An aerial camera zooms in on the GLOBAL Studios’ lot in Hollywood.  Stage 49 has been specifically and specially redecorated for tonight.  They’ve kitted the normally white sound stage out in gold from the outside with ‘GLOBAL’ written in large black letters.


As Lucas Quinn’s booming voice welcomes our TV/PPV audience, cameras pajn the Globe as enthusiastic and zealous fans flash various signs, screaming and waving as they appear on camera.

“We’re back where it all started in December.  On that night, ‘Legend’ Sean Darring met Daniel Dream in the main event, and tonight, here at our season finale, Glory, one of those two men will walk out with the GLOBAL Championship.  Darring won that night, and again at Magnum Opus, pinning Dream in the process, with Alex Reyn also participating.  Third time lucky?  Repeat or revenge?”

There are two tiers, with the top one being covered in some oak wood to reflect the name and its relationship with the theater where one William Shakespeare became a household name the world over.  Red carpet covers the entire aisle way and fireworks are set off every couple of seconds to the screams of the capacity crowd, three thousand packed in for the last and most vital of any show this season.

The squared circle has the GLOBAL logo plastered all over it with gold ropes and turnbuckles replacing the usual green, blue and purple, but the usual colors appear with a purple mat and the aforementioned logo. 

Finally, the camera settles on the three faces that everyone knows as the voices of GLOBAL Domination on a fortnightly basis, as well as the three pay-per-views we’ve had over the course of eight months, totaling 16 shows prior to tonight, the last of the lost, and the most crucial.

Lucas Quinn, the African American former UWE wrestler, is in an all-blue suit with a white shirt and a red tie, the word ‘GLOBAL’ shining in a gold glitter.

“Lucas, it’s similar to that first night, but is the start of things to come?  Bet on Dream, Bet on America?  Or is Red, White and Navy Blue your guilty pleasure?”

Allie Reece shows off her fantastic all-teeth smile with a fit-for-the-Oscars pink sequin dress, which matches her hair, as she places her hands on her hips, half-posing for the cameras and also feigning fury with her broadcast partner.

“Both,” Lucas suddenly exclaims, holding his hands up, uncertain how to answer that question.

“Looking sharp, Mark,” Allie taps her other broadcasting brother on the shoulder. 

Mark Deltzer has let the side down, ladies and gentlemen, sticking to his usual white t-shirt, black jeans and immaculate Adidas sneakers. “Another night at the office for some of us, Allie.”

Lucas looks at them, and nods towards the camera. “Are we gonna do this or not?”

They think about it for a second before collectively shouting:  “GO ON, THEN!”

“Tonight, we’ve packed three thousand fans in, five hundred more, for a rerun of ‘Legend’ Sean Darring and ‘Carnivore’ Daniel Dream, the first ever GLOBAL main event, and the two men that have come to define the first season of this great promotion, so it’s only fitting that they headline Glory One.  Allie, I know you got Darring, I’m picking Dream.  Mark, who’s the winner?”

“The fans.  Anyway, we’ve also got Trouble Roxx, who dethroned The Master Sisters, our original champions, back in the very first match in GLOBAL history.  It was a four-way that night, tonight, ‘just’ the three teams with The Rich Family, otherwise known as the bridesmaids, everywhere they go, and Prime Time Athletes, the controversial yet talented duo of Jimmy Classic and Trae Larkin.”

Reece smiles. “It’s a night of firsts, for sure, and what about the Join or Die Endgame encounter, talk about a matter of life and death, between Jerry David and The Jester?”

Lucas shakes his head. “No idea, but that seems to be the case with JD on P-P-V, look at what he did to E-Z.”

“Was that an attempted rap?” Reece wonders aloud.

“ANY-WAY, tremendous tag team action elsewhere with Alex Reyn and Valorie Vitality, what a weird relationship that is, taking on Valorie’s former stablemates, surely former and not current, in Saul Morgan and Angel Ramirez, AKA Angel Corps,” The Mark sells.

Reece shakes her head. “So disappointed in my gal Val, but what isn’t disappointing is the incredible duo of Aleczander The Great and “Big Aug” August Lazar, former rivals turned friends because of their opponents, speaking of former stablemates, Best of British.  Who would’ve thought that in our FIRST EVER pay-per-view match between Aleczander and Aug, they’d be TEAMING up, talk about an unlikely turn of events and team, to take on Rupert Royston-Fellowes and Nigel Kensington The Third?”

Lucas rounds things off.  “Speaking of third, it is the rubber match between newcomer, the DJ of Lucha Libre, Wrestletronic, meeting “The Artist of War” Xiang, accompanied and, no doubt aided, by The Great Wall in his corner.  They’re one apiece, having exchanged victories on Domination Thirteen and Fourteen respectively, Xiang levelling things up three weeks ago, and we await Round Three tonight in what could be an amazing contest.”

Allie rubs her hands, and Lucas nods, mouthing. “I know.”  Deltzer, surprisingly, stays calm.

“Glory should prove to be a memorable night, one for the ages, and we cannot wait to get started.”

LOGO b&w

a heartfelt dedication

Renowned and often referred to as a legendary figure among backstage reporters, Steven Blaine stands poised, ready for an interview. However, his demeanor shifts to one of surprise and intrigue as the boisterous duo of Jimmy Classic and Trae Larkin joins him. Together, they wheel forward a man encased in a full-body cast, settling him beside Blaine. The scene leaves the reporter visibly shaken, struggling to comprehend the unusual encounter. Blaine proceeds with his customary line of questioning.

“What exactly is happening here? Is this gentleman alright? And who might he be?”

In rapid response, Jimmy Classic takes the reins, his explanation swift and animated.

“Blaine, did you miss our dynamic presence? As for this individual, well, tonight presents a unique opportunity. You see, not only are we set to settle matters with the Rich Family once and for all, but we’re also poised to claim what’s rightfully ours—the Global Tag Team Championship!”

While Blaine still gazes perplexed at the individual in the wheelchair, the man within the full-body cast attempts to communicate with the tag team, though his words remain indiscernible. Jimmy Classic, however, remains undeterred in his explanation.

“With such monumental stakes on the line tonight, we’ve decided to combine business with a bit of goodwill. Despite his current state, he’s a legend in Global, though admittedly not in the way his family has been. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome FREDDIE RICH!”

Blaine’s expression shifts to disbelief as he scrutinizes the figure in the wheelchair, voicing his skepticism.

“You expect me to believe that this is Freddie Rich?”

Jimmy Classic responds with an adamant nod.

“Absolutely! Freddie wanted a front-row seat for our impending triumph in capturing the Global Tag Team Championship, and he also had a message he wanted us to deliver to his own family.”

Prompted by Blaine, the muffled voice of Freddie Rich emanates from within the cast. Trae Larkin leans in, translating the message for the incapacitated individual.

“He’s saying that his own family is a disgrace, and he wishes they could be more like Jimmy and Trae!”

A discernible air of annoyance crosses Steve Blaine’s features as he narrows his eyes skeptically, clearly unconvinced by the Prime Time Athletes’ narrative. His attention subtly shifts toward the challengers vying for the coveted Global Tag Team Titles. Blaine poses a question laced with potential concern.

“Do you believe that your palpable animosity toward the Rich Family might impede your focus on the Global Tag Team titles?”

In response, Trae Larkin opts for directness, his words carrying an unapologetic edge.

“Frankly, Blaine, that’s a question better suited for the Rich Family themselves. It’s evident that we’re not only the supreme team in Global but also the ones with the most heart. Our concern for the Rich Family patriarch far outweighs theirs.”

Recognizing the futility of extracting meaningful answers, Blaine makes a final attempt at a substantial inquiry.

“What is your plan once you secure the Global titles?”

Jimmy Classic seizes the opportunity, responding with a touch of audacity.

“The Global Tag Team Division will finally embrace the era of Prime Time dominance! You see, Blaine, until now, it’s been nothing short of a travesty and, dare I say, a punchline. Once we claim these titles and dedicate our illustrious victory to Freddie Rich, a new era begins. We aim to inject respect, athletic marvel, and unparalleled performances—exclusively delivered by the Prime Time Athletes. Who knows, perhaps next time, we’ll even save a front-row seat for you, Blaine!”

Amid the laughter that ensues from the Prime Time Athletes, they proceed to depart with their full-casted companion in tow, leaving Steve Blaine to shake his head, perhaps in equal parts amusement and bewilderment. A request for pain relief seems inevitable, as Blaine’s hand instinctively gestures toward a metaphorical “Tylenol” for the perplexing encounter he’s just navigated.

LOGO b&w


“All right, you lousy maggots! Get those fat, lazy asses MOVING!! Let’s go, let’s go, LET’S GO!!”

LAPD Police Corporal Miranda Wright halts her quasi-motivational yelling just long enough to point five of her six charges towards a different piece of gym equipment . “Dann, treadmill. Marx, hit the bench. Thing One and Thing Two, leg training. Flanagan…” The brunette rolls her eyes and heaves a weary sigh. “…rehab. But seriously, hit the bag. You need to work on your focus.”

“Cheers to that, love!” The ruddy Irishman holds up a bottle of Prime energy drink – the current contents of which may or may not have been endorsed by a popular YouTuber – and wanders off towards the boxing area at the far end, just as the last of Wright’s ragtag band of misfits demands her attention.

“…and me, Ma’am? What about me?”

The policewoman shoots the entirely unremarkable man before her a contemptuous, scathing look, huffing slightly as she replies.

“You can be the waterboy.”

“The…waterboy?!” The man’s countenance visibly droops. “But, Ma’am…!”

“Who said you could talk back, Public?!” The officer’s vicious snap has GLOBAL’s most unremarkable fighter recoiling almost immediately.

“N-no one, Ma’am…s-sorry, Ma’am…”

“I thought not. Besides, you get to be important, for once. Without water, your squad mates will get dehydrated.”

“Yes, Ma’am…”

“And if that happens…” The officer shoots Joe Public another malevolent look. “It will be YOUR fault.”

“Y-yes, Ma’am… I understand, Ma’am… Thank you, Ma’am…”

Miranda Wright is, however, no longer paying attention, instead walking towards the fit blonde personal trainer who has just re-entered the space, whom she addresses in a neutral, borderline friendly tone.

“Thanks for hooking us up short-notice.”

“OMG, you’re, like, SO welcome?” As she says this, the blonde’s eyes roam towards the rear ends and muscle clusters of several of the men working out nearby. “It’s, like, totally not a prob, Randi! We Are Marshall, right?”

The fitness instructor holds both her hands out for a double high-five, but gives off a little yelp of surprise when she finds her wrists being trapped instead, as her old schoolmate pulls her in, the better to snarl in her face.

“Don’t EVER fucking call me Randi. There IS no Randi. Randi’s DEAD. Understand?”

“Okay, okay, omigosh!” The blonde rubs her wrists and tosses her ponytail indignantly, the look of apprehension not quite gone from her face. Her point made, however, Wright appears to once again have returned to a more balanced state of mind, and her next few words come out in an even, if sarcastic, tone.

“Good. Now stop ogling the merchandise and go make yourself useful someplace else. You’re distracting my cadets.” Wright’s point is reinforced by way of a vitriolic glare towards Chett Marx, who is very visibly neglecting his workout to steal glances at the instructor. Even the officer’s sternest tone, however, cannot stifle a giggle from her friend as she, too, spots this.

“Sorry, Ran—um, Miranda. I’m gonna go now. I’ll be right outside, though, so if you need anything, just holla at ya girl, a’ight?”

“Thanks, Cindi.” Miranda’s tone is, once again, surprisingly agreeable as Cindi the fitness instructor skips out of the practice space and back through the glass door dividing it from the main hallway of the gym. A moment later, however, her voice has regained its customary toughness, as she whirls around in a full circle to glare at each and every one of her self-appointed cadets.

“The fuck are you all gawking at, you bunch of pussies? Did I say you could stop? GET MOVING!!”

With that, the workout – and order – is restored, as, for the next few minutes, the only sounds heard are those of a group of somewhat self-indulgent men slowly but surely getting into shape.

LOGO b&w


We get a tracking shot from behind of two figures clad in dark blue police uniforms.  They walk down a run down apartment hallway and stop at a door marked “215”.

“Right here?” says one of them.  He stands just shy of six feet, with pale skin and close cropped brown hair that, judging by his hairline, is clearly not long for this world.  His muscles are toned, but not bulging.

“Yeah, 215,” says the second officer.  She’s a head shorter than her partner with long black hair tucked up into a bun and brown skin.  Her build is slender.  An athlete’s frame.

The man knocks on the door.

A young man a few inches taller than the male officer answers the door.  He’s wearing a tank top that shows off his similarly toned physique.  He has a duffel bag slung over his shoulder.  We catch a slight glimpse of the shabby-looking but tidy apartment behind them.

“¿Que pasa…?”  As he realizes who he’s looking at, his jovial expression sinks into a worried one.

“Are you Alejandro Noriega?”

“Yeah, that’s me.  Is there a problem, officers?”  He speaks with a slight Mexican accent.

As he says this, a heavy set man with peach-colored skin and a long beard rounds a corner in the rear of the apartment and comes into frame.  He’s holding a Nintendo Switch in his hands… which he drops on the ground immediately upon seeing who’s at the door?  “OH SHIT.  IS THAT THE COPS?!”

“What the hell?!  The cops are here?!” A female voice can be heard from inside one of the rooms.

Ignoring the commotion in the background, the female officer points at Alejandro’s bag.  “Going somewhere?”

The owner of the female voice in the background walks into frame.  It’s a young woman in a long black t-shirt with streaky blonde hair.  She can’t be taller than five feet.

Alejandro responds.  “Yeah.  Wrestling school.”

The heavy set man shouts.  “DON’T TALK TO THEM WITHOUT A LAWYER, AL!”

The officer shakes her head with a stony expression on her face.  “Nope.  You’re not going to wrestling school.  Try the station.”

Alejandro winces as the male officer pulls out handcuffs, walks around behind him, and restrains him while the female officer keeps hold of him from the front.  The male officer speaks.  “You’re under arrest on suspicion of aggravated assault… and attempted murder.”

“WHAT?!” The young woman in the t-shirt screams.  Al looks at the ceiling with a pained expression on his face.

“Oh, BULLSHIT!  THAT’S BULLSHIT!  YOU’RE BULLSHIT!” shouts the heavy set man as the young woman stands next to him in horror.

The female officer shakes her head.  “Your friend’s got a mouth on him, Al.”

Al’s friend shoots back.  “And you’ve got a SNOUT on you, PIG!”  He pushes his nose up to imitate a pig.

“I thought you weren’t supposed to talk to me,” she retorts.

The young woman in the shirt steps in front of him and begins speaking through tears.  “O-officers, please.  This has to be a mistake!  Alejandro would never hurt anyone outside the ring.  We’ve been together for like five years, and I’ve never even heard him raise his voice!  At anyone!  Attempted murder?  THAT ISN’T HIM!”

“STOP TALKING TO THEM, DANI,” shouts Al’s friend. Alejandro continues to stare at the ceiling.

The female officer nods.  “Are you Danielle Johnston?”

Danielle nods.  “Yes…”

The officer tilts her head in Alejandro’s direction.  “Does Al here wear a blue flannel shirt often?  One that looks like this?”  She pulls out a picture of the shirt and holds it up.

Danielle nods again.  “Yes…”

Al’s still unnamed friend shouts again.  “SHUT THE FUCK UP, DANI!”

Danielle turns her head sharply.  “YOU shut the fuck up!”

The female officer nods.  “We found a blue flannel at the crime scene.  It was jammed into the victim’s mouth.  That victim… was Crusader X.”

“WHAT?!” Both Al’s friend and Danielle shout in unison.

The male officer cuts in.  “His DNA was all over the shirt…” He points at Danielle. “And so was yours.”

Danielle stares at the floor.  Suddenly, she starts to fall over.  Alejandro’s friend catches her.  

Alejandro finally speaks.  “Dani…”

As they begin leading Alejandro out of the apartment, the female officer continues.  “You have the right to remain silent.  Anything you say can and will be used against you in court.  You have the right to an attorney…”

Alejandro speaks in Spanish.  Subtitles appear.  “Dani.  It’s okay.  I’m okay.  I won’t be gone long.  Everything will be okay.  I love you.  I’ll see you soon, alright?”

The door closes behind them.

LOGO b&w



“The usual call to action precludes the driving intro riff to Cockpit’s “Mission to Rock” which – in turn – heralds the impending arrival of the GLOBAL Tag Team Champions. And, indeed, it does not take more than another moment before Teagan Trouble and Izzy Roxx emerge through the curtain, drawing a gasp from the crowd assembled inside the Globe – and, no doubt, also from viewers at home. For, rather than their usual punk-rock look, the two women have, in this instance, opted for ancient warrior iconography, not only sporting warpaint under each eye but also leather straps, leotard-effect trunks, costume armor plates, and even shields and spears in hand. Teagan’s motorcycle has, similarly, been fitted with decals reminiscent of the grainy, grungy look of Zack Snyder’s hit film “300”, which clearly served as the inspiration for the Champions’ outfits, and the woman herself has changed her hairstyle from her former bob to a visually striking mohawk, still dyed her trademark strawberry-red. Izzy, predictably, has not been so bold, and her jet-black hair 

“Well! It seems Teagan and Izzy have come ready for battle!”

“As they should. They have one hell of a battle ahead of them here tonight, against two of the top teams in GLOBAL Wrestling, both of which they have yet to defeat.”

“Unless you count that thing two weeks ago…but let’s be honest, no one does.”

“Thank you, Mark. I was about to say the same thing.”

As the two announcers discuss the upcoming GLOBAL Tag Team Championship match, the two defending participants in it have made their way to ringside – not, of course, without answering every single request from front-row fans, who are particularly eager to take selfies with the girls in their new and improved look, and requesting two microphones, the better to make their usual address heard. As the crowd in attendance gets ready to chant, however, the two women throw them a partial curveball, by adding a small topical and referential preamble, which Teagan delivers with a broad grin on her features.


Only then, as the Globe simultaneously laughs with and cheers for the two women, do they proceed with their expected spiel – nearly every word of which is, as ever, echoed by the duo’s home crowd.

“If you don’t know who we are…”

“…you should have been paying ATTENTION!”

“WE ARE…GLOBAL Wrestling’s ONLY officially sanctioned streamers…wrestling’s very own Team Rocket… The hottest prospects in FIFTY-ONE STATES and TWO CONTINENTS…the little girls in the middle of the ride…the foxes you’ve been waiting for…and YOUR! GLOBAL! WORLD! TAG! TEAM! CHAMPIOOOOONSSSSS…” Here, as always, the two women hold up their belts to the crowd, who respond with the expected cheer, just as Teagan concludes. “I’m Trouble…she Roxx…and together, we’re…” Izzy joins in for the joint finale. “…TROUBLE ROXX!!”

Teagan is forced to let the ensuing cheer die down before speaking up again.

“And you know what, Hollywood? Seeing as we got called out last week, and challenged for battle…we thought we might as well look the part.”

“And who better to get inspiration from than the greatest underdogs in all of World History?” Teagan is as surprised as the crowd to hear Izzy take the initiative, but the brunette half of Trouble Roxx exudes nothing but calm collectedness as she smiles at the crowd. “Not to mention, the heroes of a BITCHIN’ movie…!”

On the same wavelength as her partner, as ever, Teagan is quick to pick up on Izzy’s unspoken cue. “So, Hollywood…get ready. The Persians are coming…but we’re ready. All three hundred of us. Am I right?” 

The roar of the crowd leaves no doubt as to the answer, as Teagan holds up her prop shield and spear. “Spartans!!! TONIGHT….WE DINE…IN HEEEEEELLLLL!!!!”

With that, and a theatrical grimace and roar, the two women dispose of their entrance accouterments and begin to stretch, all the while glancing towards the ramp as if expecting their opponents to arrive at any moment.

“Teagan and Izzy taking their cues from the movie ‘300’ here, and proclaiming themselves Spartans…let’s see if they can prevail against the Rich Army…I mean, Family!…and the Prime Time Persians…I mean, Athletes!” As if abashed by his double slip of the tongue, Mark Deltzer reverts to silence, leaving his two colleagues to try and fill the short bout of dead air before the next theme song starts up on the arena P.A.

Legacy by Dirty Palm & Benix hits the PA system, which only means one thing.   Two of the most arrogant young men are in the GLOBE.  The first to emerge from the curtains is the team’s workhorse, “Suplex Ninja” Trae Larkin.   Larkin is dressed, ready for battle, in a neon green and blue singlet with matching boots.  He wears his gold sunglasses.   His flamboyant partner, Jimmy Classic, joins Larkin decked out in a full-blown fur coat, luxury sunglasses, and matching neon green and blue wrestling pants.  Classic’s coat comes off, as Jimmy basks in the boos being directed at the Prime Time Athletes by the GLOBAL Nation, and fireworks go off, as they will once the action commences, allowing these two ‘gentlemen’ to bask in the spotlight, hopeful/supremely confident/absolutely certain/it’s already in the bag of taking the GLOBAL Tag Team straps home with them tonight, and hanging them up on their mantelpieces, or whatever it is the kids do these days.

“Go on, Mark,” Quinn insists.

“Why, thank you, Lucas,” he starts before being drowned out by one more explosion, Jimmy jumping in the air with that one, and Deltzer will have to wait.

Brown revs things up a tad more here. ‘From Los Angeles, California and Seattle, Washington respectively…weighing in at a combined four hundred and forty pounds…LA’S OWWWWWWN JIIIIIMMMMMMY CLASSSSSSICCCC!  AND…SUPLEX NINJA….TRRRRRRAAE LARRRRRRRKKKKIIIIIIIIN!”





“A hell of an introduction, and possibly inspired or intimidated by Trouble Roxx making their typically grand entrance, “Downtown” is doing overtime just to compete with Teagan and Izzy.   Mark, over to you,” Lucas states.

“They’re tremendous athletes, and they’ve got an amazing chance of walking off with Trouble Roxx’s titles, they do.  I think we forget how inexperienced they are, they’ve got all of the talent – and time – in the world, and we know they’ve got all of the confidence in the world, too.  The thing is, we all know they’re hurting from The Rich Family defeat at Gold Rush, and they probably know we know, and we know that they know that we know…”

“GET ON WITH IT,” Reece impatiently growls.

As Classic scales the turnbuckles, seeking accolades that aren’t forthcoming, being treated with a sea of boos instead, Trae Larkin circles, shoulders back, ready to smash whatever comes his way – don’t go there with your dirty minds, please.  He’s up for a scrap.

“Has it come too early for them?  The proof that it hasn’t – Trouble Roxx themselves, and what fantastic champions they are and have been.  But, I believe it’s a case of when, not if, Prime Time Athletes get their hands on the GLOBAL Tag Team titles, though they may want to be quick about it with Aleczander The Great and Big Aug joining those ranks.”


Until Declan Rich and Todd Rich emerge.

No music.  There never is with The Rich Family.

Jason, por favor: “From Dallas, Texas…also weighing in at a combined four hundred and forty pounds, the other challengers…representing the entire family back in the great state…TODD RICH, THE DIAAAAAMMMMOND DECCCCCCLLAAAAAN RRRRRRICH.




“Damn, Downtown, we’ve got a while to go,” The Mark says, sounding concerned.

Reece giggles. “More pyro and that has pis…sorry, can I say that?  That has annoyed Jimmy Classic.  It’s Glory, guys.  Go big or go home, actually on second thoughts, please do.  Trouble Roxx or The Rich Family, yes, fine champions.  I’m rooting for the girls, naturally, and I agree that they’ve been great, a breath of fresh air to the division, but The Rich Family, especially Freddie, and a shout-out to him watching at home, they’re cool.  These guys?  You’d never hear the end of it.  And I mean that,” Reece complains.

Todd and Declan both step through, Declan removing his blue and black leather jacket with ‘DIAMOND’ and a picture of a precious jewel reminiscent of the one Liz Taylor bought herself, I mean had bought for her by Richard Burton, on the back.  Todd’s leather jacket, far more understated, comes off, his green and white tights, not too dissimilar to a Japanese legend for reference, a contrast to Declan’s baby blue trunks.

Lucas puts a final bit of salt and pepper on the nicely-marinated meal. “One of these three teams will have the distinction of winning the first match in the history of Glory, as well as leaving as our Tag Team champions.  Who will it be?”


LOGO b&w

Trouble Roxx (c) vs. The Prime Time Athletes Vs. The Rich Family

Tag Team Championships

The match begins with an attempt at a fist-bump between Trouble Roxx and the Rich Family, which never sees fruition, as the Prime Time Athletes make a point of breaking it up by smashing their own fists into their opponents’, hard enough to hurt. Then, as Teagan and Izzy glower at them, they turn on the Rich Family, punishing them with clubbing blows to the head, before Jimmy Classic throws Declan Rich over the top rope to the outside and assumes his position behind the tag rope, leaving his partner as the legal man for their team.

“The Prime Time Athletes waste no time showing what they are all about here, and what they think of their opponents. First, they wheel that monstrosity out here to get under the Riches’ skin, and now they won’t even let these two teams shake hands…”

“At least they’re upfront about the fact that they’re not playing games here tonight, Lucas. They are here for one thing, and one thing only, and that is to become the third-ever GLOBAL World Tag Team Champions. And they know that to do that, they have to bring the intensity right from the very first minute.”

“Well, they are certainly being intense right now, Mark…I’m just not sure it’s the RIGHT kind of intense.”

Indeed, as Lucas makes this statement, PTA legal man Trae Larkin has his Rich Family counterpart, Todd, pushed up against the far-side turnbuckle, where he continues to deliver blows to his head, neck, shoulders and midsection, in a flurry of strike-based offence. As for Trouble Roxx legal woman, Teagan Trouble, she steps in to attempt to pull Larkin off Todd Rich, but receives only an elbow to the face for her troubles, which sends her reeling back halfway across the ring; after taking a moment to process what has happened – during which she incredulously touches her hand to her cheek – she then rushes forward and lands a dropkick to Larkin’s back, causing him to stumble onto Todd Rich!

“The Champions are now officially in this!”

As it turns out, that momentarily lapse was all Todd Rich needed, as he pushes the off-balance Larkin away and explodes out of the corner with a series of uppercuts, pushing his opponent further and further back across the ring. Teagan is just in time to dive out of the way of the brawl and rejoin Izzy in the corner, from where she looks on, while comfortably sat on the turnbuckle!

“It appears the girls are more than happy to let the dudebros fight it out while they sit that one out! You think they’re gonna hook up with the winners?”

“Don’t be gross, Mark. That’s not how my girls Teagan and Izzy roll.”

“…What, are they lesbians? …Wait, are they dating EACH OTHER? Oh, my God, they ARE, aren’t they?”

As neither of his fellow announcers deigns Deltzer’s question with an answer, forcing him into a sulky silence, in the ring, Larkin and Todd Rich have moved on from brawling to a more technical approach, as the Prime Time Athlete has finally found an opening to revert to his preferred style, and promptly begun punishing his opponent with his weapons of choice – the vast array of suplexes in his arsenal. In quick succession, Todd gets hit with a belly-to-belly suplex, then a butterfly suplex, and finally a release overhead suplex, which sends him literally flying. His mission accomplished, Larkin then turns away from the Rich Family member to deal with the third part of the equation…

…only to get hit with a bicycle kick square to the jaw!!

“Teagan Trouble picking her spot, picking her moment, and catching Trae Larkin completely by surprise here!!”

“That was SO smart from the girls! They let the men tire themselves out, came up with a strategy that worked for them, and now they’re putting it into practice. And THAT’s why they’re still the World Tag Team Champions. Most other teams would have just rushed in there right at the bell, but not Trouble Roxx. They’re undersized, they know it, and they accounted for it.”

“You’re not wrong, Allie. And it appears they’re going to carry on in that vein, as well…”

Indeed, Teagan follows up her bicycle kick with a leg lariat, which finishes taking Larkin down, before rolling off the top of her opponent to check on Todd Rich, whom she helps to his feet, to the cheers of the crowd. They then confer together for a moment, looking over in Larkin’s direction, before sealing whatever they had been discussing with a nod. They then wait for the Prime Time Athlete to return to his feet, before running in and connecting with stereo leg lariats!

“A temporary alliance there between Teagan Trouble and Todd Rich, but neither of them must forget what is at stake here…”

“Don’t worry, Lucas. They know. They’re just tired of these blowhards talking a big game and then choking in the clutch.”

“…wow, Allison…is your new boyfriend a big sports guy, then?”

“Mark…shut up, before I have to hurt you.”

Knowing how real this threat can be coming from Allie Reece, Deltzer wisely elects to change the subject, as he watches Trouble and Rich engage in an arm drag exchange.

“Something a little bit different now from Trouble Roxx and the Rich Family…and man, this match is all over the place! We’re, what, a few minutes in, and it’s gone from a brawl, to Suplex City, to now arm drags. What do you guys make of that?”

“It only goes to show how many different styles these three teams have in their arsenal. And they’re not afraid to use every last one of them, either!”

“Yes, well, the armdrag is part of Teagan’s moveset, moreso than Todd’s…which might explain why she just won that exchange!”

Indeed, the Tag Team Champion has just sent her opponent sprawling into the turnbuckle. However, when she kips up, she is caught by a recovered Trae Larkin – who, surprisingly, wants to have a little arm drag competition of his own!

“Wait…WHAT is Larkin doing?”

“I guess his competitive streak is taking over…”

It does, in fact, seem as though the challenger is seeking to prove to the Champion that he can best her at her own game, as the two spend the next few moments exchanging arm drags, much like Teagan had done moments before with Todd Rich; this competition, however, has the opposite ending, as Larkin does assert his superiority over Trouble, whom he sends into the far turnbuckle. Then, as the Trouble Roxx member scrambles to her feet, he connects with a leaping splash, pinning her to the turnbuckle.

“Larkin really is an impressive specimen…”

“Todd Rich better beware now…it looks as though it is his turn!”

Indeed, no sooner has Larkin sent Trouble flying than he turns his attention to the recovering Todd Rich, whom he throws overhead with a belly-to-back suplex…right onto the recovering Teagan Trouble!

“Two for the price of one for Larkin, as the Prime Time Athletes show why they call themselves that!”

“Larkin really is the suplex king…”

“No, Lucas, he’s the suplex NINJA. Get it right!”

With both his opponents felled, Larkin takes the time to pose for the crowd, giving them a gun show (against their will, Truth be told) as he looks towards Izzy Roxx in the corner and sends some trash talk her way, all while making belt gestures at her, leaving his intentions clear.

“Larkin reiterating once again what his and Classic’s main goal is here tonight.”

“And speaking of Classic…”

Speaking of Classic, Larkin has gone over and tagged his partner into the fray, giving him the chance to enjoy some dominance over both of the opposing teams as well. And suffice to say, the second Prime Time Athlete literally jumps at the chance, taking advantage of his opponents’ positioning in the corner to connect with a basement dropkick, sending Todd Rich flying back into Teagan Trouble. Then, barely missing a beat, he rolls to his feet and connects with a standing moonsault, creating a temporary pile-up in the corner.

“Classic taking things up where Larkin left them off…and Rich and Trouble had better find a way back into this match, before it is too late!”

For the moment, however, Classic remains in control, as he brings Todd Rich to his feet, leaps up, and connects with a hurricanrana, which throws his rival to the center of the ring; again not wasting any time, Classic promptly leaps up again and connects with a second one to Teagan Trouble, landing her right next to Todd, a few feet away. Then, as the jeers from the crowd intensify, Classic measures his distances, positions himself, and connects with a standing shooting star press, landing over both of them!

“Classic is doing a superb job of wearing down both of his opponents at the same time, and not giving them room to breathe. If he goes on like this, the Prime Time Athletes may well achieve their goal here tonight!”

“I wish I could disagree with you there, Mark, but neither the Rich Family nor my girls Trouble Roxx are having the best time of it right now…”

“Of course not. They’re in there with the best unsung team in GLOBAL Wrestling!”

As Deltzer praises him, Jimmy Classic continues to do his best to live up to his and his partner’s self-imposed moniker. With both his opponents down and some time to pick and choose between them, the Prime Time Athlete, perhaps predictably, aims for Todd Rich, whom he brings to his feet and drops with a belly-to-back wheelbarrow facebuster. He then leaps to his feet again and drops an elbow to the back of Todd’s head…

….only to get hit with one himself, as the recovered Teagan Trouble literally leaps into the fray, creating yet another dogpile!

“These three just can’t get off of one another!”

“…very funny, Mark. You’re hilarious.”

“Thank you. I try.”

As Deltzer willfully misses his fellow announcer’s sarcasm, in the ring, Teagan follows up her elbow drop in the usual way, connecting with a fist to Jimmy Classic’s head. She then pulls herself up to her feet, looks over at Izzy in the corner and points at her, while mouthing something. Izzy’s reply is similarly inaudible over the fever-pitch crowd, but whatever is said seems to satisfy Teagan, who goes over and tags in Izzy, before getting under the turnbuckle and holding up her arms. Izzy perches herself on the post, then – as their two opponents pull themselves up to their feet – gets tossed more than halfway across the ring, crash-landing onto both of them!


As Teagan leaps up and down in celebration of the successful tandem move, Izzy – knowing she is outmatched size and power-wise – is quick to put some distance between herself and the two men, looking to create the ideal conditions to implement her signature agility-based, airborne style. She ends up not needing to leap into action all that quickly, however, as – following their recovery – Todd and Jimmy appear to forget the match is a triple threat, as they once again get lost in the personal ongoing rivalry between the two teams, the latter picking up the former and throwing him over the ropes to the outside, before stepping through himself. He briefly measures Todd on the outside, then hops onto the middle rope to connect with an Asai moonsault, taking his opponent down. This is where Izzy seizes her chance, taking off running the length of the ring before vaulting onto both men with a big suicide plancha!

“BIG DIVE from Izzy Roxx, the risk-taker…”

“Yeah. Now SHE’s down too. That was SOOO smart of her…”

Indeed, Izzy’s decision has made the double-down into a triple-down, as all three competitors roll around on the outside, variably smarting from the moves they performed or were subjected to. Being the freshest of the three – as well as the youngest – Izzy is, perhaps predictably, first to her feet, though it does take her some moments to shake off the impact of her big dive. Even still, she is quick enough to leap onto the apron and come down on Jimmy Classic with a big drop-of-the-dime leg drop, thereby buying Todd Rich some minutes with which to collect his bearings. The Rich Family member looks grateful, and holds two fingers out in salute, as both he and Izzy climb onto the apron…

…then rushes forward with a forearm smash, which knocks his opponent off the apron, and draws a surprisingly mixed reaction from the crowd.

“Not ENTIRELY sporting from Todd Rich there…”

“Hey – you do what you’ve got to do to get those Tag Team titles! Besides, Izzy’s about to get him back anyway. Watch this!”

Indeed, having landed on her feet, the smallest half of Trouble Roxx wastes no time climbing back onto the apron and – from there – springboarding onto the top rope, from where she launches off with a missile dropkick, which takes Todd down! She then wastes no time pulling herself to her feet before connecting with a standing moonsault on her fallen opponent.

“Typical athleticism from Izzy Roxx, who has a chance for a cover here!”

“I think she has other ideas, though, Lucas…”

Indeed, as she assesses her options following the moonsault, Izzy spots Jimmy Classic just getting to his feet on the outside, with a little assistance from Trae Larkin. She is, therefore, quick to pull herself to her feet once again and rush in to hit both men with a baseball slide from underneath the bottom rope, sending Classic down and Larkin reeling back into the barricade.

“Smart strategy from Izzy Roxx…eliminate your main threat first, and then get on with your business.”

“Selling the Rich Family a little short there, aren’t you, Mark?”

Allie’s assessment turns out to be right, as it does not take more than another moment for Deltzer to eat his words; for, when Izzy once again pushes herself upright and turns around, Todd Rich is right there, waiting to pick her up for a flapjack in the corner! Izzy reels backwards out of it, and Todd seizes his chance, throwing her over with a release belly-to-back suplex which sends her flying halfway across the ring.

“Todd Rich is finally in this, and he will want to make sure the Rich Family stay in contention here.”

“That’s right, Lucas. And let’s not forget the Riches have the only totally fresh competitor in this matchup in Declan Rich, who I’m sure is raring to get in there and see some action – not to mention get some revenge on Larkin and Classic!”

“Yes, and if ever there was a time to tag him in, this is it…”

For the moment, however, Todd appears to be enjoying his chance at dominance in this matchup, as he runs in for a high knee on Izzy, which sends her reeling backwards and allows Todd to pick her up for a pop-up kick to the midsection! He then grabs Izzy before she hits the floor and connects with another flapjack, this time in his team’s own corner, before performing another belly-to-back suplex, this time without releasing the hold. After a moment, the reason behind that choice becomes clear, as Todd transitions into a Northern Lights suplex, and a pin attempt! Barry Snider drops down for the first time in the matchup, to count!



—Jimmy Classic breaks it up!!

“Jimmy Classic back in this match just in time to break up Todd’s pin…and it looks like he is not done!”

In fact, following on from the broken pinfall, Classic brings Todd to his feet, looking to pick up where he had left off moments ago; this time, however, the Rich Family member manages to fight back, connecting with a jumping DDT to counter whatever move Classic had been attempting to set up. He barely has time to collect his thoughts, however, before he gets caught in a headscissors from Izzy Roxx, which sends him flying across the ring in the opposite direction!

“Things are picking up here yet again, and it is still anybody’s match at this stage!”

Izzy appears to know this as well, as she wastes no time scrambling to her feet and running up the turnbuckle, looking to deal some damage to Jimmy Classic. After assessing her options for a moment, she finally opts for a crossbody…


An arena-wide gasp ushers in an uneasy murmur, disrupted only by Teagan’s piercing cry from her corner, as the superkick plucks the Tag Team Champion out of midair, sending her crumpling to the mat. The smirk on Jimmy Classic’s features then turns the hum into outright boos…

…which turn right back into cheers again as Todd Rich grabs his rival from behind, lifts him up into the ropes, and connects with his trademark slingshot belly-to- back suplex! Classic goes flying, but once again, Rich has very little time to consider his next move, as Izzy is just beginning to stir. As such, the Rich Family member elects to move in towards her and pick her up for his trademark cradle DDT…

…only for Classic to run in and clobber him in the back, causing him to drop the Tag Team Champion! The Prime Time Athlete then profits from this timely distraction to connect with his belly-to-back wheelbarrow facebuster, which plants his rival…

…only to then get clobbered with a dropkick to the face from Izzy Roxx!

“Breathtaking action here, as these three teams are putting on one heck of a show to start us off here tonight!”

“Izzy Roxx now trying to capitalize with the moonsault…and knees up by Classic!”

Izzy cries out in pain as she crumples to the mat, allowing Jimmy Classic to regain the upper hand in the contest. Unsurprisingly, he once again goes for the prone Todd Rich, lifting him up and delivering a European uppercut. He goes for a second one, but Todd counters with one of his own, then a second, rocking Classic just enough for Rich’s leg lariat to connect! Classic goes down, and Todd rolls through to his feet…

….only to get smashed in the face with a flying elbow from Izzy Roxx! He hurtles back into the ropes, gets bounced off, and pulled down into an arm drag by Izzy! As he goes flying across, the smallest person in the ring leaps up…just in time to connect with a dropkick to the face of Jimmy Classic!

“Izzy is fighting two men twice her size right now, and somehow coming out on top!”

“That’s GIRL POWER for you, Mark!”

“Watch out, though…”

In fact, when Izzy vaults onto the ropes, looking to connect with a slingshot seated senton, she instead gets caught by Todd Rich, who holds her in a cradle position and, this time, connects with the Strike It Rich cradle DDT!

“STRIKE IT RICH CONNECTING, and this one could be ov—NO!”

Before Snider even has time to drop down and count, Rich is being pulled up yet again by Jimmy Classic, and turned around for a tilt-a-whirl DDT! The move connects, and a predatory smirk appears on the Prime Time Athlete’s face as he drops down on top of Izzy for the pin!



“That was a close call for Trouble Roxx, but these girls have each other’s backs, no matter what – and Teagan just showed it right there!”

Even despite the save, however, Teagan still looks concerned for her friend as she once again retreats to her corner – especially since Classic promptly drops right back down to the mat again, with Snider still in position to count!



This time, there is very little finesse or even strategy to Rich’s offence, as he simply yanks his opponent off the prone Tag Team Champion and throws him over the ropes to the outside. He then moves in to claim the pin that is legitimately his. Snider once again drops down…




“Kickout by Izzy Roxx, and she was lucky so much stuff happened since she took that move, otherwise that might have been curtains for Trouble Roxx as Champions!”

“You’re not wrong, Mark. For once…”

Bolstered by the close call, Rich seeks to start over, and picks up his opponent for a blue thunder bomb…

…which Izzy uses the last of her strength to turn into a headscissors takedown!!

“Izzy is still alive, somehow!”

“And she knows she needs the tag here, Lucas!”

In fact, no sooner has she touched the ground than the Champion scrambles to her feet and begins to dash across the ring as fast as her legs will take her! Todd Rich seeks to give chase…only to be pulled out of the ring by a livid Jimmy Classic, and planted on the concrete with a big clothesline!

“Jimmy Classic just helped Izzy Roxx there, and he probably doesn’t even know it!”

Indeed, the Prime Time Athlete’s intervention has allowed the smallest half of the Tag Team Champions to finish her trek towards her partner and validate the tag – and the two men on the outside are soon surprised to find their opponents crashing down on top of them and driving them back down to the concrete!


“Risky move there from the girls, but with this being a Triple Threat, it doesn’t really matter, since nobody’s going to get counted out…”

And indeed, referee Snider does not so much as bother to start a count, indeed giving the men and women on the outside all the time they need to pull themselves back to their feet. Despite not being the legal men, both Declan Rich and Trae Larkin seek to get involved, but the rivalry between their respective teams once again speaks loudest, and it does not take long at all before they are involved in their own personal scuffle, perfectly oblivious to what is taking place close by them. This ends when Declan Rich throws Larkin into the mummified simile of Freddy Rich, driving his opponent straight through the grotesque creation and causing it to explode into a million components all around the announce table and immediate surrounding area. The camera zooms in on an astonished Larkin as the announcers gleefully react to the occurrence.

“Hoisted by his own petard!”

“Serves him right, the disrespectful so-and-so!”

As the announce team’s attention is drawn to the ringside happening, a few feet away, Teagan Trouble has outraced everybody else and managed to roll under the apron and back into the ring, just as her partner slowly but safely makes her way to their corner. Once in the ring, the redhead holds one hand up to the audience – who react effusively, guessing what is to come – and waits for one of the two men on the outside to join her inside the squared circle. After another few moments, the head and arms of Todd Rich appear, attempting to clamber onto the apron, only to be pulled back down and replaced by the athletic frame of Jimmy Classic, who pushes himself up onto the ring skirt, rolls under the ring, cockily kips up to his feet…

…and immediately gets clocked with Teagan’s trademark superkick, to the glee of the audience!!

“Teagan Trouble kicking things into Overdrive…and now, here’s the tag back to Izzy Roxx!”

“We know what that usually means, Lucas…”

And indeed, no sooner has Roxx been brought back in than she uses what remains of her strength to climb up the turnbuckle, turn around, and dive into her high-risk finishing manoeuvre; as ever, the crowd hold their breath as the youngster soars through the air…

…only to release in exhilaration as the Rocketship lands!

“ROCKETSHIP IZZY CONNECTING, and the Roxx’n’Roll show is complete!”

“And here’s the cover by Izzy!”

Snider slides in to count the pinfall..




“Nick of time save from Todd Rich, and this match continues!”

Directly after breaking the pinfall, Rich seeks to capitalize on the weakened Jimmy Classic – which, again, ends up helping Izzy Roxx, who is able to tag her partner back in. Once again, Teagan is quick to spring into action, rushing in to break up Todd’s attempt at a dragon sleeper with a dropkick to the face, then just as quickly dropping an elbow onto the back of Jimmy Classic’s head! She pulls herself back up for a fist drop, but gets caught by Todd, who pulls her up and carries her over to the corner for a flapjack. Then, without letting go, he slingshots Teagan off the ropes into his trademark belly-to-back suplex, which sends her skidding halfway across the ring!

“Todd Rich with a clear path to victory now…AND A ROLLUP BY JIMMY CLASSIC!”

Todd gasps in surprise as the Prime Time Athlete displays his trademark cunning, pulling him down into an inside cradle. Snider slides in to count!



—Kickout by Rich, and the match continues!

“All three of these teams have been giving it their all ever since the first bell, and this really is a war as far as these six men and women are concerned!”

“You said it, Quinn. High-stakes drama to start us off here tonight, as Trouble Roxx look to hold onto their titles against four of the most gifted athletes in all of GLOBAL Wrestling!”

As if to corroborate Deltzer’s statement, as the two men roll through to their feet, another incredible wrestling sequence occurs, as Jimmy Classic moves faster than Rich to nail him with a Classic Kick…only to be caught by one himself, as Teagan once again kicks things into Overdrive!

“Overdrive superkick connecting once again, and Teagan can go for the cover here!”

“I don’t think she wants to, Mark. I think she wants to end things the right way.”

Indeed, rather than drop on top of either man, Teagan once again heads for the corner to tag in Izzy, who promptly hops onto the turnbuckle for another voyage aboard Rocketship Izzy…

…one which crash lands, as Classic just about manages to roll out of the way!

“Rocketship Izzy crashing and burning this time around, and still anybody’s match here. In fact, Jimmy Classic now has his pick of who to cover!”

“If he can get there fast enough…”

The Prime Time Athlete seems acutely aware of the urge for speed, as he all but throws himself on top of Izzy Roxx, as Snider slides in to count!


Teagan Trouble flies out of her corner!


Trae Larkin shoves Declan Rich to the ground and climbs onto the apron and through the ropes!


“Another nick-of-time save by Todd Rich, keeping his team in it…and Jimmy Classic can’t believe it!”

That is, in fact, an understatement, as the red-eyed and red-faced Classic SPRINGS to his feet, YANKS Rich off Izzy Roxx and LAUNCHES him over the ropes to the outside, before turning to face the prone Tag Team Champion. He launches into his trademark standing shooting star press…but crashes into Izzy’s knees as she lifts them, keeping herself in the match!

“A lifeline for Izzy Roxx, but she has to be quick here!”

The smallest half of Trouble Roxx seems acutely aware of this as, egged on by the roar of the crowd, she rolls sideways away from Classic, pushes herself to her feet, and once again goes to tag in Teagan. As ever, the redhead wastes no time, promptly making a beeline for Classic, who is just pulling himself to his feet, and taking him down with a leg lariat! She then spies Todd Rich just climbing onto the apron, and baseball-slides onto his face, taking him back down to the concrete. Once she has made sure her opponent is out of commission, she then turns her attention back to Classic…

…just in time to dodge a Classic Kick, and reverse it into a rolling cutter!

“Teagan Trouble can Feel the Energy, and this could be a defining moment for Trouble Roxx!”

“Not yet, though….here comes Freddy Rich—!”


Roxx’s home crowd erupt as the bicycle kick connects, throwing Todd into the ropes…then grow even louder as he bounces off straight into another superkick!

“OVERDRIVE connecting yet again, and Trouble Roxx have it all within their grasp here!!”

Teagan appears to know this, and turns towards the turnbuckle as she pulls Todd into the center of the ring, yelling out to Izzy “Let’s finish this!” Her partner nods, once again clambering up the turnbuckle, from where she waits for the tag; when it comes, a mere moment later, she launches off for the third, and hopefully final, flight of Rocketship Izzy…

…which lands safely on top of Todd Rich!!!!

Then, as the crowd reach fever pitch and Teagan pushes Jimmy Classic out of the ring, she hooks a leg, as Snider swoops in to count!


Trae Larkin once again abandons his ongoing brawl with Declan Rich, and is on the apron like a shot…


…but gets elbowed off by Declan Rich, as HE muscles his way onto the ring skirt and dives through the ropes…


…but just a moment too late to cause another upset, as the wrestling Spartans conquer the hordes to achieve another upset – one confirmed moments later by “Downtown” Brown’s trademark boom.




“And WHAT a notch under their belts here, guys…”

“The Riches and Prime Time Athletes got too caught up in their own personal war, and these two girls capitalized…” A glare from Allie Reece quickly has Mark Deltzer changing tack. “….but more power to them, for the huge upset, and the era-defining reign!”

“Era-defining is right, Mark. Think of them what you will, the Truth is – Trouble Roxx go into GLOBAL’s off-season as the Tag Team Champions, and with a good handful of tough defences under their belts. Not bad, for two undersized rocker chicks from Beverly Hills…”

“Not bad at all. Congratulations once again to both of them – AND to their opponents, for giving them, and all of us, a fantastic matchup to kick us off here!”

As Lucas gives the reigning Tag Champions their due, the girls themselves seem incapable of doing much more than hugging and weeping in ecstatic joy. As such, it takes them a long moment to retrieve their belts from Snider, and both their faces are flushed and streaked as they hold them up to the audience. They are, likewise, still sniffling as they shake hands with the Riches, and even extend the Prime Time Athletes an olive branch…which Larkin and Classic turn down, simply turning their backs on the Champions and walking dejectedly away up the ramp, much to Allie Reece’s displeasure.

“Some Champions THEY would have made! Good thing my girls know how to be the bigger people! That’s part of why they DESERVE to be Champions…unlike SOME…”

“Don’t quote me, Allie, but I think this story is far from over. For now, however, let’s let these young women enjoy their moment, and their achievement.”

“You said it, Lucas!”

And the announcers stick to their word, too, as from that moment until the feed cuts elsewhere, not another peep is heard from any of them, leaving center-stage to the conquering Tag Team Champions, who are seen diving into a throng of fans and celebrating with them mere moments before the transmission cuts away some place else.

LOGO b&w


Last Monday Afternoon.

GLOBAL’s soulless ‘Oval Office’ has a full quota of directors sitting around the table with Giovanni Ferrari, the President and CEO of the company, at the head of it.  It seems like they’ve had a ‘liquid’ lunch, judging by the glasses of white wine at each person’s place.  There are plenty of whispers until one Benedict Beel Zebub enters the room, and in the instant he does, the room falls silent.  Giovanni stands, and beckons for Benedict to have a seat, though he waves that off, fine with standing and has a wry smile on his face as he’s about to address the directors, just as he did when the company opened at the back end of last year, setting the ball rolling regarding Daniel Dream’s path (and some may say, push) towards Glory in more ways than one.

“Gentleman, I know that you have all heavily invested in Daniel Dream, and there is a lot of pressure to see him win the GLOBAL World Championship. I want to assure you that I am confident in Dream’s abilities. He is a natural-born fighter, and he has been training for this moment his entire life. I know that he will not let you down.”

Benedict Beel Zebub’s tone is confident and reassuring. He knows that the Board of Directors is worried about the pressure on Daniel Dream, but he wants to assure them that Dream is up to the challenge. He believes in Dream’s abilities, and he is confident that Dream will win the championship.

Sensing that, Oliver Smith, the VP of GLOBAL, wearing a pastel, green suit supposed to make him look younger yet fails desperately, sits forward and puts his hands on the table. “That is great to hear, because he had better not let his down. And we trust you won’t, either.  We need a victory here, Benedict.  At all costs.”

Taking up the mantle, Stanley Jones, sporting an all-black suit, backs his co-director up. “We’ve been patient.  We’ve all bet on Dream and America,” he says, giggling, before the nearly-retired executive regains his composure, one much more befitting of his age and character. “We’ve put Daniel in positions to do this, we believed you the first day you walked in here, and he has worked hard to get here, none of us doubt that,” he states, looking around at everyone.

“But, he had better not screw this up.”

“I can assure you, gentleman, that Daniel Dream will not disappoint us. I will do everything in my power to get you a win, at all costs. And I won’t screw up. You have my word,” Benedict Beel Zebub says confidently, looking at each director in turn. “I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know. Daniel is our champion, and he will bring that championship home.”

Stanley and Oliver stand up, followed by everyone, barring one notable exception in the form of Ferrari.  Smith looks at Johnson, and decide the more senior of the two will say the words. “To Daniel Dream and hearing those three little words at Glory…AND THE NEW!”

The vast majority of directors are all in, clashing their glasses together, repeating the words. “To Daniel Dream.”

It looks like there may be champagne on ice for Glory.

Will they be toasting Daniel Dream once again, come the end of the evening?

LOGO b&w


The Rich Family, worn out, come through the curtain and Declan Rich hangs his hand in his heads and circles the backstage area, contemplating what might have been in yet another unsuccessful title tilt, failing to relieve The Master Sisters of the belts and now their successors, Trouble Roxx.

“Every time, guys. When are we ever gonna get it done?”

Todd slaps Declan on the back. “We live to fight another day.”

“I know Todd, but we’re running out of shots,” Declan says, holding his hands up in frustration, open-mouthed and in disbelief.

Declan’s younger brother, and Todd’s cousin, Donny is over to console Declan with a hug that isn’t reciprocated by Declan. “Cheers, Donny, but I’m not really in the mood.”

Donny’s cell phone starts to ring, and he mouths to Declan. “Hey, it’s Fre—”

Sensationally, Jimmy Classic snatches the cell out of Donny’s hand before he has the chance to hand it to Declan. “Hey, Freddie, Jimmy Classic here. What did you make of their performance? No, I didn’t see you in the front row. What’s that? Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. You and your brothers are all bitches,” Classic chuckles, shoving the cell back into Donny’s chest as Declan steps to Jimmy, Trae Larkin sizing Todd up as the battle lines are drawn – again.

“You wanna go right here, right now, Jimmy?” Declan asks.

“You ain’t got the heart for it. Wait, is that Freddie, or is that you? I don’t know, do you, Trae?” Larkin shakes his head.

Classic smiles. “We were going to dedicate our victory to Freddie, it’s a shame he’s not here. To stand a chance against us, you’ll need him…

Declan steps closer. “And, the fact that we whipped both of you at Gold Rush.”
Donny laughs in the background. “Literally.”

Classic sighs, smarting from that comment, before slapping the taste out of Declan’s mouth. In an instant, Declan and Todd try to launch themselves at Jimmy and Trae, but a barrier of six officials, including Aaron Powell, Barry Snider, and Shane Staggs, proves enough to keep The Rich Family at bay while Classic and Larkin sarcastically wave and clap back at a frustrated and fired-up Declan and game-face Todd.

“What the heck, Dec? You know how it is: If you’re good at something, you should get paid for it,” Classic tells The Riches.

“This isn’t over,” Declan points the finger, trying in vain to get past Powell.

Larkin pipes up. “Oh, trust me, we know. No excuses next time, Riches. Get your big brother back, bring your dad, and we’ll do to them what Jimmy just did to you, Declan.”

Todd gets involved. “You touch Freddie or my uncle, and not only will there not be an era of Prime Time Dominance, but there’ll be no Prime Time Athletes…”

“Players,” Donny reminds Todd.

“No Prime Time Players, no Jimmy Classic, no Trae Larkin…” Todd puts his hands up as he sees Classic get agitated.

“They’re holding us back, but not you guys. They know, Powell and Snider know, they know who’s real and who’s talking crap,” Todd points at Classic and Larkin.

“Go on, get outta here,” Donny tells them.

“See you next season, BITCH Family,” Classic shouts before touching Trae on the shoulder and fading into the night as Declan and Todd hold their hands up, showing they’re not going to try and breach the official-led barrier between them and PTA.

LOGO b&w

Doritos Man Vs. Naked Man

Doritos Man leans against the cold metal of the large, round vat, one foot up against the vat, the other buried an inch into the crunchy maize snack which covers the ground beneath him.

The radio hooked over his belt crackles into life.

“Erm, Mister Doritos, there has been a shift in the erm, ectoplasm? Over?”

TNT makes her presence known from the other end of the radio. 

Doritos unhooks the radio and lifts it to his bagged face.

“Ectoplasm? Over.”

“Yeah, you know, the squidgy bit between the Universes. Over.”

TNT has finally got to grips with the ‘Over’ stuff, but as for interdimensional travel, that is going to take a while longer.

“You mean he’s here? Over.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

A portal opens high over the head of Doritos Man, who looks up and wisely decides to take one step backwards.

From the portal, a naked man falls several feet, landing face-first in a face full of Doritos.

Doritos Man waits for Naked Man to get to his feet.

“Naked Man. We have been expecting you.”

Naked Man wastes no time, lunging his entire naked body towards Doritos Man.

“Finally, our hero has found his nemesis,” the voiceover says.

Doritos side steps him easily, leaving Naked Man to tumble down to his knees, landing with his hands against the vat.

“But can he overcome all the odds to defeat his greatest foe?” the voiceover continues.

“Why have you been following me, Naked Man?”

Naked Man doesn’t respond. Instead, he just hurls himself again in the direction of Doritos Man, who plants Naked Man on the tip of his nose with a straight jab. His nose explodes like a blood-filled water balloon. Naked Man grasps his face and kneels down. Over the top of his hand, he glares at Doritos Man.

“Interdimensional travel is not for the faint of heart. You must be a better warrior than this. Why are you holding back?”

Naked Man’s nose regenerates, and he stands tall, illustrating how warm the warehouse is as his testicles hang low. His mouth shows no signs of moving. Instead, Naked Man takes slow steps forward until he comes within, approximately, six inches of Doritos Man. He tilts his head to one side for a moment.

The two men enter into a kung-fu battle, each throwing and blocking shots simultaneously. Doritos throwing a hook only to have it blocked by Naked Man’s forearm, meanwhile Naked Man throwing a low jab only to have his wrist clutched by Doritos, for example.

This exchange of blows continues until Naked Man turns to one side, avoiding a straight jab of Doritos Man’s, grabbing his arm, and thrusting his hip up deep into the pelvis of Doritos Man, dragging him across the hip and landing a heavy hip toss, which seems to wind Doritos.

Doritos lies in the pile of maize snacks and looks up at Naked Man.

“An unflattering angle.”

Behind Naked Man, the Doritos pile slowly, quietly shifts. 

From beneath the Doritos, as if she was raised by an elevator, TNT appears.  She is wearing a black robe with the hood up. Half of her face is obscured by an orange Phantom-of-the-Opera-style mask. The remainder of her face is orange in colour and powdery in texture. Her unmasked eye is entirely white. Her tits look great. In one hand, she is holding a CB radio, in the other she is holding a single-handed sledge hammer. 

“Victory seems unlikely,” the voiceover man says.


When Naked Man respawns, he finds himself back where he started; standing, naked, on a beach. He starts to run, but he isn’t sure why, or where, he is running.


TNT helps Doritos Man to his feet.

“Oh, Doritos,” she swoons, “I was so worried.”

“Nothing to worry about, my big titted MILF.”

Doritos grabs TNT and pulls her towards him before dipping her backwards, his hand supporting her lower back.  They each stick their tongues way, way out of their mouths and vigorously rub them together. It’s disgusting.

Suddenly, Doritos drops TNT down to the ground with a crisp, satisfying crunch.

“Enough of that. I have a mission to complete.”


LOGO b&w

the los angeles screwjob - i

Friday at 8, it’s another date…

…Between Ray Young and Giovanni Ferrari, only Alicia Fawkes is also on hand, in the background.  Ray, the former 19-time champion, is feeling confident, rolling back the years with an all-white suit and a red and blue checked tie, his blonde and grey mane emphatically moved away from his eyes after shaking Giovann’s hand.  The epitome of tall, dark and handsome, the Italian American beckons for one of his childhood heroes to take the seat to his immediate right in GLOBAL’s answer to the Oval Office, a convenient meeting place, particularly with Glory taking place at The Globe under 24 hours from now.

“The rumors are true, from what I hear.  If Daniel Dream doesn’t do the business tomorrow night, they’re going to call for a vote of confidence, which will go against you, and you’ll be out of the door,” Young shrugs his shoulders.

Giovanni wants to punch his desk, which wouldn’t be a good idea, given that the table would win. “Thank you, Ray.”

“Not a problem.”  Just as Ray buttons his jacket back up, Giovanni asks him:  “Why are you helping me?”

“I like you, G.  You’re a wrestling fan at heart, and a brilliant businessman.  You tick both boxes, and whether you’re right or wrong, you do what you think is right, and there’s a lot to be said for that.”

Giovanni nods. “What would you do?  What would Ray Young do?”

“Tomorrow?  I’d screw Sean Darring.”

Ferrari is shocked by that, and when he asks Young if Ray’s sure, the iconic wrestler snaps his fingers to emphasize how long it would take for him to consider doing it.


Ray leans in, as if there are other people around, knowing there aren’t, until he remembers Alicia Fawkes is sitting behind them.  He stops, looks at her and Giovanni waves things off. “Don’t worry about her.  She’s like these walls.”

“The referee, you need him on board.  He or she is the key to it all.  Snider?  Head official, if he’s in on it, it’ll ruin his reputation.  You wanna keep him honest with the boys.  What about Staggs?”

“Too obvious,” Ferrari replies without blinking, prompting Ray to smack G on the left arm.

“You’re right, it would be, and that’s why you’re the boss.  Treacher?  The only man who cheated so much that he made me look like a saint, but now, Elliot Ness himself,” Young chuckles at his own joke.

“Powell.  See, anyone else outside of Snider, Treacher and Powell, it looks obvious.  But, with Powell being as big as he is, it wouldn’t look that out of place.  Barry will be fine, he may be hurt, but yeah, Powell’s the guy,” Ferrari insists.

“With an I or with a Y?  Anyway, cool choice.  Powell, it is.  Don’t tell him about it beforehand.  Too much time to think, too much time to back out, just spring it on him when the time is right.  In fact, we’ll handle that, so you’ve got plausible deniability.”

Ferrari shakes his head, and his hand involuntarily joins in. “I can’t believe I’m considering this, but Darring could still win.”

Ray nods. “Absolutely, but Dream could still win on his own merit.  This just gives you an insurance policy.  Neither of us is against Darring, I was champion in my forties, and the best wrestler, but these guys,” Ray says, his voice trailing off into a whisper.

“They don’t get wrestling, and that’s why you’re the man for the job, but you can’t do this job unless Darring loses, and it’s a small price to pay.  Eventually, they’ll get bored and move on from Daniel, or Daniel will lose it in a situation no one could control.  For now, this is what’s right for you, them and the company, G.”

Young taps Ferrari on the shoulder. “Give Hank a call, he’s been in this situation before.  No one better,” Young waggles his index finger, saluting Giovanni and leaving the room, and Giovanni time to think and mull things over with Alicia.

LOGO b&w

Hold Hands and Sing Kumbaya


The two words flash in the lower left corner of the screen as one of GLOBAL’s crack team of journalists — The Informer — rounds a corner and gestures to the cameraman behind him to remain silent. He points towards the opposite end of a hallway they appear to be getting a glimpse of. 

“GLOBAL…” he begins, fairly quietly. “As always, I am not just some informer… I’m THE Informer, and it’s my job to get those scoops, and we just happened upon one a couple minutes ago…”

He points down the hall as the camera inches. When it comes into focus, the viewer sees three people standing in the hallway discussing something and while the camera can’t quite pick up what’s going on, both of the large men are heavily gesturing. 

The self-professed GLOBAL Hall of Famer Aleczander The Great. 

The MASSIVE “Big Aug” August Lazar. 

Lazar’s best friend and manager, Del Waterstone. 

“Later tonight,” The Informer continues, “we’re gonna see if these colossuseses… Colossi? Colossuses… yeah, that sounds right. We’re going to see if these colossuses can get along long enough to defeat The Best of British later tonight after they got attacked. Let’s try and get a word, shall we?”

The Informer and his cameraman inch closer, and now the conversation that was quiet… is no longer so. 

“Hahaha… YOU lead the match, mate?” Aleczander scoffs. “You dirty great ponce, *I’M* the veteran and Hall of Famer on the team! I outrank even Legends and World Champions! You should all be listening to me!”

“I no listen to you, loud-ass,” Big Aug scoffs. 

“No, tonight, you NEED to listen to me,” Aleczander says. “Hall of Famer here! Tag team champion MANY times over! Tag team wrestling is me thing!”

“Dude, stolen election results are more real than your Hall of Fame credentials!” Del interjects. “And besides, Big Aug beat your ass on Domination, maybe you SHOULD be listening to him…”

Aleczander eyes Del. 

“Maybe I’ll beat YOUR arse, mate…”

Big Aug gets between him. 

“I… BREAK your fingers if you touch him, dickhead.”

Aleczander, despite giving up almost a foot to Big Aug, bows up to the giant. 

“Mate, I’ve beat you, too, so you better…”

All three men stop arguing when they hear the throat of The Informer clearing. They all turn to face the interviewer.

“Gentlemen,” he says. “Care to give a word as to how the two of you will work as a team considering your opponents are a well-oiled tag team machine? Any words for The Best of British?”

He holds the microphone out for anyone to contribute a soundbite or two. 

Instead, Aleczander shakes his head and storms off while muttering “buncha wankers” under his breath. The Informer turns to Big Aug and Del. 

“How about a word?” The Informer asks. 

The Boss of the Sauce and his trusted confidant both look at one another, shake their heads, and collectively turn and leave in the opposite direction. The Informer looks back to the cameraman behind him. 

“You should’ve been quieter, Phil…”

Cut to ringside. 

LOGO b&w

Best of British vs. "Big Aug" August Lazar & Aleczander The Great

“Ooh, I like their chances,” Mark Deltzer says dryly after the conclusion of the earlier footage. “August Lazar and Aleczander The Great are gonna fold like chairs at an Alabama boardwalk before they get along long enough to win this match.”

“There’s Mark Deltzer calling his shot, ladies and gentlemen.” Lucas Quinn says. “But you are right. Up next, it’s the very unlikely team of GLOBAL’s egotistical, self-proclaimed “Hall of Famer” Aleczander The Great and the seven-foot four “Big Aug” August Lazar against Aleczander’s former stablemates, The Best of British.”

“If I’m Rupert Royston-Fellowes or Nigel Kensington III, I’m liking my chances,” Allie Reece says. “And what a twisted road we took to get here. Aleczander returned on Domination 12, only to be confronted by Best of British and a shocking return by Big Aug. Since then, Big Aug and Aleczander have been at each other’s throats this whole time with Best of British in the middle… and now they have a real chance to make a name for themselves at the expense of two of GLOBAL’s biggest stars!”

“That they do,” Lucas replies. “All right, fans it’s time for the next match! Best of British take on “Big Aug” August Lazar and Aleczander The Great? Will they get on the same page long enough to fight effectively as a team or will The Best of British score the biggest wins of their GLOBAL careers tonight?”

“Downtown” Jason Brown is in the ring getting ready to introduce the teams for the next match. 

“The following is a tag team match set for one fall!” Brown says. “Introducing first…”


I go by the name of Dame Jones

I’m with my crew

And we gon’ show y’all what we be snacking on

Ya dig

“Hot Cheetos and Takis” by Da Rich Kidzz. 

TOWERING through the entrance, the dirty-blonde monster with hair tied back in a bun, wearing a red and black sleeveless bodysuit walks out and raises a finger in the air! He looks out to the cheering crowd with a box in hand. Just like his prior appearances, August Lazar’s best friend and manager, Del Waterstone, records the entrance on his phone while wearing the first bit of August’s GLOBAL merchandise, a red “Chow Time” apron with a pair of cartoon teeth around the logo while Big Aug has Big Aug’s Snack Box! 

“BEST OF BRITISH… YOU THE WORST OF PEOPLE! AND TONIGHT, WE CHOW DOWN AND THROW DOWN!” yells Big Aug to the hard camera in front of him. 

With Del Waterstone filming his antics as always, August Lazar passes out various snacks and throws them out into the audience for people to grab (pre-packaged, of course, we aren’t germ-loving savages here). 

“Let ‘em know, Augie, let ‘em know!” Del shouts behind him as he’s filming on his phone. “Time to beat some ass!”

The GLOBAL Nation give August Lazar a nice ovation as he raises a hand to either side of the stage and encourages the crowd to make some noise! Big Aug finally arrives at the ring, he reaches up and grabs the ropes. He pulls himself up onto the ring apron and then steps over the ropes to enter the ring. Once inside, Mr. Spice Guy gets ready as Jason Brown gives him his specialized intro! 

“Introducing first… from Clearwater, Florida, by way of Romania… accompanied by manager, Del Waterstone… he stands SEVEN-FOOT FOUR and weighs in at THREE-HUNDRED EIGHTY pounds… 

Big Aug holds a finger up for every nickname given…

“He is Everyone’s Zest Friend… Boss of the Sauce… Mr. Spice Guy… One Giant Tasty Snack… The Man with an Appetite For Life… The Man With The Iron Stomach… and The Largest Athlete in The GLOBE…”

Brown takes an exaggerated breath as Big Aug poses in the ring… 



Aleczander comes through the entrance in his ring gear, cutting off Big Aug’s entrance. Augie’s music cuts and Aleczander snarls as he has a microphone in hand. 

“We’ve only got so much show left and it’s time to bring out ME… aka, The Star Power!” Aleczander boastfully says. “Now… hit me music, tech wankers!”

He walks backstage as the crowd boos, along with Big Aug standing in the ring.


Hall of Fame” by The Script feat. will.i.am. 


Audible jeering, groans and collective eye-rolling happen all at the same time. The arena lights go gold and bathe the arena in the shimmering color as Aleczander enters the ring a second time, now milking his typical gaudy entrance. Golden trunks, knee pads, boots, headbands, chains, sunglasses, the whole shebang. On either arm, he has the familiar Gilded Girls with him, handing him golden flowers and his signature Hall of Fame plaque!

“…from Manchester, England and residing in Hollywood, California… weighing in at 264 pounds… he is the self-proclaimed GLOBAL Hall of Famer… ALECZANDER THE GREAT!”

An angry Big Aug watches as his partner now SLOWLY walks down to the ring and milks up the entrance. Del Waterstone rolls his eyes at ringside and then gestures for Aleczander to hurry up, but The Mancunian Muscle sees him. 

“Hush, tosser, you can rush greatness!” Aleczander tells him. 

After FINALLY arriving at ringside, The Gilded Girls depart with his flowers and Hall of Fame plaque before he enters. He raises both hands, then starts shedding his things. He throws the headband, chains, and sunglasses all at Del at ringside. 

“Hold these for me, but don’t wreck me headband!” He screams. “If I see a crease, it’s your arse, mate!”

Big Aug gets in the face of Aleczander and threatens to deck him. Aleczander The Great points back and starts having words… just as their opponents arrive. 

“Rule, Britannia!”

The theme plays and unlike all of the pomp and circumstance that normally comes with August Lazar, the members of Best of British both march through the entrance. And not only that, they look pleased as punch to see both of their opponents at each other’s throats. 

“And their opponents…” Jason Brown announces. “Being accompanied to the ring by Nigel Kensington III… from London, England, weighing in at 481 pounds… They are RUPERT ROYSTON-FELLOWES… NIGEL KENSINGTON III… THE BEST OF BRITISH!

Aleczander and Big Aug appear to now be having a conversation amongst themselves about which member of the team will be starting first. Aleczander wants to, but Big Aug is insisting that he will instead. As the bickering goes on, Nigel and Rupert exchange smirks and then calmly and effectively take their place at ringside. The official for the match, Duncan Sullivan is in the corner of Lazar and Aleczander trying to figure out who’s starting. 

“I start for team!” Big Aug says. . 

“No, wanker, I am!” Aleczander calls out. 

They keep fighting until Big Aug finally comes up with a solution…

He GRABS Aleczander over his shoulder and puts the self-professed Hall of Famer on the ring apron! He shakes his head and yells out at Big Aug! 

“HEY! YOU DON’T TOUCH ME!” Aleczander snaps, pointing his finger at him. 

Big Aug shrugs and Duncan Sullivan takes it. Rupert Royston-Fellowes looks ready as well when Duncan calls for the bell… 


The Boss of the Sauce storms towards Royston… but he rolls out to the floor at the start, wanting nothing to do with Big Aug head on. 


The London native walks across the floor and stays away from the ring with Duncan Sullivan starting to count him out. Royston-Fellowes takes his sweet time and has himself a stroll at ringside. Del tells him he should be getting back in the ring, but he swats away at the manager and best friend of Big Aug…. that is, until he looks in the ring… 


The former NBA player has had enough of the nonsense of Best of British and SNATCHES Nigel Kensington III by grabbing him and THROWING him into the ring! 

“If you no get in this ring, I beat on Nigel instead!”

Big Aug WAFFLES the third Kensington of his name with a nasty clubbing blow to the back! Nigel tries to hobble away and gets more of the same… 


Another big clubbing blow lands across his back and sends Nigel to a neutral corner! Big Aug makes with some big sexy offense and then nails Kensingston in the chest with a big knee lift! He fires off another one and doubles him over, forcing Rupert to try and come to the aid of his partner. He slides into the ring and charges, nailing Big Aug across the back with a big forearm. The blow only stuns the giant as he turns… 


The Boss of the Sauce levels Rupert with a massive clothesline that knocks him off his feet to the delight of The GLOBAL Nation. 


Big Aug puts a finger up to his ear to milk the sounds of the crowd while a jealous Aleczander The Great angrily pouts from their corner. He stews while Mr. Spice Guy grabs hold of Rupert off the mat, then holds him up in the air before planting him mid-ring with a delayed body slam! 

Nigel comes running to save his partner and strikes Big Aug with a jumping forearm across the jaw. He pelts the big man with a few shots, then bounces off the ropes, only to get caught then dropped with a HUGE body slam on top of his own partner! Both members of Best of British are hurt while the massive Lazar stands tall for the moment with arms in the air and Del filming the match from ringside. 

“Finish ‘em, Augie! Let’s go!” Del calls out. 

Big Aug goes to grab Rupert and then scoops him over the shoulder again, but before he’s able to hit another slam, the London native slips out and against the ropes. He turns, only for Royston-Fellowes to get the boot up to catch Augie in the chest. As he’s doubled over, he runs and strikes at him with a big uppercut right on the button! 

“Sideshow clown!” Rupert shouts. 

He hits the ropes and throws another forearm that rattles the big man. The London native still hasn’t taken Big Aug off his feet yet, so he charges a third time… 


Rupert gets snatched out of the sky, then Big Aug leans him backwards… 


…Then drops the BIG forearm club to the chest! Aug leans back to celebrate that he’s got Rupert down when Aleczander tags himself in! Lazar can’t believe it when The Gilded Great finally makes his first appearance in the match and goes right over to try and steal the win! 




Royston-Fellowes gets the shoulder up and Aleczander tells Sullivan to count faster. He turns his ire towards his tag team partner and points an accusatory finger his way. 

“Should have tagged me in, then we would have won!” Aleczander screams out. 

Big Aug points a finger back at him (bet you can’t guess which one) while Aleczander leans back and chops Rupert across the chest! Ruperts gets doubled over and then gets struck with a massive European uppercut from the self-professed GLOBAL Hall of Famer. Rupert gets rocked back into a neutral corner, then Aleczander goes to the other side of the ring and charges in for a big stinger splash…

Nobody home!

Nigel saves his partner by pulling him out of the corner, sending Aleczander smacking head-first into the top turnbuckle! The GLOBAL Nation boo Nigel now as Rupert finally makes the tag to his larger partner. Kensington climbs through the ropes and he charges full speed ahead at the corner that Aleczander is in, NAILING him upside the head with a running elbow smash! He then heads off the adjacent ropes and comes back to strike him upside the head with a second forearm in the corner. After The Gilded Great gets rocked, he gets hooked by the side and then snatched out of the corner with a big vertical suplex! 

“You’re a disgrace to our flag!” Nigel shouts down at the fallen Aleczander. 

Big Aug and Del both have no choice but to watch their unwilling partner now get worked over for the moment. Nigel goes to pick up Aleczander and then throws him to the corner where he tags in Rupert. Nigel starts delivering hard body shots while Rupert reaches over the ropes simultaneously and starts firing more elbows! 

“Break it up!” Sullivan yells to both members of BoB. “Now!”

They milk the count for few seconds before Rupert steps through the ropes. Both members of Best of British lean back and then nail the egotistical Brit who is not a member of their team with a big double headbutt! Aleczander falls to a knee and then Rupert is sure to follow that up by running off the ropes and CLUBBING Aleczander in the back of the head with a big sliding clothesline! After he goes down, he rolls The Mancunian Muscle onto his back and hooks a leg. 




Aleczander kicks out, but Rupert is on him like dirt on a public sidewalk. He picks him up by the side and muscles the larger man back into the corner of Best of British. Rupert tags Nigel and the larger member of the duo climbs into the ring again. With Royston-Fellowes still holding him in the corner with a shoulder pinning him by the midsection, Nigel runs and unleashes another brutal uppercut into the jaw of Aleczander! 

“Ow!” Aleczander cries out as he falls to a knee and holds his jaw. “Them uppercuts really hurt!”

“That’s the point, you sod!” Nigel yells back. 

Rupert returns to the corner very briefly before Nigel makes another quick tag to keep Aleczander off his game. They both climb into the ring and boot Aleczander in the gut before looking for a double DDT of sorts.

They try…

But Aleczander fights back!


The MASSIVE strength of the Mancunian Muscle gets a pop from the GLOBAL Nation, but he can’t worry about that right now. He has both men down and has a chance to get the tag over to August Lazar. He has a hand out… 

“Nah, mate, I got this!” Aleczander tells his partner. 

Lazar looks confused by his own partner! Aleczander is hurt, but he waits for the legal man Rupert to get up. He has the arm up and is looking for the Golden Touch… 

Blind tag by Augie! 

Aleczander stops when Big Aug climbs over the ropes. 

“Get out of here!” Aleczander points at the corner. 

“No! I legal man! I make tag!” Big Aug gestures by slapping his hand. “Is legal eagle!”

Royston-Fellowes is back up and attacks Aleczander from behind with knee to the back, sending him colliding with Big Aug! The Boss of the Sauce is stunned when Rupert tries to get Aleczander away. He pulls him from the corner, but Aleczander boots him in the chest first and goes for a running clothesline in the corner…

Rupert moves…

But Big Aug doesn’t and Aleczander hits his own partner in the corner! 

Nigel jumps back in as Duncan Sullivan tries to get control by ordering he and Aleczander out as the illegal men. Aleczander fights back when Nigel sends him back to their corner. 

“I crush you!” Big Aug shouts. 

He runs at the corner now… 

Nigel moves…

But Aleczander doesn’t! 

He gets pancaked by his massive freight train of a partner in the corner with a running body avalanche! When Big Aug realizes his error, it’s too late as Rupert sneaks up behind Augie and hits a big chop block to the leg! 

After The GLOBAL Hall of Famer falls to the mat, Nigel boots him out of the ring and a little bit of order is now restored as the malfunction between tag team partners has allowed Best of British to take control of August Lazar! The big man is on a knee when Rupert tags Nigel in. More quick tags between the more effective team allow them to run off either side of the ropes and connect with a double big boot to the jaw of a kneeling Big Aug, finally knocking The Largest Athlete in The GLOBE to the mat! 


Both Kensington and Royston-Fellowes bask in the loud reaction of the crowd. Aleczander The Great has been disposed of and is trying to limp back to the corner outside while Nigel and Rupert shake hands mockingly over their opponent. Del watches on the outside, yelling at Aleczander. 

“The hell is the matter with you! Fuck outta here with stuff!” Del snaps. 

Aleczander brushes him off as back in the ring, Nigel and Rupert boot away at Big Aug. The head and neck of Mr. Spice Guy is under the ropes when Royston-Fellowes makes the tag to Nigel. The arrogant Brit watches as his partner delivers stomps, then he comes off the apron with a leg drop to the throat of Big Aug! The Boss of the Sauce is left reeling as Nigel goes to the floor, then starts delivering HARD shots to the head and chest of Augie. 


The chants of the GLOBAL Nation do nothing for Lazar, but seem to increase the ire of Best of British as Nigel slowly steps back, only to deliver a NASTY boot to the side of the head of Augie! 

“Keep on him, Nigel!” Rupert tells his partner while enjoying their handiwork. 

He climbs back into the ring and the massive former NBA player is trying to get to a knee. Kensington tries grabbing The Man with the Iron Stomach for another move, but a big right hand from Big Aug doubles him over. He pushes him away, but Nigel doesn’t give him a chance to fight back as he comes off the ropes with a sliding European uppercut to get the big man on his back! He makes the cover!




Everyone’s Zest Friend powers out by pushing the third Nigel Kensington of his name right off! Nigel lands next to Big Aug, but doesn’t let the defiant display of power shake him. Another tag gets made to Rupert Royston-Fellowes and then he joins his partner in a game of “stomp the hell out of the giant!”

Both men expertly take advantage of the official’s five-count yet again as they continue stomping away at Big Aug. Just before the count reaches five, Nigel slips through the ropes and returns to the corner. 

“This ring is ours, not yours, you giant ponce!” Rupert snarls. 

Aleczander is now back in his corner and realizes what kind of situation he and his partner are both in now thanks to their infighting. Del shakes his head with worry as Big Aug tries to get up in between the ropes, only for Rupert to hit a running knee to the back. As he’s stuck against the ropes, he STANDS on Big Aug’s back near the middle ropes and hangs on to try and choke the life out of the big man. 

“Get off! Get off now!” Duncan tells Rupert. 

Rupert jumps off his back and then a tag is made to Nigel, who reenters the ring with quickness and stands over Big Aug to unleash a series of crossface punches to either side of the head. Del’s had about all he can take of this from ringside and then starts slapping the apron, trying to will the crowd into the match. 


The chants ring out and get louder, all the while Aleczander is trying to add his own particular flavor to get The GLOBAL Nation behind him. 

“ALECZANDER!” He claps five times. 

“ALECZANDER!” He claps five more. 

The GLOBAL Hall of Famer’s chant gets drowned out by the people as Nigel tries to apply a standing camel clutch… but the big man is still fighting back! Nigel’s eyes grow wide when the big man starts being fueled by the chants! Soon, Nigel is on his shoulders and The Boss of the Sauce uses the last of his strength to fall backwards…


Both men are down in the middle of the squared circle! 

“No! No!” Rupert howls, cursing the situation the team is in now. 

“Mate! Tag me! Tag me, let’s go!” Aleczander calls to his partner with a hand waving frantically for a much-needed tag. 

Big Aug is trying as Nigel is holding his back and trying to use the nearby ropes to get back to his feet. Big Aug looks like he doens’t have much further to go. He looks at Del on the outside wondering if he should trust Aleczander to make the tag. Del shakes his head and tells him to do it… 

Big Aug reaches out… 


Aleczander gets pulled off the apron at the last second by Royston-Fellowes! 

And what’s worse… 


Nigel Kensington III delivers the signature stomp that Best of British have used on the big men in past weeks! Rupert rushes back to his corner as Nigel scrambles quickly to get Mr. Spice Guy over onto his back for the cover. When he’s on his back, he hooks the tree trunk-like leg! 




Big Aug kicks out and Nigel is floored! The GLOBAL Nation go nuts and start cheering as Nigel shakes his head. Rupert points at Nigel and tells his partner to go for the kill and to snap out of it. Kensington hears him and runs over to Big Aug as he’s still kneeling and delivers a boot to the gut… 


Before he can fully apply the double underhook, Big Aug frees himself and then pushes Nigel back to the corner…


The MASSIVE shoulder tackle sends Kensington spinning backwards and crashing to the mat with tremendous force! Big Aug is on his knee as Aleczander finally gets back up! Royston-Fellowes can’t believe what just happened to his partner! 

“Come on! Let’s go! Let’s go!” Aleczander calls. 

The fans are vocal for the action in front of them! The Boss of the Sauce gets to a knee while Nigel quickly tries to get to his corner in a daze. Rupert reaches out and tags his partner to get in, but before he can stop Lazar from doing the same…


For maybe the first time in his GLOBAL Wrestling tenure, The Gilded Great gets cheers from the crowd when he runs in and flies right at Royston-Fellowes with a flying shoulder tackle off one set of ropes! He gets back up and hears the people, then runs off the other side to connect with a second flying shoulder tackle from the other side!


That shout is all Aleczander as he waits for the dazed Rupert to stand. When he does, he hooks him from behind and plants him with a spinning back suplex in the middle of the ring! Aleczander gets up and then starts to slide his elbow pad off… only to keep it on him because it’s his good one and isn’t about to give the crowd any souvenirs… 


He LANDS the driving elbow drop off the ropes right onto the forehead of his ex-stablemate! Royston-Fellowes holds his head in pain while Aleczander goes to throw Royston in the corner. When he gets him there, he scans the crowd. 


Then stomps Rupert in the corner five times! 


Then quickly boots him five more times! 

The GLOBAL Nation are sort of behind Aleczander, but boo again when Nigel Kensington reenters the ring and CLOCKS him from behind with a big forearm! Aleczander gets rocked when Nigel pulls him out of the corner to save his partner. He beats on Aleczander with a few stiff uppercuts and keeps him in place. Nigel charges off the ropes just as Royston-Fellowes tries to get up…



Aleczander THROWS Nigel overhead and sends him into his own partner! 

Big Aug enters the ring again and as Nigel tries to get back up, he charges and hits a HUGE clothesline on him, sending him over the ropes to the outside! 

“Aye! Mate! One more of those, eh?” Aleczander shouts. 

He tries to direct traffic as he pulls Rupert up onto his shoulders for a powerbomb. Aleczander nods as Big Aug charges forward… 


Rupert CRASHES to the mat after Big Aug nearly takes his head off with a running lariat as Aleczander drops him with a powerbomb! Confidently, Aleczander goes for the cover as the crowd counts along! 





Aleczander jumps up to his feet! By hook or by crook… the largest man in GLOBAL Wrestling and the largest ego in GLOBAL Wrestling put it together long enough for the win! 

“Here are your winners…” Jason Brown announces. “ALECZANDER THE GREAT…”

He raises his hands, but gets booed! 


The Boss of the Sauce gets CHEERED!

Aleczander angrily stands in front of Big Aug and then flexes for The GLOBAL Nation… 


Having enough of that, Big Aug then moves around to stand in front of Aleczander The Great, then he mocks his flexing. 


Aleczander switches places in front of Big Aug… 


Then Big Aug does it back!


“Well…” Lucas Quinn says on commentary. “Believe it or not, Aleczander The Great came through and despite a VERY rough start and miscommunications in the middle, he and Big Aug walk away tonight with the victory.”

“I can’t believe it, either!” Allie Reece says. “When Best of British were in control, they were on top of their game and had the match almost won at times, but when Big Aug and Aleczander The Great found the opening they needed, they walked away with the win!”

“My question is this, guys…” Mark Deltzer asks. “Who the HELL is going to stand up to these two if they stay on the same page?”

Big Aug and Del Waterstone celebrate in the ring as Augie gets his arm raised, along with Aleczander The Great. The self-proclaimed GLOBAL Hall of Famer looks up at Big Aug. 

“Stick with me, kid! We’re Dirty Greats and we’re gonna take all the gold!”

August looks down at his partner. 

“Suck egg, dickhead.”

Lazar steps over the ropes and then climbs out of the ring. He and Del Waterstone pick up the Snack Box and leave ringside as Big Aug starts throwing more candy and other goodies to the people. Aleczander shrugs. 

“He’ll see it my way, mates!” 

LOGO b&w


“I can’t believe it!” Lucas Quinn says. “Egos clashed throughout the match, but somehow Aleczander The Great and August Lazar walk away with the victory tonight! And did you hear Aleczander on the microphone?”

“Dirty Greats!” Mark Deltzer says. “I am here to support our Dirty Great overlords. Very catchy tag team name. If these two could actually get themselves on the same page for a decent length of time, they would DOMINATE the tag team division!”

“Indeed. Best of British had a great showing for themselves tonight, but Big Aug and Aleczander The Great take the victory!” Allie Reece says. “That all depends, though, if there’s ANY chance of this being more than a one-off teamup?”

“See, THAT is the question we probably should be asking here,” Lucas replies. “And we will definitely ask those questions at a later date. But right now, we’re going to switch gears. After some negotiations back and forth for the past month, GLOBAL Wrestling is proud to announce the signing of a former boxer and MMA star here in attendance tonight…”

The camera pans to the front row near ringside, where the GLOBAL Nation give a big pop to the brick wall in the form of a human man! The bald monster stands up, wearing a white dress shirt and black dress jacket, then soaks up the reaction of the fans. 

“This is Edmund Purcell, known professionally as Punch Drunk Purcell!” Lucas Quinn tells the people. “Over thirty career wins in boxing!  A perfect 5-0 in MMA! Now making the jump to our sport! In early 2022, he received training from former member of Team HOSS, Angel Trinidad. The same man that helped train one of GLOBAL’s own, “Big Aug” August Lazar!”

“I’ve seen a few of his fights,” Deltzer says. “And this guy is something. He’s not the typical big man. He knows how to pace himself well and go in for the kill when needed. In MMA, he was called The Round Mound of Ground and Pound for a reason! And if I’m staring across from this guy in a wrestling ring, I’m taking a countout loss. Good look to whoever his first opponent ends up being!”

“We look forward to seeing Purcell in the ring in the near future,” Allie says. “He’s been training for his debut for the last two months and working hard at it. We’ll have details on his first match at a later date!”

“And we still have plenty more action coming up!” Lucas cuts in. “Later tonight in our main event! Can Daniel Dream make the dream of every wrestler a reality when he takes on Sean Darring for the GLOBAL World Championship? Can he do the unthinkable or will the reign of our inaugural champion continue? But up next… Jerry David goes one-on-one with The Jester and looks to put him in the rearview! Can he do just that? We’ll find out next!”

LOGO b&w

Jerry David Vs. The Jester

Join or Die: Endgame

The lights of a long-ago abandoned warehouse flicker to life.

The dead body of Jerry David, still wearing his ring gear, sits motionless in the wet red velvet throne. His mouth hangs open, his glassy eyes staring at the ceiling.  Jerry is thin, his skin grey.

Footsteps across the debris.

The Jester stands in front of Jerry’s carcass. He puts his hands on his hips and sighs.

“Jerry, Jerry, Jerry…”

The Jester reaches into one of his many pockets and pulls out a flick knife, opening it up.

“We had the entire Globe at our feet…”

The Jester starts to cut the tape from the arms and legs of Jerry, who then slides from the chair and collapses to the ground, face down.

“We could have changed the world.” The Jester tells the back of the dead comedian’s head.

The Jester sighs again and leans over, turning Jerry over before taking hold of him under each armpit and dragging him across the warehouse and through the large doors, which are already ajar.

Outside, there is a 50-meter run of dry grass which banks steeply downwards, then a chain link fence.  Beyond the fence, at the bottom of the hill, a fair is running. Children hooking ducks and winning goldfish, fathers driving bumper cars with their children, cotton candy bought, and dropped, and cried over.

The Jester drops Jerry to the ground beside a seven-by-three feet hole.

He stands up, stretching out his back before turning to look at the fair below.

“These peasants. They walk this Earth knowing not how lucky they have been. How close they came to our ruling the world, Jerry.”

The Jester turns, ready to kick Jerry into his grave but – NO!

Jerry David SMASHES The Jester in the face with a shovel! The very shovel used to dig his grave!

The Jester staggers backwards, his nose pissing blood, and steps backwards into the empty grave. A sick crunching sound echoes around the grave.

Jerry looks down into the deep hole and can see that The Jester has a compound fracture in his left shin, along with a very bloody nose, the blood from which stains the paint on his face pink.

“No means no, you sick fuck.”

Jerry drops into the grave, standing over The Jester, who is gasping for air through his mouth, his nose shattered.

Jerry raises the shovel in the air and drives it down. Then once more. And once again. Blood splatters across Jerry’s chest and back as he arcs the shovel through the air over, and over again.

When he’s finished, he tosses the shovel down on top of The Jester’s bloodied body and climbs out of the grave. 

He looks down at the fair below. He takes a moment to breathe in the fresh air before setting off down the hill towards the fair.

He swings open a gate set into the chain link fence, and walks right into the bright lights, past the bumper cars, past the Ferris wheel, past the hook a duck, watching the laughing families and the children eating their melting ice creams, and he appreciates for the first time the feeling of freedom.


What Jerry David does not see is what lurks in the shadows.

He is the digger of graves. He is the stapler of nipples. He is the winner of a massive Panda teddy-bear.

He is Doritos.

LOGO b&w


A young lady is pushing a cart down a hallway somewhere in the arena. She finally arrives at a door and knocks. After a bit, the door opens and it is Global Consultant Hank Wright. The Governor smiles wide as he tips the lady a hundred dollar bill and pulls the cart past the doorway and closes the door.

The moment the door shuts, we are transported to seeing inside the room and Wright is pulling the cart further inside. He reaches into the large cooler and pulls a pair of beer bottles out. He takes the tops off the bottles and begins walking toward the glass wall that encloses this luxury box off.

“This is such a better spot to watch from,” Wright states as he steps around and sits, while handing a beer to the person in the room.

Receiving the beer is “Too Cool” Chris Hopper.

“Yeah, this is what being successful can get you,” he says, smiling. He takes a swig of the beer and seems a little taken aback from seeing the crowd as he continues, “Although…”

“This again?” Wright asks, immediately downing his second drink from the bottle.

“Can’t a man just have his thoughts?” Chris defensively retorts.

“Listen,” Wright sits up and leans toward his friend, “you and I both would love to be out there in that ring. I know that, but we also have to admit that this is not an old man’s game. It was tough enough on us when we were young bucks, but now we are…”

“Old Fogeys?” the King of Cool looks semi-annoyed as he inserts his thought.

“I was going to say mature,” Wright grins at his clever notion.

“We both used to talk about one great run and that got screwed over in No Brand,” Chris explains.

“The fact they never had a brand was part of the problem, if you remember.” Hank chuckles as he adds this piece of trivia.

“That’s not the point,” Hopper says, sounding unhappier by the moment.

“Are you seriously gonna bitch about being stuck at nineteen again?” Wright asks, looking as annoyed with his friend’s demeanor as his counterpart seems to be about retirement.

“No!” The legend sharply responds.

There is a silence for several seconds as both men stop looking at each other and turn to face the arena full of people. After a very uncomfortable period of time, Hopper finally speaks again.

“Okay, yes, not reaching twenty is one thing,” he says and in the background of the shot, we can see Hank visibly role his eyes. “It’s the fact that someone my age is defending the top title here tonight, and I’m sitting here in the luxury suite.”

Another several seconds of silence passes.

“When did I decide I was too old to do this anyway?” Chris asks with a hint of irritation.

“It’s the same for me, hoss.” The big Texan answers. “And I’m actually a little younger than you are.”

“True,” the Count of Monte-Fisto replies. “But you don’t have to sit and watch another of your friends enjoy still being in that ring with a title you know you could take off him if you were in there too.”

“Are you really considering this?” Wright inquires as he finishes his beer.

“You never know,” the 19-time world champion retorts. “I think it is about just knowing that option is still there, you know?”

“I do,” Hank admits. “Want another one?”

“In a minute,” Hopper states as he stands to his feet. “I have something I need to do real quick.”

The King of Cool walks out of the room, and we hear the door open and shut as Hank sits there slowly shaking his head. He opens a second beer and looks back out the window.

“This might get interesting yet,” he mutters as he raises the beer to his lips.

In that moment, the screen fades to black.

LOGO b&w


We’ve got our next match on the card and it’s the budding star Wrestletronic going one-on-one with Xiang in what amounts to a rubber match between these men,” says Lucas Quinn. “Wrestletronic has been a star on the rise for the past few weeks, but ever since running afoul of The Xiang Dynasty, he has been in their sights!”

“Wrestletronic won the first match,” Mark Deltzer says. “Then he was pretty much forced into the second match when Xiang pulled his punk card by attacking his friend, MC Graps. Xiang won the second match with help from The Great Wall. That brings us to tonight!”

“Xiang wants to keep the Xiang Dynasty’s momentum going and Wresltetronic wants payback for his friend, who suffered a broken jaw after getting an elbow to the face from The Great Wall!” Allie says. “Wrestletronic vs. Xiang is up next here at Glory!”

The camera moves to the ring with “Downtown” Jason Brown for the introductions. 

“The following match is set for one fall!” Brown shouts to the GLOBAL Nation. “Introducing first…”

The lights all fade out and go black. After a few moments of silence, the screen lights up in bright shades of green and yellow…


“The Night Begins To Shine (Dragon Remix)” by B.E.R plays and the crowd cheers for the unnecessarily gaudy entrance! Tonight, there’s no MC Graps after suffering a big strike from The Great Wall a few weeks ago during an autograph signing and no fancy DJ set playing him out. Simply, The DJ of Lucha Libre doesn’t even pose and starts running toward the ring quickly!

“Making his way to the ring… from The Electric Daisy Carnival, weighing in at 217 pounds… WRESTLETRONIC!”

Wearing a yellow mask with all facial features obstructed with a black fabric, green/yellow sleeves and a half-green/half-yellow pattern on his tights adorned with musical notes, microphones, and turntables, Wrestletronic slides under the bottom rope! He’s clearly itching for a fight and starts waving at ringside for Xiang to get out to the ring. 

Luckily for him he does not have to wait long. 

The following singles match is set for one fall!” Brown shouts. “Introducing first… from Beijing, China, weighing in at 221 pounds, accompanied by The Great Wall. Representing The Xiang Dynasty… this… is… XIANG!

“War Dance” by Shen Yi. 

The theme of the men who have been antagonizing Wrestletronic for weeks comes out… 

But it’s just Xiang in a red and yellow track suit and what appears to be a taped up hand. 

“Cut that infernal music…” Xiang demands. 

The music goes quiet. 

“Wrestletronic… ugh, such a silly name… I believe there is a term that you Americans like to use to promote your sports cards. I believe that term is something to the effect of “card subject to change.” Tonight… that includes THIS card…”

The Artist of War holds his bandaged hand up. 

“…you see, I’ve just been scouted by doctors who are not going to clear me for competition due to an injury sustained in training.”

Wrestletronic looks up and gestures for Xiang to get to the ring, but The Artist of War isn’t having it. 

“But you bloodthirsty animals under the guise of normal spectators paid hard earned American dollars… ugh… to see a show and due to my contractual obligations with GLOBAL, that’s exactly what you’ll have. When you fight my substitute…”

“War Dance” by Shen Yi. 

The lights begin swirling in two different shades of red as out from the back, The Guangzhou Goliath himself steps out from the back dressed in his red and yellow ring gear, tall and proud with a sinister and toothy smile behind Xiang. 


Xiang gives the jeering fans a disdainful gaze in their respective directions as the 7’1” monster storms towards ringside with his marching orders… defeat Wrestletronic. The DJ of Lucha Libre shakes his head silently as the monster lurks to the ring. 

“Card subject to change, huh?” Lucas Quinn says. “This kind of thing is right up Xiang’s alley. He knew that Wrestletronic would have his number tonight and now he’s finally sending the monster!”

“Can Wrestletronic overcome this giant?” Allie Reece asks. 

“I don’t like this!” Mark adds. “…just kidding, yes, I do. This is pretty ingenious.”

The Guangzhou Goliath steps onto the ring apron, the pushes the ropes down to enter the ring just as Wrestletronic comes at him with a flying forearm! 


The bell rings to officially kick off the match! The Great Wall gets rattled by the first shot when Tronic gets back up! The DJ of Lucha Libre picks himself up and then launches himself full speed at The Great Wall to hit him again with another big forearm smash on the jaw! He slides up a third time and then stands up to connect with a dropkick to the chest! 

Xiang is shouting in Chinese at ringside, commanding The Great Wall to fight back. He swipes at Wrestletronic with a big paw, but he ducks and fires off a few chops to the chest… 

Thwack! Thwack!

But they have little effect! 

The Great Wall lurches forward and rubs a hand on his chest like the shots were mere annoyances. Wrestletronic looks out to the people and then delivers a swift kick to the left leg!


The Guardian of the Grooves has a chance to change the luck of the match in his favor. He runs across the ring and then goes to the middle rope for a springboard dropkick… 

But gets swatted out of the sky! 

The Great Wall blocks the shot and Wrestletronic crashes to the mat. The GLOBAL Nation starts jeering The Guangzhou Goliath as he runs at the ropes… 


With one clean shot, Wrestletronic goes down in a heap. The Great Wall stands over him and raises both arms to the loud jeers from The GLOBAL Nation. 

“xiànzài jiéshù!” Xiang shouts, commanding The Great Wall to punish him further. 

Wrestletronic tries to get back to his feet, only for his gargantuan opponent to palm him by the back of the head. Tronic gets snatched and then THROWN through the ropes before he crashes out to the floor at the feet of a very loud and proud Xiang. When The Great wall barks something at the referee, The Artist of War takes a moment and starts kicking away at Wrestletronic while he’s on the floor! 


The Great Wall stops his shouting at the referee to administer more punishment to Wrestletronic outside the ring. He climbs over the ropes and heads out to the floor while Xiang moves back to let his giant meal ticket do his thing. The Great Wall picks up Wrestletronic by the back of his head and then PRESSES his skull up against the guardrail trying to squeeze the life out of him like a tube of toothpaste! The fans continue booing when both Xiang and The Great Wall take notice at ringside of the man that was spotlighted earlier…

Punch Drunk Purcell! 

The mile-high Great Wall drops Wrestletronic and stares down the mile-wide Purcell, standing up from his seat. 

“Do something.” Purcell shouts. 

The GLOBAL Nation react loudly to the confrontation between the living tank and living skyscraper, but Xiang shouts at The Guangzhou Goliath to finish the job on Wrestletronic!”

“Go!” Xiang calls out. 

Purcell sits back down in his seat, but sips his beer slowly as he watches the action. The Great Wall turns around… but Wrestletronic is nowhere to be found! He spins around to face the ring… 


Wrestletronic comes through the ropes with a big suicide dive that knocks The Great Wall backwards! He doesn’t go off his feet entirely, but The DJ of Lucha Libre sits up and then runs back into the ring. He charges off the ropes once he’s back inside… 


The trifecta of suicide dives is almost complete as the giant gets rocked again! Wrestletronic is back on his feet and then charges for a third one…


The Great Wall finally recovers and catches him out of mid-air and the Daft Punk fan realizes that The Great Wall has nothing but Power. 


After the sick landing, Wrestlertronic is a crumbled mess on the ring apron. The Great Wall turns back to flash a smile at Punch Drunk Purcell in the front row and then starts to step over the ropes again. With Wrestletronic still in a heap half on the ring apron, Xiang talks more trash and yells at The Great Wall to end the match now. 

“Xiànzài jiéshù!” he shouts again. 

The Great Wall pulls him up… 

But Wrestletronic grabs the back of his head and snaps it down across the top rope! The Great Wall staggers backwards and holds onto his throat in pain while The DJ of Lucha Libre is getting cheers from The GLOBAL Nation to fight back. He looks out to the crowd and then points at The Guangzhou Goliath before clipping him upside the head with a rope-aided gamengiri kick! The first blow rocks him, but he still doens’t go down. Wrestletronic jumps up as The Great Wall comes at him again, nailing him with another rope-aided gamengiri! 

“TIME TO LEARN EDM MUSIC, BUDDY!” Wrestletronic calls out. 

The Great Wall still hasn’t been taken off his feet with the crowd cheering him on! He jumps up… 


…but whatever springboard move he had in mind gets cuts off when The Great Wall SMACKS him out of mid-air with a blistering open-handed chop!  Wrestletronic cringes in pain when The Great Wall puts a foot on his chest for an arrogant cover…



Wrestletronic shoves his foot off, but The Great Wall seems to be taking his time now. He drags The DJ of Lucha Libre up again… 


A second blistering chop catches him across his bare back! Wrestletronic hobbles away from The Great Wall and then stumbles back into the corner. The Great Wall perches himself on the opposite side of the ring and then waits. He charges at the corner… 


Wrestletronic moves out of the way at the last second and then hits nothing but the corner! Xiang is throwing a fit at ringside now and screams at The Great Wall to watch out! Wrestletronic looks out to the cheering GLOBAL Nation who want him to chop the big man down to size. He’s still holding his back, but he leans back a fist… 


He throws a big Superman Punch to the side of The Great Wall’s head that only rocks him slightly after his collision to the corner, so The DJ of Lucha Libre does it a second time…


A second Superman Punch has the same effect as the first and in fact, Wrestletronic is holding his right hand in pain! The GLOBAL Nation make some noise for him when he decides to go low instead… 


The running superkick out of the corner catches the knee of The Great Wall and FINALLY, the monster crumbles to a knee! Wrestletronic feeds off the energy from the crowd and then gets another one ready as he still nurses his sore fist after hitting flying punches on his giant jaw…


The second running superkick NAILS The Great Wall and finally knocks him over onto his back! Wrestletronic stumbles back to the corner with a cheering crowd behind him! Xiang can’t believe it, but The DJ of Lucha Libre has the monster finally flat on his back! The Record-Scratcher slips between the ropes and heads to the apron before climbing up to the top rope while The Great Wall is still nursing his jaw on the canvas! The Artist of War is outside the ring screaming for The Great Wall to move when Wrestletronic takes flight… 


With a 180 turn in mid-air, Wrestletronic crashes down on The Great Wall with a huge twisting frog splash off the top rope! He goes for the cover with The GLOBAL Nation counting along! 




The Great Wall EMPHATICALLY kicks out and launches Wrestletronic off him with a shove outside of the ring! The smile returns to Xiang’s face as he clutches at his own bandaged hand and watches Wrestletronic from outside the ring trying to recover from his bad landing. Hurt and beaten, he crawls to his feet while The Great Wall tries to get back up. 

“Xiǎoxīn!” Xiang warns. 

The Great Wall starts to get to his knees when Wrestletronic leaps and rolls through the bottom rope! He looks for his finishing move called When The Beat Drops… but before he can hit the rolling thunder into the stunner, The Great Wall braces himself, then clutches Wrestletronic by the throat… 


The ring shakes under his feet after the landing, but he’s not done! 

“Shāng tā! Zài!” Xiang screams, telling him to do it again. 

The Great Wall nods and then picks up Wrestletronic into the powerbomb position now. The GLOBAL Nation jeer as The DJ of Lucha Libre gets picked up… 


A BRUTAL jackknife powerbomb puts him down on the mat. The Great Wall goes for a pinfall… but Xiang climbs on the apron and stops him. 

“One more!” Xiang screams. 

The Great Wall nods… 


A needless second jackknife powerbomb rattles the spine of Wrestletronic… but The Great Wall STILL isn’t done and gets more loud jeers from the fans. He picks him up one last time despite the referee’s protest to check Wrestletronic… 


The third consecutive jackknife powerbomb connects and The Great Wall now finally goes for a cover with an arrogant foot on the chest and at this point, the arena fills with jeers as it is academic. 





The GLOBAL Nation voice their disdain for the monster as he finally removes his foot off the chest of Wrestletronic. The referee is about to raise his massive hand, but Xiang pushes him out of the way so he can have the honors as Jason Brown makes the announcement. 

“Here is your winner of the match… THE GREAT WALL!

After a dominant ending, The Guangzhou Goliath raises his hands in the air and then shouts out to the crowd while Xiang points at him with his bandaged hand. 

“This did NOT belong at Glory!” Lucas Quinn protests. “Wrestletronic versus Xiang was the match we were supposed to have and instead, he sics this giant to do his dirty work like he always does!”

“Shame,” Mark Deltzer says. “But Wrestletronic picked the wrong fight tonight!”

“He tried his best and he had The Great Wall on the ropes… that’s EXACTLY why The Great Wall punished him like he did.”

While the commentary team is remarking on what they’ve just witnessed, Xiang grabs a microphone and then points down at the unconscious form of Wrestletronic as The Great Wall kicks him out of the ring. 

“THIS is what is going to happen to anyone who opposes us now!” Xiang shouts. “GLOBAL Wrestling has allowed lesser talent to disrespect us for a long time without giving us our due! Now… we are not going to be disrespected!”

Feeling confident now, Xiang rolls out of the ring as the booing gets louder. 

“You hate us because you know that we destroyed one of your would-be heroes and all you can do is sit and watch! And if we wanted to, we could destroy anyone that crosses us!”

He keeps walking along the outside of the ring with The Great Wall surveying the jeering crowd. Trainers are now at ringside attending to the beaten and broken Wrestletronic. 

“That’s right. Remove this excrement from ringside!”

Xiang watches him get helped out, then turns around to take notice of the man that stood up to The Great Wall earlier in the match. Punch Drunk Purcell is sitting in his seat when Xiang turns. 

“Someone remove THIS excrement as well!” 

The Artist of War snatches the drink out of a neighboring fan’s hand, then THROWS it in the face of Purcell! The boxer and MMA fighter gets drenched with beer and the fans jeer him!

“Get them out of here! Now!” Lucas Quinn shouts on commentary. “We’ve got a PPV to finish and this isn’t the time for this nonsense!”

Xiang disposes of the cup, but when he turns, he gets SNATCHED UP by Purcell jumping out of his seat! The crowd go nuts as Purcell rears back a fist… 


…and cold-cocks The Artist of War with a swift right hand to the delight of The GLOBAL Nation! Punch Drunk lets out a howl so loud that his voice cracks, but he waves into the ring at The Great Wall and shouts at him to come and fight him! 

“Good grief!” Mark Deltzer shouts. “Arrest him! We get it! You’re signed with GLOBAL, but you were invited here tonight as a spectator!”

“And that entitles Xiang to throw beer all over him?!” Allie shouts. 

The Great Wall quickly steps over the ropes and starts towards the boxer when security finally swarms ringside to keep the two behemoths at bay! 


Security is trying to keep Purcell restrained while The Great Wall grabs Xiang and helps up The Artist of War! He and The Great Wall get ushered off by other members of security and finally leave ringside. 

“The Great Wall gets the win and makes an example out of Wrestletronic, but he and Xiang may have just made an enemy out of one of GLOBAL Wrestling’s newest signees!” Lucas Quinn shouts. “We’ll try and get a word on the condition of Wrestletronic as soon as medics attend to him after that series of powerbombs, but we’ve got to switch gears and get to our last matches of the night!”

LOGO b&w

8:00 AM

A phone is sitting on a wireless charging stand in a room.  It’s just barely lit by what appears to be the morning sun streaming in through the windows.


As the vibrations of the phone and the opening riff to Coheed and Cambria’s “A Favor House Atlantic” ring throughout the room, the screen of the phone lights up.  The clock reads 8:00 AM.

A hand reaches over and swipes the alarm away.  The song and vibrations stop abruptly.  The hand swipes the lock screen up and unlocks it with a fingerprint scanner.  Two missed calls can be seen, one from 7:30 AM and one from 7:46.

“Hmmmm,” says the phone’s owner.

They pull up Voice Mail and put it on speaker.


The first message starts to play.  “Hey… X.  It’s Darren Best.  I… I hope your recovery is going well.  I just got off the phone with the police.  Apparently you said that you were attacked right after I hung up on you.”  A heavy sigh can be heard through the phone speaker.  “Guess that makes me part of the investigation.  Look.  My issues with you haven’t gone away… but honestly, they feel a little trivial right now.  Whatever I have to say to the cops or lawyers or whoever is probably not gonna be that important in the end, but… I still want to help out in any way I can.  If you need anything, let me know.  You don’t have to call me back.  Just… get well soon. And… X? I’m glad they caught that scumbag.”  Click.  The message ends.

“WAIT. ‘Caught’?” It’s Crusader X’s voice.


BEEP.  The owner of the phone presses the 7 key.


A voice emanates from the phone.  Female.  Young.  “Hi, Mr. [BEEEEP], this is Detective Chanthavong calling from the Los Angeles Police Department regarding the recent incident in Boyle Heights.  As of this morning, we have a suspect in custody.”

“Oh SHIT.”  X almost yells.

“Please call us back as soon as you can for more information.  The number is [BEEEEP].”

X grabs the phone off the stand.  The camera follows it as he hurriedly dials the number.

Cut to black.

LOGO b&w

the los angeles screwjob - ii

This morning.

Giovanni looks like he has barely slept.  Back in the Oval Office, he takes a quick swig of Starbucks coffee and waves Hank Wright in.  The strapping Texan tells G not to bother getting up, hat in hand, as his intense blue eyes pierce through Ferrari.  He is dressed down, ripped blue jeans and a red shirt, befitting of his stereotype.

“Hank, it has been suggested to me that we screw Sean Darring out of the GLOBAL Championship tonight.”

Wright does a double take, pretending to use cotton buds to remove the wax. “Pardon me?  Come again?”

“We’re going to screw.,”

“OKAY, so you are serious?!  Wow,” Hank is shocked, caressing his face with the right hand that has put many of his opponents to sleep, and Ferrari is half-wondering whether it might do that here and now.

“Do you know what you’re doin’, Giovanni?”

Ferrari sits forward uncomfortably in a manner that indicates he probably has a wedgie. “No, I don’t, Hank.  Which is why I’ve asked you here.”

Wright laughs. “For my experience?  Who put you up to that?”

Giovanni affords himself a smile, even though he’s secretly bricking himself. “It’s well-documented Hank, we’re running a series on it next season.”

Hank grins. “Fair enough.  I’ll let you have that one, but if you interrupt me while I’m speaking, you may not see Glory, you get me?”

Ferrari might be Wright’s boss, but he still doesn’t want a whack off the powerful 280-pound man sat before him, so he nods. “Giovanni, you shouldn’t do it.  But, if you’re gonna do it, make sure you’ve got a referee you can trust, a reliable getaway driver and a clear exit.  Don’t wait around to see the fireworks go off, in or out of the ring, get the hell outta there, and don’t look back.  In fact, it would be better for you if you weren’t even in the building, so don’t be, and leave before the main event.  No one will notice.  Darring will want answers, and believe it or not, so will Dream.  He’s a proud man and wants to beat Darring the old-fashioned way, why are you doin’ this?”

Giovanni leans over, so paranoid that he wonders who may hear this in an empty room. “If Dream doesn’t win, they’re gonna fire me.”

Hank nods. “Say no more.  Make sure neither Sean Darring nor Daniel Dream can get near you, let alone see you, for at least four hours after the fact, and if anything, I’d reject all their calls until we return in October.  Who knows about this, if you don’t mind me askin’?”

“Me, Alicia, you…”

Wright puts his hand in Ferrari’s, stopping him from counting. “And someone else, My guess would be Chris Hopper or Ray Young, but you don’t need to tell me.  Good luck, G, and tune in next season where you’ll learn the truth.  It’s not what you think.  If this is the right thing, go with your gut.  Personally, I don’t think you’re doing this because you want to, and you do have a choice.  Sean Darring is a decent, honorable man, he won it by beating Daniel Dream, and he should lose it that way.  But it’s your company,” Wright says, standing up and leaving.

“If only it were,” Giovanni whispers underneath his breath.

LOGO b&w


Cue: “Everything You Hate” by Project Vela

Footage is shown of Angel Ramirez, Saul Morgan and Valorie Vitality all together. We see them coming down to the ring as a unit, messing around backstage, celebrating their wins.

Looks like the time has come to pull the plug on the weak

Your independence gone, control is not what it seems

It’s time to rise up and take it into the streets

The life support is cut, the transformation complete

Reyn’s words are heard over a montage of Valorie pinning various opponents. 

“The East Wind has taken note of your abilities. You have potential, this is true… but right now I see that potential being wasted.”

We hear his words again as the footage shows Reyn tearing her leg apart.

“It is those very friends, that worthless corps you boast about that holds you back.” 

My actions don’t seem so clean

You’re out there pulling the strings

Anything any cage that couldn’t hold

Has escaped and it’s out of your control

Everything you ever hoped that you could be

Only exists in a fake reality

We see Saul having to throw in the towel for Valorie and Reyn stitching his wound. 

The images overlay, so it looks like Alex Reyn is weaving the needle BETWEEN Valorie and Angel Corp.

News clips are shown of the accident at Valorie’s gym. We see her despair turning to anger.

We see her brutally refusing to release the Last Hoorah on Chet Marx! We cut backstage as Angel tries to confront her!

“We’re your friends, Val! We just wanna look out for you!!”

Alex stands between them.

“‘Look out for her’? Listen to their words, Valorie. This is how they see you. As an invalid to be cared for.”

You and I are one and the same

One reflection bound by different names

Recognized that you have become everything you hate

Everything you hate

The voices of Angel Ramirez and Alex Reyn are heard over a montage of Alex Reyn and Angel Ramirez hitting similar moves on their opponent’s.

“You’re putting all this caca in Valorie’s head to get her to be like you! She’s better off with us than you ANY day!!” 

“Then how about you prove it at the Pay Per View… you and your friend… against myself AND Valorie. We’ll see who’s teachings and words are really what’s best for her.”

Cut the cords, cut the cords (that bind you)

Cut the cords, cut the cords (that bind you)

Cut the cords, cut the cords (that bind you)

Cut the cords and be free

Saul reaches out to Valorie, but she knocks his hand away.

LAST HOORAH  is locked on, but Marx’s lights are well and truly out!

Angel Corps come out to confront Valorie. However, they, too, get summarily brushed off


A  photo of Angel Corps catches fire. Burning away Angel Ramirez as we see Valorie felling Jed Johnson. Then Saul Morgan is burned away as it shows Valorie defeating El Principe.

Finally, Valorie Vitality is alone.

The footage cuts to Reyn watching from the crowd.

…And the East Wind smiles.

LOGO b&w

Angel Corps vs. Alex Reyn & Valorie Vitality

Lucha Tag Rules

Downtown Jason Brown takes the stage!

“The following contest is set for one-fall and will be conducted under Lucha Tag Rules! In this match, tags may be made either by touching your opponent, or by entering or exiting the ring!”

The fans cheer as Imagine Dragons’ “Believer”, begins mere seconds before a graphic appears on the Globe’s screens: the US Marine Corps insignia with Angelic Wings behind it, and the letters V to the left, S to the right, and A in the middle, with the US and Marine Corps flags flying to either side.

Angel and Saul aren’t playing to the crowd tonight though! As they walk to the ring, the mood is sombre, focused, and DEADLY serious.

“Angel Corps coming out to the music of the trio as a direct message to the lost member of their unit! And I’m betting it was Angel and Saul who asked for these Lucha rules.” Aliie says.

“Because of Angel’s heritage?” Deltzer asks, but Allie shakes her head.

“The last time they were all together, they had to throw in the towel because Saul couldn’t come to his partner’s aid. That moment has haunted them since. I don’t think they want to risk that happening again. Not tonight.”

Quinn nods. “Lucha tag rules make it easier to assist your partner. At the same time, you still can’t have both partners in the ring together for more than a five count. That means that even against Reyn, if they can isolate one opponent and use the numbers game, they might have a chance.”

“Introducing first! At a combined weight of 360lbs! The team of Saul Morgan and Angel Ramirez! ANGEL!!! CORPS!!!!

The fans cheer as the two slide into the ring. Waiting for their teammate-turned-opponent.

“Blow Me Away” by Breaking Benjamin

Valorie Vitality emerges to a mixed reception, while some fans still want to cheer her, many cannot condone the path she’s taken.  She pays no mind to the capacity crowd, instead focusing her attention on Angel and Saul. Not breaking eye contact with either.

“This is tense.” The Mark says.

“And their opponents! First, from San Antonio Texas! Weighing in at 127 lbs! Valorie!! VITALITY!!!”

As Valorie climbs in the ring, Saul tries to approach her, to say something.


A soft chant begins to spread throughout the arena. Starting as a whisper but growing into a chorus as the lights darken while images begin to flicker on the viewers’ screens. Images of violence, war, and a solitary figure watching it all.

The chanting has grown louder now and the drumbeats of Nightwish’s “Seven Days to the Wolves” rise in volume as mist spreads throughout the stadium, ghostly images of great heroes and villains forming two parallel lines along the ramp.

The rock part of the song kicks in and thunder roars while fire erupts on the stage, revealing the cowled form of the East Wind Alex Reyn, his hands outstretched over the flames. He’s shirtless, save for an open black cloak with a wolf skull mask. His body covered in ancient symbols and markings that seemed almost to glow and move in the firelight.

“And her tag team partner!! Weighing in at two hundred pounds! The First Predator! The East Wind! Alex REYN!!

The flames spread down the aisle in a flash! Igniting the signature Red Carpet and turning it ash black as Reyn begins to walk forward, and the ghostly figures kneel as he approaches them, only to rise up as he passes them as if more energized, turning to watch as he walks, Reyn himself never breaking eye contact with the ring.

“Alex Reyn and Valorie coming to the ring separately while Angel Corps comes out as a unit,” Reese notes. “Do you think that will give Angel Corps the edge in cohesion?”

“Maybe.” The Mark answers. “But who knows what Reyn has got planned.”

“Howl! Seven days to the wolves

Where will we be when they come?

Seven days to the poison

And a place in heaven

Time drawing near us

They come to take us.”

Reyn climbs atop the top rope and stares down at the crowd for a few seconds.  Thereafter, coldly, Reyn steps down removing the cowl and placing it on the ring post before turning to stare down his opponents.

“Eerie. As always.” The Mark says.

The two take a few moments to decide who will open the match. Angel is opting to go first and Valorie wants Reyn to let her handle things.

Reyn takes a bow and steps back, letting Valorie take the lead. Angel takes a deep breath and steps through the ropes to face off against her friend and mentor.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Angel immediately dashes past Val to get to the ropes! Using them as a springboard, she flies back to catch Valorie in a Spinning Arm-Drag, but Vitality parries the fall with a cartwheel, only to find Angel has already slipped out of the ring to tag Saul in!

Single-Leg Takedown by Saul Morgan!


“Excellent use of the Lucha Tag Rules in this match,” Quinn says. “Remember, that was a perfectly legal tag.”

Val and Saul are up! Saul ducks a Roundhouse from Val and slips out the ring to allow Angel to come in with a Slingshot Sunset Slip! Valorie is able to stay standing until Saul takes her head off with a Clothesline! Letting Angel pull her down into the pin!

Saul slips out of the ring! The referee counts the pin!


“Going to take a bit more than that to keep Valorie down, even if she’s no longer one of my favorite people,” Reece sighs.

Val is looking furious now. She needs to stop this two-on-one attack! She sees Saul on the apron and tries to attack him with a Big boot, to keep him from interfering, but Saul sees it coming and drops off the apron to avoid, allowing Angel to catch her in a Schoolboy Pin!


Valorie NEEDS to make a tag! She’s getting overwhelmed by her focused and coordinated opponents! Words not normally used to describe Angel, but on a night like tonight that could cost them their friend to a monster like Reyn, she and Saul aren’t taking ANY chances!

“Just in case anyone was wondering who had the advantage in terms of chemistry, well, I think that’s plain to see,” Allie claims.

Valorie dashes to the ropes to try and leave the ring, but as fast as she is, Angel is faster and gets to the ropes before she does! Taking Valorie down with a Springboard Moonsault!


“Impressive work by Angel, who many fans feel has breakout potential,” Quinn believes.

“No doubt about that,” Allie agrees.

Angel isn’t wasting any time! She slips out the ring, switching out for Saul again. Valorie tries to roll out the ring-

Only to find her exit blocked by Reyn himself.

Her eyes widen in surprise, but his are cold and judging.

“Earn it.”

Valorie’s look changes to a hard glare. Then she nods and pulls herself to her feet. Meeting Saul with that same hard stare. Reyn’s right. She’s not going to be his charity case.

There’s a sadness in Saul’s eyes. Looking at his friend and at the serpent outside the ring. But his resolve hasn’t wavered.

“Well, this is awkward,” The Mark states, summing up how a lot of people feel.

The two lock up! Saul has an edge in size and technique! He switches behind, going for a Full Nelson, but Valorie backs them both into the ropes to get some separation. She grabs Saul’s wrist, bringing him to the mat with a judo-like over-the-shoulder Arm-Drag! She goes to follow up, but Angel grabs her ankle from the outside! It’s only a momentary distraction, but that’s still enough for Saul to bring her down with a Belly to Belly Suplex! He slips out the ring as Angel goes up top! Looking for Angel’s Flight! (Flying crossbody)

Valorie ducks! She hits the ropes! Crucifix Flying Headscissors! She goes to slip out the ring so Reyn can come in-

But Saul attacks Reyn from behind!!

Saul is laying into Reyn with some hard blows-! Until a sharp jab from the East Wind catches him in the throat! He doesn’t even have time to cough before a right hook crashes into his temple! A knee is smashed into the bridge of his nose, he’s getting overwhelmed by one of the most dangerous men on the roster!


“That’s a hell of a chance to take when you’re flying INTO The East Wind,” The Mark reckons.

“She doesn’t care about that Mark, and nor should she.  Angel Ramirez isn’t afraid of anyone, and if anything, Alex Reyn should be afraid of HER,” Reece reasons.

Saul immediately rushes to the kid, even as his nose is bleeding and his eyes watering. But she’s alright and is immediately making sure HE’S okay. He gives her a nod, a look of. “I’ll be alright.”

Angel’s eyes meet Valorie’s who is coldly watching the scene, and a fire suddenly burns in Angel’s.

“See, the girl is fearless,” Allie affirms.

She dashes into the ring! Getting up in Valorie’s face! The mics don’t pick up her words, but the angry tone and the fingers wildly pointing from Val to Reyn to Saul make the meaning clear!

That bastard is hurting our friend, and you’re siding with HIM??

Valorie angrily shoves Angel back, but the teenager responds by violently slapping the taste out of her former mentor’s mouth! She goes to slap her again, but Valorie catches her wrist! Pulling her into a Leg-Lariat Kick, only for Angel to duck, switch behind, and pull Valorie down into an O’Connor Roll!!


But Angel is already moving to tag Saul in!

Until Valorie leapfrogs over Angel to land between her former friend and the ropes!

Even Angel is shocked by that and actually backs up a step as Valorie turns to glare over her shoulder at her.

“She looks scared there, Allie,” The Mark points out.

“Doubtful,” Allie bites back.

Spinning Back Kick strikes Angel! Saul tries to come in but gets caught with a Roundhouse!

Valorie backs up into the corner, stomping on the mat! Calling for Sweet Chin Remix!

Angel rolls out the ring to avoid it!

“Smart, Mark, not cowardly.”

“You’re right, Allie,” Lucas interjects.

“She has learned a lot throughout the entire season and put in a fantastic performance against Bianca Davis at Magnum Opus and so far, we’re seeing another one when it really matters,” Quinn continues.

…Except that it was a feint so that Valorie could slip out of the ring and allow The East Wind to enter the match for the first time.

“It was inevitable, and everyone just leaned forward in their seats in a combination of excitement and fear, both here in the arena and, no doubt, all of you watching at home,” The Mark anticipates.

Angel rushes the ring, trying to get in to fight Reyn, but Saul IMMEDIATELY grabs her and pulls her back! There’s no way he’s leaving the kid to fight a monster like Reyn! He’ll handle it.

But then Angel grabs HIS wrist. She’s not leaving her best friend out to the wolves, either!

“While I admire how much they care about one another, any more indecision here and one of them will get seriously hurt.  You can’t afford to give Reyn an opening like this,” Deltzer offers.

The two argue as Alex Reyn takes the center of the ring. Arms folded as he watches them impassively. Neither member of Angel Corps wants to leave the other to face Reyn alone. They’ve seen what he does to people. Saul tries to go in, but Angel tags him out! Angel tags herself back in, but Saul tags her out! Angel tags herself back in! Saul-!

“I am s-poke too soon!” Deltzer confesses.


The former marine drops off the apron. The choice has been made FOR Angel Corps. Angel is alone against The East Wind. And now, he has turned his gaze upon her.

Fear and defiance war on Angel’s face. She dashes to the ropes, trying to use another Springboard atta-


“Breathtaking,” Quinn calls.

“He’s an incredible competitor, no matter what you think of him,” comes Mark’s assessment.

She’s rolled backward into a Single-Knee Camel Clutch! Barely able to gasp out as her small spine is wrenched back against the East Wind’s knee! Her face is white with agony, her pupils pin-pricks! This could cause serious damage!


“Saul certainly did the right thing there,” Lucas opines.

The fans cheer Saul as he makes the save for his partner. He goes to check on her. She seems a little out of it, but not seriously hurt. Then his eyes lock on her attacker!

The two stare down each other for a second. A low, warning growl rumbles in Reyn’s throat, but then his gaze shifts towards his partner… then back to Saul Morgan. His head tilts, a sudden interest in his eyes. And as Saul comes into fight Alex Reyn, the East Wind gracefully falls backward over the top rope. Tagging himself out, to let Valorie fight her former partner.

The two face off yet again. And this time, it’s one on one.

Valorie makes the first move with a Superkick! Saul ducks! He tries the Full Nelson again, but Valorie counters with a Hip Toss! She follows up with a Roundhouse, but Sean catches her leg! He tries to use another Single-leg Takedown, but Valorie tosses him overhead with a monkey flip! Holding onto both wrists, she pulls his skull into a brutal-looking knee on the mat!

A tag is made to Reyn, who grabs Saul by the head and knees him violently in the temple! Over and over! Mauling his opponent with grounded knee strikes on the mat!

“Well, Allie, these two are also working well together,” The Mark says.

“That, they are,” Reece begrudgingly agrees.


“That’s my girl,” Reece shouts, punching the air.

It also gets the fans off their feet as the wild child is on top of the East Wind himself! Attacking him with wild, angry punches to save her friend! Her passionate fury, actually taking Alex Reyn himself off-guard for a second!

But not for long.

An arm snakes around her neck! Guillotine Choke applied! 

“Just like that, one move, one counter, and all of the momentum shifts back to Alex Reyn, and takes this capacity crowd out of it,” The Mark half-raves and half-laments.

Angel starts thrashing in the hold! Trying to break free, but Alex applies a Bodyscissors! Locking her in place! Her face is turning purple as he cuts off her airway! She’s too stubborn to tap, but this could do serious, lasting damage!

Saul tries to break it up… But Valorie blocks him.

Saul is furious now! That’s HER friend in there! Her friend getting choked out by Reyn!

“Valorie, Valorie, Valorie,” Allie shakes her head, dejectedly.

“She made her choice,” Valorie says coldly.

Angel is fading fast! Her eyes have rolled back into her head! Her body is going limp! She might be about to…


“Morgan had to do that, or this one was over,” Lucas predicts.

He pushes Angel out of the ring. Out of harm’s way.

But now he’s surrounded by Valorie Vitality AND Alex Reyn.

…And as they slowly approach him, he sees the same cold, hunting look in BOTH their eyes.

He tries to fight back! A punch to Reyn! And elbow to Valorie! But now THEY are the ones moving like a coordinated unit! Valorie ducks low, tripping him up with a Leg Sweep as Reyn cuts him in half with a vicious spear!

Reyn’s out of the ring before the five count. Valorie is the legal (wo)man. She tries to turn Saul over for the Last Hoorah (STF Camel Clutch), but even winded from the Spear, Saul is fighting back! He tries to pull her down into a Triangle Choke, but Valorie counters by rolling him up into a Jackknife Pin!


They’re both up!


“What teamwork,” The Mark calls, leaving any bias at the door, and of course, he’s right.

She wraps her legs around his head! Applying a Headscissors Crossface Choke on the mat! Wrenching pack to cut off the flow of blood and bend Saul’s neck back at an unnatural angle!


She rolls off them! Hitting the ropes for a Springboard Moonsau-!

Reyn dropkicks her out of the air!

…Or tries to, except she flips OVER his kick, landing behind him! Immediately leaning back to dodge a Roundhouse kick from Valorie like something out of The Matrix! She spins to face off with Valorie as Reyn slips out of the ring to avoid the referee counting their team out.

Angel hits the ropes again. She slides between Valorie’s legs, grabbing her ankle mid-motion to trip her up!

Double Stomp! Valorie rolls out of the way and Angel jars her leg on impact with the mat before Val takes her down with a Leg Sweep Kick from the mat! She grabs Angel’s ankle before stomping her knee into the mat!

Angel cries out in pain, but Valorie has already tagged out for Reyn, who savagely attacks the leg with a socket-wrenching Dragon Screw! He twists the leg again with a second Dragon Screw! A third!

“Reyn is relentless,” The Mark moans.

She’s dragged to the corner. The ring post now between her legs as Reyn is looking for a Swinging Slingshot Dropkick that will crush her knee against the ring post! 

“Seen this before,” Deltzer states, dreading the consequences.



“Fantastic by Morgan, NO, WAIT!” Quinn shrieks in shock.

No! Reyn flips out! Landing on his feet on the apron! He springs up on the top rope-



“Extraordinary action, especially by Angel,” Quinn beams.

Angel comes up holding her knee. There’s evident pain on her face, but also determination. She can handle this pain. She can hold on for a little longer.

For Saul.

For Valorie.

She’s going to put Reyn in the GROUND.

She’s going up top. Psyching herself up for Falling Angel (Split-legged Moonsault)!

Valorie knocks her off the top rope! As Angel falls, her leg gets caught in the top rope! Leaving her dangling upside down in the corner, “Tree of Woe” style!

Reyn hits a Running Dropkick to her trapped knee! 

“He didn’t get what he wanted last time, but he did there,” Deltzer contributes.

Angel can’t help the scream. Reyn has rolled out the ring. Clearing the way for Valorie to hit a Running Dropkick of her ow-


“Selfless by Saul, and we knew that about him already,” Allie gushes.

That may have given Angel some space! Reyn is up on the apron to grab at her leg,  but she hits him with a snap kick from her free leg! Almost knocking him off the apron before he catches himself!

Angel pulls herself up, so she’s sitting on the top rope.

A moment passes as she stares Reyn in the eye. Steeling herself for what’s next…


“Angel putting her own life on the line to take out Reyn!!” Quinn calls

“This is how much this means to her! This is a battle for her friend’s soul! She’ll do anything it takes to take out the devil that has its claws in Valorie!”

Speaking of Valorie, she strikes Saul with a Spinning Back Elbow! A knee to the gut and then a Roundhouse-!

Saul catches the leg!

His eyes meet Valorie’s.

She tried to cripple Angel.

His mercy?


Whatever poison Reyn has put into her, he’s about to BEAT it out of her!

“This looks OMINOUS,” The Mark says, almost shaking his head.

Takedown! He’s got her in a mount, punching her relentlessly! She dodges the last one and rolls it into a mount of her own, but Saul catches her in a Triangle Cho-!

No! Val grabs the ropes before it can be locked in!

They separate! Both up! Better Call Saul (Roundhouse Kick)!!

No! Valorie Dropkicks the knee out of his supporting leg!!

“I may not be as keen on her as I once was, but that was a heck of a counter,” Reece concedes.

The leg bends at a sickening angle, and Saul has to bite his own lip to keep an involuntary howl of pain from leaving. Even then, the agony is clear on his face, and Val is not done. As ruthless as her corrupter now, he places his ankle on the bottom rope and brutally STOMPS on his knee before locking in a Stump Puller!

“An evil move in the wrong, or right, hands,” The Mark states.

“Evil, then,” Allie hisses.

“It sure is, and I can attest to that,”  Quinn says knowingly.

The move continues to wrench his leg at an unnatural angle, and Saul has to escape by kicking Val in the back with his one good leg. He tries to get away, but he’s obviously hobbled and limping! Valorie is on top of him, overwhelming him with a sequence of strikes, hitting his orbital bone, throat, temple, the bridge of his nose, striking the most vulnerable parts while he can barely STAND, let alone fight ba-


“WOW!”  Aye, that’s Allie.

Valorie is spent sprawling across the ring, but Angel is right on top of her! Her hair is wild, and blood is flowing down her face from where she hit the ring steps on the way down, but her eyes, the steely, burning look on her face makes Valorie think, for the first time in this match… that she might have made a mistake.

Angel punches her in the mouth!

The fans cheer, but for once Angel isn’t distracted! Over and over and over again she punches Valorie against the ropes until her friend is spitting out blood!

Valorie tries to move, only to find that she’s tangled up in the ropes! Trapped and unable to move!

There’s no more pity in Angel’s eyes. No more mercy. Valorie crossed the line.


Angel picks herself up. She’s moving with an obvious limp. But she hits the ropes again, and AGAIN hits another dropkick to her former mentor’s face!

She’s even slower to rise now. Her limp is even more pronounced, blood flowing faster from her head wound. But she continues to push through it to-


“Just when you don’t expect it, he can hit that at any time, early or late, and at this stage in the game, it’s a tide-turner,” The Mark boasts.

“Another thing, Mark, I’ve heard people say the spear is a big man’s move, but Reyn’s version looks brutal, proving it’s not,” Quinn says aloud.

“It’s so accurate, fast, and unexpected.  There’s always a lot of torque and momentum behind it, and two hundred pounds is not insignificant, especially with evil intent behind it,” The Mark analyses.

The small girl is turned inside out by a move intended for wrestlers twice her size! The East Wind, blood flowing from a similar gash on his own head and a cut on his back, grabs the winded and gasping Angel by the neck in a familiar Reverse Chinlock.

It is time for the East Wind Cutter (Lifting Rolling Cutter).

Valorie signals for him to halt!

Alex is surprised for half a second… then gives her an interested look.

“She’s mine.”

His response is a small, amused smile. He releases Angel-


“That’ll get anyone’s attention,” Allie states.

Alex is stunned by the attack, reeling backward… RIGHT INTO A DRAGON SUPLEX FROM SAUL MORGAN!!

The fans are fully behind this rally from Angel Corps as Saul uses the ropes to pull himself up, then knocks Alex AND himself over the top rope with a Cactus Clothesline!

Valorie tries to grab Angel, but she’s running high from the adrenaline of the rally and springs off the ropes with a Moonsault! Val catches her, but Angel uses the momentum to Spin around, and spike Valorie with a Tornado DDT!

Outside the ring, Saul has got Reyn in a Full Nelson! He’s dragging them both onto the announcer’s table! His grip is like a vice and yet, against the monstrously tenacious East Wind, he can feel it slipping!


He calls desperately to her and she looks over! She sees her best friend holding Reyn as he struggles to break free! They’re both lying on the table! In fact, they’re perfectly lined up for…


No. No. No. No.

He wouldn’t. He COULDN’T be?!

But his eyes lock with hers, and he gives a small nod.

His leg is almost useless. If he can make sure he takes Reyn out of this match with him…

He leaves the rest to her.

There’s a moment of hesitation, of sorrow from Angel.

And then she steels herself.


The fans SCREAM in shock at that!! The spectacle! The carnage!! Saul is willing to sacrifice himself just to take Reyn out of the match! Putting all his trust in their youngest member!

“Saul Morgan is my hero,” Reece punches the air, standing up and applauding with the vast majority of the three thousand fans that have packed The Globe for Glory.

Angel rolls off them both. Blood dripping from her forehead. She’s pressing a hand to her ribs, stumbling like a drunk as she slides back into a ring. But her eyes fix squarely on the woman this match is all about. 

“This is so personal,” Quinn comments.

Their eyes meet.  Angel wipes the blood from her face with the back of her knuckles. The two are face-to-face now. Eyeballing each other. A flurry of emotions upon their faces. Sorrow, regret, pity, and an unflinching determination as they meet each other’s gaze.

“I’m not giving up on you.” Angel says.


The move rocks the ex-marine, but what hits harder are the words.

..Give UP on her?




She grabs the girl’s leg! Looking for Last Hoorah! Angel fights back, trying to keep Valorie from turning her over, so Valorie drops into a mount and starts assaulting her with punches! Splitting the teen’s lip in a receipt for earli-

A headbutt from Angel smashes her nose! Angel won’t be beaten so easily!

“What a shot by Ramirez, that was nasty and you have to be against Vitality and Reyn, and Ramirez has been up to that task,” The Mark truly believes.

Now Angel is on top! The strikes aren’t as surgical as Valorie’s, but there’s passion and rage and HURT behind them!

Until Valorie catches her wrist and turns it into an Armbar! Angel doesn’t have time to catch the arm before it’s hyperextended! Only an instinctual kick that hits the ropes saves her from serious injury!

The ref calls for separation, but Valorie is holding onto the lock! Stretching Angel’s arm at a sickening angle!

The count hits four, and Valorie releases. Stalking Angel like prey.

Angel slowly pushes herself up. Still cradling her arm.

Valorie takes Angel off her feet with a Leg Sweep Kick!

As the back of Angel’s head smacks into the mat, Val backs into the corner.

The familiar stomps now bring boos from her fans. Not cheers.

But Valorie doesn’t care anymore. She’s done with all of this. With being a charity case. With needing people.

Time to put it behind her.





“What presence of mind and maturity by the teenage prodigy, the fiery Ramirez kept her composure in the face of immense pressure, and threw Valorie out the other side,” Quinn raves.

The fans are elated! Their hope is back! Angel isn’t letting them down!

She hits the ropes! Adrenaline lets her put aside all thoughts of pain as she comes flying out of the ring with a Suicide Dive that SLAMS Valorie into the barricade!

Angel’s not done! She stumbles as he pulls herself up again, unsteady for a second, but SHE’S. NOT. DONE.


“Outstanding,” Allie applauds.

Everything hurts. Everything is in agony. But Saul trusted her. Saul put his faith in her to win this match. To show Val she’s wrong. Pull her out of this abyss Reyn is drowning her in!

Third times the-


There’s not even a cheer from the fans. Instead, the reaction is sudden, horrified shock at the impact and the sickening, uncontrolled crash.

Angel lies unmoving in a pool of her own blood.

And Valorie doesn’t show a shred of pity.

The girl that was like a little sister to her is tossed mercilessly into the ring to a chorus of boos, and then…

Last Hoorah. On her unconscious body.

The referee doesn’t wait. She’s limp in the hold. Bleeding heavily.

He needs to do his job.


“Everyone, that’s all she wrote.” A clearly dejected Reese says.

“It’s a gutting loss for Angel Corps, but the official did the right thing.” Lucas Quinn adds.

Leaving Angel lying in the ring, Valorie rolls out, looking over at Reyn and Saul who are just now starting to pick themselves up. Reyn uses the barricade for support, then looks over at Valorie.

He gestures down at Saul, then begins walking away…

There’s a moment of hesitation.

Then Val grabs Saul Morgan! Dragging him over to the ring steps!

“Val! Stop!” Reese screams!
In the ring, Angel lifts her head. Unable to move as she sees Valorie drag Saul Morgan so that his arm is in the gap between the stairs and the ring corner, then she backs away towards the barricade, staring down Saul who is lying there with his arm between the ring steps and the corner.

Val’s eyes meet Angel’s and the teenager’s face is pale.

“Please… Please don’t.”

Valorie Vitality charges in and dropkicks the stairs into the corner.

…With Saul Morgan’s arm in between.

As the sickening crack and harrowing scream echo throughout the arena, the camera pans to the East Wind stopping halfway up the ramp.

And the camera catches a small, satisfied smirk curling his lips.

LOGO b&w


“Tonight, the spotlight is yours, Daniel Dream.”

The resonant voice of the reigning Global Champion reverberates, weaving through the air like an anthem of anticipation. The scene materializes, revealing the iconic figure of “The Legend” Sean Darring seated in solitude on the locker room bench. Clad in his battle attire, his hair a tapestry of salt and pepper, he stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of a seasoned champion.

With a sense of purpose etched on his face, Darring gazes downward, lost in the labyrinth of his thoughts. His battle-worn visage tells tales of countless ring wars, a testament to his status as a champion and a living legend in professional wrestling.

As the camera captures every detail, the image of a solitary warrior emerges, poised to script yet another chapter in his storied legacy. The moment’s gravity is palpable as Darring mentally navigates the intricacies of his impending showdown.

“In the hollows of our storied arenas, my legacy finds its enduring place. As for you, your journey has merely unfurled its first chapter.”

With deliberate precision, Sean Darring imparts his words, each syllable a sharp note that reverberates through the air, punctuating the weight of his message.

“From the very genesis of Global’s narrative, you were anointed the chosen one. The embodiment destined to bear the weight of this illustrious emblem.”

A fleeting moment of focus rests on the coveted championship belt, its gilded allure capturing the essence of wrestling’s grandeur. The camera lingers on the emblem that symbolizes glory and supremacy within the realm of our revered sport. It’s a symbol that has crowned champions and etched their names into the annals of history.

“I was a mere echo in the backdrop, a seasoned warrior ushered into the twilight of his career, they thought. But lo and behold, that aged warrior still had an untrodden path to tread.”

A wisp of a smile graces the lips of the legendary figure, a flicker of rare emotion amid the intensity that envelops the moment. The satisfaction of disrupting Global’s carefully laid plans dances in his eyes.

“Thrice, your efforts will be a trilogy of attempts to best me, striving to uphold the laurels placed upon your shoulders. Deceive me once, and the shame is yours. Deceive me twice—shame on my own wisdom. But what transpires when Daniel Dream conspires to play the jester thrice in our grand theater?”

The legend merely shrugs the question hanging in the air, its weight sinking in with a piercing sting.

“Henceforth, every gaze is fixed upon you, Daniel. Should I falter tonight, the torch transitions to the one handpicked for this odyssey? The seasoned warrior retreats to the barracks, toasting to a legacy steeped in survival and triumph.”

With an upraised finger, the legend signals a momentary pause, signaling the audience to await a crucial point.

“But what path lies ahead if Daniel Dream stumbles? What destination awaits? The epic chronicle of Daniel’s quest for redemption dims, leaving only the harsh truth that glory is not a choice. Instead, it shines itself upon those who’ve proven worthy.”

As the camera shifts its focus, the coveted prize of the night takes center stage—the illustrious GLOBAL Championship title. Sean Darring’s voice resonates in the background.

“May the spectacle of Glory commence. May the closing verse of Daniel Dream’s quest for redemption unfold.”

With those parting words, a gradual fade ensues, allowing the legend’s sagacity to permeate and the gravity of the main event’s stakes to shimmer in harmony with the radiant luster of the Global Championship gold.

LOGO b&w


In the dimly lit backstage area of the grand GLORY arena, Daniel Dream finds himself perched upon a sturdy metal chair, a cascade of emotions veiled behind his stoic visage. The air is thick with anticipation, a palpable tension that seems to resonate through the very walls. A rustle of movement heralds the entrance of Jabari Crossover, a charismatic figure, standing tall behind a polished brown wooden podium. The gentle spotlight casts a warm glow upon his sharp features, lending an air of gravitas to his presence.

Jabari’s eyes hold a curious glint as he readies himself for his new talk segment, The Cross Examination. His fingers, elegant and poised, trace the outline of a set of carefully arranged cue cards resting on the podium. Each card seems to bear the weight of untold inquiries, a collection of questions designed to probe the depths of Dream’s psyche.

A hushed murmur of anticipation seeps through the backstage corridors, mingling with the faint echoes of distant cheers from the fervent crowd. Dream’s gaze remains fixed on the podium, a silent acknowledgment of the forthcoming verbal duel. As the seconds stretch into eternity, the stage is set for a confrontation of words and wills, where revelations and challenges are destined to intertwine in a dance of intellect and emotion.

Jabari Crossover asks, “And on the cusp of facing yet another fierce competitor in Sean Darring, where do you find the confidence to step up and fight for the championship again? Do you think you’ll be able to handle the high-pressure circumstances in the grand GLORY arena, despite your recent past performance?”

“The confidence has to come from within,” Daniel Dream says, his voice steady and resolute. “When you look at other sports, you see people afraid of the high-pressure. They airball or miss free throws. They don’t want the ball, they pass out or end up throwing it out of bounds. But me? I’ve lost twice already. I can airball over and over again. But when the pressure is high, I’m not afraid to take a shot. And I want the ball.”

Jabari Crossover says, “So despite these string of losses, you’re not wavering even the slightest? Not only that, but you’re actively searching for these challenges? Why, though? What do you think drives that hunger?”

“There’s a long line of challengers licking their lips to get a GLOBAL Championship match,” Daniel Dream says, a hint of frustration in his voice. “I’ve failed before, and I know that if I fail again, I’m at the back of the line. That’s what’s driving my hunger. I can’t let myself fall behind, not when there’s so much at stake.”

Jabari Crossover responds, “And that’s exactly my point. You said it yourself, there are a number of potential challengers waiting to get their shot at the championships. But why do you want to prove yourself so badly instead of letting someone else have it? It’s not like you NEED this, it isn’t vital for survival. So why can’t you give someone else the spotlight, give them the chance to shine and prove themselves?”

“There’s always going to be a nagging doubt about my status if I don’t prove myself,” Daniel Dream says. “And every time I fail, I feel like I have to prove myself even more. But if I want to get real, I’m a bit of a narcissist. I need the championships, the spotlight, the…GLORY. As much as everyone else needs food.”

Jabari Crossover asks, “So, it’s about the chase, then? You don’t want to reach the top of the mountain and then feel the hollowness of no longer having anything to fight for? Or perhaps you just simply love the competition, the adrenaline rush, the thrill of it all? I don’t think I’ve ever met someone that openly admits to being a narcissist. That’s an interesting thing to admit in such a candid manner… What about your fellow competitors? Does your narcissism make them feel as if they are lesser than you?”

“I love the chase,” Daniel Dream says, a faint smile playing at the corners of his lips. “Being Carnivore, and then once I’m on top of the mountain, I do have something to fight for…being on top of the mountain when everyone is trying to knock me off. If I didn’t love the competition, I wouldn’t be a wrestler. If you can’t enjoy the thrill of combat while thousands, or millions, of people are cheering you on or cheering your opponent on, then you’re already messed up. As for my fellow competitors, I think about ninety percent of them are lesser than me, but I respect the ten percent.”

Jabari Crossover says, “And that ten percent are who, exactly, if I may? Do you have any specific individuals in mind who have caught your attention among your peers, and what did they do to earn that respect?”

“Guys like Alex Reyn, Big Aug, Aleczander The Great, Alfie Button,” Daniel Dream says. “They go out each week and put on the best matches to prove themselves. And of course, Sean Darring. If you’re not here to be the best, get out of GLOBAL, because I plan on being GLOBAL champion.”

Jabari Crossover says, “Final question, Daniel Dream. Do you think Sean Darring is one of those who deserve respect as a competitor? Or is he simply another hurdle in your path to the championship?”

“I respect Sean Darring,” Daniel Dream says, his voice firm. “But at the end of the day, he’s not even a hurdle. He’s just a stepping stone in my path to the championship.”

Jabari Crossover says, “And so with that, we’ve come to a close! Thank you to Daniel Dream, and all luck to him in the GLOBAL Championship match against Sean Darring. The question of who will be able to grab the championship and stand tall in The Globe awaits us, and the main event is coming up right after the break! Don’t miss it!”

LOGO b&w


The screen is black.

In the darkness, the voice of “The Legend” Sean Darring is heard.

“You know they say the third time’s a charm, but you know what they also say? Three strikes, and you are out. The question is, which one will it be for Daniel Dream? He is a worthy competitor, no doubt. He took me to the wire twice before.”

A light shines, and we see a beautiful sunny day over a farm accompanied by an acoustic guitar. Then a local coffee shop in L.A. People enjoying Mexican food at a small town restaurant in Florida. All accompanied by more words from the champion.

“This is why we put our bodies to the test night after night.  This is the reason we sacrifice time with our families.”

Sean Darring’s voice is heard again as we see a farmer working hard, a young college student serving coffee, and a smiling elderly Mexican making food at his local restaurant.

“It’s our drive.  Our passion.  Our purpose.   It’s the vision of this Los Angeles-based promotion of what can become.”

The camera zooms out of the montage of ordinary, hard-working Americans, the Global audience is shown within the flashing images as they are all encompassed within the shining, golden radiance of the GLOBAL Championship.

Cue: “Collective Consciousness (Maniac Agenda Mix)”

The Golden Title turns Red, White, and Blue. An image of the American flag begins to flow over it like an oil spill as a smiley face begins to fade into view

We hear the voice of Mark Deltzer. 

“DANIEL DREAM!! One of the fastest rising stars in our industry! Former IBW World Champion! United States Champion! And a record-setting tag team champion!”

The images are being replaced with Daniel Dream standing smiling on entrances ways, signing autographs, and walking the red carpet as we hear the voice of GLOBAL, Lucas Quinn

“Tonight’s go time, and it’s time we all Bet on Dream and Bet on America!”

We see a montage of Dream executing his signature moves.

The unenlightened masses

They cannot make the judgement call

Give up free will forever

Their voices won’t be heard at all

We see Daniel Dream standing over a crowd of people, draped in the American Flag. He raises his arms and the crowd rises with him, the image of a smiley face is drawn over each of their faces by a telestrator. “Bet on Dream! Bet on America!” flashes across the screen. ,

Display obedience

While never stepping out of line

And blindly swear allegiance

Let your country control your mind

(Let your country control your soul)

A cut and the crowd are wearing Dream’s smiley face mask. The same scene of autograph signings is shown again, but now the fans are wearing Dream’s mask as they mindlessly walk to his stand. On the red carpet, a thousand reporters all wearing smiley face masks take pictures of their Hero Daniel Dream, who smiles from his podium like he’s running for president.

Live in ignorance

And purchase your happiness

When blood and sweat is the real cost

Thinking ceases, the truth is lost

Don’t you worry

You’ll be told exactly what to do

I give my people the lives they need

The righteous will succeed

The image of stocks rising is overlaid on top of “Bet on Dream, Bet on America” t-shirts flying off the stands. In Wall Street, men in Dream masks cheer as footage of The Players, Beel Zebub, and even John J. Truth and Border Control standing alongside Daniel Dream is displayed.

We see suited hands shaking in boardrooms. 

We see Times Square in New York as images of Smiley faces and “Bet on Dream! Bet on America” is shown across every billboard as the camera pans down to show a crowd of people staring up at the billboards wearing Dream’s smiley face mask.

(*Instrumental Break*)

We see shots of the GLOBAL arena. We see the ring painted with the American Flag with a smiley face painted on it. We see the entire crowd of fans all wearing smiley masks. We see Daniel Dream being carried upon a Palanquin by a group of men wearing smiley masks.

The fires of greed will burn the weak

So we’ll make freedom obsolete

Making whole the fabric of society

Collective consciousness is controlled as you will see

We see a montage of people falling to the Carnivore Daniel Dream.

He hits Big Aug with an American Revolution that drops the giant to the canvas!

Over and over, The Carnivore powerbombs the East Wind into a pool of his own blood!! 

John. J. Truth is grabbed from behind, spun around, and felled with the American Revolution to the face!

We see the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, the soldiers of Iwo Jima,  all with smiley faces painted over them by a telestrator. 

We see stacks and stacks of American Dollars being printed, all with the presidents replaced by The Carnivore in his smiling mask and “Bet on Dream, Bet on America!” replacing “In God we trust!”

(*Instrumental Break*)

We see Dream sitting in the oval office, flanked by guards wearing his mask. We zoom out to see the windows painted with smiley faces. Overlayed on this image, we see wartime memorials showing Daniel Dream’s name repeating. We see the Declaration of Independence but with Daniel Dream, Beelzebub, Kid Chameleon, and Paul Sanders’ names replacing the Signatures.

Let your country control your soul

We see an image of Crusader X with a smiley face painted on.

Let your country control your soul

Next, a smiley face is painted over the face of Aleczander The Great.

Let your country control your soul

The image of Alex Reyn is shown with a smiley face painted on.

Let your country control! Your! SOUL!!

Finally, we see “The Legend” Sean Darring holding the GLOBAL Championship. The colors of the American flag pour down his face like blood. His face twists and morphs unnaturally into a smiley face as “Bet on Dream! Bet on America!” flashes across the screen like subliminal messaging. We see Darring’s face has fully morphed into Dream’s mask. We see his body morph until it is not Sean Darring, but Daniel Dream holding the title.



LOGO b&w

"The Legend" Sean Darring Vs. Daniel Dream




The opening chords of “Cult of Personality” by Living Colour blast through the arena to a LOUD chorus of piped in cheers that is quickly drowned out by an even LOUDER chorus of boos! A parade of men in Dream masks march down the red carpet to the ring. Flanking the entrance ramp in a long line as…

“You have GOT to be kidding me.” Allie groans

It’s an image prophesied in the video package! An omen of things to come! Upon a Palanquin carried by men in Dream masks rides Daniel Dream himself! Standing before a podium! Arms spread wide to soak in the crowd’s (Piped in) adulation.

“He’s here! The Hero of GLOBAL has arrived!” Lucas Quinn bellows “The young prince has arrived to claim his crown! Bourne up high upon the hopes and dreams of not only our fans here in GLOBAL but America itself! It’s time to once and for all BET ON DREAM!!”

“…Mate. Does your butt ever get jealous of the crap that comes out of your mouth?” Mark incredulously asks his propaganda-spewing partner as the fans seem to boo Dream even LOUDER.

Riding shotgun with Dream is of course, Beel Zebub wearing a fancy suit, a Dream mask and holding a bag of Dream Dollars that he gleefully tosses to the crowd! Standing behind them both are The Players, Paul Sanders, and Kid Chameleon. Both wearing Dream masks and each waving an American flag that has been defaced with a smiley face painted on it!

“And look at that! Dream making his symbol one with the flag! He’s one with the people!”

“SERIOUSLY??!!?” Allie sounds like she’s going to have an aneurysm at her broadcast partner’s mental gymnastics as a tower of fireworks explodes on the entrance stage!

Stepping off the podium, Dream stands upon the ring apron and spreads his arms wide. The camera zooms out, showing Daniel Dream, Beel Zebub, Paul Sanders, and Kid Chameleon, all wearing matching masks. All waiting for the champion to arrive.

The music fades. The light dims. The arena has once again turned pitch black.

A voice is heard. A young, angelic voice wordlessly singing a familiar tune.

Then it’s joined by several other voices. An Acapella rendition of Europe’s “The Final Countdown” is sung to growing cheers as a lone spotlight shines upon a choir of children in purple, silver, and golden robes.

The fans cheer as another lone spotlight shines upon the GLOBAL championship, wrapped around the waist of “The Legend” Sean Darring, walking to the ring as his arrival is serenaded by the choir singing his theme song!

As the lyrical portion hits, the crowd joins in and Darring turns around to show, not “The Legend”, but Glory’s attendance number printed in shining glow-in-the dark lettering on his robes!

The camera zooms out. Lights shine upon the crowd of fans. The choir. The GLOBAL title, while the champion himself is kept out of focus. This isn’t about HIM. Tonight, this is about GLOBAL. The fans. The People. And the belt that shines for them all!

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we give a heartfelt welcome and thank you to the Miami Children’s Chorus for coming all the way out here tonight to play LIVE here at Glory!” Allie calls.

“What an honor it must be for these kids!” Deltzer adds. “Being personally flown here by their hometown hero! Getting to perform at the biggest show in GLOBAL history! And listen to these fans, Daniel might THINK he’s a man of the people, but the fans know who THEIR champion is!”

And as Sean Darring climbs the top rope and raises the belt high, the Lights all come on at once! The rock music kicks in on the PA and the Miami Chorus, the fans in attendance, and legendary rock band Europe all bellow as one at the top of their lungs:


“What a MOMENT!!” Allie can barely be heard over the deafening crowd!

Eventually, the music fades. The Legend gracefully hands the title over to the timekeeper after giving it a last kiss for good luck.

Newman takes the stage.

“Ladies Gentleman and that technicolour rainbow in between, it is TIME FOR YOUR MAIN EVENT!!”


“This match is set for one fall and is for the GLOBAL Championship!”

The camera shows Daniel Dream as a spotlight shines on him.

“Introducing first! From Atlanta Georgia, now residing in West Hollywood California, weighing in at 225lbs! He is a former IBW World Champion! United States Champion! Tag Team Champion! He is the winner of the Inaugural Gold Rush tournament and has defeated Alex Reyn and August Lazer! He has competed in the first ever GLOBAL main events on both national television and Pay Per View! He holds an astonishing 8-1 record in singles competition! Accompanied to the ring by Beel Zebub and The Players! He is the number one contender to the GLOBAL Championship! ‘The American Patriot’! ‘The Leader of the American Revolution’! ‘The Carnivore’!, DAAAAAANNNNIIEEEEL DRRRRRRREEEEEAAAAAMMM!!!!!!”

The challenger rips off his mask and steps forward! Raising his arms high to the boos of the crowd!

He steps back.

“And his opponent! From Miami Florida weighing in at 240 pounds! He has been in this business for over twenty years! He too competed in the first ever main events in GLOBAL History! He is the inaugural champion and remains undefeated here in GLOBAL! Accompanied to the ring by the city of Los Angeles California! (Pop) He is your reigning! Defending! Undisputed GLOBAL Champion! “The Natural!” “THE LEGEND!” SEAAAAANNNNN!!!! DAAAAAAARRRRRINNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!!”

A far more humble and focused raise of the arm from the champion prompts a much LOUDER cheer from the crowd!


Immediately Dream and Darring start circling each other, but The Players have moved so that they are outside the ring behind Darring.  Beel Zebub has moved too, making sure the champion is surrounded on all sides.

“This isn’t good for Darring.” Allie says. “He has to keep his head on a swivel, focusing on not just his opponent, but the men OUTSIDE the ring as well.

“Now, now Allie.” Spin it, Quinn! “I’m sure everyone is just here to support their friend. We saw last Domination that Dream wants to keep the match fair.”

“No. Dream wants Darring to be healthy enough to GET to Glory. If he and Beel Zebub wanted a fair fight, they wouldn’t have spent all this time getting backup.” Delta says

“Making friends!” Quinn insists.

As Darring and Dream go to lock up, however. The sound of a microphone being adjusted is heard throughout the arena.

“May I have everyone’s attention please?”

Everyone’s attention is drawn to the stage, where the blonde-haired press officer of  GLOBAL Alicia Fawkes is standing holding a microphone and clipboard.

“What’s she doing out here??” The Mark asks before being shushed by Quinn.

That seems to be a question on everyone’s mind as Alicia raises her microphone to her lips.

“I bring a message from GLOBAL management: Tonight is a historic occasion. The Grand Finale of this promotion’s first season and as such, it is important that we end with a champion who truly deserves to win. Who we can be sure to represent us going forward.”

“…I don’t like where this is going.” Allie groans.

Mr. Zebub is smugly nodding along with Ms. Fawke’s words.

“Therefore, by order of GLOBAL Authority, Beel Zebub, Kid Chameleon, and Paul Sanders are hereby EJECTED FROM THE BUILDING!”

The loud “WHAT!!??” by Quinn is echoed by Beel Zebub as the fans cheer!!

“YES!!!” Allie yells, pumping her fist into the air.

“Furthermore! Anyone who interferes with this match will be immediately blacklisted from this company!”

“OH COME ON!!” Paul Sanders, everyone.

The Press Officer looks at referee Aaron Powell who looks from her to Dream’s posse, then back at her again as he gives him a nod and he looks at the group.




“Aaron Powell just got the biggest reaction of his career!”

Beel Zebub is SEETHING! Paul Sanders and Kid Chameleon are throwing an absolute tantrum on the outside and Daniel Dream looks dumbfounded!

“This is all Giovanni’s doing!” Quinn yells, quite obviously parroting the words that are being screamed into his earpiece so loudly they’re audible even to his partners. “That snake just stabbed America itself in the back!”

They don’t have a choice though, as security has already arrived to help them find their way. Daniel Dream meanwhile looks like he’s about to go into shock!

“I know, it’s GREAT!” Reese says to Quinn “And look at Daniel Dream! The man looks like the world just fell out from under him as his entire game plan since Gold Rush is literally walking out the door!”

Dream is left whirling. The bell has barely rung and already his strategy is falling apart! Darring doesn’t waste a second! A Single-leg Takedown brings the challenger off his feet, and Daring has the Figure 4 Leg Lock applied!

“The champion came prepared, surprise, surprise,” Reece yells enthusiastically and elatedly.

“I am, for one, because of the pressure, the stakes, the experience, and even the conditioning of the champion, I did NOT expect Darring to have Dream tied up in a figure four in the blink of an eye,” Quinn confesses.

“Me neither,” The Mark concurs.

It’s an early advantage for the champion as Dream scrambles to the ropes, taking advantage of his strength. Referee Aaron Powell calls for the break and Darring does so cleanly, but his gaze is laser locked on his challenger who is trying to powder on the outside. Regroup and refocus, let his leg heal.

Not a chance.

Darring meets him on the outside. Staying on top of his opponent, he lights up Dream’s chest with a Knife-Edge Chop before rolling him back into the ring!

“The champion isn’t playing around, guys,” Lucas half-laments and half-admires, having been a wrestler himself.

Darring slides back in the ring after Dream to-Get blasted in the face with a Dropkick!

“That’ll get ANYONE’S attention, even if your surname is Darring,” Quinn calls.

The sudden explosive offense takes Sean Darring completely by surprise! Striking him on the chin like a shotgun blast! Unfortunately for Dream, it might not have been the best move right after being in the Figure Four, and he’s seen favoring his knee.

“Did it pay off, though?” Reece ponders.

“Fair enough, Allie.  You don’t want to have an injury this early against this opponent under THESE circumstances, the most important match of your GLOBAL career and in GLOBAL, period.  They say third time lucky, but Dream is unlucky to be in this position, and I just hope he hasn’t injured himself,” Quinn wonders.

“No, it’s not like Sean Darring’s skills or the fact Daniel was in the Figure Four had anything to do with it, right, Lucas?” Reece sarcastically remarks.

Rising to his feet, Dream tries to get Darring onto his shoulders for the GTS, but again, he makes the error of not allowing his knee to recover. His sloppy strategy allows Darring to slip out behind and lock in a Sleeper, combining it with a Russian Legsweep to bring Daniel down to the mat!

“Daniel’s decision-making has been questionable so far,” The Mark claims, more neutral than his two broadcast partners who seem to have an obvious horse in the race.

“He’s off his game.” Allie theories “I think he spent so much time trying to gather a posse, he didn’t plan for what to do when he had to actually WRESTLE Sean without them.”

Sean Darring keeps his eye on the prize. Smoothly transitioning into a Leg pick, but Daniel surprises him with a Small Package! Hooking the tights!

“You were saying, Mark?”  Now it’s Lucas’s turn to reprimand The Mark for a change.


“You were saying, Lucas?”  Reece cannot resist that.


“Respect to the Legend,” Quinn says, if anyone knows the weaknesses of grabbing the tights, it’s the man that owes half his career to illegal pins.”

“Wow Lucas, ever think of playing tennis with that backhand?” The Mark jokes.

They’re both up and Darring once more knocks the wind out of Dream’s lungs with a HARD chop! He shoots Dream off the ropes-

“Sean Darring is all over Daniel Dream,” Allie states for the tape, your honor.

Dream springs off the middle ropes on the other side and hits a Poisoned Rana on the legend!!

“WOW,” The Mark reacts viscerally.

“Amazing agility by Daniel Dream, who is the hunter, not the hunted.  Carnivore just went for the jugular, and now smells blood.” Quinn raves.

That gets a loud reaction from the crowd! Once again, Dream’s athleticism catches the champion off guard! Still feeling soreness in his knee, Dream crawls to lock in a Crossface on the mat! Wrenching back on Sean’s neck that just got spiked into the canvas!

“A quick change of strategy by Dream, and he’ll have to utilise all of that extraordinary ability if he wants to get the right result, come the end of this contest,” Deltzer reckons.

Darring grits his teeth in pain as his neck is bent back at an unnatural angle! He’s able to shift his body weight and swing his legs out to the side until he’s face-on with Dream.

Jacknife pin!



“Offensively and defensively, against Sean Darring, like I said a moment ago, you need everything, Daniel.  He’s the one man you wouldn’t bet against in any situation,” The Mark muses.

“True, still unbeaten in GLOBAL, and how many can say that?” Reece poses the rhetorical question, but The Mark answers anyway, “Not many.”

He manages to twist Darring around into a Powerbomb position!

“Impressive,” The Mark doesn’t miss a beat on commentary.

Nor does Quinn, “And how many can do that to Sean Darring?  Not many.”

Allie shakes her head. “Here we go.  The Lucas Quinn-Daniel Dream Love-In is already underway.”

Wait… He switches grip. Deciding that a Pulling Piledriver would be a better move in this circumstance. Unfortunately, his moment of indecision lets Darring escape and catch him in a Leg Pick-

Dream kicks him in the face with his good leg! 

“Elementary yet effective, Watson.”  No, you’re not funny, Mark.

Darring drops the challenger who rolls out the ring to try and regroup. This time, Darring lets him. He’s got control of the match. Now is NOT the time to rush in and get predictable. He knows Dream only needs one or two big moves to turn the match around. It’s important to keep his cool as Dream continues to look frustrated.

As Dream comes back in, Darring is calling for a Tie-Up.


“Disgusting,” The Mark declares.

“I guess you condone that behavior, Lucas?”

Quinn’s silence speaks volumes, and he nervously shuffles around in his seat.

The crowd is booing loudly, but Dream has already taken advantage of The Legend’s obscured vision to go behind!

“Nerves, the occasion, the will TO WIN,” Quinn suddenly reacts seeing what Dream has in store for Darring and everyone watching…




“I’ll tell you now, Daniel Dream was not expecting that type of counter by Sean Darring, neither was I and probably no one here, but that’s why he’s a legend and the man – and the myth, I guess – here in GLOBAL,” The Mark waxes.

The crowd is off their feet, but the arm is not Darring’s target, and The Legend knows it. Trapping the arm between his legs, he rolls Dream on his stomach, grabs the leg, and in one smooth as silk motion turns the Armbar into a Leg-Trap Hammerlock Half-Crab Ankle Lock!

“That is beautiful, BEAUTIFUL wrestling!” Quinn applauds! His love of the craft briefly overtaking his pro-Dream bias

Dream is crying out in agony as his body is twisted like a pretzel! He’s dead center, too far from the ropes! He lets out a roar of pain, frustration and rage, and THROWS DARRING OFF HIM WITH THE POWER OF ONE LEG!!!

“Look at the power, look at the strength,” Quinn claps, correcting his “mistake” from earlier, even weighing in with a ‘BRAVO, BRAVO,” which makes Allie do a double-take, and The Mark simply shrugs his shoulders.  Reece holds her laughter in, a contrast to the audience’s emotions.

The crowd is shocked as Darring hits the mat! He barely has time to react as a maddened Carnivore throws himself at his prey! Attacking with an onslaught of frenzied strikes that our champion is suddenly having a hard time defending against! He manages to get a second of separation with a desperate headbutt, but Dream is still in control! Locking in a Facelock and bringing Darring down with a Snap Suplex! Using the snapping motion to take pressure off his leg.

He rolls to his feet, maintaining his grip. Another Snap Suplex. Still maintaining the lock as he completes the trio with a third Suplex before a Snap DDT makes the cherry on top.





“Whoah! Dream almost beat Darring on a DDT!” Allie exclaims, but Quinn shakes his head.

“No, Darring would look a LOT worse if that were true. Seconds matter in wrestling and every second he’s being pinned is a second, he’s not being attacked. Darring let the count go as long as possible. Two and three quarters isn’t a three count, after all.”

“He’s a veteran for a good reason. But won’t that boost Dream’s confidence?” Deltzer asks.

“Let it,” Allie replies. “We’ve seen what happens when Daniel Dream gets overconfident. I think Darring wants him to get cocky, to make a mistake.”

Dream meanwhile, is testing how well he can put weight on his leg. Seeing how badly hurt he is. He looks down at his prone opponent…

Then he drops down onto Darring’s back and starts arrowing elbows at the back of the champion’s neck!

“He needs this type of aggression to combat the champion’s experience and excellent start,” The Mark believes.

Darring’s hands go up to cover the back of his neck! He tucks and rolls, grabbing Dream’s leg to catch the challenger in an Ankle Lock!


Quite familiar with that move himself, Dream counters with a Victory Roll on the champion!



Lateral Press!


Dream is staying on the offensive as he grabs Darring’s wrist, looking for the American Revolution!

No! Darring ducks the elbow! Schoolboy Roll-Up! It’s not a pin though, instead, he grabs Darring’s leg for a Heel Hook!

The crowd cheers as Dream is again forced to scrabble to the ropes, he reaches out and manages to get a hold. It’s a clean break, but control of the match is back on the champion’s side, Dream needs to think of something.

…So think of something he does.

“Dream inadvertently knocked the champion into Powell!” Quinn calls.

“Inadvertent, Mark’s pasty white ass.” Allie quips


It’s all the distraction the challenger needs.


Darring’s legs shut closed like a trap. Catching Dream’s arm between them.

“Good job, Daniel.” Mark says sarcastically. “You just tried to use the oldest trick in the book on the man who WROTE it.”

Darring drops to his knees with Dream’s arm in between them for a Modified Armbreaker! Dream howls in pain, he tries to escape from the ring, but again the champion is a step ahead! He follows Dream to the outside, going for a Chopblock-!


Dream leapfrogs backward over Darring! He lands behind the champion, grabbing him in a Waistlock! No! Darring negotiates a Top Wristlock, taking advantage of Dream’s still-hurting arm and slamming the forearm on the apron before rolling Dream back in the ring!

“Darring looking to win it here,” Deltzer says in a mix of shock and admiration.

Darring slides back in the ring after Dream to-

Get blasted in the face with a Dropkick!

…Is what I WOULD say if Darring hadn’t seen it coming and stayed out of range.

And with Dream crashing to the mat…


“Dream is getting predictable,” Mark says. “He’s sloppy, relying on the same old tricks while Darring is focused and learning from his mistakes.”

“He should have spent the last two months focusing on his opponent, not his recruitment drive,” Allie says unsympathetically.

“Don’t count out the American Dream just yet guys,” Quinn says. “Dream’s one of the best athletes on the roster. We’ve seen how he can turn things around in a second.”

Darring isn’t looking to GIVE him a second. He grabs the wrist, looking for the LEGEND LOCK (Triangle Lancer)!



“That is RIDICULOUS power!!”

“See what I mean!?!?!”

“Holy Shit! Holy Shit! HOLY SHIT!!”

The move was something of a desperation counter, however, as Dream is now nursing his leg, unable to really capitalize. But the effect it had on Darring cannot be ignored. Dream is able to get up first, pulling Darring into a Full Nelson.

DREAM CRUSHER!! (Full-Nelson Facecrusher)


Darring escapes, but then Dream hits a German Suplex!

Dream rolls Darring to his feet! He looks like he’s going for the American Revolution…

But then he just elbows the champion in the back of the neck!

The hard blow knocks Darring flat. Dream holds the wrist and begins stomping down viciously on the champion’s neck as the crowd boos! Dream pays no heed as he lifts his leg for another sto-

Darring catches the leg!

Dream’s eyes go wide. The fans applaud. Darring slowly rises, a smirk on his face as the submission specialist is holding the challenger’s leg.

Dream tries to counterattack with an Enzuigiri, but Darring just lets go and the challenger lands flat on his face.

Darring tries to grab Dream, but the challenger REFUSES to let Darring control this match! He hits the ropes and manages to catch the slower champion with a Running High Knee! He grabs the champion!

NEVER WAKE UP (Spinning Lifting DDT)!!





“That wasn’t a strategy that time!” Quinn calls. “Daniel Dream just came within milliseconds of being our champion!”

That fact isn’t lost on the challenger, whose face is growing red with frustration. He rolls into a mount over the champion, firing straight rights down at The Legend, who-

Suddenly traps Dream’s arm for an Omoplata!

No! Dream blocks it, stacking Darring in a pin!



Darring rolls out! He grabs the Ankle and again, Dream tries to use what worked before with another Victory Roll, but again that lack of innovation backfires as Darring simply SITS DOWN to pin the challenger’s shoulders to the mat!




“MY GOODNESS,” and I don’t need to tell you who that is, do I?



But Dream has Waist control! Deadlift German Suplex!

“Darring has the technique and experience, and we know Daniel has the agility, but he also has the strength advantage, or so it seems,” Quinn, convincing the observers at home as much as himself.  You can be the judges, ladies and gentlemen.

He keeps the grip! Rolling them back to their feet! Another?

No! Dream Crush-!

Darring breaks out of the Full Nelson, but Dream has already grabbed his wrist!


No! Darring ducks, but that sets him up for Never Awake! The champion is able to escape the facelock and-

“What action we’re seeing here,” Quinn gushes, praising both performers in this instance.






The challenger punches the mat in frustration! That was luck! That was pure LUCK that he’s not the champion right now! 

“Keep your head, Daniel,” Quinn advises Dream, effectively serving as a coach/manager rather than being the voice of GLOBAL.

He pulls Darring up to lean him against the ropes. There’s a slight limp in the challenger’s steps. Despite his speed, power and athleticism, and stamina, his leg still hasn’t fully healed from Darring’s earlier submission work, and the signs are there.

Meanwhile, he’s leaning the champion against the ropes, angrily getting in his face.

He steps back, winding up for a knife-edge chop!

The Legend ducks! He switches places with Dream, lighting up the challenger’s chest with chops against the ropes as the crowd cheers! But Dream takes the fight to the champion, assaulting Darring with forearms before shooting him off the ropes! 

“If there’s one thing Darring won’t do, and there’s plenty of evidence for this, is give up.  Dream will have to earn it,” The Mark reminds everyone.

Darring reverses, sends Dream into the ropes, Dropkick to Dream’s knee-!

Nope! Dream has that trick scouted and grabs the ropes to halt his momentum! The Carnivore glares down at his opponent.

Darring kips up and locks eyes with his opponent!

There’s a beat.. Then they clash!

Dream crosses the champion up! Going for a Waistlock, but Darring counters with a Drop-Toehold, only for Dream to evade it with a handspring! He spins to face the champion swinging a kick at The Legend that Darring catches!


It’s a hard shot to the back of the champion’s skull that knocks him flat! There’s clear pain on Dream’s face too as he is clearly favouring his knee. He pulls himself up. Going up top. Willing to put himself through more and more pain to bring The Legend to his knees!

“Daniel Dream has just passed that gut check, Mark,” Quinn barks back.

Missile Dropkick!

The direct hit BLASTS Sean Darring into the corner! The pain coursing through Dream’s leg is evident, but he’s pushing through it! Finally focusing on this match! This moment!

Running Knee!


That pain slowed him down just enough for Darring to dodge and counter with a Schoolboy pin!


“It’s going to be Daniel’s night; I can feel it.”  You can see Quinn’s smile, even though the camera isn’t on him.

The counter is impressive, but they’re too close to the ropes. Dream tries hold on through the official’s count, but Darring grabs the rope, using that extra grip to pull himself free of Daniel’s hold and slip out of the ring.  However, Daniel is reluctant to relinquish control, though he may not have much say in the matter.

Inside out Catapult into the bottom rope!

He grabs Dream’s leg to try and damage it further, but even with his eyes watering from having his throat bashed into the bottom rope, Daniel Dream seems unstoppable and shoves Darring into the barricade! Slipping out the ring, he pulls Sean onto his shoulders, looking for Le Fuque You (Attitude Adjustment) on the apron! Darring is quick to counter by grabbing Dream in a sleeper, but the Carnivore throws the legend over his shoulder to the floor! He grabs Darring’s wrist, going for American Revolu-

No Darring with a Drop-Toehold! 

“A marvelous counter,” The Mark reacts.

He grabs Dream’s leg, clearly looking to do more damage.

Dream’s other boot kicks him across the face!

Another kick to the jaw. Darring lets go, clearly stunned and dazed.

A third kick splits his lip!

“I can’t keep up, they both want it so badly,” Quinn

Dream is up now. He grabs The Legend by his long hair and rams him headfirst straight into the ring steps!!

The impact knocks the steps out of place. Blood begins to pool on the floor beneath an unmoving Legend.

“Worrying times for the champion,” Deltzer admits.

Referee Powell has reached a count of eight.

Dream rolls into the ring. The title is almost his.


Dream… rolls out the ring to break the count.

Darring doesn’t get to cite a technicality. Tonight, the Legend will end by Daniel Dream’s hands.

Grabbing Sean by the hair, he tilts his head back to look his blood-soaked face in the eye.

Then he punches the champion in his still bleeding cut!

Another cruel punch! Any goodwill he may have gotten from the crowd for not winning by count out is drowned out as they loudly boo him!

“Lucas, defend him,” Allie demands.

Quinn opts to stay silent.  Furthermore, Dream isn’t interested in what anyone thinks. All he cares about is teaching Darring a less-

Darring shoves him back first into the barricade!

“He won’t go down without a fight,” The Mark peps up.

That’s enough separation for Darring to immediately slide into the ring. He’s trying to give himself some distance, shake off the cobwebs, the throbbing pain in his skull while Dream’s back arches from being rammed into the hard metal barricade.

Gritting his teeth, he slides back into the ring, going on the attack with a Running Knee! Darring tries to avoid it, but he’s still too dizzy, too dazed. The blow is a direct hit!





“That was so CLOSE,” Lucas tells us.  And, in fairness, he is right.

Dream looks MURDEROUS now. He grabs Darring, trying to get him in the John Locke (Full Nelson Camel Clutch), but even now the Legend’s resilience and instincts cannot be denied, even with his skull swimming in throbbing pain, he swings an elbow into Dream that breaks his grip and stuns the challenger, allowing Darring to slip out behind and grab Dream’s ankle.

His equilibrium is off though, the throbbing in his head a distraction as he tries to focus on applying the Ankle Lock which gives Dream all the opening he needs to trip Sean up with a Leg Sweep that makes the back of Sean’s head smack against the mat!

Darring’s hands go to clutch the back of his neck instinctually, but Dream is relentless, grabbing Darring off the mat in a deadlift for a Spinning Backdrop Suplex that DROPS SEAN DARRING NECK FIRST ON THE TOP ROPE!!

“Brutal by the challenger,” Quinn says, his tone falling with each passing move.

The whiplash violently throws Sean back into the ring, landing in his own blood splatter. Dream is in full control, dragging his bloody opponent into the corner and disrespectfully kicking him across the face!

The fans boo, but Dream backs off for a bigger Facewash.

He comes in…


Yeah… Even the fans wince at that one. Dream looks quite pale.

“…Gentleman. A moment of silence.” The Mark says, solemnly taking his headset off and holding it to his chest. And why do I hear Ave Maria?

Hell, even Darring almost looks sympathetic.


Dropkick to the leg that’s between the ropes! Injury to insult!

Injury to Darring as well, unfortunately, as the back of his head hits the mat on the landing. And given he didn’t exactly give himself much time to recover…

We have two people on the mat holding an injured body part.

Darring is the first to push himself up. He tries to grab Dream’s leg, but he is still VISIBLY stumbling as blood runs down his face. Dream shoves him back, kipping up too!

Ah! No! Bad idea from Dream! He immediately stumbles as his leg buckles under his weight! Darring tries to capitalize-


“That could be it!”  Quinn exclaims.

“But, Dream has fallen and he can’t get up,” Reece mocks both her fellow commentator and the challenger, even throwing in a fake doll-like cry.

Dream is clutching his knee with his face scrunched up in pain. He’s pushing through the damage, but it’s still there. Rolling over, he covers the champion’s body with his own.




Dream lets out a loud curse. He was so CLOSE!! If it wasn’t for his damn LEG, he-…

The rage drops from his face. Replaced with a cruel, vindictive smile as he looks at his wounded leg, then at the same leg of his opponent…

PATRIOT LOCK (Ankle Lock)!!

Darring goes from lying unmoving on the mat to suddenly SCREAMING out as his ankle is twisted in an unnatural direction! Dream has grapevined his leg to keep him from escaping no matter how he twists! His head turns left and right, pain etched on his bloodstained features as he tries to block out the sudden agony to try and think of some, ANY way out of this!

“This will test even the champion’s resolve,” The Mark predicts, who earlier told us that Darring would never give up.  Has Deltzer changed his mind?

Salvation is a few meters away. The ropes, just out of reach…

He tries to pull himself, dragging his and Dream’s body weights toward the ropes as Dream responds by wrenching HARDER, causing another involuntary cry from the champion! He reaches out, trying to will his body on, to reach out for…

Got it!

Not on Dream’s watch!

“Carnivore smells blood,” The Mark quips.

The Carnivore pulls him back into the center of the ring, looking to reapply the-


In the second of opportunity he has before being put in the agonizing hold again, Darring takes a page out of his foe’s book and turns the submission into a Victory Roll Pin!!

But he’s not trying to pin Dream. Instead, he grabs DREAM’S ankle, looking for an Ankle Lock of his own!

No! Dream rolls through, grabbing his ankle and turning it back into the Patriot-

Darring lunges forward and immediately grabs the ropes!

He’s not out of danger though! Dream grabs him by the tights, pulling him back into a German Suplex!

He rolls to his feet, still maintaining the Waistlock to hit a second German! And a third!

On completing the last one, he grabs Darring’s wrist, looking for the American Revolu-


“Stand back and admire the action on display, folks,” Quinn proclaims proudly in appreciation of both men.

The fans cheer as both men go down! Dream is holding his knee with a cry of pure agony while Darring barely seems conscious upon the mat.

“Why isn’t Powell counting,” Reece wonders.

“We want a winner, one way or another, Allie,” Lucas responds.

For several seconds, they both lie there. Damage and fatigue clear on their faces. Dream is the first to get up, but he’s clearly checking on his knees, his back turned to a bleeding, exhausted Darring who is having an internal war with himself

Then a grim look of determination comes over his face.



In a mirror of his opponent’s earlier tactic, Dream catches the blow between his legs!

“Darring’s halo dropped for a moment,” Quinn jokes.

He turns around, trying to get Darring up for Carnivore’s Last Hunt! He’s able to fight through the pain to get the champion up, but the leg buckles, letting Darring turn it into a Sunset Flip!

No! Dream drops to his knees, pinning the Legend’s shoulders to the mat!




They’re both up. Both trying to get the initiative, but Dream is just a little quicker on the draw.

Superkick on the button! Darring falls back, tumbling over the top rope and out of the ring!

Dream is following him out. A cruel, hungry look in the Carnivore’s as he grabs The Legend, looking to Powerbomb him onto the barricade!

“Daniel Dream is desperate and fighting like a man totally focused, as he should have been all along, on becoming GLOBAL Champion,” The Mark states.

Desperately, Darring fights back! Punching Dream over and over as the challenger stumbles back against the apron, Darring continues his atta-!

“And Sean Darring wants to keep it as much as Daniel Dream wants it,” Allie retorts.


“Oh my God!!” Quinn screams.


At that moment, the fans move as one.

Not to AVOID the incoming Darring…

But to CATCH him!

“Holy-!” Deltz there.

They lift him up, hands moving to support his weight above the ground, and then…

“They-Are they? Ladies and gentlemen, our fans are CROWD SURFING their champion like a rockstar!” Allie calls.

“This is the greatest!” Mark cheers “These people are showing Dream who the REAL face of GLOBAL is!”

“Uh, I-well come now-!” Quinn, ever the Dream groupie splutters. “They’re clearly presenting the Carnivore his prey… A sort of… Trophy to… I mean they probably… Well, it’s like… Oh, who the Hell am I kidding.”

And he flicks the ‘mute’ switch on his line back to the production truck before calling:


The other two commentators look at their partner like he’s grown a second head, and then…

“Good to have you back, mate!!” Mark says, slapping Quinn enthusiastically on the back.

Meanwhile back at the match…

The crowd has surfed Darring all the way to the opposite side of the ring, putting the ring between him and Dream so that the challenger cannot just rush in and attack him. This moment of respite and overwhelming crowd support seems to have rejuvenated the Legend as the fans surge as one and throw him over the barricade and onto the apron!

Humiliated, rejected, and UTTERLY. LIVID. Dream charges in.

Running Knee! No! Even though the blood still flows, Darring’s head is much clearer! He switches behind! No! Dream switches behind Darring! American Revolution! Darring tries to counter with the Flashbang (Stun Gun) just like in their previous match, but Dream falls back countering into NEVER AWAKE!!

“Smart by Dream,” Quinn observes.

“LUCAS, what happened?” The Mark jokes.

“Just doing my job.”

No! Darring kicks off the ropes the second his feet leave the floor, using that to float over and land behind Dream!

He-Damnit, a sudden spike of pain through his skull! His new surge of energy is already starting to wear off from the quick movements and Daniel catches him with an Overhead Kick! He grabs Darring’s wrist, pulling him in for a Ripcord DREAM CATCHER!!

“If he HITS THIS,” Mark cries out.

But not quite! Darring, the veteran that he is. Over rotates on his fall to take the impact, not on his injured head, but to instead land on his back!

This doesn’t protect him for long. Dream rolls on top of the legend, punching down with wild fury!  Referee Aaron Powell actually has to pull him OFF of Darring as the champion gets the ropes. But the Carnivore surges forward, grabbing the champion and pulling him onto his shoulders for a Le Fuque Yu that will throw Sean Darring out of the Goddam RING!

Screw Pinfalls! Screw Pride! Screw not winning by count out!

He wants Sean Darring out of his ring, out of his way and OUT OF HIS LIFE!!!



“What did I just see?” The Mark, mockingly rubs his eyes with the palms of his hands, implying tiredness.

A rage blinded Daniel Dream is caught off guard as the Champion rams a shoulder into his gut and a forearm shot into his jaw. Finishing it off by grabbing Dream by the neck and pulling his throat down against the top rope!

Dropping off the apron, Darring collapses against the barricade. His chest rises and falls with deep, heavy breaths as blood drips from his cut onto the floor.

Pushing himself back up, he grabs Dream’s leg, trying to ram it against the ring post, but the Carnivore shoves him back! Rolling out the ring, Dream lines up his opponent and charges! Jumping onto the ring steps, he aims for an aerial attack, but the Legend dropkicks the steps, causing Dream to go tumbling to the floor!

“That wily veteran,” The Mark says admiringly.

Darring has rolled back into the ring. He lies there for several seconds, wiping blood from his eyes.

But that gives the relentless carnivore time to get the air back into his lungs and come right after him. The carnivore rolls into the grounded champion, picking him up into the Fireman’s Carry as he rises in one smooth motion! Darring tries to fight out, but Dream drops him on the top turnbuckle with a modified Snake Eyes before hitting a German Suplex into a bridging pin!

“They talk about boxers putting punches together, but when it’s done in wrestling, it’s a wonderful sight, and Daniel Dream has just unleashed a hell of a combination at a decisive moment in this match,” according to Deltzer.


Dream doesn’t release the waist lock though. Even as he winces in pain, he pulls himself to his feet, looking to German Suplex Sean Darring into the CORNER!!

Sensing the impending danger, Darring grabs hold of the ropes! A vicious tug of war ensues with Dream trying to rip the champion off and into the Suplex, but the veteran is a stubborn bastard!

Pardon me?

Dream has almost got it-!

Back Kick from Darring strikes his knee! Russian Legsweep throws Dream in the corner!

“Now, it’s Darring’s turn to dish it out,” The Mark says.

He drags Dream out to the center of the ring! Looking for the move that OPENED this match!




“Neither man will give an inch, and nor should they.” Quinn calls.

The Carnivore had been playing possum, lying in wait and the second Darring applies the hold, Dream suddenly rolls on his stomach to reverse the pressure!!

Darring’s bloody face turns pale! He bites down on his own hand to block a cry of pain as Dream pushes himself up to apply more pressure! Darring, face wracked with agony starts army crawling on his stomach, trying to get to the ropes, but Dream starts crawling them back in the opposite direction!

Darring tries again, trying to get to the ropes, but Dream is too strong, he’s losing too much blood and the pain might be too much. He reaches out… until his arm goes limp. He lies still on the mat.

Aaron Powell raises his hand.

…It falls limp.

A second raise.
It drops.
One last time.

“Crafty son of a …”

“QUINN!” Allie shouts. But even she notes the tone of admiration in his voice.

A scream leaves Dream’s lips! Desperation carved into his features as he surges forward in the hold, grabbing Darring and turning the hold into a Small Package!


There’s no follow-up. No sudden attack. As the two wrestlers, separated, they just lie there. Utterly exhausted in a pool of blood on the mat.

The camera zooms out, showing both wrestlers lying unmoving as the fans are leaving their seats, yelling, cheering, booing, and making noise!

Aaron Powell looks at both wrestlers and begins to count.

They’re still not moving.
A movement. A twitch. They begin to stir.


Will, determination, focus, all pushing them to stand and fight!
They’re both up on their knees. Crawling to meet each other. Dream rocks Darring with a forearm on his knees, but Darring answers with a whip-like chop! Forearm! Chop! Forearm! Chop! The strikes rise in intensity as both men begin hitting each other faster and harder, harder and faster! Rising to their feet as they brawl in the center of the ring!

“The crowd is in awe of what they’re watching, and we knew they would be.  The will to win is off the charts,” Lucas lauds the pair, performing and battling for the richest prize in the promotion, and the most crucial contest of the season, the main event here at Glory.

Headbutt by Darring busts Dream open!

That seems to rally Dream though! He switches behind Darring, but the sudden movement causes pain to flare up his knee! Darring catches him with a Drop-Toehold, but this sends pain flaring up DARRING’S knee! Dream takes advantage of this momentary hesitation to tuck and roll, grabbing Darring’s leg for the Patriot Lock!


Darring turtles on his back, kicking out at Dream’s leg with his good leg! Dream falls forward, and Darring grabs his wrist, looking for the Legend Lock, but with Terminator like resilience, Dream gets him up in position for the GTS!!


“So close and yet so far,” Quinn states.

He stays in control! Keeping hold of Dream’s leg, but the Carnivore kicks him in the face with his good leg! He pulls Darring down, rolling on top of him in a mount, but Darring dodges his punch and catches him in a guillotine choke! Dream is able to swing his body weight to the side to avoid the Bodyscissors and turn the choke into a Lateral Press on the champion!


They’re both up, which shocks our three-pronged broadcast team, and yet by the same token, doesn’t. Dream tries to punch Darring in the mouth, but the champion counters with a Flying Armbar! That cause his vertigo to flare up though, making the world spin and letting Dream pull his arm free! He goes for another mount, but he’s getting predictable again and Darring almost gets in a hard kick to his knee! Dream is able to get out of range just in time, but now he’s trying to get around Darring’s defenses, trying to get a good angle as Darring keeps turning to face him. Using his legs to keep Dream at bay.

Darring kicks out again, Dream grabs the offending leg. Darring kicks out with the free leg, Dream grabs THAT leg too!


No! His leg buckles again! But Dream LETS himself fall back to Alley-Oop Darring neck first into the top rope!

Dream Crusher!


Dream can be seen gasping on the mat, holding his groin in his hands as Darring rolls to the ropes. He uses them to pull himself to his feet before grabbing Dream’s wrist.




“Daniel almost achieved his DREAM, pun absolutely intended, right there and then,” The Mark believes.

Dream is right on top of him! Lookin for the American Dream (Cobra Clutch) on the mat! Sensing danger, Darring instantly scrambles to get to the ropes, but Dream pulls him back!

American Revo-No! It’s a feint! DREAM GETS HIM UP FOR THE GTS!!

His leg can’t support it though, so instead he tries to just drop Darring throat first on the top rope, but the legend blocks the impact!

That may have distracted him though! AMERICAN REVOLUTION!!


“Desperate times, though I wouldn’t call Darring a desperate man.  He knows where he is at all times,” Allie contributes.

Dream skins the cat! He grabs Darring from behind before the Legend can react! Dropping off the apron to yank the champion’s neck against the top rope!

“Love him or hate him, he’s a hell of an athlete,” Quinn compliments Dream, threatening to revert to type, but he is right and even Allie admits it. 

“That, he is, and he’s an amazing all-rounder, too.  You have to be to push Darring this close not once, nor twice, but three times.”

The landing jars his knee however, and both wrestlers are now clutching at their respective injuries.

Gritting his teeth, Dream grabs Darring’s legs from the outside, pulling him into a Catapult position, looking to swing his head into the barricade!

A poke to the eye from the veteran! He rolls Dream up!

There’s no pin though. What would be the point on the outside?

Instead, it’s a distraction to let Darring roll back in the ring and roll to the opposite side. Forcing Dream to expend more energy and wear down his leg further crossing the distance to come after him.

Dream grabs Darring, limping slightly as he drags the champion back to the center of the-

Small Package from the Champion!


“DAMN, that was close,” Allie hurts her hand, smacking the desk, and laughing as if she copped one on the funny bone.

That tactic had almost won Darring the match and the Legend surges forth with that new momentum, trying to snatch Dream in the Legend Lock, but that close fall has rallied Dream too and he reverses by grabbing Sean Darring’s leg and rolling through into the Patriot Lock!

No! Darring rolls it into his own Ankle Lock!

Dream counters with a Victory Roll! Callback to the start of the match!



“Dream, how does he do it?  He should be asleep right now,” The Mark cracks…

“IT’S NOT FUNNY, MARK,” Allie yells.

Both separate! Up on their feet! Dream catches Darring in a Front Facelock, looking for Never Awake, but the second he takes to plant his good leg to take the weight let’s Dream pull his head free and grab Dream’s wrist, trying to pull him into the Legend Lock, but Dream maintains his position! A tug of war begins! Dream is stronger, but his leg is a weak point in his base.

A weak point Darring looks to exploit with a sudden Basement Dropkick, but Dream leaps over him and comes crashing down with a Double Footstomp!

Dream rolls off of Darring. Wincing as he cradles his knee before crawling over the champion for a cover.


Dream lets out a sigh. Taking a deep breath and wiping the blood and sweat from his brow, he rises to his feet behind the Legend. Calling for his rival to stand up.


“The American Dream may make Dream’s dream come tru—Allie, don’t!” The Mark calls, wishing he hadn’t, as Reece threatens to give him a right hook.

This time he’s got it locked in and this time Darring is struggling in the hold! Dream has it in tight!

Wait.. the corner! It worked in their first match!

He’s too far from the corner though… But the ropes might work. Too far to grab, but his legs…

He gets his foot on the bottom rope, walking up the ropes to counter the cobra clutch with a-


Dream counters Darring’s counter! Knocking all the wind from his lungs at the same time!

“Ordinarily, that could be a match-winner.  Here, it seems to be a match-saver,” Deltzer says, finally speaking some sense, or so it seems.

The hold is tightened. And this time it looks DIRE for the champion! He’s on the mat, losing too much blood as circulation is being cut off!

He begins to go limp.

Referee Powell checks his arm again.

It falls limp.

A second check.

Again, it falls limp.

Has the Legend bled his last drop?


Then Darring PUNCHES it into the mat! Fire is in his eyes as he starts pushing himself off the mat and rising to his feet! The fans’ cheers are DEAFENING at the sight of this rally as Dream’s eyes widen in horror!  His grip is slipping as the Legend is standing up!

“Look at the desire, drive, and determination from Darring,” Lucas raves in a rare instance of admiration for the champion.

“CALL IT! CALL THE BELL NOW!!” A voice screams in referee Aaron Powell’s earpiece!



Powell hesitates…


He looks at the two struggling wrestlers, then at the timekeeper’s table…

And the belt shining upon it.

…Someone higher up had ordered Dream’s posse banned from ringside. And Powell had to believe it was Giovanni.

Giovanni wouldn’t want the match to end like this.

And honestly?

Neither does he.

“No.” Powell says and rips out his earpiece.


Dream is getting desperate! He switches tactics! AMERICAN REVOLUTION!!

…That was his mistake.


“COULD THAT BE IT?!” Quinn screams.

The crowd is on their feet as The Legend falls into the cover!!



“A HEARTSTOPPING NEAR FALL, and EVERYONE, AND I MEAN EVERYONE, IN THE GLOBE THOUGHT THAT THE GLOBAL CHAMPION HAD DONE ENOUGH TO RETAIN HIS TITLE.” Lucas begins to splutter, suffering from the effort and effects of taking his default, booming voice to heights that it’s not supposed to go, but hey, that’s the job.

The crowd is in an absolute uproar! They’ve risen to their feet, some cheering, many booing, some even applauding as they urge their champion on!

As both lie on the mat, breathing heavily from exhaustion, the camera zooms out to show the entire arena on their feet!

It cuts to the GLOBAL title, lying beautifully upon the timekeeper’s table, its polished plating reflecting the light to capture the image of Dream and Darring slowly rolling to glare at each other upon its surface. The struggle for this very belt.

Kip-up by Dream! He’s unsteady for a second, but maintains his stance, a challenging glare fixed on the champion! Darring’s rise is less flashy, more conservative. But no less defiant.

There’s a tense stillness in the air… this is the endgame.

Then they lock up! A headbutt from Dream staggers the champion! He goes for a straight right, but the wily veteran catches the punch and takes Dream down with an Arm Drag! He holds onto the wrist, clearly attempting the Legend Lock again, but Dream almost pulls him in for an American Revolution like Short-arm Elbow!

“How much more can they do; how much longer can they go?” Reece wonders aloud.

No! Darring ducks, crossing Dream up! He grabs his leg for yet ANOTHER Leg-Pick, but Dream has LONG gotten wise to that move and kicks the champion in the face in a Twisting Front Dropkick! He mounts the champion, but The Legend reverses the mount and rolls on top! He tries to punch Dream in the mouth, but the carnivore catches the punch and rocks Darring with a vicious right cross! He hooks an arm around the champion’s neck and rolls of the matt, lifting the champion into a deadlift vertical suplex! His knee buckles almost immediately.


“Dream is tenacious and relentless, we knew that, we knew he would be, and he hasn’t disappointed,” Lucas compliments the challenger again, though that friendship is probably out of the window.

The fans’ winces turn to boos as Dream adds insult to injury by stomping down again and again on the wounded champion! He rolls Darring over, going for John Locke, but again Darring slips out behind and grabs Daniel’s leg, only for Dream to roll forward and throw Darring face-first into the top turnbuckle!

Balancing his good leg on the middle rope, Dream uses that for support to spring up and Superkick Sean Darring in the back of the skull!

As Darring falls back, Dream drops low and catches him in a Schoolboy Pin! His feet are on the ropes!

“NO, not like this,” Reece screams.

No! Referee Powell sees Dream’s feet on the ropes! But Daniel pushes off the ropes and turns the Schoolboy into a fully legal Jackknife Pin!


Dream lets out a SCREAM of frustration! He lunges himself at Darring, swinging wildly, but the champion meets him head on! Like a hockey fight on the mat as the two technical marvels are just resorting to beating seven bells out of each other!

“THIS IS AWESOME!!” *Clap! Clap! Clap-clap-cap!* “THIS IS AWESOME!!” *Clap! Clap! Clap-clap-cap!* “THIS IS AWESOME!!” *Clap! Clap! Clap-clap-cap!*

They’ve both risen to their feet! Blood and spit flying from the blows! Darring tries to kick out Dream’s leg again. But Dream catches the attack!


He rolls out the ring! Pulling Darring off the apron and onto his shoulders to avoid having to lift the champ! He’s eyeing the barricade madly again! Clearing intending to give a Le Fuque Yu to Sean Darring onto the metal railing! Fortunately, Darring is able to struggle free and slip behind the champion! He tries to shove Dream into the ring post, but the challenger is able to get his hands up to block the impact! Darring attempts a Chop Block, but as he dives for Dream’s leg, Dream kicks back and there’s a sickening CRACK as boot meets skull!

“You’re not supposed to hear that sound, folks, but these two men…they’re not human, fortunately for them,” Lucas tells us.

“And for us,” The Mark laughs.

“True, God, I love my job,” Reece freely admits.

Darring drops lifeless on the outside mats.

Dream limps into the ring. He’ll take a count out. He doesn’t care. He just wants this done.

Powell doesn’t want to do this…

But he has no choice.

The fans are chanting Darring’s name! They know he won’t let them down. This match won’t end like this!
He’s not moving though. The pool of blood is getting bigger.
As tough as Darring is, he’s still flesh and blood.
And he had just dived headfirst into a violent kick when his head was ALREADY injured and losing blood.
A twitch of the hand. A closing of the fist. Darring is starting to move!
Darring is pushing himself to his feet! Dream’s eyes have gone wide with disbelief!
Darring suddenly collapses! A dizzy spell bringing him to his knees!

The Carnivore looks ballistic at this point! There’s a wide-eyed, frothing madness in his eyes as he seems to be repeating the same question over and over:









It was time to end this. And it had worked on Reyn before. Dream didn’t care HOW much pain it put his leg in.

Still, he wrapped his good leg around the ropes for support, keeping that blocked from the referee.

CARNIVORE’S LAST HUNT (Elevated powerbomb)!!

“I know I’ve said it before, but I truly believe it, if he HITS THIS, IT’S OVER,” Lucas raises his voice, sacrificing it for the greater good to convey the emotion and importance of the occasion.


“Oh, he REALLY wants to make sure,” comes Quinn’s follow-up.

He lifts him up! Another! And another!

Darring has gone limp at this point!

But Dream won’t stop.


“Come on Daniel, that’s ENOUGH,” Allie growls.

It had worked on Reyn! It’ll work on Darring!

Over and over, The Carnivore slams The Legend into a pool of his own blood!

One. Last. Time.

He drags Dream to the center of the ring. Willing to take pain in his leg for one last Hunt in the middle of the ring and show everyone who the REAL face of GLOBAL is!

“Well done, you proved your point.” Reece criticizes Daniel.


…That last moment of hubris cost Dream the match.

Had he pinned Darring then and there. Had he pushed Darring out of the ring, he might have won. But his final choice, his last prideful decision to leave that last exclamation point had given Darring just enough time to recover his senses. His vision was blurred by his own blood. His arms felt weighted down. He didn’t have the strength to fight back.

But he was able, while up on Daniel Dream’s shoulders, to shift his weight ever so slightly… So that the majority of his body weight was being supported by Dream’s BAD leg.

The leg gives out! Dream suddenly topples over, and with decades of practice turned into instinct, Darring grabs the arm, hooks his leg behind Dream’s neck, and converts the fall into the LEGEND LOCK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!!

“What are we witnessing?”  Lucas holds his head in shock, rising to his feet, and The Mark and Allie Reece instinctively join him.

“There’s no one like him in GLOBAL, or anywhere in – OR ON – THE GLOBE.”  Allie looks at Mark, Deltzer looks back at Reece and they nod.  “Pun absolutely intended.”  Mark’s high-five, however, seems a step too far, and Reece sits down in protest.

Dream’s eyes go wide in pain and fear! He can feel the relentless pressure of the hold! He tries to crawl! Drag himself! Scramble to the ropes! He reaches out! Hand inches away…!

Until it drops limp to the mat. The Carnivore’s body finally gave out. He’s passed out from the pain.

It only takes the referee a few more seconds to confirm it.


“HE GOT IT!!” Reese cheer is drowned out by the CACOPHONIC roar of the crowd!

The Legend has rolled out the ring in sheer exhaustion, he collapses against the barricade as his legs turn to jelly! He looks absolutely exhausted, blood is still covering his face, but it cannot hide the elated smile he wears as the timekeeper holds him his prize! Tears stream down his face as he is reunited with the greatest prize in GLOBAL! Falling back over the barricade, he is once again lifted up by the thousands of Sean Darring fans in attendance! Carried by the crowd as he just has the strength to hold the gold up high! Serenanded by a chorus of “DARRING!! DARRING!! DARRING!!”


Close it out, Newman!


It is as Quinn says. Darring is carried up, through the crowd and out of the arena. The entire crowd moving as one to celebrate with their hero. Their champion!

…Until one man is left alone in the arena.

Daniel Dream, not even able to stand, now lying in the corner with an utterly spent, utterly broken look on his face.

“Daniel… Daniel… Daniel…”

The Carnivore is barely able to lift his head as he sees a disappointed looking Beel Zebub standing on the stage.

“What was it Darring said?” Mr. Zebub continues “Third strike you’re out? Well, it looks like you, my friend. Are out.”

There’s an anger to his voice beneath the polite tone now.

“I told you to listen to me. I warned you what would happen if your pride got in the way and now… Now I look like a fool for investing in you. And NO-ONE makes  Beel Zebub look like a fool.”

There’s a sadistic, vindictive look in his eyes now.

“Boys. Show Mr. Dream here what we do with bad investments.”

And he steps back, as Paul Sanders and Kid Chameleon…

Do nothing.

They don’t even come out on stage.

“Boys! Boys?! Boys, where the HELL ARE YOU TWO??!!

He ducks back through the curtain! Wondering where The Players are…

Then freezes.

The camera pans over to show what Beel sees. Lying in the wreckage of a broken table lies the unconscious body of Kid Chameleon, there is a giant hole in the drywall next to him, hanging out of which can be seen one leg of Paul Sanders.




We cut back to the sight of Beel Zebub who has gone pale, the hairs on the back of his neck are standing up as the silhouette of a man is seen behind him, tapping a cane into the palm of his hand.

“Good Evening.”

The show goes off the air.