voice their discontent with boos, vehemently disagreeing with the board’s intentions.

“That’s what I thought,” he responded, acknowledging the crowd’s sentiments. “We’ll keep standing for what this incredible company was founded on. We’ll pay tribute to remarkable individuals like Giovanni Ferrari. We’ll face anyone they decide to schedule against us. We’ll keep going until this old body of mine gives out or until somebody manages to beat us for the Global Championship.”

The legend’s voice resounds with determination as he holds the Global Championship high above his head.

“Because this title right here,” he continues, “it might not have been chosen, but it belongs to EACH and EVERY ONE OF US!”

The fans erupt in wild cheers, showing their unwavering support for the Global Championship. With his message delivered, the legend steps out of the ring, taking the time to interact with the fans as he makes his way toward the backstage area.