The Bro stands ready, microphone in hand, eager to interview the Prime Time Athletes. He can’t help but feel the excitement of speaking with the typically boisterous tag team. Jimmy Classic and “The Suplex” Trae Larkin appear deep in conversation as the Bro begins.

“Hey, bros! I’m absolutely stoked for this chance to chat with two of the most outspoken yet incredibly talented wrestlers here in Global. So, what’s going on, guys?”

However, instead of a response, Jimmy Classic and Trae Larkin exchange glances, and with a nod from Jimmy Classic, Trae Larkin swiftly yanks the microphone out of The Bro’s hand; his expression is filled with disdain.

“That approach ain’t gonna cut it, Jimmy.”

Jimmy chuckles, concurring with his partner as he speaks.

“You got that right, bro. Consider this interview hijacked…”

The Bro watches wide-eyed as the Prime Time Athletes take over the interview, showing their trademark disrespect for not just their opponents but seemingly for everyone associated with Global. Jimmy Classic continues, seemingly ignoring The Bro’s presence completely.

“We’ve got something that’s been burning in our chests, and it’s high time we lay it all out there. Glory didn’t go down the way it was supposed to, not by a long shot. It was meant to be our breakout night, a night for Trae and me to celebrate as we clinched the Global Tag Team Championship. But right when we were about to close the chapter and make it a true Prime Time night, those dirty, cheating Rich Family folks did what they do best. They didn’t just wreck our night; they set the entire Global tag team division back.”

Jimmy Classic shakes his head, letting his venomous words flow.

“Instead of the tag team division starting off Season 2 in prime time, it’s going to keep struggling, all thanks to the selfish Rich Family!”

The Bro attempts to interject, leaning in and saying, “Bros, but they were part of the match.”

However, Trae Larkin swiftly grabs the microphone, his glare directed at The Bro as he continues.

“The Rich Family, your time is running out. If you think this is over, brace yourselves for a rude awakening. We want you to have the best seat in the house tonight. We’re up against two of the hungriest, most promising tag team talents that Los Angeles has to offer. They’re itching to make a big impact and secure a permanent spot here in Global. Tonight, we’re sending a message to the entire tag team division, and it starts with shattering some dreams.”

Jimmy Classic agrees with his partner, turning to offer the microphone back to the interviewer, The Bro, saying, “Got any other questions you’d like to throw our way?”

The Bro hesitates for a second but takes the cue, replying, “Actually, there was one…”

Trae Larkin facepalms the unfortunate interviewer, giving him a gentle shove backward, while Jimmy Classic laughs heartily. The two men saunter off, leaving The Bro looking frustrated and bewildered.