“I hear you have an open challenge.”

“The Legend” Sean Darring fresh from the International airport in Manchester is still wearing his travelling suit with his suitcase being pulled. He stops at the sound of a familiar voice.  

Darring:  “Well if it isn’t my old friend and dancing partner, Alex.”

The Legend now looks around for his former rival.  Darring assuming Reyn is close by answers the question.

Darring:  “I am, and I can always find time for such a good friend.”

The Legend responds with a sarcastic, but oddly genuine tone to his long time rival.

The voice that responds sounds almost amused.

“I have my own battles to deal with Sean. But I think congratulations are in order. It took you almost three years, but you’ve finally begun acting with some semblance of honour.”

A slow clap is heard, echoing off the walls as the East Wind approaches Darring from behind.

“You have chosen to take on all challengers, as a true warrior should. The East Wind is almost proud of you, Sean… almost.”

The Darring turning responds with continued sarcasm.

“Well, I have finally earned Alex Reyn’s respect.   I can finally call it a career.”

At this point playful jabs are a part of these two long time rivals’ interaction. 

“You know, for a few minutes, I felt a little guilty after winning the GLOBAL Championship.” Darring says “The night would have been just a little bit sweeter if it was your shoulders I pinned on the mat.”

The Legend has dropped the handle of suitcase as Alex Reyn continues to slowly approach.

“But, hey if we are all lucky you will find a way to win this tournament and I will have another chance to continue to earn that “respect.”   

There’s a sound from Alex’s throat. Halfway between a chuckle and a predatory growl.

“My my… such little regard for our mutual opponent. Daniel comes within seconds of beating you, twice, and it is I who you dream of fighti…

He pauses. Then that same chuckle.

“Oh…. I think I finally get it. All this time I thought your talk of feeling your age, of being rundown on borrowed time was an act. That you were merely playing possum, but that’s not it is it…”

He has begun to circle Darring

“Despite defeating me. Despite the golden symbol of excellence you carry… You can’t get our first fight out of your head. Can you? That night, more than any other night. You were made to feel VULNERABLE. That night I reminded you of how fragile your career, your livelihood and perhaps even your LIFE are. And every time you close your eyes you’re reminded of the moments you spent gasping for life as you bled out on the mat.”

There’s a cruel smile curling his lips.

“That’s the real point of this “Open Challenge” isn’t it? It’s not courage, it’s fear. You want to go out in a blaze of glory, before you find yourself once again lying in a hospital bed… and remembering what happened when I put you there. Do I lie, Sean Darring?”

The Legend listens to the cryptic words of Reyn.  But, with that legendary smile he responds.

Darring:  “My fragile career?  I am reminded of that every time I get off an airplane.  Just like I am undefeated against you, the Air Plane continues to be with me.”

The Legend shakes his head, but continues.

Darring:  “As for our mutual friend, Daniel Dream.  We have our history and I am sure eventually I will have to pay that piper.  But, Alex, this is about us.  No you see, I have always been that pie in the sky for you.  That shiny object that you continue to chase, but you can’t find a way to grab it.”

The Legend symbolises reaching out trying to grab something desperately.  

Darring:  “And you are right, my career is going to end with a blaze of glory.   And there is an open challenge here tonight, so grab a hold of that shiny object and let’s skip our way down to the ring and speed this up shall we?”

The amused look has changed to annoyance.

“There you go again with that cursed, false humility. Unfortunately… while I would love nothing more than to put my hands around your neck, Sean. Adversity keeps its word. I entered into this tournament to earn a chance to fight you. I will not dishonour the stipulation by taking a handout. Once I take out the other two… then we will fight again. And you will either stop pretending your career is on its deathbed. Or I will PUT it there.”

The Legend listens and looks down at his Rolex noticing it’s near show time.   He looks back up at his long time rival.

Darring:  “Old habits can be hard to break.   I guess you just bring the worst out of a guy, old friend.”

Darring shows that he isn’t completely happy with some of the things he has said, but he continues.

Darring:  “But, you never know.  You might get lucky.  Somebody may just do YOUR job tonight, Alex.   Right here in Manchester, somebody might beat me and just give me that blaze of glory that you so desperately want to do.”

The Legend shrugs.

Darring:  “But, we all know the truth, don’t we.   Underneath those dark eyes.   Behind that growling voice.   You are just as normal as the rest of us.   I’ve seen you bleed.   I’ve heard you scream.   The hard truth and your blaze of glory is that Alex Reyn is just like everyone else and that hurts you the most.”

Darring reaches back down and grabs his rolling luggage.

If Sean had looked back, he would have seen an expression on Reyn’s face he had never thought he would see…

A stunned, “deer in the headlights” look.

And as Alex Reyn watches The Legend leave, the words of his sister echo in his mind:

“Pride? Honour? You sound like one of the mortals.”

LOGO b&w


Somewhere in Manchester, England
20 hours before Domination 8

The 23.01 train from Manchester Airport to Manchester Piccadilly pulls into the station with a fourteen-minute delay, caused, as the automated voice helpfully informs passengers over the tannoy, to the crew dealing with an incident on board. Said “incident” – or rather, “incidents”, as there are three of them – are currently being forcibly evicted from said train by two men in Northen Rail uniform, and clearly still not entirely under control.

“You can’t do this to us, you bastards! I know my constitutional rights! I’ll take all your asses to court!”

“Please, sir, do calm down…” Though clearly annoyed, one of the train employees is incapable of completely shedding his British politeness as he addresses the spluttering, raving, red-faced man in front of him. “I’m afraid American law does not apply in the UK…though you ARE free to try…”

This, predictably, does not altogether please the shabby, greasy, beer-guzzling man at the center of the argument. “What are you talkin’ about, you goddamn limey son of a bitch?! I can’t understand a word you’re saying. Speak proper AMERICAN!”

Only at this point does the second Northern employee step in – and straight away, his demeanor is diametrically opposed to that of his partner.

“Listen, mate…if you’re gonna kick off, do it somewhere else, yeah? You can’t be shoutin’ at people in trains, and you DEFINITELY can’t be shoutin’ at us!”

“Oh yeah?” The man gives the second train conductor a suspicious side-eye. “Says who, you son of a bitch? Your overlords? ‘Cause I could give a shit less what those ugly green bastards have to say. Way I see it, they’re all better off dead!”

As the two train staffers look at each other in the confusion and brace for another round, the discussion is suddenly derailed by one of the other two men, who is staring intently at the sign bearing the station name, almost as if transfixed.

“Hey boss…”

The argumentative man pauses mid-rant and whirls around to look at his powerfully built acolyte.


“I think we’re here…”

“WHAT?!” The man’s tone is even sharper now than a moment ago. “What the hell are you talking about, Lincoln?”

“Look!” The man points towards the sign, tracing the letters with his fingers like an elementary schooler. “Man…chess…star…Pick..a..dealie. That’s what Miz Lexi said on the phone. Ain’t that right, Washington?”

The third man – lankier than his partner, but taller and trimmer than their leader – approaches, leaving the two Northern employees to peer curiously at the trio.

“Yeah…she said somethin’ like that, all right. Lemme check real quick.” He pulls out his phone, taps it a few times, than nods. “Yup. This is it, all right.”

“HA!” The unkempt leader of the trio turns back towards the two employees, still standing a few feet away, the better to nip any trouble at the bud. “See that, you bastards? You were so hell bent on screwing us over, you ended up helping us.” He barks an unpleasant laugh. “Fat lot of good it did you to kick us outta your goddamn train, you dumb pricks! We got to where we need to be ANYWAY!” He looks towards his two associates in turn. “And now we’re outta here…right, boys?” The two taller men nod, and the leader barks out again. “That’s right. Sayonara, dipshits! Thanks for nothing!”

With that, the three men make their way out of the station – or, at least, attempt to, as they find themselves struggling to navigate the different staircases and escalators inside Manchester’s main train station. Nor are their trials over when, at long last, they emerge into the Northern English drizzle, for, now, they find themselves faced with the pressing issue of finding the hotel Lexi Darlington booked for them. Still, not even the confusion of trying to find their way around a new country dampens the trio’s spirits, with the leader, in particular, being nothing short of ebullient.

“Just wait ’till those bastards see us… They’re not gonna know what hit ’em! NOBODY EXPECTS THE TRUTH!! Now, you boys know the plan, right?”

The leaner of the two men behind him acquiesces with a simple ‘yeah’; his thicker counterpart, however, puts a damper on the man’s spirits with his next few words.

“Yeah, but uh, boss…aren’t you worried about your suspension, though?”

This potentially valid concern is, however, waved off by the trio’s leader.

“Suspension, suschmension! What are they gonna suspend me for? Using words? Calling somebody a kaka-poopie name? Self-defence? Protesting? It’s not like I nearly killed anybody!” He laughs mirthlessly again. “They ain’t got nothing on me, buddy. Not as long as they keep letting that foreign bastard run around crippling good, hard-working, God-fearing Americans and don’t do jack shit about it other than give him another Main Event slot on the next show.” He chuckles once more. “Nah, boys…that motherfucker’s made us ironclad. Bullet-fuckin’-proof.  Know why? ‘Cause if they try to do anything – ANY goddamn thing – to us that they ain’t willing to do to him, guess what? We can take their asses to court for workplace discrimination!”

“Whoa…you’re smart, boss!” The heavyset man looks and sounds visibly impressed, as his leader taps his own temple with a smirk. “Almost as smart as Miz Lexi. Only you ain’t look as good as she does…”

“SHUT UP, LINCOLN!” The cry comes in unison from the man’s two companions, the taller and leaner one adding in a punch to his partner’s shoulder for good measure, while grumbling under his breath.

“‘Course Mr. Truth ain’t look as good. He ain’t a broad, is he, ya fat lug? Sheesh! Siddown before ya hurt yaself…!”

Then, the three resume the arduous task of looking for the exact place, somewhere in the city center, where a five-star reservation with their name on it awaits their eventual arrival.

LOGO b&w


The cameras open backstage inside the private locker room of the Queen herself, Bianca Davis,  who is standing in her royal gown with a giant gold crown on her head. Her royal robe is in the colors of scarlet red and gold to match the crown on her head. She adjusts it as she stands before a giant golden mirror. Her royal guard surrounds her; however, the Queen can’t be bothered to turn around, instead looking through the mirror at them.

“Have you managed to find the loathsome cur? He was just annoying before now; he has made an enemy of the one true Queen. This Jester must be apprehended at once!”

The guards shake their heads.

“We are working on it, your majesty,” one of the entourage says, “it just seems he is not yet in the building, and honestly, we have no idea where to begin looking…”

“Well, figure it out!” Bianca yells, “Your Queen doesn’t tolerate failure or excuses! So, two of you, make sure the entrance to my royal locker room is secure.” 

She points to two of the guards. Then she turns her attention to the others through the mirror.

“The rest of you, I want you to search every nook and cranny of this arena. I don’t care how far up or down you have to go. Hell, I don’t care if you have to leave this arena to do it! FIND HIM! IS THAT CLEAR?”

“Yes, your Majesty.” the lead guard says. 

The guards then head to the door to take their positions, one man standing outside the locker room, one man at each side of the door. The rest of the entourage run up the corridors of the Hammerstein Ballroom corridors to find The Jester. 

The door is closed, and the Queen is finally left alone to have a moment to herself. Looking into the mirror, the Queen smiles brightly at her reflection.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest Queen of them all?” She asks, though judging by her smile, she already knows the answer, “ME! Of course, it’s me.

Suddenly the lights of the locker room click off.

The Queen stands alone in the darkness for a moment until a light illuminates her from below. But now, standing over her shoulder, is The Jester, his grin stretching from ear to ear.

“My Queen, do not fear,
I have not come to lear.
I have to say you are the fairest
But keep scolding me and soon you will have PERISHED.

The Jester laughs a maniacal laugh as the previously frozen Queen spins on her heel, swinging a wild punch but finding nothing but air.

She turns back to the mirror, to see The Jester, still laughing his menacing laugh.

“Where ARE you?” The Queen screams into the mirror.

“I am here,
I am there,
I am every-where.”

The Jester howls, and laughs again.


The Queen drives her fist into the mirror, shattering the glass.  As she does, the single light illuminating her clicks out and in the darkness only one sound can be heard.

The laughter of The Jester.

LOGO b&w


As the cameras survey the inside of the 3,500-arena with screaming fans holding their signs aloft, the deep voice of GLOBAL interrupts the sound of this enthused crowd. “GLOBAL truly is global.  Welcome, everyone, to the United Kingdom, specifically Manchester, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, the home of northern soul, some of Great Britain’s greatest music, two of the biggest football clubs in the world, and welcome to Domination Eight.”

Lucas Quinn, traditionally in a blue suit has swapped the Statue of Liberty for a Union Jack tie to appease the natives, and The Mark is wearing a Manchester United shirt, which gets him some cheers and jeers. “Mark, you’ve got an exclusive for us immediately, haven’t you?”

Deltzer addresses the crowd at home and in attendance. “Guys, first of all, it’s a present from Son of Malta, just so you know.”  That breaks the ice a little bit.

“More importantly, Giovanni Ferrari has just told us that the GLOBAL Championship will be DEFENDED for the very first time in the main event.  Two weeks ago in New York, Sean Darring issued an open challenge, and someone, SOMETHING, has stepped up, and that is The Great Wall.”

“An interesting reaction from our fans here, and from us when we got the news.  Talk about a clash of styles, the wily veteran and technical marvel that is “Legend” Sean Darring against the remarkably powerful Great Wall, no doubt backed up by Xiang, and what factor will he play?”

The Mark shakes his head. “I don’t know, plus, Aleczander in his HOMETOWN.  Nobody has seen him yet.  Expect a grand entrance.”

Quinn’s eyes grow wide. “He’s not here?”

Deltzer shrugs his shoulders. “He will be.  Speaking of which…”

“No Allie, you mean?  She’ll definitely be here.  Said she’d be five minutes late.”

Deltzer holds his forehead. “Typical, I was hoping she’d taken the day off.”

“In the first of our two semi-finals to crown a new number one contender to the GLOBAL Title, you’ve got Daniel Dream versus August Lazar.  I’ve got Dream, you’ve got Lazar, but that could be one of the best matches in GLOBAL history, right there, regardless of who wins,” Quinn tips.

“Definitely.  Dream is one of the best all-rounders in wrestling, arguably the best, I know you think so, Lucas.  But, Aug is seven-four, making him THE biggest man in wrestling, no arguments there, and he’s fresh, dynamic, and a mountain to climb for anyone who gets in there with him.  Sorry, Lucas…one more thing.  Sorry.  Joe Public, yes, that was an EASY task for Daniel Dream, make no mistake about it.  However, if he goes on and beats Aug tonight, and meets Reyn or Rah in the final?  He’ll have earned it.”

Quinn nods. “You’re right.  Plenty of tag team matches on Domination Seven, and this is a trend we expect to continue tonight.  A real treat tonight, especially for our crowd with The Master Sisters defending their GLOBAL Tag Team belts against Best of British later on in the show, make sure you don’t miss that and Alfie Button…” A cheer goes up from the live crowd at that name being mentioned.

“Alfie Button in action, Amber Lee versus Darren Best elsewhere, and that’ll divide Alfie’s love and loyalty right there.  I wonder what the United Kingdom will make of John J. Truth and Border Control making the trip.”


Lucas laughs. “Loud and clear.”



“Downtown” Jason Brown makes his first introduction of the night. “Ladies and gentlemen, give a warm British welcome to the third member of the commentary team….ALLLLLLIIEEEEE RRRRRRREEEEECCCCCCE!”

In high heels, the pink-haired Allie struggles to walk down the ramp, but gets a MASSIVE cheer not only due to her popularity but because she’s wearing a Union Jack dress that resembles one worn by an Englishwoman at the 1997 Brit Awards.

“Hi guys,” she shouts at the crowd, and also at Deltzer and Quinn.

As the song that introduced the Spice Girls to the world continues blaring here in Manchester, Mark forgets his mike is on for everyone to hear. “What does she look like?”

“HEY, I heard that.  MANCHESTER, it’s great to be here,” Reece says while painfully strolling down the aisle, waving in a bid to kill time while she takes hers getting to the announcers’ desk, still a long way away.

Quinn and The Mark turn to the camera. “We hope you enjoy Domination Eight at home, a big night for us away from home before returning to Tampa in two weeks’ time, and Gold Rush, back in California for that one, five weeks away from tonight.  In the meantime, sit back, get out the popcorn, and WELCOME TO MANCHESTER.”

LOGO b&w


The screen opens to a gymnasium where a basketball game is being played and a timeout has just been called. The teams head to the huddle and the camera zooms to the far end where we see “Big Kid” Chris Smith standing. He begins to speak.

“The ‘Big Kid’ here,” he begins, “you are about to witness one of those heartwarming moments we see so often on social media. The away team has a manager that has down syndrome and they have gotten an agreement from the home team’s coach that if he is allowed to get in the game, that he will be allowed to score.”

He walks toward the bleachers and keeps gabbing.

“Some might argue this cheapens sport at its core,” he continues, “but I tell you there is nothing better than to allow the kids to have a moment in the sun when we can make it happen. Let’s see how this plays out.”

The screen shows the teams coming out from their huddles and the manager has spotted up near the basket for an easy lay up. The ball is inbounded and they pass the ball down to him and he goes up for the shot…

…but out of nowhere Gemini flies into the screen and bats the ball back into the kid’s face as hard as he can.

“Fuck you!” he yells as he blocks the ball.

The crowd erupts in boos and screams as if someone died. Gemini stands there with a smile we can see beaming through the mask he always wears. He runs over to Smith and the Big Kid shakes his head.

“You happy with that?” Smith asks.

“Hell yeah,” Gemini responds.

“That is not doing anything for the kids,” he retorts.

“Man,” Gemini throws his hands up and waves off the entire angry gym, “Fuck them kids!”

He walks away as Smith shakes his head while trying to hide his own laughter and the screen fades to black.

LOGO b&w


The driving intro riff to “Mission to Rock” brings the Manchester crowd to its feet, in anticipation of the arrival of the fan-favourite duo known as Trouble Roxx. A moment later, the two young women who make up the team emerge through the curtain, dressed to the nines in Union Jack garb: Teagan Trouble in a full pants-and-top set (complete with glitter) and a matching plastic bowler hat, and Izzy Roxx in a more subdued ensemble, which nonetheless still features a faded, punkified British flag on the top, and that old 70s punk favourite, the red plaid trousers. The two youngsters take only a moment to acknowledge the hugely favourable crowd reaction before immediately assuming their customary positions – Izzy Roxx air-guitaring by the entrance curtain, while Teagan hits her drumsticks together and mouths along to the lead singer’s count-in of “ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR!” Another moment, and said drumsticks go flying into the stands, as the two girls come together for an exploding fistbump.

“Teagan Trouble and Izzy Roxx are about to make a name for themselves on an international stage here tonight!”

“I think they already HAVE, Lucas. Listen to this crowd – they love them!”

“Yes, Allie…and I would wager Trouble Roxx love them right back!”

Indeed, as they make their way down to the ring, both women are making a point of interacting with fans in the front row, slapping hands and exchanging a few words here and there. Along the way, they request microphones, which they are given, and which Teagan puts to good use the moment they enter the ring.


The Manchester crowd does not need telling twice, which brings a huge grin to Trouble’s features.

“Man, it’s true what they say – you guys really DO rock!”

Another huge pop for these words, as Teagan goes on to initiate the usual spiel.

“If you don’t know who we are…”

Izzy chimes in with her own cue.

“…you should have been paying ATTENTION!”

Teagan smirks and low-fives her friend before continuing.

“WE ARE…GLOBAL Wrestling’s ONLY officially sanctioned Twitch streamers…wrestling’s very own Team Rocket…THE hottest prospect in FIVE CONTINENTS…the little girls in the middle of the ride…the foxes you’ve been waiting for…”

The redhead pauses for effect, affecting a smug expression, before pointing at herself. “I’m Trouble…” She then points at her friend, who similarly mugs for the crowd. “She Roxx…And together, we’re…” Izzy joins in for the grand finale. “….TROUBLE ROXX!”

The crowd give the two girls another ovation, as, on commentary, Deltzer appears less impressed.

“Didn’t they already say that LAST time?”

As always, Allie is quick to jump to the defense of the women on the roster.

“It’s called a catchphrase, Mark. Personal branding. And it seems to work out for them, so why not?”

“It gets boring, that’s why not…” 

The announcer’s discussion is cut short by Teagan Trouble, who has the microphone to her lips and is once again addressing the crowd in attendance at the O2 Apollo, in her usual playful manner.

“Now…who wants to see us put a couple of Players in their place?”

The raucous response brings a grin to the redhead’s lips, as she now turns towards the ramp.

“You heard ‘em, guys! Come on out here and take your butt-kicking like men!”

Deltzer’s sulky mood finally changes as, as if on cue, “Sexy Boy” by Air starts up on the house PA, announcing the arrival of his very favourite wrestler on the roster.

“OHHHHH YEEEEAAAAHHH!!! THE KID is in the house!! Time to plug in and freak out, baby!!”

Kid Chameleon appears to be feeling the energy inside the O2 Apollo as well, as he quite literally bounces to the ring, jaw-jacking and high-fiving fans, every bit as excited to be here as the two girls on the opposing team. Behind him, Paul Sanders is somewhat more sedate, walking down to the ring without much of a fuss, in stark contrast with his hyperactive partner. As they make their way to the ring, at the announce table, Lucas gives Allie her cue.

“So, Miss Research Expert…tell me about this match.”

“Well…first, I have to ask…do you know what Twitch is?”

Lucas sounds a little surprised. “You mean like a muscular spasm?”

Allie laughs. “No, silly…it’s a social media platform. You can stream live video on it. Remember The Players had a livestream match with Amber Button a couple of months back?”

“That is NOT their name. Stop encouraging them!” Deltzer takes a moment from his adulation of Kid and Sanders to snap off one of his trademark barbs, but neither of his colleagues pays him much mind; instead, Allie just goes on explaining how the match came about.

“So, during a stream, there was a wager made between Trouble Roxx and The Players. Apparently, whoever wins this match here tonight has to buy the other team stuff to use in a game called Fortnite.”

“Thank you, Allie. I understood about half of that, but you tried.”

As Lucas has fun at his own expense, The Players finish making their way to the ring and share a fist-bump and some good-natured trash talk with Trouble Roxx, as “Downtown” Brown does his thing:

“Ladies and gentlemen…the following is a tag team contest scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first, from Beverly Hills, California, at a combined weight of 240 pounds, the rockstars of GLOBAL Wrestling….Teagan Trouble and Izzy Roxx…TROUBLEEEEEEE ROOOOOXXXX!!”

Another huge cheer erupts, and Teagan Trouble herself appears highly appreciative of the moniker Brown has chosen for her and Izzy.

“And their opponents, at a combined weight of XYZ, the team of Kid Chameleon and Paul Sanderssssss….THE PLAAAAAAA YEEEEEERRRRSSSS!”

Kid and Paul wave to the crowd, the former hyping them up as is his wont, before Sanders and Izzy Roxx step behind their respective turnbuckles, giving referee Gabrielle Harris the green light to get the match underway!

Legal wrestlers Kid Chameleon and Teagan Trouble share another quick fist bump before they begin to circle one another, looking for an opening. Kid seems perfectly fine with taking his time, but Teagan is slightly more impatient, and eventually chooses to make the first move, surging forward with a running clothesline. Having thus lured her in, Kid promptly reverses the attempt into an armdrag, then transitions into an arm bar, which he wrenches a few times for good measure. Teagan begins to flail, but before she has put up any sort of a struggle, Kid suddenly lets go of the move, stands up, and takes a few steps back…only to connect with a falling back elbow drop!

“Oh, my goodness!”

“Correct, Lucas – that IS the name of that move! Have you actually been doing your research for once?”

“No, Mark…I was just legitimately expressing surprise, actually…”

Deltzer’s spirits can almost be heard deflating as, in the ring, Kid has taken to the second turnbuckle, connecting with a flying DDT just as Teagan is climbing to her feet again.

“Deep impact, there…”

“…was THAT one intentional, Quinn?”

“Not really, Mark, no…”

“Oh, for the love of–!”

An increasingly less amused Deltzer attempts to cheer himself up by turning his attention to the ring, where Kid is looking to fly again; this time, however, the attempt at a crossbody block the gaming superstar calls the Han Zo Free is blocked by a well-timed uppercut by Teagan Trouble, which successfully turns the tide in her favour.

“GREAT reversal from Teagan Trouble here, and let’s see what she can do from this…”

Allie’s question is soon answered, as Trouble takes advantage of her and Kid’s proximity to the ropes to attempt a springboard move of her own – in her case, a moonsault. The flip lands flush, but Teagan is not yet done, quickly kipping up to her feet and following up with an elbow drop, and then a fist drop, in quick succession. She then rolls through to her feet again and acknowledges the crowd’s appreciation by holding up the metal horns. She transitions this into a motion with two pointed fingers, as if to say “watch this”, before turning back to Kid, who is just pulling himself up to his feet, and connecting with a leg lariat!

“Great spell of offence from Teagan Trouble here, and she really has turned this match around for herself…”

“Kid is wily, though. He has the experience. He’ll rebound back soon, you’ll see…”

For once, nobody contradicts ultimate Kid fanatic Mark Deltzer, especially as he does have a point regarding Kid’s experience, and the way it could benefit him in the match at hand. For now, however, it is still Teagan who has the upper hand, and who is seeking to capitalize on it, by way of a handspring splash to her fallen opponent; out of nowhere, however, Kid Chameleon validates Mark’s point, springing up with an uppercut counter which sends his opponent sprawling, and once again gives him the upper hand in the match – much to the delight of his smug fanboy at the announce table.

“What’d I tell you guys?”

As Kid gets up, however, he appears somewhat woozy, and not quite ‘all there’; as such, when he sees his tag team partner begging to be allowed into the match, it takes no more than a moment of hesitation for the uber-gamer to comply, bringing Sanders into the fray for the first time just as, across the way, a similarly dazed Teagan Trouble does the same with her own partner. As such, when the two teams eventually restart, it is with two completely fresh – and significantly more mismatched – faces.

“Oh, that’s hardly fair, now, is it? Look at the size difference there!”

“Well, Lucas, you have to deal with the consequences of the choices you make…these girls should have thought about that before they chose who started for their team…”

“…I have to give you that one, Mark.”

As the two male announcers discuss the size difference of the two wrestlers now in the ring, inside the actual squared circle, Izzy Roxx makes a point of showing size isn’t everything, as she evades Sanders’ clothesline attempt and connects with a dropkick to his back, which sends him stumbling forward. Not missing a beat, the youngster then displays her athleticism by using Sanders’ back as a stepping stone on her way to the top rope, where she connects with a leg drop across Sanders’ neck, taking him down to the mat. No sooner have both wrestlers made contact with the canvas, however, than Izzy is popping up again, this time to connect with an elbow drop across the back of Sanders’ head.

“Great start by Izzy Roxx here against the much bigger Sanders…but one wonders how long she’ll be able to keep it up. Her speed may be helping her now, but there is such a thing as moving TOO fast…Sanders’ more ponderous style may end up helping him in the long run…”

No one dares dispute Lucas’ analysis, even as, in the ring, Roxx’s speed continues to favor her in the duel with her much larger opponent. Although Sanders has managed to pull himself up to his feet following Izzy’s initial flurry of offence, the youngster shows no signs of letting up, and connects with a seated senton almost straight away, taking the Players member down once again, and eliciting opposite reactions from each of their tag team partners, with Teagan Trouble shouting out in encouragement while Kid Chameleon yells out in annoyance.

“Paul Sanders is having a hard time finding his footing here against a much quicker opponent, and Kid Chameleon does NOT seem to like it…”

“That’s right, Allie. These two men have been at odds in recent weeks, and that tension seems to be taking its toll here, mentally, if not physically…”

As if to corroborate Lucas’ words, Izzy Roxx manages to land yet another blow to Sanders, this time via a jumping elbow smash, which catches the Player across the face and rocks him. Not missing a beat, Izzy jumps up for another dropkick, which sends Sanders hurtling the rest of the way into the ropes, leaving him in prime position for a running crossbody from Izzy! The move lands high across the Player’s chest, with sufficient force to send him hurtling to the outside; Roxx, however, manages to hold onto the ropes long enough to slingshot into a corkscrew plancha, which sends the two wrestlers down onto the concrete floor on the outside!

“Quite a tumble from Izzy Roxx there, but it paid off…if she can get up, that is…”

The fans appear to agree with Deltzer on both counts, as they begin to pull for Izzy, willing her to get up and answer referee Gabrielle Harris’ count. Still, the impact is enough to keep both wrestlers down until the count of ‘FOUR!’, at which point, both begin to stir. The fans redouble their noise for Izzy, and it seems to work, as the young fan-favorite is first to her feet, and climbing the apron by the time Harris’ count reaches ‘SIX!’ She rolls under the ropes just long enough to back up a few steps, then vaults onto the top rope once again for a slingshot high cross body…

…which gets caught by a recovered Sanders, and reversed into a back body drop onto the concrete!


“Is she all right?!”

The announcers’ concern is shared by Teagan Trouble, who actively leaves her corner to come check on her best friend. She leans over Izzy and tries to shake her awake, ignoring the referee’s admonishments, and a shove from Sanders is the only thing capable of prying her loose from Izzy. Not willing to sacrifice her team’s result, she is begrudgingly forced to sit and look as Sanders rolls her partner under the ropes and back into the ring, just in time to avoid a count-out!

“A close call there for Sanders, and Kid Chameleon is NOT letting him forget it…”

“Good on him, Quinn! If you ask me, that guy has been dragging Kid down since the two of them showed up in GLOBAL!”

“Maybe so, Deltzer. Still, he has the upper hand now, and I feel like he’s going to keep it for a while, now that he is finally back in this match…”

That certainly appears to be the case, as – having had a respite from the constant onslaught of flying moves – Sanders is now, at long last, able to implement his own style, and punish his opponent with a series of power moves. The first of these is a running powerslam, with Izzy hoisted over his shoulder, quickly followed up with a Biel throw, which sends the youth flying halfway across the mat. Roxx attempts to scramble to her feet, only to get floored once more with a big boot, as Sanders begins to build up a head of steam and, consequently, to feel himself. Still, he does not let the rush get to his head, instead lifting Izzy up and connecting with a pump handle slam, which takes her down once again. He brings her to her feet once more, then hoists her up again before throwing her with a spinebuster.

“Big impact run from Paul Sanders here…but what is he doing?!”

Lucas’ question is perfectly valid, as, with his opponent sprawled on the ground, Sanders finds the time, space and motivation to climb up to the top turnbuckle on the far side of the ring – despite Kid Chameleon’s vociferous intimations against it.

“Uh-oh, Quinn…we’ve seen this before…and it didn’t work out then, either!”

“Maybe it will be different this time, Mark…we shall see..”

Deltzer’s hunch proves accurate, however, as, when the biggest of the two Players launches off with a missile dropkick, he connects only with the canvas, as the recovering Izzy Roxx has the presence of mind to forward-roll out of the way, springing back up onto her feet already at a run!

“A glimmer of hope for Izzy Roxx, but she has to think on her feet here!”

As if she has heard Lucas, Teagan Trouble almost screams louder than the crowd as she asks for a tag. With her opponent scrambling to his feet again, and having to think quickly, Roxx thinks no more than a moment before making her mind up, and hurtling across the ring. 

Rather than go for a tag, however, Teagan instead hoists Izzy up before throwing her onto Sanders, creating a pinning predicament. Gabrielle Harris drops down to count…



—Kickout by Sanders!

As Izzy pulls herself to her feet, Teagan once again begins to call for a tag. This time, Izzy is more reticent, but Teagan asks her friend to “trust her”, and the blue-haired flyer decides to do just that, tagging in her fiery-haired counterpart!

“Teagan Trouble back in, and already making an impact – literally!”

Indeed, Allie’s use of the word proves correct, as no sooner is Teagan in than she is calling for things to get “kicked into Overdrive”, and flooring the recovering Sanders with her trademark superkick! The Player goes down, much to Kid Chameleon’s chagrin, but Teagan chooses, surprisingly, not to cover, instead looking towards the turnbuckle and throwing out the usual call of “Rocketship!!” As ever, Izzy is reticent, but her partner’s insistence – as well as the highly favourable situation she has put her team in – eventually make up her mind. She therefore begins to scale the turnbuckle, pausing only to hold out a hand for Trouble’s tag before launching off with her trademark corkscrew shooting star press. The crowd holds their breath as she twirls through the air for a moment…

…then erupt as the move connects!!

“Rocketship Izzy has landed, and here’s the cover!!”

Allie’s words are all but drowned out by the roar of the crowd as Izzy covers and Gabby Harris slides in to count!


Kid Chameleon hurtles out of the corner…


…only to get intercepted by Teagan Trouble, who connects with a Trouble Callin’ bicycle kick, knocking him for six and ensuring her partner gets the..


…and the big win for her team!

As ever, Teagan is first to the center of the ring, almost lifting Izzy off the floor with the force of her hug as the two take a moment to skip around in a celebratory embrace. Then, even before referee Gabrielle Harris has the chance to raise either of their hands, the redhead lifts her smaller friend’s arm, pointing at her as if asking the fans to acknowledge her efforts – which they do, gladly, vociferously, and in mass.

“Trouble Roxx pick up another BIG win here…but once again, the Players only have themselves to blame.”

“Specifically Paul Freakin’ Sanders! I told you, Quinn…he’s dragging my boy KC down!”

“Can’t you two guys give at least SOME credit to those girls? They are undersized, under-experienced, and yet they have a winning record against teams no one would have bet against. That’s something to be proud of, and something to be acknowledged.”

“Right you are, Allie. My apologies. I like these girls as much as anybody, and I did not mean to overlook their achievements.”

“Apology accepted, Lucas. Still waiting for yours, though, Mark…”

Before Deltzer can retort to his female counterpart, however, attention is once again drawn to the ramp, where Teagan, her arm still around Izzy’s shoulders, once again has the microphone to her lips, ready for the usual sign-off.

“We’ve been Trouble Roxx, from Beverly Hills, California, USA. Thank you, goodnight!”

This second piece of personal branding achieved, the two then promptly exit stage left, to a raucous cheer from the O2 Apollo, leaving the two Players in the ring to pick themselves up and regroup after their hard-fought loss.

LOGO b&w


The Portal opens and suddenly The Naked Man is standing on another beach. This one is not like the other one. This one has buildings built near it and people can be heard in the background as that deep, narrating voice is heard”

“Out of the portal and still unsure of his focus, the surroundings need investigated…”

He runs up to the area and people begin shrieking when he walks into what looks to be a poolside area of a resort.

“The natives are afraid of our hero, but his search must be unhindered…”

He sees a faint orange hue up ahead and he takes off running for it. When he arrives, he finds a cocktail sitting on a metal tray on top of a small white table next to a beach chair. in the beach chair there is a faint orange hue and what looks like…crumbs.

“The focus of the search had to be here. It was obvious that this seat had been taken only moments earlier…”

Suddenly right over the middle of the pool, the orange portal appears again. The Naked Man seems unsure, but cannot resist the urge to continue seeking out the one with whom he is tasked to find. He runs and leaps over the water of the pool and the portal surrounds him with a bright orange glow. The screen goes suddenly black and the following words appear.

The Naked Man

to be continued…

The screen fades to black.

LOGO b&w


Giovanni Ferrari is at the head of GLOBAL’s equivalent of the Oval Office alone.  To his immediate left and right, the dark brown crew cuts of the tanned Brady and paler Strauss, better known as The Law.  A knock at the door sees Todd, Declan, and Donny, all in casual clothes, file in.  Giovanni stands up to greet them, and The Rich Family shake hands with Brady and Strauss, former associates of the family, and Ferrari beckons for them to take three seats.  Todd sits next to Brady, while Declan and Donny sit on Strauss’s side of the table.

Ferrari puts his hands together first. “Okay, first of all, I’m sorry for what happened to Freddie on the last Domination, and I probably said some things I shouldn’t have, so I’d like to apologize to you and him.”

Declan pipes up. “For what it’s worth, thank you, though we all know the match should never have happened, and that’s on your head.  No, Todd, I’m sorry,” Declan half-heartedly apologizes, sensing Todd’s interruption.  Freddie’s younger brother has his say. “What’s he going to do?  Fire us.  He threatened that last week and sat back and did nothing as Reyn DESTROYED one of his best friends.”

That remark makes Giovanni angry and sad in equal measure, for he knows Declan is telling the truth.  He takes a deep breath, hesitant to put Declan in his place, but mindful that four other employees have just witnessed and heard Declan’s words, and Ferrari doesn’t want ANYONE talking to him like that in HIS office, let alone the third most important member of the stable.

“I’m sorry for what happened, it wasn’t the match that we had in mind, but your brother had interfered in the main event, and he had to know Reyn would come looking for revenge.  They wanted to fight each other.” Ferrari says, somewhat apologetically.

Declan sighs and shakes his head. “Freddie did it to protect us.  Reyn not only attacked our father in his own home but put him in hospital on the same day as Magnum Opus.”

Ferrari holds his hands up. “Which doesn’t make sense, because the show was in California, and you live in Texas, if I’m not mistaken.”

Todd ‘zips’ Declan, turning to Ferrari himself. “No, you’re not.  But, you also don’t know Reyn’s whereabouts throughout the day to the point that no one even saw him arrive at the arena, or can be sure, what time he arrived.  If he can get away with that, I, WE wouldn’t put it past him to make a detour to Dallas before getting on a plane to LA.”

Giovanni shakes his head. “Okay, but we’ve got no record of that happening.”

Declan goes to stand up, and Todd tells him to sit back down. “What is the point, Todd?  What has this guy got on the company?  Who is he?  Every place he shows up, he wrecks people’s lives, and the place closes and onto the next.  When is enough going to be enough?  It’s time for a change!”

Giovanni gestures to Strauss. “Guys, from a wrestling point of view, we know very little about Alex Reyn.  From our perspective, we know more than anyone, and it’s still not much.  We’re gonna speak to our colleagues soon, so you can hear it for yourself, but we’ve got no idea how deep this goes.”

Brady turns to everyone. “The guy’s a ghost.”

Declan laughs. “Yeah, he was in our house TWICE. WE KNOW.”

“Exactly, and there’s no evidence of that.” Brady reasons.

“Because the tape was stolen.” Donny offers up.

Brady points at Donny. “And how do you suppose that happened?”

Giovanni holds his hands up.  “Brady, can you call your guy and put it on loudspeaker as we discussed?”

Brady carries out Ferrari’s instructions and after three rings, the call is accepted. “Hello.”

Strauss leads in first.  “Flynn, Strauss here.  Got Brady, the family we told you about, and the boss, Giovanni here.”

“Strauss, Brady, how are you guys doin’?”

Brady smiles. “Okay, and you?”

Flynn mirrors Brady’s answer, and before Giovanni gestures, Brady has already skipped past the pleasantries. “Flynn, what do you know about a guy named Alex Reyn?”

There’s silence for six to seven seconds.

“Flynn.” Strauss inquires.

Flynn takes a deep breath, almost for exaggeration. “What do you guys want?”

Declan asks. “May I?”

Ferrari looks at Brady and Strauss before pointing towards Brady’s cell. “Flynn, Declan Rich here. Look, he invaded our twice, hospitalized our father, and has probably ended my brother’s career, not to mention ruining the careers and lives of Victor Ingram Price, Darren Best, Max Hopper, and many, many more.”

“You don’t have a case.”

Todd tells Declan to stop before addressing the issue himself. “Flynn, can you repeat that?”

Deadpan, to the point you could be excused for believing you were listening to a voice recording. “You don’t have a case.”

Declan ignores Todd this time. “What do you mean?”

“Every time, we try to track them, there’s no evidence, no trail, and no lawyer that wants to touch them.  This runs far deeper than GLOBAL or any professional wrestling promotion.  There are reasons he gets away with this.  They’ve got their fingers in so many pies, and run so many things, that I wouldn’t be surprised – no, I would bet my life – they’ve got stuff on Giovanni’s bosses, and maybe even THEIR bosses.”

Todd picks up the pieces. “What do you mean?  They?  Them?  Who are THEY?”

Flynn clears his throat. “Look, I’ve already said too much, but you don’t think Alex Reyn, one man, can pull all this shit and get away with it, do you?”

Todd responds. “We didn’t think so, but how does he do it?”

“Look, listen, I’m sorry about your father and your brother…”

Todd cuts him off. “My uncle and cousin, their father and brother, but it’s still the same.”


That winds Todd up. “WHATEVER?”

Declan is furious, and even Donny stands up before Giovanni tells them to sit down.  Flynn continues. “Listen, I’m sorry, but if you continue down the path you’re going, every single person in that room, including Giovanni, will be in a hospital – or worse.”

Giovanni butts in. “So, what you’re saying is…?”

“You. Don’t. Have. A. Case”

And just like that, Flynn is gone.

LOGO b&w


The back of Charles Dudley’s (E Z’s content creator/editor) head is seen as he scrolls through his phone on YouTube. He swipes his finger till he spots a music video from E Z which he taps:

“Hey yo it’s big E Z comin’ atchu with the attitude
Raps so long they should call Mr Latitude
Wres-a-lin’ at Global it’s where I get them W’s
No matter where you try and hide I’m standing right in fronta you!”

He takes a look at the massive amount of dislikes and vomit emojis attached to the video before he notices a suggested video next to it named: ‘Has E Z Rah gone mad?!’ which he clicks on. A young man in his early twenties sporting trendy clothing and a cap is looking directly into his camera phone as he tries to talk over the tremendous amount of background noise happening.

“Hi guys it’s Bocap 88, remember to like and subscribe! Today I’m doing some snooping around the house of massive douchebag E Z Rah! Guys I’m serious, I think something big is happening here! Check it out!”

The man moves the camera round to show a large number of workmen in trucks full of metallic scaffolding and bricks making their way in and out of E Z’s private home through the guarded gate.

“I can’t get any closer or they’ll kick me out but the dude is having some big renovation work done or something! They’ve been building non-stop for nearly five weeks now! If any of you are keeping up to date with Global Wrestling, and you should by the way it’s totally amazing, you’ll know that at Magnum Opus E Z and Jerry David basically beat the living hell out of each other flung themselves  through a massive sheet of glass and E Z has been acting really weird ever since. Barely any new content, no posts on insta, even his NFT store hasn’t updated in ages! Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. Bocap 88 out!”

Charles continues his journey till he arrives at the large guarded gate, which slowly creeks open as a large truck with a mound of dirt leaves the premises. Charles ducks in and makes his way to the house, ringing the doorbell and checking around him for signs of ‘pranks’. This time however, E Z just answers the door.

“Hey yo Chudders wassup man? I ain’t got no content at the moment for ya.”

“Oh hey E Z” Comes Charles’ response. “Yeah I noticed you hadn’t sent anything my way recently, just checking everything is okay? People are saying a lot of strange stuff about this place.”

“Ah man lettum, I’m workin on a whole nother level now man. People ain’t even gunna get my genius. Jerry won’t know what hit him. That fool ain’t getting outta this one man.”

Charles gives a look of concern for his ‘friend’ (Read: Source of income)

“Look E Z, don’t you think this Jerry thing has gone far enough? You two have already been seriously injured multiple times, if this keeps up…”

E Z’s normal open-mouthed smile is replaced with a tight-lipped grimace as he steps out of his door, advancing on Charles.

“Whatchu say man? You think you know was goin’ on? You think you know E Z? You don’t know shit man. Everyone is watchin’ me man. The world is watchin’ me. I ain’t gonna be treated like some lil bitch by some goddam BOOMER you hear me?”

“Look E Z I didn’t mean anything by that but for the sake of one man you’ve put yourself through so much, spent so much money…”

“And I’mma spend my last penny if it means I never have to see that fool again! Man what the world thinks when they first see you is everythin’ man, and I ain’t losin’ this fight! They gon see that I don’t start something I can’t finish. I’m a star! I’m what’s IT! Now get the hell outta here Chudders, I gotta go to work ya know.”

With that, E Z steps back into his home and slams the door. Charles looks around in a state of disbelief as the noise of heavy machinery continues to block out anything natural.

LOGO b&w


Legacy by Dirty Palm & Benix hits the PA system, and by this time, even the UK faithful of GLOBAL Nation knows that this is their queue to start booing immediately.

Lucas Quinn says, “You know what this means, and apparently, so do the UK fans.”

Allie says, “Does anyone like these guys?”

The Mark wonders, “I am not even sure if their mothers like them.”

The UK fans give them the universal #1 salute or the thumbs down. Outsteps the most arrogant and egotistical duo in GLOBAL.

Jimmy Classic packed a big suitcase. He is wearing his “classic” fur coat with their new RIP Rich Family T-Shirt that you can get at any merchandise stand or global-wrestling.com.

Next to emerge is Jimmy’s partner in crime—the second man to make up the Prime Time Athletes, “The Suplex” Ninja Trae Larkin. Also wearing the RIP Rich Family shirt, Larkin gets into an argument with a UK fan at ringside.

Lucas Quinn complains, “We can’t take these guys anywhere with us.”

The Mark responds, “They aren’t the best at making friends.”

The two men finally enter the ring as Jimmy Classic pulls the microphone away from ‘Downtown’ Jason Brown.

Allie shouts, “They are even rude to Jason Brown! Who isn’t nice to Jason Brown?”

Jimmy Classic looks around at the booing UK fans. He lowers his sunglasses, and with a smile, addresses the European part of GLOBAL Nation.

“You like us. You really like us.”

This further irritates the rowdy UK fans as the Prime Time Athletes laugh, soaking up the curse words and jeers.

Jimmy continues. “Last week, we sympathized with the fallen legend, Freddie Rich. We were the only two to sympathize and address our concerns. We wear these RIP Rich Family t-shirts in honor of a great man. In honor of a great tag team. In honor of a great family!”

Trae Larkin leans over, shouting into the microphone.

“You too can honor the Rich Family with a RIP Rich Family t-shirt at the merchandise stands. Go grab one and show your support for such a great family!”

The sarcasm and insincerity cause the UK fans to continue to boo as Jimmy nods, agreeing with his partner, and he continues.

“Last week, we promised to attempt and resurrect the Rich Families careers. Tonight, we found the two toughest SOB’s the Rich Family has to offer.”

Trae Larkin gives the – I am scared vibes as Jimmy nods.

“We tried to get Todd. We called and called Donny. Declan still hasn’t stopped crying, and Freddie’s career is over and crippled.”

Lucas Quinn, unamused, says, “This is despicable. They are making fun of a man who took Alex Reyn to the limits and a well-respected wrestling family.”

The Mark wonders, “Then who did they find?”

Jimmy Classic continues. “Luckily, two Rich cousins had the balls to step up and accept our challenge.”

Trae Larkin sits in the middle rope and opens it as if welcoming the “cousins.”

Jimmy Classic looks at ‘Downtown’ Jason Brown and then says. “Nevermind, I will do your job. So tonight, we will take on the toughest of the Rich Family. The two cousins that slapped Todd and Donny around. They made Declan cry weekly. Who hasn’t? Am I right?”

Trae and Jimmy laugh and laugh.

Allie asks, “How much more of this do we have to endure?”

Jimmy continues speeding it up. “The only two Rich Family members who were not at the hotel celebrating Freddie’s demise. I introduce our challengers – ELROD AND CHUCKLES RICH!”

Out steps an obvious hoax – as the two most unathletic run down average Joe you could ever find at the bar down the street step out. Elrod Rich is roughly about five foot six and a buck sixty. He has short brown hair, a long mustache, bug eyes, and buck teeth, and he is wearing the hot-selling RIP Rich Family t-shirt.

Chuckles Rich is a little more intimidating. He is five foot nine. A “muscular” of two hundred and fifty pounds. He has the man boobs to prove it! He has on two sizes too small RIP Rich Family shirt. The duos high-five one another and head down the isle way as the UK fans refuse to buy this shenanigan.

Lucas Quinn questions, “What is this? Who are these guys? There is no way they are a part of the Rich Family.”

The Mark decides to play along, “It’s cousin Elrod and Chuckles, Lucas. At least two of the Rich boys showed up willing to fight for Freddie’s honor.”

Trae Larkin holds the ropes open, continuing to welcome the honorable warriors of the Rich Family. Elrod and Chuckles Rich step through the ring and raise their hands to a continued chorus of boos.

Jimmy looks around, shocked, and then asks. “The UK does not like the Rich Family? These are the best of the fallen family. The only two with the guts to enter the ring with such athletic greatness.”

Jimmy Classic smiles, trying to continue to act serious. “Hey, referee, get your ass in the ring. This is the best match the UK fans will witness here tonight.”

GLOBAL referee Gabrielle Harris steps inside the ring, ready to officiate the match. Jimmy Classic removes his coat and sunglasses as Elrod steps outside onto the ring apron, allowing Chuckles to start the match.

Lucas Quinn unhappily says, “Folks, unfortunately, we will have a match here. If you need a bathroom break, now would be the time.”


The bell sounds, and Chuckles Rich and Trae Larkin start the match off. Trae Larkin slowly circles the ring acting timid and uncertain as Chuckles Rich wobbles, growling.

The Mark sarcastically says, “No wonder Chuckles made Declan cry!”

Allie, not playing games, says, “If you keep the charades up with these two clowns, I will make you cry.”

Finally, the unsure Trae Larkin locks up with Chuckles Rich. The two men appear to fight for position, with Chuckles backing Trae into the corner. Trae Larkin holds his hands up to protect himself from Chuckles Rich, who gives another intimidating growl. Referee Gabrielle Harris steps in to protect the Suplex Ninja as Chuckles Rich turns to fire up the UK fans, which does the opposite.

Lucas Quinn says, “These fans aren’t falling for the Prime Time Athletes games.”

The Mark questions, “Or maybe, they are Prime Time Athlete fans.”

Allie threatens Mark again, “What did I say, Mark!”

While Chuckles back is turned from Trae Larkin. The Suplex Ninja takes that moment to strike, taking the leg out of Chuckles Rich. He crumbles down to the mat, his “intimidating” growls becoming legit screeches of pain. Trae Larkin’s demeanor changes to an attack dog, and he continues stomping on the leg of Chuckles Rich as he rolls around, trying to cover himself up and stop the attack.

Lucas Quinn questions, “I don’t even know Chuckles and Elrod are professionally trained wrestlers. Look at Chuckles roll around in the ring screaming for Elrod to help him.”

The Mark adds, “It’s the Rich way, Lucas.”


The microphones catch Allie hitting The Mark’s shoulder.

The Mark shouts, “OUCH!”

Allie was not kidding. Meanwhile, inside the ring, Trae Larkin has not let up as he pulls Chuckles Rich to his feet, pulls him forward, and launches him backward with a big belly-to-belly suplex.


Chuckles Rich hits the mat awkwardly and lays there like all the wind left his lungs. Trae Larkin gets back to his feet, glares down at Chuckles Rich, and pulls him right back to his feet, and, this time, he locks him from behind and hits a vicious dragon suplex.


Lucas Quinn shakes his head and says, “They don’t call Trae Larkin the Suplex Ninja for nothing. He is tossing Chuckles around the ring with ease.”

Trae Larkin hits the ropes and leaps into a perfectly executed Asai Moonsault, landing on the exposed Chuckles Rich.


Referee Gabrielle Harris slides down to make the cover.



…. Trae Larkin “helps” Chuckles kick out.

The Mark shouts, “Amazing kick out by Chuckles!”


Another punch from the announcer’s booth into The Mark’s arm is heard.

Trae Larkin acts shocked that Chuckles Rich was kicked out, and he turns and makes a “desperate” tag to his partner, Jimmy Classic. Jimmy Classic flips over the ropes and into the ring in a mocking karate stance. He points at Elrod and then helps Chuckles roll over a few times to make the tag.

Lucas Quinn attempts to stay professional and call the action inside the ring. “Chuckles makes the tag with Elrod Rich.”

Elrod looks uncertain, but Jimmy Classic gives him a wink to give the Rich cousin some false security. Elrod charges forward and begins punching Jimmy Classic. He backs the Prime Time Athlete into the ropes and sends him across. Elrod Rich takes Classic down with a clothesline.

… Classic Kip-ups. Elrod turns around to eat a superkick.


Elrod drops like he was shot. Jimmy Classic follows up with a standing shooting star press. Then pops back and lands—a big Classic Sault on the deflated Elrod Rich.

Jimmy Classic, now on his feet, poses before making a tag back to his partner Trae Larkin. Trae Larkin lifts Elrod, and Classic springboards into a head kick.


Trae Larkin drops down and hooks the leg.




Allie shouts, “FINALLY!”

Lucas Quinn says, “Thankfully, that is over. Prime Time Athletes make quick work of these two guys they found off the street and disguise them as Rich Family members. What did you think of this match, Mark?”

The Mark shakes his head, refusing to answer again.

Allie laughs, “Smart answer.”


The Prime Time Athletes celebrate like they just defeated the actual Rich Family.

LOGO b&w


“If I were narcissistic, I’d almost think you were TRYING to disappoint me, Darren.” A familiar voice echoes in the silence of the locker room as Darren best feels the hairs on his neck stand on end.

Darren takes a moment before turning round.  He mumbles something inaudible to himself and yet still breaks out into a wry smile, surprised perhaps at the timing, but knowing this would happen at some stage.

“And what makes you think I care that I have disappointed you, Reyn?”

Best is now looking Reyn dead in the eye.  They’re both the same height after all, though that is one of the few things they have in common, even if they have an extraordinary shared history together.

“That depends…” Reyn says, with a tilt of the head, “On whether you feel any shame on how incredibly ineffectual you’ve been.”

He folds his arms.

“To start, you had a golden opportunity to redeem YOURSELF against the Rich Family, and you let it slip through your fingers. I suppose you’re content to remain the weak link in the chain?”

We see the final moments of the tag match between Best and Reyn against the Riches all those years ago. Darren being left on his own against both Todd and Freddie. Eventually being the man pinned.

Darren shakes his head. “The weak link in which chain, exactly?  I didn’t know this was an ecosystem.  I’ve deliberately wrestled good opposition to test myself.  Have I fallen short?  Yes.  But, I haven’t picked easy opponents like Joe Public, and I could have, to pad my record out, and I’m learning.  Am I near your level?  No, no way.  But, as real as I am standing in front of you, I believe I’ll get there – eventually.  So, no, I’m not content.  But, your ‘seal of approval’ and your opinion on anything for that matter, they don’t mean a damn.”

“No. But your partner’s does.”

Best’s eyes grow wide. “Meaning?”

There is a near threatening chuckle from Reyn. Best catches him muttering under his breath.

“‘I’m just like the rest of them’, he says. What a joke.”

Then he speaks up and addresses Darren directly.

“For whatever reason. You care SO much what Alfie thinks of you… and yet day by day. You continue to lose him.”

Darren folds his arms in response, clearly defensive, but he’s also not shy in coming forward verbally. “You know nothing about our friendship despite the fact that your attack on him started this whole thing off, whatever this is, between you and me, so leave Alfie – and Amber – out of this if you’re thinking of pulling anything.  We had an amicable split, I wish him well, he wishes me well, and you must be blind if you can’t see that’s still the case.  This is just you stirring.”

“Darren. Look me in the eye and tell me that Crusader’s influence doesn’t bother you at all.”

Reyn stares Darren dead on.

Best mockingly applauds Alex. “I won’t lie, it does bother me, but Alfie’s not friends with Crusader X AT ALL.  That part, you’re so wide of the mark on, it is scary.  In any conversations we’ve had, Alfie has sided with me over Crusader X and have a bond that neither of you can understand OR stand, by the sounds of it.”

Reyn answers with a mocking smirk of his own.

“Ah. Well then, if the crusader’s growing involvement in your partner’s life is so harmless, I suppose you’ll allow him to continue without any objection from you? You trust your partner, right? You don’t fear what the crusader might do with him? What he might involve him in

Best sighs, growing tired of this exchange. “Partner, partner, partner.  FORMER partner, but yes, I’m worried about my friend, Reyn.  I’m not worried about OUR friendship.”
“Then. As the East Wind always does. I shall tell you the truth: If any harm comes to Alfie. Or Amber. It will not be the crusader’s fault. It will be YOURS.”

His eyes bore into Darren.

“The crusader will do as he pleases. Pursuing his own agenda like water flowing down a mountain, but YOU… You see a threat to your own, and what do you do? Nothing more than ineffectual pleas for the crusader to stop. YES, Darren pleas,   Because you have done nothing to give your words WEIGHT. Nothing to make the crusader fear you. THAT is the difference between myself and your kind. I don’t have the cowardly fear of consequence you all possess. I do not ASK those who offend me to stop. I MAKE them stop. But you… Year after year, you let the things you care about slip away. You promised to catch up to me… four years ago? And you let that slip away. You had even more potential than ALFIE when we met… and you let it slip away. And now you watch as someone comes to threaten your friend and like always, you’re going to let your chance to protect him… slip away.”

LOGO b&w


“Amber Lee and Darren Best were tag team partners just two weeks ago, put together by Crusader X, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a hand in this either,” Reece claims, shaking her head.

“Hang on, Allie, that’s a bit of an accusation,” The Mark replies, holding his hands out like people do when they pretend to be shocked by something.

“Well, that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.  I find it all too convenient that they were teaming, now they’re facing each other, and they’re both friends of Alfie’s.  Crusader X wants Alfie to himself, and I don’t mean like that, Mark.  I mean, he wants them to be a tag team, I don’t know what it is, but based on what we saw last week and the opponents he picked for Alfie in their tag match, why would you pick Alfie’s two best friends in GLOBAL, huh?  Tell me that.  You wouldn’t.  He’s like a jealous boyfriend, a control freak who wants to have Alfie to himself, and it’s creepy,” Reece rolls her shoulders, an imaginary chill in the air suddenly rearing its ugly head just because she uttered the word ‘creepy.’ Go figure, the idiosyncrasies of being a native English speaker, irrespective of which side of the pond you live on.

“It should be a good match,” Quinn predicts, looking to change focus.

“While it lasts, because Amber Lee is going to fly the flag for GIRL POWER,” Allie holds her dress up ever so slightly, reminding viewers at home of her tribute to Geri and the rest of the Spice Girls.

“And that means she’ll beat Darren Best, just like she has everyone else…in singles competition, I swear Mark, does everything have to be literal with you?”

“Yes,” comes the reply.

“Darren Best and Amber Lee, of course, lost to Alfie and Crusader X on Domination Seven, which is why my colleagues are now bickering like boyfriend and girlfriend off the air.  Before they kill me, let’s go up to “Downtown” Jason Brown ahead of this match between Amber and Darren.”

Jason Brown laughs, which is lost on the crowd, before regaining his composure. “The following match is scheduled for one fall…Introducing first.”

As Tina Turner once told Larry King herself, she was a bigger star in Europe than she ever was back home, and Darren Best’s theme song gets more of a reaction than it usually does for that very reason.

SIMPLY THE BEST comes the cry, and Darren appears, a smile from ear to ear before he puts his game face back on.  He has wrestled in the UK on multiple occasions, usually in conjunction with Alfie Button who we’ll see a little bit later on, but right now, he has the unenviable task of wrestling Amber Lee, unbeaten in solo competition herself and only a loser because Darren got rolled up by Crusader X in his native New York a fortnight ago.

“Darren Best has had a tough start to life in GLOBAL, but that is by design.  He has faced the GLOBAL Champion Sean Darring, Crusader X, Son of Malta, and then Crusader X again with Alfie Button.  He hasn’t padded his record, he isn’t going in there with people he knows he’s better than, and speaking to him backstage, he told me that he’d rather lose to the ten best wrestlers here than beat ten people he’s expected to.  He also revealed his ambitions, which I won’t go into right now, and so it makes a lot of sense that he wouldn’t shy away from this, because Amber Lee is a match for anyone in GLOBAL, and I mean anyone,” The Mark informs everyone.

Speaking of which…

The crowd loses control at the sound of “Lose Control” by Poe The Passenger and Amber Lee, an honorary Brit for tonight it would seem, walks out in all-white, boots, top, and trunks.  She waves to everyone from the top of the ramp before confidently strutting down the aisle, full of smiles and high fives for grateful fans alongside the left side of the aisle way.

“Did you ask Alfie to come out and do commentary?”

“I did, Allie, and he declined.  He said if it were anywhere else, he would have done it, but he didn’t want to be a factor here, and take away the spotlight from either of his two friends.”

Reece tuts. “That would be a first.”

“Yes, but I get it, and he also told me he didn’t want to see this match at all, and we know he didn’t want to wrestle Amber during their tag match.”

Again, Reece reacts. “Didn’t want to?  They didn’t.  Period.  He only wrestled Best, which is sexist if you ask me and shows he has a bias towards Amber, because HE, not her, wants this relationship to happen, Mark.”

Lee steps between the ropes as Brown announces her vitals to the audience, and the LA lass is afforded a rather warm welcome, albeit in a colder climate.


Amber and Darren collide in the center of the ring with a collar-and-elbow tie-up, which Best quickly steers into a hammerlock.  However, Amber is active, missing with a high right elbow and Darren making her miss as she tries a second from the left side.  Notwithstanding, and Darren soon isn’t, she grabs Best’s left leg, tripping him up, however, she misses with a subsequent elbow drop.

Best makes Lee pay for her mistake with an arm breaker, which he doubles up on. “Amber gave that arm away cheaply to one of the worst people in professional wrestling for working that particular limb.  That’s Darren’s go-to strategy in any match, but Lee laid it on a plate for him,” The Mark muses.

Darren kicks Amber to the shoulder, which makes her sit up, thus making his next step easier.  Darren hammers away with MMA-style elbows to her right shoulder, before taking her by the hand and dragging her through the streets of Manchester, well not really, over to the bottom rope.

“A seated senton to the arm, an unusual tactic in the sense we see it normally done to the leg, and Darren does it for a second time,” Quinn comments.

“We haven’t seen Darren this aggressive in GLOBAL,” Allie observes.

“No, we haven’t, and he’s using it against an opponent worthy of it in the form of Amber Lee.  It’s as if he’s treating her like Alex Reyn,” The Mark remarks.

Allie enquires. “What is the story there?”

“A tale for another day,” The Mark waves his broadcast partner off.

Best whips Lee to the top right-hand corner of the squared circle, but Lee still has more than enough strength in the tank to reverse it, though Darren is ready for her rushing in, countering Amber’s eagerness with an up-and-over, only for Amber to pluck the New York Native out of the air like she’s wearing a mitt, shoving Best’s head onto the top turnbuckle for some added momentum prior to turning around and planting him with quite a bang in the middle of the battlefield with an old-fashioned Oklahoma Stampede.

Quinn queries. “A sign of the power that Amber possesses, which we’ve become accustomed to.  Has she been in there with anyone stronger?”

Reece shakes her head, and The Mark backs her up. “Nope.”

Nonetheless, Darren’s early assault on Amber’s right arm has taken somewhat of a toll so far, as she tends to it for a moment.  It’s not long before she’s back on her feet, courtesy of an impressive kip-up, shades of her friend/boyfriend, one Alfie Button, and rebounding off the ropes with a basement big boot.

“Darren dodges that brilliantly and converts it into a roll-up, the very move that Crusader X caught him out with on Domination Seven in Darren’s hometown.  Lee kicks out at 2, narrowly avoiding the same fate, and that would have been some story,” Lucas professes.

“Amber has a better Ring IQ than Darren and was never going to fall for such a trick,” Reece declares.

“I don’t know about that,” Deltzer retorts.

“Something YOU don’t know?  Wow,” Reece mocks The Mark.

In the meantime, Best is up, ducking underneath Amber’s attempted lariat, and comes back with something we’ll never know as Lee follows him to the ropes, knocking the stuffing out of her opponent with the kitchen sink to the gut.  The move, not the household object that everyone uses in case of desperation. 

Lee drags Darren away from the refuge of the eastern set of ropes, winding Best up with a short-arm clothesline that puts Darren on the deck.  Amber isn’t content with that, pulling Darren up with SOME effort, before dropping him like a pile of bricks with a second short-arm clothesline.  Lee lets go, takes a step back, and as Darren wearily gets to his feet, Amber is ready and waiting with an unwelcome gift called a standing dropkick, which is superbly executed, and gets Amber excited enough to scurry over and cover Best for the first lateral press of the contest, here in Manchester.



Amber isn’t wasting time, lifting Alfie’s ex-partner, in terms of tag teams at least, up for a belly-to-back facebu-t a victory roll-like roll-through by Best gives the talented grappler his first pinfall attempt of the encounter…



Despite grabbing on tightly, Lee’s leg strength proves too much, but Best’s quick thinking also proves too much for Amber, in this exchange at least, hooking her by the head and executing an excellent Russian legsweep.  Rather than going for the cover, Darren looks to build on his handiwork with a patented move from his arsenal…

OUTstanding moonsaul—LEE catches Best in her arms, primed and ready for the specialist’s signature move, or so it seems.  Best thinks ‘off’ his feet, elbowing Amber to the head, borrowing a ploy from her playbook at the very beginning of the bout, twice until it causes separation, Darren landing on his feet, or almost.  He slips for a moment, though turns that into a positive for him by returning with interest via an outstanding overhead kick, again perhaps potentially inspired by Alfie.

“I wonder if Amber realizes right now that a touch of Alfie was used to hurt her,” The Mark thinks aloud.

“I doubt if she cares,” Reece believes.

“Beg to differ,” The Mark replies.

An arm wringer from Best makes way for a hammerlock, which not only puts duress on Lee’s right arm but also disguises his real intent, in this instance, with a stunning short-range clothesline that cleans the Californian’s clock.  Best drops down and hooks Lee’s left leg with serious intent…




She’s not having any of it, but Best is certainly making waves, and that’s not lost on our commentary team who compare this showing to shades of Darren’s efforts against GLOBAL titleholder, Sean Darring, and the unbeaten Crusader X.  Best goes back to the hammerlock, which he has had some success with as a gateway hold, and he’ll be hopeful of using it as a key to unlock Lee’s door, ahem, and achieve his first victory this evening on English soil, GLOBAL’s first foray overseas since opening at the back end of 2022.

Amber turns the tables on Darren by countering his hammerlock with a standing switch, giving the grappler a taste of his own medicine.  Darren goes for the jugular, lifting Lee’s 170-pound frame from a standing position and driving her backward with a BIG-TIME backdrop driver that takes everyone by surprise and draws cheers from the 3,500-strong set of supporters in Manchester.

“This is definitely better by Darren Best,” Lucas lauds.

“It definitely is,” Deltzer adds, again, more aware of Darren’s real ability than anyone else sitting at the desk.



Amber’s right shoulder shoots up, somewhat defiantly, sending a message to Best that he hasn’t done that MUCH damage to her, apparently.

Best ignores this sign, focused on the formidable task at hand, and sets about breaking Amber down, piece by piece, starting with a single-arm DDT.  Darren may not be on his feet, though he’s thinking on them, performing a forward roll and into a crossface, which he’s struggling to secure, but Amber senses danger and will not budge, refusing to give her arm away as cheaply as she did at the start of the match.

“I wonder how much Alfie chatted her up about Darren’s laser-like focus on limbs, particularly the arm,” The Mark contemplates.

“Darren being aggressive here, again reverting to elbows to get his way, and he does, but with a cross arm breaker this time,” Quinn states.

The Californian keeps her cool in the eye of the storm, some fans urging her to give it up while others roaring on encouragement, indicative of the mixed crowd, which slightly favors her, say 60-40.  That 60 percent helps her inch towards the ropes, as well as her long legs, and there’s unanimous applause as she reaches safety along the left-sided bottom rope, allowing Gabrielle Harris to count, and Darren keeps the submission intact before releasing on the brink of 3.

Before Lee can get her bearings, Darren drags her towards the center of the squared circle, negotiating a smooth snap suplex and a follow-up leg drop across the throat that gets Amber’s attention.  She sits up, spluttering, before Darren shoves her back down, hooking a hopeful leg…



Darren heads east, again optimistic of finding a solution to overcome the physical gifts of Amber Lee, but he finds that his springboard moonsault isn’t it, with Lee rolling back towards the ropes that served her well as an escape route for the cross armbreaker from moments ago, and the audience applauds the in-match interval, Harris initiating a count as the competitors gasp air and clutch at straws.


“Darren Best has probably controlled portions of this contest better, but Amber’s power is an enormous equalizer,” Quinn informs the GLOBAL Nation at home.


“I disagree, and her power won’t just be an equalizer, Quinn,” Allie confidently predicts.




Darren, the fresher of the two and backing up Quinn’s point, climbs to his feet.  However, Amber Lee eats one right hand to return fire with two, and it’s too much for Best, backing him up.  She whips Best to the left set of ropes, however, lowers her head and Best, who knows a thing or two about this, prepares to DDT Lee.  However, Amber realizes the error of her ways, pushing Darren back and forcefully asserting herself with a fantastic pop-up spinebuster that thrills the crowd.

Amber falls on top of Darren, which I’m sure would excite Alfie this evening.





Amber’s elbow drop does connect on this occasion.  She isn’t satisfied with her lot, though, scooping Darren up off the floor and into the air, extracting the loudest response of the contest thus far, a vertical suplex, which is quickly curtailed as Darren scrambles out of the back door.  Another roll-up attempt goes amiss as Lee, hanging onto the south side’s top rope, ‘butts in’ and shoves Darren off.  Undeterred, Darren climbs to his feet and charges Lee, which Amber sees coming, countering with a BIG back body drop…

“He’s like a cat tonight,” Deltzer gushes.

Darren lands on the apron.  When Amber realizes by turning around, her roundhouse right attempt is blocked, and Best hangs her out to dry on the top rope, throat-first, again making Lee cough and splutter uncomfortably.  Could that be another potential avenue to explore?

Best holds onto the top rope, stamping his feet, which gets the crowd involved, readying and bigging himself up for a sublime springboard crossbody block, which connects!  But, immediately, Amber rolls through, and uninterested in the pinning predicament, carries him around like a newborn, adjusting him into a scoop slam position, dominating Darren in the strength stakes once again, ignoring any work on that right arm.

“Darren goes back to the well with elbows, but Lee lifts him looking for a—DDT BY DARREN! That could be it,” The Mark exclaims.




Best looks buoyed and bothered by that.  Rather than get mad, he looks to get the better of Amber by coming to the south-western top rope, and The Mark predicts that Darren is fixed to give Manchester a showing of the Best Moonsault E-AVALANCE BELLY-TO-BACK SUPLEX BY AMBER LEE, WHICH TURNS DARREN INSIDE OUT!!!

While Manchester ‘mumbles’ something about a religious piece of excrement, Harris holds her fingers up, which the crowd counts along with.  Our camera crew zeroes in on both heavily breathing bodies, until Amber quashes the double down on six, by extending an optimistic and confident left arm over Darren Best’s chest…






THRE-ATENING!  Darren kicks, well I say kicks, out, whereas in reality, he barely musters a shoulder up to save himself but save himself he does.

“That was a major gut check for Darren Best, not that it’s over, though it might be soon with the way Amber’s finding her groove,” Quinn enthusiastically reports.

Lee, unsteady, clambers to her vertical base and urges Darren to join her.  It’s clear she’s going to uncork a dreaded spear, potentially fatal to Darren’s chances this late in the game.  When he gets up, he has no idea what’s in store…


Maybe he does know…





Not far away!

Amber has had enough, it seems, and drags Darren up with a fantastic powerbomb.  Still, she’s not done.  Through gritted teeth and tiredness, she makes it a double powerbomb and then runs with Darren in her arms to make the third time far from a charm with a vicious BUCKLE BOMB!

Darren, who has a history of concussions, bounces off that top turnbuckle nastily anyway, however, the rebound into Amber’s perfectly placed and time roundhouse kick rocks his world.  Amber doesn’t even let Darren fall to the floor, because she wants to tuck him in properly, rather than letting him nod off on the job.  The fireman’s carry tells everyone what time it is and the vast majority of the audience in the Manchester Apollo rises to its collective feet to watch Darren Best fail another test, and…





Lee hooks the leg, not that she has to.







The audience explodes as Amber climbs to her feet, Gabrielle Harris on hand to raise Lee’s left arm in triumph. “Another impressive performance by Amber, and she had to dig deep,” Reece confesses.

“It wasn’t as easy for her, as you thought, and I knew it wouldn’t be.  Darren asks questions of everyone he’s in there with and is still seeking that elusive first win here in GLOBAL, but it’s a case of when not if, especially if he keeps performing the way he does,” The Mark insists.

Amber comes over to celebrate with a family in the front row, exchanging hugs with a grey-haired man and two brunettes, all with Alfie tie-dye T-shirts on. “I wonder who they are, Mark,” Allie laughs.

“Yes, Alfie’s parents and sister congratulating Amber, and again, it adds fuel to the fire of ‘are they, aren’t they’ and that would suggest they are if she has met the parents,” The Mark claims.

“And a run at the tag team titles, perhaps?  We know Alfie can’t without Amber,” Reece jokes.

“We’ll see later on when Alfie faces Declan Rich, but maybe.  Amber, admittedly Allie, could go for singles or tag team gold, and nobody would blink,” The Mark affirms.

LOGO b&w


The screen fades up to a football field on a Friday night. There are thousands of fans in attendance and the teams are currently in the middle of a blowout on the home team’s field. The score is shown and it is 56-6 in favor the visitors. Just below the scoreboard we see our dynamic duo of “Big Kid” Chris Smith and Gemini standing. The screen zooms in to get a close up on Smith as he starts talking.

“Football on the gridiron is as American as apple pie,” he begins.

“Ain’t you British?” Asks the masked enigma.

Smith waves him off.

“Doesn’t matter,” He says with a grin. “We are here to witness a great moment in sport where the home team, on their senior night, have arranged for a student in their special ed program to be allowed to score a touchdown.”

“Is this like a make-a-wish kind of thing?” asks Gemini.

“I think to a degree, it is.” answers the Big Kid as he starts walking down the end of the end zone and continues speaking. “You see, little Davey was told he may never walk again when he was only four years old and yet today this eighteen year old will do something he has only dreamed of – score a varsity touchdown. Let’s watch this special moment, shall we?”

The screen pans to show the play as it unfolds.

The quarterback takes the snap and hands the ball to Davey and he takes off running. The away team parts as if they were the red sea and Davey was Moses reincarnated. There are sports writers from all over the state here to witness this and they are running down the sidelines and snapping pictures as Davey cradles the ball with his left arm and waves to the camera with his right. He is even getting the announcer calling his play.

“Davey is at the forty!” He is heard over the loud speaker system at the field. “The thirty! The Twenty! He’s going to score!”


Gemini suddenly enters the screen and literally power spear tackles the kid directly into the air. Davey flies back about eight yards and the ball goes flying further. The crowd erupts in anger.

“FUCK YOU!” Gemini yells as he gets back to his feet completely proud of himself.

The camera switches to show Smith, now visible laughing and trying to hide it with his hand in front of his face as Gemini runs over to him.

“Again?” Chris asks. “Why?”

“Because Fuck them kids, that’s why!” Gemini states resolutely.

There is a crowd running at them from the stands.

“I think we need to get out of here.” Smith acutely asserts.

The two men take off running as the screen fades to black.

LOGO b&w


The week before Domination #8
Somewhere in the British countryside

They say that the grass is always greener on the other side, and it’s true. The grass that shook from the fall of Dawn Master and her huge bag was mostly brown and dead. 

“Are we there yet?” She asks through her heavy breathing.

“For the last time… yes! We are!” Screams Aurora through her heavy breathing. 

“Okay, but are we there yet?” Dawn asks again, still on the floor. 

Moonlight sits right beside her, taking a sip from a bottle of water and looks at the boys that accompanied them. Rupert and Nigel were currently sitting near a tree with their bags scattered around them. 

“My bloody legs! Alecz was lucky, if you ask me. He managed to avoid this…” Whispers Nigel to Rupert, rubbing his own thighs, but Rupert seems to be distracted by the massive bag brought by the smallest member in the group. 

“What have you got in there? Your make-up?” He asks Dawn, who instead of replying, tries to reach for the zipper without taking her face from the ground, and opens the bag, revealing about 40 different versions of Nintendo 3 and 2DS. At the sight, Rupert’s sneer becomes even more pronounced “Game Boys? How old are you, ten?”

“These are 3DSs, actually.” Moonlight casually remarks, grabbing one for herself. 

“Whatever they are, why on Earth do you have so many?”

“What if the battery runs out?” Points out Aurora, but the conversation is abruptly interrupted by the sound of a car approaching. 

The black car parks near them and two women come out of it, drinking bottles of water. 

“Oh, it is SO hot in here!” Stella remarks, fanning herself. 

Kerry is quick to agree. “Scorchio! Thank Heavens for air conditioning!”

Only then do the two women appear to notice the five bodies strewn about the grassy hillside.

“Oh…you have finally arrived.” Stella’s tone is less than impressed. “We got here about two hours ago, but since you were taking so long, we decided to go for a walk.”

“A walk in your car?” Aurora asks. 


“We brought back din-dins, as well!” Kerry daintily slips on a pair of disposable gloves before opening the trunk of the car and pulling out what appears, at first, to be a fleecy, woolly blanket – though a particularly smelly one.

“Is..is that a dead sheep?” Rupert wrinkles his nose in disgust, but Kerry simply giggles.

“Entirely accidental. It jumped in front of the car, the poor thing. It must have been poorly…” She drags the carcass closer to the assembled wrestlers, who instinctively recoil. “In any case, I thought our dashing gentlemen might know what to do with it…” 

She winks at Rupert and Nigel, but neither of the two seem amused; on the contrary, Rupert all but splutters from the shock.

“Are you out of your mind?! I do not have the foggiest idea how to even begin…!”

“*I do*.” In stark contrast to Rupert’s demeanor, Carnival Dawn’s eyes are all but shining as she takes in the dead animal. The blond half of Best of British shoots her a look somewhere between disgusted and exasperated, but before anything further can transpire, Stella once again monopolizes the attention of the group.

“Right.” The classy brunette claps her hands twice, commanding the attention of her charges. “Do we all know what we are doing next weekend, then?”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Aurora Master rolls her eyes. “What I don’t know is WHY we’re doing it… Can’t we just…you know…?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, darling!” Stella’s tone is friendly, but her airy words are not without the usual undertone of menace. “You are Champions. You should enjoy the perks of such a distinction – such as getting to pick your battles.” 

She looks round at the other half of the group simply known as The United Kingdom. “Besides, we want EVERY one of you to be in peak condition come Gold Rush…” Her voice drops to a conspiratorial tone. “People in power tend to be just a little bit jealous of groups such as ours. Goodness KNOWS what they are holding in store for us! We must prepare for ANY eventuality. And one way of doing that is to…”

“All right, okay, we get it.” Aurora rolls her eyes again. “We’ll follow through with the plan. Don’t worry.”

“I shan’t.” Stella’s look as she says this is sufficiently rife with meaning to brook no further argument. As such, and after a few moments of silence have elapsed, the leader of the United Kingdom is free to return to her air-conditioned car, where Kerry awaits with the engine already running. Only after she is comfortably seated and has rolled down her window does the brunette wave to her charges.

“Carry on, then, darlings… We shall meet you back at the starting point, hmm?”

With that, the car carrying the two women takes off at speed down the hill, the roar of the engine deafening the chorus of grumbles from the five aching men and women forced to find their own way back to base.

“At least we are going DOWNhill now…” Nigel Kensington III, of all people, provides the only silver lining for the group to hold on to as they begin their trek down the slope and towards a well-deserved respite.

LOGO b&w


The upbeat riffage of ‘The Angel and the Jerk’ heralds the arrival of the team by the same name, who – like two weeks previously – seem in a rather different mood than what the song conveys. Both Angel Ramirez and Saul Morgan wear serious, no-nonsense expressions as they come down to the ring, and the teenager in particular is oddly subdued as she requests – and is given – a microphone. In an even less characteristic gesture, she then hands this to her partner, deferring the talking to him, rather than attempting to monopolise it as she normally would. Saul seems appreciative of this, and his face momentarily breaks into a fond grin, which Angel returns in kind; by the time they reach the ring, however, any trace of mirth has gone, and both members of the team are all business.

“We are about to hear from The Angel and the Jerk, a team which has had quite a lot to say in recent weeks – and quite justifiably so.”

As promptly as he started talking, Lucas Quinn once again becomes silent, giving center stage to Morgan, who has the microphone to his lips and is about to begin his address.

“We’re not going to beat around the bush. That ain’t our style.” Saul’s initial words draw an appreciative nod from his young partner, who can be heard yelling “preach, holmes!”. Morgan shoots her a split-second look, then promptly moves on to his actual point, as promised. “Two weeks ago, we let The Law bring things down to their level…AGAIN.” Another nod from Angel, a serious one this time. “That ends NOW. Brady…Strauss…if you two really are big, bad lawmen, like you claim to be…come down here and prove it. Come down here right NOW, and let’s give the fans here in England the match we didn’t give the fans back in New York. No more bullshit. No more games. Let’s the two of us and the two of you have a FIGHT. Settle this once and for all, right now. What do you say?”

With that, “The Tramp” lowers the mic from his lips…only for his partner to snatch it off him, apparently unable to resist throwing in her own two cents.

“I dunno, Saul, my dude…I ain’t think them two are gon’ come out here…I think they scared a’ us after last time…or maybe they *chicken*…buck, buck, buckaaaaawwwww…!”

“REALLY? Is she REALLY going with THAT old chestnut?”

Despite Deltzer’s disbelief and mockery, Angel’s simplistic yet classic taunt has the predictable effect of immediately causing The Law’s theme song to cue up on the arena speakers, prompting some sarcasm from “The Mark”’s female broadcast partner.

“You were saying, Mark…?”

A moment later, Brady and Strauss emerge onto the platform, from which they throw Angel and Saul smug looks, as the two continue to challenge them to get in the ring. Rather than make any sort of move to that effect, however, the two men – the same grins still plastered on their faces – simply point to a spot somewhere behind the two fan-favourites, jokingly saluting them and waving goodbye. After a moment’s confusion, Saul and Angel eventually cotton on, instantly whirling around on their heels…

…only to get assaulted by none other than Jed Johnson!!

“JED JOHNSON with the sneak attack on Angel Ramirez and Saul Morgan!!!”

“What is HE doing here?! I thought Val had sent him packing for GOOD!”

The announcers’ disgust is echoed by the fans in attendance, who immediately begin to boo the returned controversial superstar, who has felled Angel with the steel chair in his hand, and is now engaged in a mighty struggle with her vastly stronger and better-prepared partner. Understanding things will not be as easy for them as initially predicted, Brady and Strauss finally make a beeline for the ring, fully intending to help Johnson take care of the smaller but incredibly resilient Tramp…

Within seconds of The Law climbing into the ring to deal with the felled teen, however, a sudden guitar riff breaks through the constant “Boo’s” and jeers, causing them to turn into cheers and joy as Blow Me Away plays over the speakers. Brady and Strauss can only look at each other, slight confusion on their faces before they gaze at the entrance platform, Jed also glancing up in the midst of his current dispute. Right on cue, Valorie Vitality makes her appearance, her hair tied back in a ponytail and in her usual wrestling attire, save for a pair of cowboy boots replacing her combat boots. She takes off the dogtags and hands them to an official before hastily making her way down to the ring and jumping in, much to the announcers’ delight.


“Go get ‘em, girlfriend!”

“HEY!” She shouts to the group, barely audible due to the roar of the excited crowd. This, however, is enough to attract the attention of Brady and Strauss, who turn towards the ramp for a moment, before Jed orders them to stay focused on the undersized fan-favorite duo. Valorie’s distraction is, however, enough to allow Saul to connect with the buzzsaw kick he calls Better Call Saul to Brady, and for the recovered Angel to aim between Strauss’s legs with her favorite attack…only to connect with the protective cup the Lawmen has worn for just such an eventuality! Another Better Call Saul makes up for the teen’s moment of embarrassment, however, freeing her and Saul to help Valorie deal with the threat of Jed Johnson.

Despite finding himself outnumbered three to one, however, Johnson is not going out without a fight, promptly swinging the steel chair in his hand towards the newcomer. This time, however, it is easy for Saul to dispossess him of the foreign object, which he throws angrily out of the ring before confronting the returning Johnson directly. His only edge gone, and still at a disadvantage, the controversial superstar chooses, however, to play it safe, sliding underneath the nearby set of ropes and promptly beginning to make his way towards the entrance ramp. Unwilling to let him get away that easily, and spurned on by the British fans, the fan-favorite trio are no less swift to give chase, following Johnson through the curtain and leaving the two bigger men known as The Law to pick themselves up, under the continuous jeering of fans. At the announce table, Quinn sums up the situation quite aptly.

“This tussle between Saul Morgan, Angel Ramirez, Valorie Vitality and The Law shows no signs of ending any time soon; on the contrary, hostilities continue to escalate week on week, and one can only wonder when and how this will end.”

“Obviously, they either have a match or they all get suspended, Lucas. There’s no other way this can possibly get resolved.”

“Quite right, Marcus. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see which one transpires…”

These are the last words fans hear on the matter before the feed cuts elsewhere.

LOGO b&w


The Informer stands in Gorilla position, microphone in hand, ready to address the audience both in the arena, and at home.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Jerry David.”

Jerry steps closer to The Informer.

“Jerry, how are you feeling after the horrific attack last week at the hands of E Z Rah?”

“Thanks, Informer. May I?” Jerry asks, gesturing for the microphone.

The Informer shrugs, his job done, and hands the microphone to Jerry, whose pleasant demeanour disappears as he turns to address E Z Rah directly.

“Listen here numb nuts. I might have a few cracked ribs, but I’m still able to crack my jokes. And cracking jokes isn’t the only thing I’m going to do. Because I might not be able to crack your head wide open today, but believe me, come Gold Rush, I’ll be cracking skulls left right and centre.”

With that, Jerry hands the microphone back to E Z Rah and, bizarrely… heads away from the curtain, begging the question, why was he there, and what was he up to?

LOGO b&w


“It is tourney time!” Quinn states with excitement as the screen opens back to the view of our beloved announce team. “And this one has some fire power in it!”

“That is true in a sense,” Allie chimes in, “But when one of the participants is a walking weapon of mass destruction, it makes this one a potential white wash.”

“Lazar is the biggest man in Global,” The Mark rebuts, “But is he as accomplished in the ring as Daniel Dream? Biggest is not always better.”

“Keep telling yourself that, Marky Mark,” Allie answers with a playful chuckle.

“Both of these men have a win in this tournament under their belts and now we find out which one advances to the finals of the tournament at Gold Rush!” Quinn inserts to get back on topic quickly. “Let’s head to our ring announcer, Jason Brown, and get this one started!”

The view changes to show the wide view of the ring with Brown standing in the very center, microphone in hand.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” Brown expertly begins, “this match is set for one fall and is a semifinal match in the top contender tournament!”

The crowd gives a round of cheers for the sheer heft of this match and what it means for Global.

“Introducing first,” he continues, “Standing six feet, four inches tall and hailing from West Hollywood, California by way of Atlanta, Georgia, here is DANIEL DREAM!”

#Don’t wanna be an American Idiot!#

The first line of the iconic Green Day songs bellows out over the PA System and the music follows quickly as the fans immediately begin booing even before Dream steps out and only gets louder the moment he steps past the curtain. He is waving the American flag from side to side as the fans give him the business. He reaches the ring, and hands the flag to the ring attendant before stepping through the ropes and raising his arms to an ovation of disgust from the fans.

“Dream is out here looking ready to go!” Quinn acknowledges.

“That is one hell of a model American,” Deltzer adds.

“How would you know?” Allie asks pointedly. “You aren’t American!”

“Contrary to popular opinion, I actually AM an American, Allie,” The Mark replies. “You should know that by now!”

“And his opponent!” Brown’s words cut through the jeers of the crowd. “Standing a towering seven feet, four inches tall and weighing in at three hundred, ninety-nine pounds! Hailing from Clearwater, Florida by way of Bucharest, Romania, here is “BIG AUG” AUGUST LAZAR!”

The crowd immediately cheers as “Hot Cheetos and Takis” by Da Rich Kids begins to play over the speakers. And the largest athlete in Global steps through the entrance way. We see the red and black body suit with the big red hand print on the front. He is carrying a box of crispy cream donuts in his left hand as he smiles and takes a bite from the donut in his right hand. As he passes the camera, we see “Jackie’s Jerky” emblazoned across the rear of his tights.

“The size of Lazar is something that truly has to be witnessed in person to be understood,” Quinn states. “He truly is a man among men!”

“And a walking disaster for a donut shop apparently!” The Mark chides.

Lazar reaches the ring and doesn’t even miss a stride as he effortlessly kicks a leg over the top rope and steps into the ring. He puts the last bite of the donut in his mouth and raises his still glaze-covered fingers into the air and waves at the fans, who return the love in droves.

Referee Shane Staggs calls the two men to the center of the ring and Big Aug pulls another donut out of the box and puts it forward toward Dream. The fans cheer for the gesture, but those cheers change the moment Dream slaps the donut out of his hand and all the way into the fourth row at ringside. Big Aug shrugs and with a smile he turns and looks to the referee offering him one as well from inside the box.

Staggs never gets a chance to decide as Dream takes another swipe and knocks the box right into the referee’s face and with Staggs’ eyes detained, he kicks Big Aug right in the groin, doubling him over and lands a nasty forearm to the side of the giant’s face.

“Fast start from Daniel Dream!” Quinn yells out.

“I expected nothing less from the man who probably should be Global champion,” Deltzer adds.

“What?” Allie responds. “Are you kidding me right now? The man is lucky Freddie Rich kept Alex Reyn from breaking the pin or he might have gotten beat even worse in that match!”

Dream continues his assault with forearm shots that back the larger man into the corner, where he switches to short, fast kicks to the ribs. The fans are erupting in boos as Shane Staggs finally gets the box of donuts out of the ring. Dream plants several kicks to the big man and then grabs him by the wrist and attempts to yank him into an Irish whip, but Big Aug refuses to move!

“This won’t end well,” Allie states.

“I hate agreeing with you,” confirms The Mark.

Lazar pulls back on Dream and takes a massive swing, but Daniel ducks under the haymaker attempt and gets position to throw a hard right that connects. He rears back and throws another punch, but this time Big Aug catches the fist and the crowd cheers loudly. Big Aug quickly yanks his other arm free and grabs Dream by the throat.

“Big Aug having none of that,” Quinn calls out.

“He stayed too close for too long,” Allie chimes in.

Big Aug lets go of the fist and puts his hands on each side of Dream’s head and lifts him into the air, tossing him back toward the corner. Dream lands awkwardly on top of the top turnbuckle and stumbles over to barely remain standing on the ring apron.

“He nearly threw Dream into the first row!” Deltzer exclaims. “How is there not even a warning from the referee?”

“Would you caution somebody that big about their strength?” Allie asks.

“Point taken,” The Mark relents.

Lazar quickly moves in for the kill, but as he reaches over the ropes to grab Dream, Daniel pulls a smart tactic and shoves a shoulder block through the middle ropes and connects with the stomach of the giant that sends the Lazar stumbling back toward the middle of the ring. Dream quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle as Big Aug rushes and Dream leaps over him and lands on his feet.

“What a big move by Dream to avoid the giant’s arms!” Quinn shouts.

“It is nice,” Allie responds, “but the moment he gets hold of him, it is lights out.”

Big Aug turns around in the corner and sees Dream landing after the leap. He looks angrier than ever as he rushes the champ, but gets met with a Thesz Press by Dream. They go down to the mat as Dream  begins reigning down punches from both sides to Big Aug’s head as the fans boo Dream relentlessly.

“Daniel Dream trying to ground and pound in his own way!” Quinn extols.

“Good luck with that,” Deltzer says.

Shane Staggs is over and trying to get Dream to stop using the closed fists. Finally, Big Aug’s anger explodes as he just shoves Dream off him. He gets to his feet and grabs Dream again by the throat, tossing him into the corner, where Dream literally bounces off the turnbuckles and into a hard right hand from Big Aug that staggers Dream and sends him backward.

“Big Aug with a massive right cross!” Quinn calls out.

“The man’s fist is nearly the same size as Dream’s head!” Allie cries out.

“You like that, don’t you?” The Mark chides.

Big Aug starts teeing off with massive punches. Each punch to the head sends Dream legs into the air and his head way back over the top turnbuckle. Big Aug hits him with a stomach punch that bends him in half. Big Aug pauses and then hits a big right fist that drops Dream to the canvas as the crowd cheers him on.

Big Aug pulls Dream to his feet and pulls him to the nearest corner, wrapping his left arm around the top rope and then drilling him with a hard right hand. Then he grabs him by the hair and delivers a nasty head butt that actually drops Dream to sitting on the bottom turnbuckle.

Big Aug goes for a kick, but Dream blocks it to the side as he stands straight up. Big Aug goes for a punch, but Dream dodges and hits one of his own, using the momentum to turn Big Aug into the corner. Dream lands another chop, then another. The giant of a man is staggered by the chops in that corner.

“Now we’re talking” Deltzer excitedly yells out.

“Dream fighting as if his life depends on it!” Quinn states.

“Because it does,” Allie laughingly says.

Dream sets up to whip Big Aug across the ring and into the opposite corner, but Big Aug reverses and whips Dream with such ferocity that he flips up the corner and then right back the same way, staggering back to Big Aug, who drops his head and lifts Dream with a massive back body drop that sends the smaller man high into the air and then to the mat in the middle of the ring with a massive splat.

“That was some big air!” Allie cries out.

“Lazar is seven-four, and that is going to make that exchange hurt more,” Quinn states without missing a beat.

Big Aug stalks the downed Daniel and as Dream finally gets to his feet, he grabs him and just lifts him above his head in a gorilla press lift as if he was weightless. He holds him up and begins walking around the ring to show off his power and the fans are loving every single second of it.

Big Aug, after showing off to the crowd, tosses Daniel toward the corner where the smaller man’s head connects with the top turnbuckle and he then staggers back right into a big boot from the giant of a man. Dream nearly flips over from the impact of the boot to the face and Lazar drops down and goes for a pin.

“THE FOOD CHAIN!” Quinn screams. “This one might be over!”




“What a close call from Daniel Dream!” The Mark calls out. “He’s not out of this one yet!”

Big Aug gets to his feet and grabs the left wrist of Dream to pull him up as well. He never lets go of that wrist and suddenly jerks it back toward him where he delivers a shoulder block to the smaller man. He does it again and this shoulder block had enough force to drop Dream to his knees. Lazar pulls Dream up and keeps control of that arm, he pulls the arm out straight and kicks the ribcage as hard as he can. He follows that up with a big knee lift that sends Dream flying backward and to the mat again. Lazar takes a moment to again raise his arms to the crowd, which acknowledges him with praise.

“Big Aug Lazar in complete control now!” Quinn states.

“Yeah, this isn’t The Great Wall this time, Danny boy!” Allie chides.

“That is such a distasteful thing to say, Allie,” Deltzer replies. “The Great Wall was alone in that match and I still say it shouldn’t count!”

Dream makes it into the corner and pulls himself up as Big Aug seems to be just waiting for him. Lazar rushes in and goes for a big boot in the corner, but Dream moves and Big Aug’s boot goes over the top rope and his knee impacts the top rope.

“Dream moved!” Quinn yells out.

“This man is one resourceful technician,” The Mark shares.

Big Aug pulls his leg back from over the ropes and as he gets clear, Dream rushes over and grabs the leg at the ankle, bending it back and allowing him to lift Big Aug and drop that knee right over his thigh. Big Aug grimaces and stumbles away, as Dream propels himself off the ropes and lands a chop block that topples the seven-footer and gets an eruption from the crowd.

“Dream going after the knee to slow down the bigger man’s momentum!” Quinn states.

“It’s a sound strategy,” The Mark adds, “when a man is larger than you, take away the strength that comes from those tree trunk legs!”

Dream gets to his feet and sees Big Aug beginning to stand as well. He rushes over and hits a spin kick to the face, which sends Big Aug back to the mat. The spin also had Dream fall down, but he begins getting up immediately. Dream over fast and grabbing Lazar’s feet. He holds them apart and tries to step through, obviously going for a submission hold. However, Big Aug pushes the foot Dream is trying to step through with back and is blocking the hold. It is a tug of war of sorts as Big Aug tries to block the hold.

“Is he really going for that?” Allie asks.

“In this situation,” Deltzer answers, “you do whatever you can.”

Dream gives up and just stomps on the stomach of Big Aug. He stomps him a second time and then quickly sticks his leg through the legs and hooks the figure four leglock in the center of the ring.

“He got it locked in!” Quinn nearly full screams into his mic.

Dream wrenches his body outward in order to add torque to the hold and add pressure to the knees. Big Aug is sitting up but the hold is causing the pain that is needed. Big Aug tries to swipe at Dream, but can’t connect across the distance as Dream wrenches the hold again.

“Let’s go Big Aug!” is the chant from the crowd as the clap repeatedly between the chants.

Big Aug is fighting the hold as best he can and he finally gets hold of one of Dream’ hands. Just when it looks like Lazar may have finally started his escape, Dream throws a stiff left jab to the nose that sends Big Aug right back down. Dream immediately wrenches the hold again as the fans chant for him.

The giant musters back up and again grabs the wrist of Dream, this time Dream’ punch misses and Big Aug connects with a hard right hand. A second big punch from the seated position forces the break of the figure four as Dream falls back in a heap.

“And that is how you counter someone smaller!” Allie cries out.

“But if you can’t walk, did it help you much?” Deltzer retorts.

As both men struggle to their feet, Dream grabs the nearby ropes and pulls himself up as Big Aug gingerly stands to his feet. Now with a slight limp as one would expect. As Big Aug looks to attack and raises that right arm, Dream rushes and hits a dropkick to that left knee and both men end up on the mat.

“Referee Shane Staggs again starts the obligatory count,” Quinn notices.

“Neither man is truly down, so no worries about it ending like that,” Allie notes.

Both men getting to their feet slowly and as Big Aug is still on his knees, Dream is up. He notices where Big Aug is and propels himself off the ropes, but ends up in Big Aug’s arms. The big man catches him on the rebound and then running slams him into the corner, crumpling him to the canvas. Lazar again plays to the crowd and receives all sorts of adulation from the masses.

“Lazar in complete control, but why?” Quinn yells out, “Why do you take time away like this and not just go for the finish?”

“Because larger men tend to get sloppy and depend too much on their size to get the job done,” The Mark relates, “even when the job is woefully not finished.”

“He seems in control right now,” Allie retorts.

“Is he though?” Deltzer replies.

As he plays to the crowd, the giant is not seeing Dream slowly pull himself back to his feet. He gets up and stands there waiting for the bigger man to turn around. Lazar finally turns around and Dream rushes for that standing side kick, but Big Aug again dodges it and grabs him around the throat, lifting and dropping Dream with a choke slam.

“He didn’t catch all of it, but that chokeslam may be enough!”




The fans groan with the near fall as Big Aug slowly gets to his feet and he then pulls Dream up as well. The behemoth reaches for the throat of Daniel, but Dream takes his hands and smacks Big Aug’s hand away from his throat, countering with the standing sidekick he tried earlier and sending Big Aug to the canvas. Dream also falls to the mat after putting everything into that kick.

“STANDING SIDEKICK BY LEWIS!” Quinn explodes. “He put his all behind that and both men are down again!”

“These two continue to wail on each other,” Allie relates, “and neither one can seem to put the other away!”

Dream manages to pull himself up to stand on the second turnbuckle. He waits for the bigger man to get to his feet. The fans are trying to scream warnings at Big Aug as he pulls on the adjacent ropes and gets to a knee. The moment he pulls himself up he turns and Dream is in the air, grabbing the giant by the head and nailing a picture-perfect flatliner in the middle of the ring.

“DREAM CATCHER!” Allie screams out.

“He nailed it flush and the crowd is stunned!” Quinn relates. “This one might be over!”




Dream rolls off his adversary and both men are lying on the canvas and the fans are going nuts. They both roll over away from each other and begin trying to pull themselves up. The referee is not even offering to do a ten count, as they are making efforts to stand.

“First Man up will have a major advantage!” Deltzer states.

They both get to their feet at about the same time. Dream is first to act and he takes quick steps towards the monster, but Big Aug kicks him in the stomach and doubles him over. He lifts him for a power bomb, but the lift was too hard and Dream flips over him and tries to turn it into a sunset flip.

“DREAM FLIES OVER IN THE POWERBOMB LIFT AND TRIES TO GET A PIN!” Quinn screams out. “Lazar just will not fall backward!”

“You need a hell of a lot more weight than Dream has to pull that off!” Allie expresses.

Dream is straining to try and get Big Aug over, but it isn’t happening as Big Aug grabs Dream by the head with that giant right hand and pulls him back between his legs and to his feet, where he kicks him in the gut again and then hits a disgusting jack-knife power bomb that bounces the champ a couple of feet off the ring.

“Dream might be DEAD!” Allie cries out.

“Big Aug Lazar just bounced Daniel Dream like a basketball and now here is the cover!” Quinn calls out.




Big Aug slowly gets to his feet and looks to the crowd, and they give him another round of adulation and he nods knowingly as if this match is about to end abruptly. Dream is reaching to grab the bottom rope, but doesn’t seem to have a clue where he is at the moment.

Lazar moves back over and grabs Dream by the hair, pulling him up to his feet. Big Aug sets Dream up in a side suplex position and everybody knows what is coming. He lifts the side suplex and spins for the chokeslam portion only to get grabbed by Daniel Dream and dropped down with a double knee face breaker.


“He caught him square with that,” The Mark relates, “just when he was counted out, he pulls out a gem!”

Dream stands and waits for Lazar to start to stand. He wants the perfect moment and the fans are screaming their warnings to the giant yet again. Big Aug gets to his feet and in almost lightning-quick speed, Dream grabs the arm and spins Lazar into a ripcord release and then drills him right in the nose with the high impact elbow strike that drops the giant to the canvas to a chorus of boos.


“That is it!” The Mark marks out.




“I can’t believe that!” Allie exclaims.

“Well believe it because Daniel Dream is now just one step away from another shot at the Global Title,” Deltzer triumphantly announces.

“Your winner of this match,” Jason Brown’s voice rings out over the PA System, “is DANIEL DREAM!”

“And let’s make that TWO giants the man has taken down in Global,” The Mark shares. “TWO! DOS!”

“Yes we can count, Mark” Allie responds dismissively.

“You may be able to count, but NOBODY can match that credential,” Deltzer taunts. “There is not a single solitary person in that locker room that has defeated a pair of seven footers in Global. I defy you to find someone who is more equipped to be our top contender now and Mr. Sean daring better be paying attention because the Dream is about to bring a nightmare to your old rear end, my friend!”

“And with that bit of taunting from my fellow announcer, I think it might be time for a small break,” Quinn mediates quickly.

“Yes, please,” Allie laughingly adds.

LOGO b&w


White text saying “BACKSTAGE AT DOMINATION 07” fades in and then fades out.

We get a shot of a phone screen.  The owner of the phone is apparently going through the Twitter sign-up process.

“X!  Hey!”  We hear the voice of Amber Lee.  We cut to a shot of the owner of the phone: Crusader X.  Amber Lee steps into frame.

“Amber!  Good to see you.”  X is smiling his typical smile.  “Thanks for diffusing things earlier.  Oh, and you were great out there tonight, by the way.  Your resilience is next level.”

Amber reluctantly smiles slightly.  “Thanks.”  She continues.  “Alfie has a message for you.”

X cocks his head.  “Oh?”

Amber nods.  “Darren left early, so Alfie’s headed back to the hotel now to talk to him.  He told me to tell you that he’s open to teaming with you again…”

X’s face lights up.  “Really?  That’s great!  I-“

Amber cuts him off.  “…On two conditions.  One, you have to try and make things right with Darren.  Two, you have to run every matchup by Alfie first.  Oh, and he wants you to call him tomorrow.  He’ll give you more details.”

X nods.  “Alright!  That’s fair!  Thank you for passing it along!”

Amber’s face falls a bit.

“If you DO work together, please… just… Try to be the partner Alfie deserves.”

A puzzled expression crosses X’s face.  He speaks in a low tone.  “What do you mean by that?”

Amber shakes her head.  “X?  I don’t understand you.  I think you THINK you’re trying to do the right thing for Alfie and for everyone else, but look at what happened tonight.  You’ve done nothing but cause problems for us since you’ve gotten here.  You’ve been breathing down Alfie’s neck to get him to team with you.  You’re putting a strain on his friendship with Darren.  He was beaten up so badly from your match at Magnum Opus that he lost to E Z Rah…”

Amber continues.  “And even through all of that, he still wants to give you a shot.  He thinks you can help him… even though you’re weird.”

X nods.  “That’s good.”  X moves in closer Amber.  “And what do you think?”

Amber looks X right in the eyes.  “Alfie’s a good person.  He doesn’t deserve what you’ve been putting him through.  But if you can just… stop all that?  And be normal?  I think you’d make a great team.  I’d even think about teaming up with you, too.”

She leans in close.

“But I’m watching you VERY closely.  And if you try anything with Alfie, I’ll have his back like he’s had mine.”

X laughs a little.

She continues, with ice in her voice.  “But I’m not just watching you for Alfie.  I’m watching you for myself, too.”

X laughs a bit louder.  He grins a more sinister grin than his usual smile.  “You should be.  Everyone in GLOBAL should be.”

Amber rolls her eyes.  “Oh, really?”


The Bro bursts into frame.  “Bro!  Amber and X!  I’m so lucky!  That was a crazy match, bro!  Can I talk to you two about it?”

Amber checks her phone.  She smiles politely and shakes her head.  “Sorry, Bro.  I’ve gotta get going.  I’ll see you later, X.”

“Awww, bro…” says the Bro.

“Sorry, I owe you one!”  Amber walks off.

“Hey, Bro!  I’ll give you an interview.”  X nods.

“AWESOME, bro!  So, bro.  You and Amber.  Does Alfie have a little… competition?”  The Bro smiles and holds his microphone close to X.

X stares at him dead on in the eyes with the blankest expression imaginable.


For 10 seconds.

“Bro?”  The Bro leans in.

X walks away.  Quickly.  Power walking, more like.

“Bro!  Wait!  Bro!”  The Bro rushes after him, but X turns a corner and somehow disappears from his view.


LOGO b&w


Backstage again, Steve Blaine found his friend and GLOBAL Champion, “The Legend” Sean Darring.   Darring is already dressed for the GLOBAL challenge later in the evening.  The legendary purple and golden robe is closed, but the GLOBAL Championship sits on his right shoulder for the world to see.   Steve Blaine asks the champion and his friend.

“Sean, being here in the United Kingdom, we all expected Aleczander The Great to challenge you for the GLOBAL Championship, but he isn’t even going to be in the arena in his home country tonight.   What were your thoughts upon learning that Aleczander won’t be in the arena tonight?”

Sean Darring listens to Steve Blaine finish, lifts the GLOBAL Championship off his right shoulder, and extends it toward the camera.

“Aleczander is great, all right, great at playing mind games.   Tonight, he has the chance to come here and face me for this.  The biggest prize in the game.  The reason we are ALL here.  This is why we put our bodies to the test night after night.  This is the reason we sacrifice time with our families.   THIS is the only reason, Steve.   Add the fact that he can do it in front of all his countrymen.  His friends.  His family.  This was his golden opportunity to accomplish something that very few men can.   Instead, Aleczander has decided to continue his mind games.”

Steve Blaine nods, listening as the legend finishes.  He then follows up.  “With Aleczander not in the arena, this golden opportunity you discuss has been awarded to The Wall.   What are your thoughts on stepping in with a giant force like The Wall?”

The Legend smiles, placing the GLOBAL championship back on his shoulder.

“You know the best thing about walls, Steve?  They always come crumbling down.   The Great Wall of Gorgan is a shell of its former self.  The Berlin Wall?  It no longer exists.  Even the Great Wall of China is a national monument that is nothing more than decay.   So tonight, bring out the impressive Wall of Global.   Let’s get the biggest, toughest, most intimidating challenge out of the way in my first defense.”

Steve Blaine drills in a bit more saying.  “Seven foot one, three hundred and sixty-five pounds, though.  The Wall has made it look easy against almost everyone he has faced in GLOBAL.  Is this your biggest challenge yet in GLOBAL?”

“It makes you almost wish that snake Aleczander was here, right?

The two friends laugh, but Sean Darring continues.

“Nobody said being a champion was going to be easy.  This roster is full of potential disasters.   I knew tonight would be a war no matter who I faced.   But you are right – they don’t get any bigger than The Wall.   The Xiang Dynasty has been a force inside GLOBAL.  Promises were made.   Aleczander is hiding.  So here we are.   I have faced some great wrestlers – on this roster, but did you say seven foot one, Steve?”

Steve Blaine nods saying yes.

“Dang.  I better bring a step ladder to the ring with me tonight.”

Steve Blaine agrees, laughing.  “Sean, one final question.   As you stated, Aleczander The Great’s lack of respect in showing up to accept your challenge tonight is more than likely mind games.   When do you expect to face the number one contender?”

The Legend thinks for a second, then replies.

“The nice thing about earning the number one contendership is you lose it when you are beaten, Steve.  So that means eventually, I have to beat him.  Be it tonight, next Domination, or in six months.   The Legend and The Hall of Famer will eventually enter that ring together.   When that happens, mind games, smooth-talking, and catchy nicknames will be just that.”

Darring holds up the finger, stopping himself.

“First, I have a Wall to take down.”

Steve Blaine catches the cue.  “Thank you, Sean.  Best of luck tonight.   GLOBAL Nation will be watching.”

LOGO b&w


The scene opens to the same hospital hallway we saw last episode. The camera pans to the left and there is the open door that gives way to a view of a hospital bed. We see Christian Pierson in the same state as before – hooked up to machines to check his basic numbers and an oxygen tube curled around the ears and under his nose.

As the nurse in the room continues documenting the levels she sees on the screens, the camera begins to zoom in closer and closer to Pierson’s face and right to his forehead before the screen goes black for a second and we are back in the pink room. Pierson stands there in his hospital gown and his hands locked in handcuffs and connected to a heavy chain that keeps him in one spot.

“Where are you now?” Pierson yells out. “You have just left me here thinking you can stay away and break me with silence. Let me tell you something, silence is golden compared to listening to your stupid mouth.”

Still nothing. Pierson’s face is showing some redness from the anger boiling up in him.

“I just realized that you admitted to me that I asked you to come,” Christian says as he cracks a grin. “That means I can also tell you to go fuck yourself! I don’t have to be stuck here anymore. I can get out of this anytime I want to.”

The yuppy begins to jerk at the chains restraining him and we hear the familiar laughter.

“You think you can do anything that will save you at this point?” Manny asks as he suddenly appears standing in front of Pierson. “You have made yourself so tied to me that if I ever stopped doing what I do, you would die instantly.”

He puts his hand on his chest.

“I can make the heart stop beating.”

He touches his nose.

“I can make the lungs stop breathing.”

He points to his head.

“I can make your very brain turn on your and wither away.”

“But if I brought you into my mind, I can remove you!” Pierson yells defiantly.

“You think so?” Manny chides with an evil grin. “Go ahead then, think away. Give it your best shot. See what happens.”

The screen focuses on PIerson’s face as he closes his eyes as tight as he can.

“You don’t exist anymore,” he begins to meditate out loud. “You aren’t needed anymore. You have no control over me at all and I am free to live my life as I see fit and not as you see fit!”

As he opens his eyes , we are privy to his vision. The darkness slowly fades to show the pink room yet again. Manny is not in sight at all. We hear a heavy sigh of victory from Christian and suddenly.

“Nope!” Manny yells. “I’m still here!”

He laughs as PIerson falls to the ground defeated.

“You don’t have the strength or the will to do what has to be done.” Manny points out. “You never have and you never will. Just surrender to me now or I will make sure you never open those eyes again.”

He leans in right to Pierson’s face.

“Ever” he says confidently. “The choice is yours. Make it quickly because I’m getting sick of just hanging out in this room with you.”

The camera begins to pull back and goes black for a second before we see his face and continue back, showing him in the hospital bed. The beeps of the equipment the only sound as the screen fades to black.

LOGO b&w


“Declan Rich, fresh off a fantastic showing against Son of Malta at Domination Seven, will face an out-of-sorts Alfie Button, eager to record his first singles victory in GLOBAL, in front of a packed partisan crowd, no less,” Lucas states.

“The Rich Family has had a hell of a time recently, dealing with Freddie’s nightmare injury and dancing the night away, but Declan has provided a bright spark in recent weeks, and looks ready to man up and fill the void left by his big brother,” Reece weighs in.

“Not to mention the antics of PTA earlier, clearly looking to goad The Rich Family into a match, and none of them are here, except for Declan, who would have been getting ready earlier on.  I don’t think The Riches will leave the challenge or call go unanswered for too much longer,” Quinn opines.

“Definitely not,” Allie says in agreement.

“Alfie Button debuted in London against a certain Son of Malta back in twenty-twelve.  Despite a defeat, it was an impressive debut, and he has returned to atone for that loss many, many times since, and he has got a few to make up for here, and Declan provides him with an opportunity yet big banana peel, all rolled into one,” The Mark rounds off.

“A former World title challenger and Domination main-eventer against the youngster that many insiders, The Mark included, believe could be the real jewel in The Rich Family crown.  NEXT,” Lucas underlines it, as the graphics of both men flash up on the big screen and for the viewers at home, prompting a cheer at the sight of the long-haired Londoner, doubtless scheming to put on a performance to remember for his fellow citizens.

The camera crew fails to capture Declan Rich coming through the curtain, which says more about The Rich Family’s lack of theme music than it does their incompetence, and it isn’t until some fans start booing and ears perk up that our viewers at home are treated to the sight of Declan a quarter of the way through his entrance.  With a black leather jacket, customary in The Rich Family, one operator zooms in on the back with a playing card showing the playing card ‘The Ace of Diamonds’ and ‘The’ written in a sparkling blue above said card with ‘Diamond’ underneath.  Declan is wearing red and blue tights, two of the three colors of the US and UK flags respectively, though not cut in those patterns, for the special occasion as some fans afford him polite applause while others boo him for the sake of it, given who he’s up against momentarily.

“Enemy territory, but a steep learning curve for Declan Rich, and one that will prepare him for bigger and greater nights to come, you have to believe,” Lucas hypes up.

Rich ascends the stairs, breathes in the atmosphere, and steps through the ropes, looking around The Apollo with a slight smile on his face, just delighted to be here despite the love and support his opponent is fixed to receive in a few minutes.

“The rest of The Rich Family are watching back in Texas, only Declan made the trip, so he really is up against it in a hostile environment, and this is a time when you’d like to be backed up by your family,” Quinn continues.

“I say, it is.  But, they’re here in spirit, and those Texans love a fight, don’t they?  Declan looks ready, and he’ll have to be.  This crowd is something,” Allie admits.

The lights go out and a cheer goes up.

A famous TV theme, at least to British audiences, starts and reminds these fans of Alfie’s time in United between the closing of SCW and GLOBAL. We’ll skip the beginning and rush you straight to the ‘adapted’ chorus.


Then, the more universal ‘Freed from Desire’ by Gala as the crowd bobs along to the opening lines of:  “My love has got no money…”

Fans sing EVERY word until it reaches the crescendo of the chorus, and again, some creative license is taken here:  “ALFIE’S ON FIRE—DECLAN RICH IS TERRIFIED!  ALFIE’S ON FIRE!  DECLAN RICH IS TERRIFIED!”

Declan smiles as the crowd all points towards him and feigns shaking his legs as Alfie emerges to a thunderous ovation, also aided by the fact that Amber Lee appears at the top of the ramp.  “AMBER BUTTON’S ON FIRE…CRUSADER X IS TERRIFIED!”

Amber Lee laughs as Alfie Button shakes his head, secretly delighted he got the crowd to sing that with a well-timed tweet earlier in the week, and she kisses him on the cheek, having already won here tonight, and waves back at the brilliant crowd.  This is Alfie’s moment, she has more than done her part, and now Robbie Williams’s ‘Let Me Entertain You’ finally kicks in.  The technicolor Dreamcoat of Alfie, the jet-black mane, the rainbow-colored tights, and Button, having kept everyone waiting, runs to the squared circle, ROARED on. 

“What an ovation, what an atmosphere, and what a match we should have in store for you,” Quinn sells.

However, Declan’s up on his toes and once Button reaches the main area, Declan takes Alfie by surprise with a baseball slide, and Button takes a hell of a tumble to the protective mat on the outside, which saves him to an extent, though he’s still nursing his head, and no wonder given the sickening thud that has just echoed around the Apollo.

Freddie’s younger brother, determined to step out of the captain’s shadow, leads Alfie by the head and rams the tender head into the ring steps, and Button’s bonce is taking a battering right now, and so is the crowd’s confidence in their countryman’s chances after Declan’s electric start.

He leads Alfie, not up the garden path but the steel steps instead, unchallenged by the energetic Englishman, and tosses Alfie into the ring via the middle rope.  Declan takes a bow, perhaps mocking the monarchy, and the bell finally sounds to indicate this one is, belatedly, underway.

“Alfie, and everyone here, are stunned at the blistering pace that Declan Rich has set.  Alfie retreats to the corner, he still has his jacket on, hair everywhere, and Declan looking to end it early here,” The Mark says in a state of shock.

A flying forearm lands flush on Alfie’s jaw, but he’s now allowed to fall.  Declan holds him up, whipping Button, no wait, Alfie realizes where he is, what his name is, and that he’s number 2 on Blind Date, hopping for a lorra love with Amber Lee.  Declan unleashes a couple of chops that breach Button’s defenses and the Irish whip to the Englishman sends him to the diagonally opposite side, up, over, and out, via hitting his head on the edge of the same ring steps that he was introduced to, so forcefully, moments ago.

“OUCH,” The Mark yells.

Declan takes a few paces back.  Alfie cuts a lonely figure at the moment, bereft of ideas and the victim of a Rich Family whirlwind.  While Staggs counts, which both men ignore for their own reasons, Declan sets about joining Alfie on the outside.  Button eventually clambers to his feet, on the stroke of four, and Declan bounces off the northern set of ropes to help Alfie pinpoint Dec’s whereabouts with a stunning suicide dive that takes Alfie off his feet.  Declan back rolls back to his feet and cups his ear to a few unappreciative ringside fans. “Not my fault he wasn’t ready,” Declan points back at Button.

“This is all one-way traffic, and Declan Rich is producing a superb performance, taking the crowd out of it and taking it to Alfie Button, which I don’t think anyone expected at all,” The Mark muses.

Rich rolls Button back in and stops off at the apron on the way back.  Perched and poised, Declan lets fly with a stunning S-UPERKICK BY ALFIE IN MIDAIR!

“Good lord in heaven,” Quinn comments.

“I didn’t know you were religious, Lucas,” The Mark ponders.

Allie adds. “This is academic.”





The Mark and around 3,500 fans are wondering the same right about now, convinced that Alfie had done it at the first time of asking, but Declan denies him at the last possible second.  While Alfie is still querying the count with Shane Staggs, he also removes his technicolor dreamcoat and dumps it over the top rope, his feathers ruffled by the so-called “Diamond” of The Rich Family.

It’s time for the Cockney to give back, and he intends to.  Not just to the fantastic fans, but Declan for the hostile welcome, and a woozy Rich is woken from his slumber, eating a European uppercut that the audience enthusiastically responds to…


Button carefully caresses Declan’s chin before making it a double vodka and…


“God, that’s loud,” The Mark claims.

“The crowd or the blow?” Quinn asks.

“BOTH,” Reece and Deltzer say in perfect unison.


Declan’s backed into a corner, in more ways than one, and Alfie elects to mount Declan.  That’s what she said.











Well done, Manchester, for proving beyond all irrefutable doubt that you can count.  Alfie performs a backflip to add an exclamation point, doesn’t miss a beat, and then guides Declan out of the corner with a magnificent monkey flip and a bow, which, unlike Declan’s earlier effort, is universally appreciated, whistled, applauded, and cheered.

“What a showman, and in his natural habitat,” The Mark compliments the Londoner.

“Declan’s turn to have a headache,” Quinn adds.

“Alfie’s going up,” Allie points out.

Button is, indeed, and that’s another home from home.  He speedily scales the turnbuckles, reaching the summit not far from the commentary table, nestled on the top rope…


Button calmly turns Declan over, so he’s now flat on his stomach, back exposed and the Cockney calmly walks over to the diagonally opposite corner in the bottom right-hand set of buckles of the battlefield.  Sharpish, he makes his way to the top rope and performs a mirror image of the previous image, prompting The Mark to call…

“Action Replay.”

The sole of Button’s left boot covers Declan’s chest as Alfie counts along on the fingers of his matching hand…




“An arrogant cover on the part of Alfie, it has to be said,” Allie criticizes Button.

“Can’t disagree with that,” Quinn agrees.

Alfie comes to collect Declan.  He grabs Declan by the tights and raises him up into the air, using the top rope as a slingshot and taking “The Diamond” down with a float-over suplex.  Instead of chancing his arm, the cheeky chap heads to the left set of ropes and rebounds back with a scintillating springboard Arabian press, only for Declan to roll out of the way just in time, and we have a double down, lads and lasses.

“Alfie took a chance with Al Jazeera.” The Mark admits.


“How do you learn this stuff, let alone remember it?”


“Unlike you, Allie, I’m a professional,” Deltzer claims.


Reece bursts into laughter.  Whether or not it’s contrived, no one seems to know.




No prizes for guessing who or what that is.


A second European uppercut smashes Declan’s chin, and the Englishman reverts to an Irish whip, only for Rich to reverse it.  From the right set of ropes, Button bounces back, leapfrogging Declan.  However, when he lowers his head, Declan repays the compliment with a leapfrog of his own and a gorgeous cutter that Alfie shoves off…


Declan spins his man around, only to cop an overhead/Pele Kick, otherwise known as Match of the Day.  Declan stumbles back, groggy, but STUNS Button and Britain with a rebound clothesline from the ropes that threatens to behead Alfie.





Declan, on the opposite side to where he tasted his, sets Alfie up for a slingshot suplex as payback from before, but Button has other ideas and slips out of the rear entrance.   In a shock move for him at least, though underlining his electrifying speed, Alfie Button drills Declan with a chop block, and The Mark pipes up first. “I have NEVER seen Alfie do that, and yet I’m sitting here, wondering why Declan, for all of his own athletic gifts, didn’t get to Alfie with that first.”

Alfie drags Dec’s left leg over to the bottom rope and drops a seated senton, prompting Deltzer to do another double-take. “He must have been watching Amber and Darren earlier on.”

Reece can’t help herself. “Gee, Mark, I wonder if he was watching his crush wrestle his best friend.  OF COURSE, HE WAS!”

On the second attempt, Declan kicks Button over the top rope with his free leg, allowing Alfie to show off by skinning the cat and bowing to the masses in Manchester yet again.  An enzui lariat, though, sends Alfie back up, over and out, extracting jeers from the capacity crowd, but Declan’s so focused on business that he could care less what anyone thinks.

Declan waits patiently for Alfie to get to his feet before setting off on a short flight from the apron to the floor, but encounters some turbulence when Alfie catches him in a bearhug position, ramming Declan into the apron and flooring him with…


Button checks for blood, bumps, and bruises on the back of his head, and when that has the all-clear, rolls Declan back in.  Just as Alfie’s about to join him, Declan gets to his feet, and runs the ropes, seemingly having played possum.

SPEAR TO ALFIE ON THE A-VERTED! Alfie drops Declan’s stooped head onto the middle rope with a modified stun gun maneuver, and then goes one better, sliding back in and performing his patented hair-pull hangman on the other side, called Cliffhanger in the Cockney’s playbook, and again, issuing another bow to an appreciative audience, one that has deemed Alfred Button can do no wrong.

Except not all of that actually happened.  That’s how Alfie saw things.  Let’s rewind for a moment.

Just as Alfie is about to reach the ropes nearest to Allie, Lucas, and The Mark, Declan sits Button Down on the mat and reverses with a fabulous Northern Lights suplex, even getting some scattered applause as a result, and is daring to nick it here in Manchester…






“Declan thought he had it, and he wasn’t alone in that.  But, he could be close,” Quinn reacts.

Rich can’t quite believe it.  He brushes it off and picks Alfie up, dropping him immediately with a brilliant brainbuster that makes Alfie sit up, looking punch drunk, prior to nodding off to his immediate right.  Instead of capitalizing with a cover, Declan opts for a jumping senton and lives to regret it as Alfie senses it coming, and Declan hits his head, both men are back down.  Staggs, do your job, son.  And, of course, the crowd joins in, because why not?


“Alfie and Declan are fan-friendly wrestlers,” Quinn commences.


Lucas continues. “Declan’s got more technique, not as spectacular, but they’ve taken risks here tonight and, in their matchmaking so far in GLOBAL.  This is an opportunity…”


“…For both men to stake a claim.  For Alfie, it’s a must-not-lose.”


“For Declan, it’s a nothing-to-lose.”


“Declan may beat Alfie to the punch here,” Allie realizes.


They’re both up.  Declan does indeed fire off first with a BIG right hand, which is roundly booed by the natives. 



They’re well-trained, I’ll give them that.

“Wait, a HARD knee by Declan and a double knee facebreaker silences the Apollo in Manchester, and Declan looking to win it,” Quinn exclaims with even more bass in his voice than usual.



Th-ere’s life in Alfie just yet.

“Don’t forget, Declan’s been living on borrowed time since the start of the match, we thought Alfie had knocked him out cold with that superkick counter, and the fact that he’s here, fighting and even looking to win is a victory in itself,” Reece reckons.

“Now, he’s going to the outside.  Mark, would you recommend that as the right move for Declan?”

“Lucas, I don’t know what he’s about to do, but I feel it’s a risk, yes.”

Lo and behold, Declan’s attempted springboard missile dropkick leaves him in a heap when Button sidesteps.

“Roll The Credits,” The Mark cries out upon witnessing the rolling back bridge pinning predicament that has Declan tightly tied up and struggling for everything he’s worth to get out of this crisis.



Declan kicks out – just!

“Almost had him there, but Declan did well to navigate his way out,” Lucas says, impressed by Declan’s will to win or at least stay in there.

“Now, he’s back on top!” Allie, shocked, reacts to seeing Declan up before Button, a shock in itself, and cutting him off with a stiff clothesline.  A whip is on the way, and Declan follows Alfie to the south side of the squared circle…

“BIG-TIME LEG LARIAT,” Quinn shouts out.



Not enough on this exchange.

“A hurricanrana coming up by Declan as he ups the ante,” The Mark calls.

“Connects,” Allie affirms.



Alfie rolls Declan up…



Declan drives forward with a reversal, almost mounting Alfie…



Alfie kicks Declan off, though an undeterred Rich comes back…

“Kip-up hurricanrana by Alfie Button, and listen to that crowd,” The Mark raves, forgetting that it’s called a Bobby Dazzler in Button’s case. Fortunately, neither of his colleagues cares enough to enquire, let alone correct him.






“Alfie thought he had it, and so did Manchester,” Lucas states.

“But, what both men have been good at doing is coming up with a plan to make sure the next move is THE move, and this time is no different,” Reece contributes, watching, along with 3,500 others, as Alfie heads right to come back to the center of the ring…

“Snap powerslam from out of nowhere,” Quinn responds.

“He’s not finished.  Going for a figure four…Alfie again kicks Declan away, and pops up to his feet,” The Mark is cut off by an almighty roar of…


Inside cradle…





“Where are they getting the energy,” Allie wonders aloud.

Alfie feigns with a Superkick, but Declan covers up, covering his face up like a hurt boxer on the ropes.  Button changes Larry Tact, directing his crescent kick at the point of the knee, the same one Alfie did a little bit of work on earlier, not that he’s a painter and decorator. Declan falls to a knee, BASEMENT SUPERKICK—Declan catches Alfie’s leg, trips him up…

“Ankle lock – APPLIED,” Quinn yells.

Button, like he did against Darren Best, is out of there like a thief in the night with a forward roll and is now standing against the top set of ropes nearest the commentary desk, but Declan follows there and stops Button with a hard reverse elbow to the chops.

“For someone so inexperienced, Declan sure knows what he’s doing in there,” Reece compliments him.

“He’s been around wrestling his whole life, though,” The Mark counteracts.

“So have you, and you couldn’t do that,” Reece fires back.

“True,” Quinn chuckles, agreeing with Allie and knowing that he himself could, and he sees some similarities in his own style with Declan.

Anyway, Declan sends Button down south, and with a tremendous turn of pace yet again, no slouch in the speed stakes himself, Declan joins Alfie with a rebound b-elly-to-back suplex counter by Alfie, only for Declan to bust out a standing switch and now Rich is looking for a belly-to-back of his own, and gets it, taking the wind out of the crowd’s sails in the process.

“Declan has silenced the fans, momentarily at least, and they look worried for Alfie Button,” Quinn believes.

“As they should be – Declan has given him a lot to digest,” Allie echoes.

Rich comes to the outside, via the bottom left-hand corner, and stands on the top rope, waiting for Button to get to his feet.  When he does…

Diving crossbody, complete with cover, free of charge.



Alfie powers out, they’re both up…


Declan is down.






“Unbelievable near-fall, the hottest of the match so far and Manchester thought we had a winner there and then, and I include myself in that,” The Mark confesses.

“Allie, go on,” Lucas encourages her.

Another double-down ensues.  In the meantime, let’s listen to Miss Reece.

“Freddie Rich produced one of the – if not THE – bravest performances we’ve seen in GLOBAL so far.  This isn’t that occasion, that night, those circumstances, but while Freddie and Declan have had their differences, according to what Mark has told me, there’s no need for a DNA test.  Declan is Freddie’s brother, and he’s shown that against two excellent opponents in Son of Malta and here and now versus Alfie Button, in Alfie’s home country, no less.”

That has taken the count up to 3, as Staggs has STAGGERED, get it, his count so we don’t see a draw in this one.  Imagine that result in this environment.

“I also see some comparisons with Darren Best.  Declan seems like a mix of The Entertainers in that he’s a hybrid of Darren and Alfie, though definitely more like Darren at his core.  A better flyer and athlete than Best, not as spectacular as Button, but definitely a better technician than Alfie.  We’ve always heard, and now we know, Declan Rich has got a future.  It’s just a shame what happened to Freddie is what we needed to see that come out, once and for all.”

Now, we’re up to 6…

The Mark continues. “Alfie debuted against Son of Malta, who wrestled Declan two weeks ago in New York, in the iconic Royal Albert Hall.  He lost that night but proved himself worthy against a formidable warrior who was arguably at the top of his game at that moment in time.  I believe Declan Rich has done the same in these last two shows.”


“Absolutely,” Lucas concurs.

“They’re up at 9,” Allie says.


Alfie drags Declan into the center of the ring, only to be walloped by A MASSIVE RIGHT HAND!


Indeed, Declan is looking to negotiate his father’s cradle piledriver, which is now primarily used by Freddie, and this would be some tribute to big brother if he can connect with it.

Alfie is up in the air, and the crowd goes eerily quiet…until he comes back down, refusing to budge. Declan tries again, and can’t get it this time, either.  He softens Button’s back up with some sledges to the spine, the audience urging Alfie through a mix of desperation and optimism to navigate these choppy waters and come out the other side.  Can he weather the storm here? 

“Declan’s got him up here…RAGS TO-PARASITE’S END…AND THAT IS THE END, SURELY,” The Mark raises his voice above the raucous crowd.  Alfie crawls over, having pulled out Crusader X’s Canadian Destroyer, the same move that sealed Button’s own fate at Magnum Opus.

“UNBELIEVABLE,” Allie’s cracked voice musters.

“It was, that was cool, calm, collected, composed, and downright COLD by Alfie to have the presence of mine to do that, at a critical point in the contest, too, which now looks to be over,” Quinn tips.

 After a short crawl, Alfie manages to put his head on Declan’s midriff as if it were a pillow.  Button counts along with the fingers on his left hand…




“The one move, not because he isn’t capable, I did not expect to see Alfie use was THAT,” The Mark reveals.

“Neither did Declan, but it sure was effective.  A wonderful win for Alfie, I’m not gonna lie, I kind of wanted Declan to do it, but it is nice to see this crowd as happy as this.  Neither man, in truth, deserved to lose, but another impressive performance by Declan here,” Reece remarks.

“Did Alfie’s experience tell in the end, Mark?”

Alfie climbs to his feet as “Downtown” Jason Brown reads out the official result, causing an enormous outpouring of love for the former United regular, and 10-year-plus veteran who has threatened to, yet never quite done it, on the grandest GLOBAL stages, ahem, I had to.  Sue me.  No, please don’t.

“Well, Lucas, probably – to an extent.  I don’t think Declan did anything wrong, unlike Darren Best in that situation, he was…let’s have a look at the replay here. Rags to Riches is a staple in The Rich Family repertoire, handed down from Frank to his sons Freddie, Declan, and Donny.  Declan is doing absolutely nothing wrong here, going for it once, he is desperate to end the match and knows it will.  By the same token, Alfie Button, for all of his athleticism, has never used this move.  Is it beyond the realm to think he’ll use it for the first time here?  I don’t know.  I wouldn’t have seen it coming, and I don’t believe Declan Rich could have either.  And there, BAM, there it is!  Is Alfie learning more from Crusader X than he would care to admit?  The first solo win for Alfie Button, and it’s because of a Crusader X move?  That’s an interesting development,” The Mark concludes.

“A brilliant bit of athleticism by Button wins it here in Britain,” Quinn comments.

Alfie scales the turnbuckle and lets out some emotion, taking to all four corners to humbly bow before the British public and milk the moment not only of being at home but winning and doing so in grand style.  He sees Amber at the top of the ramp, and points towards her, thanking Lee for her support and the crowd join in.  However, those cheers contain a few jeers when Crusader X also appears to pay respects to Button.  Amber doesn’t realize it at first, and then suddenly, looks to her right, and Crusader X smiles rather unnervingly at her before they turn their attentions back to the man of the moment, who waves goodbye to everyone, wishing in a way, he could do this every week, just like he used to.

In the front row, Alfie goes over to greet his parents Valerie and Tommy, and sister Lilly, who gives him a huge hug and Alfie stands up on the barricade for everyone to get one last look at him, basking in the spotlight, a place he has always craved, but also enjoying the extraordinary support he’s afforded just by being back on these shores.

“For Alfie Button, truer than most, there’s no place like home,” The Mark says, having the final word.

LOGO b&w


A row of terraced houses in various whites, creams, and browns all blend into one in the East End of London, typically depicted in pop culture as the heartland of British gangsters, courtesy of the reputations infamous twins, Reggie and Ronny Kray, carved out for themselves in the 1960s. Quite a lot has changed since then, but the working-class feel that emanates from the East still remains. Inside a living room, a grey-haired man with chiseled features and stubble, strapping despite being a tad overweight, and a tan, reads The Mirror newspaper while his wife, a woman with thick and fine dark brown hair, paces the floor. She’s wearing a black cardigan and dress pants with a white blouse.

“Tommy, are you sure I look okay, luv?” Tommy throws the tabloid on the table, more laid back in a claret and blue sweater, indicative of his love for West Ham United, and gets his wife to do a twirl. “You look marvelous, nuffin’ ta worry abaht. Where’s the princess? LILLY, get dahn here. Your bruvver’s due any minute nah, will ya get a move on, girl?”

The thump of each stair sounds as Lilly does what her father tells her to, though she is rather flustered. “What is the matter wiv ya, dad? Honestly. Alfie’s only bringin’ a friend over,” she complains upon entering the cluttered living room.

“What are you wearin’?”

“I could ask you the same fing,” she bites back, as contrary to what she has just said, Lilly’s wearing a black dress that would be fitting of accompanying Hugh Grant to a premier in Leicester Square. “You look lovely,” her mother raves, hugging Lilly tightly as mother and daughter embrace, all in black, but feeling better for having made an effort to dress up, albeit for a home visit, as opposed to Tommy’s nonchalant approach to the whole thing.

Suddenly, a knock at the door. “Quick, they’re ‘ere. Tom, be on your best be’aviour, no messin’ this up, and Lilly, please don’t tease ‘im abaht, well you know…”

She breathes and standing at the door, Alfie Button, dressed in a black suit jacket, white t-shirt, and ripped jeans with brand new all-white Adidas Sambas, gets devoured by his delighted mother, squeezing the life out of her baby boy, her almost on the brink of tears and Alfie on the verge of passing out through oxygen deprivation.

“Mah baby boy, Alfie, let’s ‘ave a look at ya. Oh, you’re so ‘and some, even more in person than on television. I fort you’d gained some weight, but they say the telly puts ten pahnds on ya. Anyway, come in.”

Amber stood beside Alfie, she hadn’t been sure of what to expect, but after seeing his mom, she hoped things would go well. She was wearing a dark blue scarf because it was quite windy, she’d asked Alfie in the car if she looked alright and was concerned that she hadn’t dressed up nice enough for meeting his family. Her blond hair was pulled back into a braid, and she had on some light makeup, eyeshadow, mascara, and a hint of lipstick. She was wearing her black leather jacket with a dark blue blouse and a pair of blue jeans, with a pair of black sneakers. She fidgeted with the hem of her jacket sleeve and then realized all eyes were on her, she looked at all three of them and wanted to run. Her fight or flight kicked in, and she suddenly felt like she might be sick. She looked to Alfie, who nodded his head to her and smiled.

“Hello,” She said quietly.

“You must be Amber,” Alfie’s mother said, clapping her hands together for no apparent reason. Suddenly, she stutter-steps and then hugs Amber. “It’s so lovely to meet ya, and we really appreciate ya takin’ the time to come and see me. Do you want a cup ov tea?” Alfie holds his hands up.

“You not wanna introduce everyone before burstin’ the Rosie Lee out?” “Sorry sweet’eart, I forgot about that. Right, well, my name’s Valerie, and I’m Alfie’s mum, of course. You can call me Valerie, Val, V, whatever you want’ darlin. Tom, stand up, please. Sorry, Amber. This is Alfie’s dad, Tommy.” He comes forward and shakes Amber’s hand. “Nice to meet ya, love.” Lilly and Alfie are embracing when Valerie jokes that Alfie should put his sister down, so he can introduce her. “Amber, this is the ovver apple of my eye, Alfie’s younger sister, Lilly.”

Amber returned the hug from Alfie’s mom and couldn’t help but smile. “It’s a pleasure to meet all of you. Alfie’s told me so much about all of you, especially you Mrs. Button.” Amber said as Alfie’s dad closed the door behind them and ushered them into the house. Amber stuck close to Alfie, still a little nervous and not quite sure what to say at the moment.

“So, ‘ow was the flight over? Not too much bovver, I ‘ope?” Before Amber can answer, Alfie goes into one. “Awful, I’m tellin’ ya, it may ‘av put me off flyin’ for good. So, turbulence the ‘ole way back, and it was ‘orrific, I’m not kiddin’. Before that though, we ‘ad an issue at check-in in LA, as they said we ‘ad too many bags, so I ‘ad to leave one wiv your Christmas presents in, I’m sorry, but they made me do it, so don’t ‘ate me mum. They ran outta food, so I didn’t eat anyfing for abaht five hours, Amber’s stomach was rumblin’ the ‘ole time. Never again. This might be the last time you ever see Amber – or me, for that matter.”

The look on all three of their faces made Amber crack and laugh, Alfie’s mom looked back and forth between them, and as Alfie remained straight-faced, Amber spoke. “The flight over was quite fine, actually, wasn’t it, Alfie?” Amber asked him as she elbowed him in the ribs. “I made sure he had your Christmas presents with him, too,” She added after the fact.

“REALLY? You’re terrible,” Valerie shrieks. Lilly goes one better and slaps Alfie upside his head. “Sis, ‘ey watch it, I’ve gotta go out and perform tomorrow, ya know. Anyfing ‘appens to me, and you’ll be ‘earin’ from Giovanni Ferrari. Lilly slaps him again. “I don’t care, you almost gave our mum an ‘eart attack, and Giovanni’s quite ‘andsome, so I’ll take my chances if I ever ‘ear from him, plus, you’re not that important. Amber, on the ovver ‘and, is a star.”

Amber nodded her head in agreement that Giovanni was quite handsome. “I agree, actually Lilly, he is quite handsome,” She replied with a snicker as Lilly smacked Alfie upside the head again. “I like your sister Alfie, she’s a real smart girl,” Amber added as they sat down.

Alfie folds his arms. “Honestly, I don’t fink he’s all that,” now shaking his head too. “I better not say that stuff in ‘ollywood, mind you, but you’ve bof got terrible taste in men, in my book. And watch the ‘air, Lilly. Anyway, mum, we can ‘ave that tea if you like. I need it after all ov those slaps. She ‘its ‘arder than some ov the geezers in GLOBAL, Amber. I’m not kiddin’. Lilly, you’re a menace, sis.”
“I am not sure if I should be insulted by that or not,” Amber replies as she winks at Valerie. Before Alfie can speak again Amber pipes up. “I’d love a cup of tea Mrs. Button. It’s quite windy out there today.” “So Amber ‘ow did you get into wrestling?” Alfie’s dad asked. “Well, it’s a long story, Mr. Button. I started off lifting weights in high school and eventually decided to get into fitness modeling after high school. However, after a couple of years of that, I felt like I wanted to do more with my life, and I got myself enrolled in a local wrestling academy and went from there. I did a lot of work on the Indy circuit and was not too pleased with the last place I was a part of, so I left and ended up finding work with Global Wrestling and hence where I met Alfie. Alfie’s been nothing but a gentleman since we met.”

Alfie’s mom came out with a tray with a teapot and five cups on it and sat it down on the coffee table in front of where Alfie and Amber were sitting.
“Right on ma, thanks,” Alfie said as he poured himself and Amber a cup of tea while Amber continued talking. “The tea is lovely, Mrs. Button. Thank you,” Amber said as she lifted the cup to her lips and took a sip. Alfie’s mom asked Amber and Alfie about what they would be doing while in England, and this time Amber was really excited to speak up.

“Alfie said he’d take me to see Big Ben! I am so excited about that and anything else he wants to take me to see.”

“Well, ma, we should be going now,” Alfie said after they had all finished off the pot of tea. “Oh! Before you go, I’ve got to show ya some pictures, Amber!” “Aw, come on, ma! Not the kid pictures!”

The scene fades to black.

LOGO b&w


The screen fades up to an old fashioned high school wrestling meet. There are four mats set up with the circle space all on them and the spot in the center for all tie ups. This time we see our dynamic duo, “Big Kid” Chris Smith and Gemini, in the stands. The screen zooms in to both of them as Smith speaks.

“We’re here at this wrestling meet to attempt to showcase another special moment,” Chris begins. “Our first two attempts didn’t go as planned.”

“No, they didn’t,” Gemini admitted. “I really felt like I pulled my shot on that football kid.”

“Dammit, Gem,” Smith seems annoyed, “We here for the kids. You need to remember that.”

“Man, F….”

Smith cuts him off, “No. Not this time.” Big Kid explains. “That is why we are here in the bleachers and nowhere near those mats. I want to finally showcase a really special moment.”

“And what is this one?” Gemini asks.

“I’m glad you asked, my friend,” Chris answers. “Little Johnny down there…go ahead and show them on screen, please.”

The camera swivels to show a mentally handicapped kid being fitted with the usual wrestling gear by his coach in the mat directly in front of the bleachers. We hear Smith’s voice over the picture.

“Johnny has some sever handicaps that have limited his movement and growth both physically and mentally,” explains the rotund superstar. “The coaches got together and also got a kid in the same weight class to agree to allow Johnny to get a pin in this final meet of the season. I’m sure that Johnny will struggle a little early, but the moment when he gains that pin is truly going to be a special moment. Let’s watch how it plays out.”

The nice challenger gets on all fours to take position and Johnny is told where to put his arms as the referee blows the whistle.

Johnny is pulling and wrangling as hard as he can and the kid he is wrestling seems unaffected by any of it. Eventually the young man has pity and compassion, rolling over to the “forceful” grab and urging of Johnny and ends up on his back with Johnny now trying to complete the pin.


The voice is from exactly who you think it is as our masked enigma comes flying into the screen’s view and lands on top of BOTH kids with a flying elbow, flattening them both and sending them to tears immediately. Gemini gets to his feet and flips both kids off.

“Fuck both of you all!” he states.

Chris Smith is already up and over to grab his friend and yank him away as everybody is mobilizing for a straight up murder at this point.

“You couldn’t even let these kids have that moment?” He asks as he grabs the masked man by the arm and yanks him to leave.

“Man, Fuck them kids!” Gemini states as they disappear behind the bleachers and presumably out the door straight away.

The screen fades to black as the crowd started to follow quickly out of the gym.

LOGO b&w


‘Power’ by Kanye West plays through the arena speakers, announcing the arrival of the most obnoxious man on the roster; E Z Rah.

E Z steps out from behind the curtain wearing a red boxing robe adorned with an array of terrible looking NFT characters spattered around the robe. 

He stands at the top of the ramp, psyching himself up before starting his ascent of the ramp towards the ring.

He holds his hand up, looking to high five a young child in the front row, but he just scowls at him. He awkwardly laughs it off and continues walking towards the ring as “Downtown” Jason Brown makes the introductions.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this contest is scheduled for one fall!” he says into the microphone.

“ONE FALL!” the audience responds.

“Making his way to the ring, the King of the Crypto, the Social Media Mega Star, he is E Z RAH!

“And in the ring, Alf Alferson!”

Alf Alferson huffs and checks his chin for spit before raising a single finger in the air.

E Z Rah completes his climb of the steel steps and gets in to the ring before dropping his robe and raising his arms to a chorus of boos.

Before the bell has the chance to ring, however, Jerry David steps from behind the curtain, already speaking into a microphone.

He looks bruised, but is well-dressed in a maroon sports jacket, crisp white shirt, denim jeans and brown shoes.

“And introducing next, the special guest timekeeper. It’s me, it’s me, it’s Je-Rry-Dee!”

Jerry slowly makes his way to the ring as E Z hangs over the top rope, screaming down at him.

“No way, dude! NO WAY!”

He spins to look at the referee, voicing his objections, but receiving only a shrug.

Jerry makes his way to the timekeeper’s area, scoops the bell and hammer up, and rolls in the ring.

Jerry speaks to the referee, who gives him the nod.


The bell rings once, Jerry dangling it from one hand and smacking it with the hammer he holds in the other, staring directly at E Z Rah with a huge grin on his face.

DING. DIN–but as soon as the third bell rings, Jerry tosses the bell through the air.  E Z catches it, but as soon as he does, Jerry David flicks the end of Alf Alferson’s nose!

In the interim, E Z has thrown the bell back in the air, aiming it at Jerry David.  Jerry catches the bell after flicking Alf’s nose and looks at the referee.

The referee waves his finger into the corner where the timekeeper would usually be sat.

Jerry David rings the bell again.


What just happened?

“Downtown” Jason Brown goes to town.

“LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLADIES AND GENTLEMEN!” he announces, as Jerry rolls out of the ring, leaving the ring bell and hammer on the side of the apron, “The winner of this match via DISSSSSSSSQUALIFICATION! ALF ALFERSON!”

E Z Rah flips. He grabs the referee and screams in his face before shoving him down to his butt. Then he leans through the ropes to have a debate with “Downtown” Jason Brown.

He turns to lean over the top rope, pointing at Jerry, who is backing up the ramp waving his hand at the audience, grinning from ear-to-ear.

Meanwhile, Alf Alferson appears to come to life.  He raises one finger in the air, looking around. 

Alf Alferson goes 4-0.

LOGO b&w


Backstage there is a visitor … the world-renowned famous masked icon and ladies’ man, Masked Maniac.   The masked superstar has the legendary black lucha mask on with an iconic – Masked Bros before hoes shirt on.   The superstar looks at his watch as if waiting for someone to arrive.

“Where is he?”  

The Masked Maniac looks around impatiently.

“A true masked bro would never leave his fellow bro waiting.”

Is he talking about his former tag team partner, the Masked Wingman?

“No… this just isn’t going to work.”

The Masked Maniac looks like he is giving up hope when he hears from off the camera.”

“Just text me your number.  My number is 555 – … Wait, slow down!”

The Masked Maniac perks up as his “guest” arrives … As he rushes, the man is dripping wet with perspiration, joining the masked man saying.

“You didn’t tell me this place was crawling with chicks, Maniac!”

Rapid drops of sweat fly all over Masked Maniac as his former arch nemesis Tony Sweat joins the masked man.  He continues to talk excitedly as the floodgates of sweat continue to pour out of his whole face.

“The Pirate of Bling is missing out.  The last time I saw Bling, he had this hot lady there, and I was like.  Bling, my friend, you finally found the booty!   You didn’t tell me you would have a present for me.  You see, last week was my birthday!  And then I started to ask her if she would blow out my candle, but before I could finish, she ran off.  Man, chicks be crazy!”

The Masked Maniac looks at Tony with a puzzled look and responds.

“Was that his wife?”

Tony Sweat seems shocked.

“He isn’t married!”

Masked Maniac shakes his head and gets back on point.

“Tony,  remember what we talked about?  The deal?  I would help you find some action, but you would help me become a tag team champion again.  We have been without work since our partners moved on to other stages in their careers and lives.  So how about Masked Maniac and Tony Sweat put away our differences, and Masked Bros and Sweaty Bling become one … Sweaty Bros!”

Tony Sweat stands debating for a second.  While he debates, looking around at all the “babes” in the backstage area, sweat flies left and right, covering his former nemesis, who seems unphased.

“Fine.  Now let’s go get some action!”

Tony Sweat has a dumbfounded face as he begins bouncing his way off camera with sweat flying from his body all over the place.  Gasps, screams, and gags are heard off-screen as Masked Maniac turns to the camera and shrugs, saying.

“Sweaty Bros before hoes.”

LOGO b&w


White text saying “AFTER CRUSADER X LEFT THE TAPING OF DOMINATION 08…” appears on the screen and then fades out.

We get a frontal shot of a table in a dark room.  There’s a Jarritos Mandarin sitting on the table, which is lit just enough to see it.  A pair of hands emerge from the darkness, with one of them holding a bottle opener.  It cracks the top off with a hiss.  The bottle disappears into the darkness as we hear the owner of the hands takes a drink followed by an “aahhh.”

They lean forward, illuminating their face.  It’s Crusader X.  He points at the camera and begins speaking in a low, measured tone.

“Before my first match in GLOBAL, I declared to the world that I felt that I could defeat every single other wrestler in the GLOBAL locker room.”  

X pauses.  “Now, I’m not one to say ‘I told you so…'”  He takes another drink, then sets the bottle on the table.  “But here I am.  Four.  Zero. In all these months, not one person has proven that statement wrong.  In fair, honest competition, I am unpinned, unsubmitted, undefeated.”

X pauses again.  He looks off to the side.

“And on top of that, Alfie Button is open to continuing our partnership.  Great!  That’s everything I’ve wanted.  I should be happy, right?”  X laughs slightly.  “I should be happy,” he repeats.

“But something’s MISSING.”  X pounds his fist on the table.  The bottle moves and clanks slightly.  He looks straight at the camera.  

“I’m not satisfied.”

X leans in closer.

“And no, it’s not because Darren Best doesn’t trust me.  It’s not because many of the GLOBAL fans don’t trust me, either.  That’s fine.  My methods aren’t what they’re used to.  I expected this, and I respect them.”

X continues.  “Is it because I’m not in the #1 Contendership tournament?  Well, that’s SURE AS HELL PART OF IT!”

X inhales and then exhales with his eyes closed before opening them.  He points to himself.  “Unpinned.  Unsubmitted.  Undefeated.  You know who isn’t any of those things?”  


X stands up out of his chair, leaning over the table.  “I won my match at Magnum Opus!  I defeated Alfie Button.  But he was in the tournament and I wasn’t?  Sure, Alfie’s a great competitor.  He deserved to be in it.  But if we go off of wins and losses, AS GLOBAL SHOULD… so did I.”

X sits down again.  He shrugs.  “But hey.  If the GLOBAL board put ME in the tournament, there wouldn’t be any room for Joe Public, right?”

X shakes his head.  “You know… Daniel Dream vs. Crusader X is a marquee match anywhere in the world.  But I guess the fans and your wrestlers aren’t as important to you parasites as getting the title on your boy…”

X laughs under his breath.  “SEE?  This is the real thing that’s been missing.  I’ve been so focused on finding wrestlers like me that I haven’t been focusing on my enemies.  I turn my back for a little while and they sink in the dagger where I least expect it. Unfortunately for them…”

X stands up again.  “I’m still standing.”  

He leans in and shakes his head.  “None of the parasites in this company have what it takes to REALLY keep me down.  So, the GLOBAL board has to protect them.  A company full of cowards.”

X smiles slightly.  He sits back down.  “Do you who isn’t a coward, though?”  X nods toward the camera.  “Amber Lee.  She doesn’t approve of my methods, so she stood up to me.  I have immense respect for that.”

X takes a drink of his soda.  He holds onto the bottle.  “So Amber, when you see this?  If you’re game, I’d like to have a moderated sit down with you at the next Domination.  You, me, and the Informer.  I’d like to solve our… dispute once and for all… whether it’s with words…”

X leans into the camera and growls his next words.

“Or in the ring.  And if it’s the latter… Brace yourself.”

The feed cuts to the scene from X’s entrance of the X glitching around the screen along to the guitar feedback from “Governed by Contagions.”

We get a frontal shot of a table in a dark room.  There’s a Jarritos Mandarin sitting on the table, which is lit just enough to see it.  A pair of hands emerge from the darkness, with one of them holding a bottle opener.  It cracks the top off with a hiss.  The bottle disappears into the darkness as we hear the owner of the hands takes a drink followed by an “aahhh.”

They lean forward, illuminating their face.  It’s Crusader X.  He points at the camera and begins speaking in a low, measured tone.

“Before my first match in GLOBAL, I declared to the world that I felt that I could defeat every single other wrestler in the GLOBAL locker room.”  

X pauses.  “Now, I’m not one to say ‘I told you so…'”  He takes another drink, then sets the bottle on the table.  “But here I am.  Four.  Zero. In all these months, not one person has proven that statement wrong.  In fair, honest competition, I am unpinned, unsubmitted, undefeated.”

X pauses again.  He looks off to the side.

“And on top of that, Alfie Button is open to continuing our partnership.  Great!  That’s everything I’ve wanted.  I should be happy, right?”  X laughs slightly.  “I should be happy,” he repeats.

“But something’s MISSING.”  X pounds his fist on the table.  The bottle moves and clanks slightly.  He looks straight at the camera.  

“I’m not satisfied.”

X leans in closer.

“And no, it’s not because Darren Best doesn’t trust me.  It’s not because many of the GLOBAL fans don’t trust me, either.  That’s fine.  My methods aren’t what they’re used to.  I expected this, and I respect them.”

X continues.  “Is it because I’m not in the #1 Contendership tournament?  Well, that’s SURE AS HELL PART OF IT!”

X inhales and then exhales with his eyes closed before opening them.  “I won my match at Magnum Opus!  That and my record alone should have made me number one contender after Aleczander.  But instead…”  X shakes his head in seeming disbelief.  He points to himself. “Unpinned.  Unsubmitted.  Undefeated.  You know who isn’t any of those things?”  


X stands up out of his chair, leaning over the table.  “I defeated Alfie Button.  But he was in the tournament and I wasn’t?  Sure, Alfie’s a great competitor.  He deserved to be in it.  But if we go off of wins and losses, AS GLOBAL SHOULD… so did I.”

X sits down again.  He shrugs.  “But hey.  If the GLOBAL board put ME in the tournament, there wouldn’t be any room for Joe Public, right?”

X shakes his head.  “You know… Daniel Dream vs. Crusader X is a marquee match anywhere in the world.  But I guess the fans and your wrestlers aren’t as important to you parasites as getting the title on your boy…”

X laughs under his breath.  “SEE?  This is the real thing that’s been missing.  I’ve been so focused on finding wrestlers like me that I haven’t been focusing on my enemies.  I turn my back for a little while and they sink in the dagger where I least expect it. Unfortunately for them…”

X stands up again.  “I’m still standing.”  

He leans in and shakes his head.  “None of the parasites in this company have what it takes to REALLY keep me down.  So, the GLOBAL board has to protect them.  A company full of cowards.”

X smiles slightly.  He sits back down.  “Do you who isn’t a coward, though?”  X nods toward the camera.  “Amber Lee.  She doesn’t approve of my methods, so she stood up to me.  I have immense respect for that.”

X takes a drink of his soda.  He holds onto the bottle.  “So Amber, when you see this?  If you’re up for it, I’d like to have a moderated sit down with you at the next Domination.  You, me, and the Informer.  I’d like to solve our… dispute once and for all… whether it’s with words…”

X leans into the camera and growls his next words.

“Or in the ring.  And if it’s the latter… Brace yourself.”

The feed cuts to the scene from X’s entrance of the X glitching around the screen along to the guitar feedback from “Governed by Contagions.”

LOGO b&w


Salford, Manchester, England
Not as long ago as you’d like.

The large Asda supermarket is quiet as a few mid-evening shoppers dawdle up and down the brightly lit aisles. Chillers buzz loudly and “Asda FM” pumps out some of the latest pop music at a volume barely audible above the buzz of machinery chilling goods around the store.

On one of the quieter aisles an elderly lady leans on her small trolley for support, her slippered feet scuffing gently across the dirty beige floor of the aisle, seeking out her granddaughters favorite savory snack.

Hula Hoops
Space Raiders

“Ahh,” she says, leaning feebly from her trolley over to one of the shelves, rammed full with various Doritos flavors. Her granddaughter’s favorite flavor of course being Chilli Heatwave.

She lifts a bag from the shelf, but as she does a hand grabs her wrist.

“Ohh…” she shakily murmurs, letting go of the trolley and standing up to look at the person grabbing her.

“Ohh.” she shakes again.

Standing before her is a man in a crisp pinstriped suit. On top of his head is a bag of Doritos Chilli Heatwave.

“Ma’am. I have brought a friend to see you.” he tells her, pointing his long finger over her shoulder.

The old lady slowly scuffs her feet across the floor, turning.

Before her stands a very tall, very cold person. He wears a long black rope, with a huge hood that covers his head completely.  From beneath the hood two ice blue eyes glow like neon bulbs.  In his skeletal hand he holds a huge scythe.

“Margaret Singleton?” the voice asks, though the question seems to have been asked inside the elderly woman’s skull rather than through the man’s mouth. 


“It is time.”

“The time? Oh I don’t have my watch on I’m afr–” she starts, checking her wrist.

The man shakes his head and sighs.

“No. Margaret Singleton. It is time.”

In Margaret’s epitaph one word, that everyone who knows her would agree, will not appear is ‘bright’. 

She looks confused.

Then she grasps her chest.

Then she has the good grace to piss and shit herself before dropping dead.


“Clean up on aisle seventeen,” the voice of Death announces inside everyone’s skulls.

LOGO b&w



The first few chords of ‘Love is a Parasyte’ by Blanck Mass announce the arrival of the GLOBAL Tag Team Champions, who are met with a chorus of boos as soon as they emerge through the curtain. Still, as ever, the negative reaction appears to slide off them like water off a duck’s back, with Carnival, in particular, seemingly enjoying being disliked, as she engages in her favourite pastime: dousing the front rows of fans with cheap Coca-Cola – in this case, the value-brand 17-pence Diet variety widely available in supermarket chains throughout the UK. Moonlight Master, on the other hand, retains her usual poker-faced demeanour, seemingly oblivious to her sister’s antics, while ahead of the duo, older sister Aurora Master proudly holds aloft both of the GLOBAL Tag Team Championships.

“Here come our Tag Team Champions, for better or worse…”

“Yes, Lucas, and for better or worse, they are set to defend their titles here tonight, against the first and only team to answer their challenge two weeks ago, the Best of British.”

Carnival taps both of her sisters and signals for them to wait as she runs to the back again. The remaining sisters being left waiting midway through the ramp as their theme song is left playing, reaching the harsher parts of the song, while everyone in the audience boos louder over the clear stalling, bringing an eventual “Oh, shut up” from Aurora. 

After about two or three minutes of waiting, the pink haired sister finally emerges again, surrounded by at least 6 security guards. She tells them to follow and cover her as she jumps into the middle of the audience and blasts them with the cola at point blank. The security guards doing their best to keep the angry fans from grabbing her as she runs through them and eventually back to the middle of the ring where her sisters are now waiting. 

They do not have to wait long, however, as the familiar fanfare of “Rule Britannia” soon begins to blare through the arena speakers, bringing an initially favorable reaction which is soon replaced with booing as the two men collectively known as the Best of British emerge through the curtain, smirks firmly in place on their features.

“And here come the challengers!”

“Indeed, Lucas…but don’t you think it’s a little weird that out of all the tag teams GLOBAL has, THESE guys were the ones to answer the call? Doesn’t it strike you guys as a little TOO convenient?”

“That’s just sour grapes, Al. These guys saw the chance, and they took it. First come, first served. It’s not THEIR fault everyone else was already getting drunk at the afterparty…”

“Very funny, Mark. You know as well as I do there WAS no afterparty in New York…”

As the two younger announcers engage in their usual verbal sparring, Rupert Royston-Fellowes and Nigel Kensington III have finished making their way to the ring, where they are now staring down the Master Sisters, indicating they are ready for battle. Another moment is all it takes for the Tag Team Champions to exchange a look and a nod, before Moonlight and Dawn slink behind the tag rope, leaving their older sister to square off against her former flame, who has been given right of way by his own partner. At the announce table, Lucas Quinn helpfully puts this decision into context.

“The Champions making use of the Freebird rule to have the third sister, Aurora, defend here tonight, against two men she and her sisters know all too well…”

Seeing all elements in place for the start of the match, referee Shane Staggs is quick to call for the bell, officially getting the Masters’ second title defence in GLOBAL under way.

Aurora Master and Rupert Royston-Fellowes square off in the middle of the ring, glaring daggers at one another, as referee Shane Staggs calls for the bell, officially getting this match under way. No sooner has the bell rung than Aurora steps forward…

…and jabs her finger into Rupert’s chest, pushing slightly – an action to which the blond half of Best of British reacts as though he had been shot, practically somersaulting onto the mat, where he writhes in agony. Referee Staggs stares in confusion as Aurora barks at him to “count it” and drops down to cover. Realising a pin attempt is about to take place, a mystified Staggs can do little more than drop to his knees and count…


“What on EARTH is going on?”

Lucas’ confusion is apparently shared not only by the other commentators, but also by the crowd, as Staggs counts…


“What are they playing at out there?! This is ridiculous!”

Deltzer, of all people, becomes the voice of the British fans, as vehement boos begin to rain down on their fellow countrymen from all around the O2 Apollo. Still, their reaction impacts nothing, as Staggs’ arm comes down for…


“Downtown” Brown appears no less stunned – and miffed – than anyone else as he announces the result of this so-called match.

“Ladies and gentlemen…erm…the winners of this match…and still GLOBAL Wrestling Tag Team Champions…THE MASTER SISTEEEEEERS!”

The announcers are nearly drowned by the jeering of the fans as they speculate on what just transpired.

“We might have known! They’re in cahoots – why WOULDN’T they make it easy for each other?”

“It’s not that simple, Lucas. I happen to know there is constant tension within The United Kingdom…”

“Yeah, Al – it’s all Tory’s fault, whoever she is…”

An unusually affable Lucas chimes in with an explanation.

“They’re a political party, Mark.” 

“Oh, so they’re non-binary, huh? Well, Tory, if you’re hearing this, sorry for misgendering you.”

Once she is done facepalming, Allie resumes her explanation.

“I actually meant the STABLE, Mark, not the nation. These teams cannot stand one another, or so I hear. Which makes it all the stranger that…whatever THAT was…just happened.”

Before the announcers can expound any further on the goings on, the chorus of boos raining down from all corners of the arena turns to cheering, as two familiar figures appear through the entrance curtain, with no fanfare of any kind, microphones already in hand.

“ANT RUSHTON AND ADE FLOWERS! TEAM UNITED are here, to put an end to this farce!”

Lucas’ sentiment is echoed by the vast majority of fans in attendance, who nearly drown out Flowers as he brings the microphone to his lips to address the wrestlers in the ring.

“No, no, no. This is NOT on.”

Both teams do little more than smirk at their fellow Brit’s indignation, but this does not put him off in the slightest.

“You do NOT get to do our home fans dirty like this.” Flowers gestures to the packed stands of the O2 Apollo. “These people paid to see a Tag Team Championship defence, and that’s what they should get to see.” A cheer arises from the stands as the fans cotton on to what the Team United member is leading to. “So, since you lot are obviously not going to do anything but dick around in your little circle jerk…it looks like WE’re going to have to take matters into our own hands.” 

The crowd reaction intensifies considerably as the Brit concludes. “You lot…and us lot…right here, right now…for those titles right there. What do you reckon?”

The ensuing few seconds are scored by the buzz of the crowd, as the five members of The United Kingdom confer amongst themselves; then, Rupert Royston-Fellowes takes to the microphone to answer his fellow countryman’s challenge – though in less than polite fashion.

“What, in those simple little heads of yours, can possibly give you the impression that you can just waltz out here and make DEMANDS of the GLOBAL Tag Team Champions? Did we, by any chance, not deliver on the bout that was ACTUALLY scheduled? Did either of us forfeit our appearance here tonight? If not, then what exactly, pray tell, is the issue here?”

The boos of the fans provide sufficient answer – though, visibly, not by Rupert’s reckoning.

“Oh, I see. You people do not APPROVE of it. Is that the problem?” The jeering is once again self-explanatory, causing the Brit to chuckle mirthlessly. “I see. And since when, pray tell, do the Tag Team Champions have to concede to YOUR demands?”

Rather than answer, Flowers has a sweeping hand gesture, which encompasses the entirety of the arena stands, which have come alive with a chant of ‘BEAT THEM UP! BEAT THEM UP!’ Hearing this, Royston-Fellowes can muster no other reaction than a shrug and a slight eyeroll.

“Is that what you want? Very well, then…”

No sooner has the blond lowered his mic than his two would-be opponents are entering the ring and squaring off to him and his partner. In response, the more muscular of the two Best of British members simply pushes him in the chest, his partner doing likewise to Ant Rushton a few feet to the side. This is then quickly followed by stereo clotheslines, which send the two members of Team United hurtling to the ground, and leave them ripe for a Downtrodding – which the Master Sisters have no qualms joining in on, much to Lucas Quinn’s indignation.

“Oh, for crying out loud!!!”

The crowd’s volume redoubles as boos rain down on the five members of The United Kingdom from all around the arena…

…then turn into cheers as two figures come pelting down the ramp to join the fray!!


“What are you so excited about, Lucas? It’s not like they’re going to be much help…”

Indeed, Deltzer is (sadly) soon proven to have a point, as Teagan Trouble and Izzy Roxx find themselves on the receiving end of a three-on-two beatdown from the GLOBAL Tag Team Champions! Despite fighting valiantly, the two youngsters’ best efforts are not enough to overcome the Masters’ numerical advantage, and the beloved duo soon finds itself sprawled on the mat next to their closest friends in the company, while all five members of The United Kingdom stand over them and gloat, totally ignoring the nuclear heat they continue to receive from the crowd in attendance – as well as the announce table, in the person of Lucas Quinn.

“What an absolute farce! Utterly disgraceful!”

“I have to agree with you there, Lucas. Things like this only lower the value of the GLOBAL Tag Team belts. I WISH Team United had had the change to show them what for!”

“Well, cry me a river, Al…I guess you’ll have to wait for Gold Rush…and even then…”

“Don’t jinx it, Mark. I want to believe.”

When they do, finally, appear to notice the uproar erupting all around them, the only response any of the members of The United Kingdom gives comes from self-appointed spokesman for the evening, Rupert Royston-Fellowes, who once again brings the microphone to his lips to taunt the fans in the stands.

“Well…you DID say ‘beat them up’…”

With that, smug smirks still plastered on each of their faces, all five members of The United Kingdom exit the ring and begin to make their way up the ramp as – finally and truly – a united front, worthy of its chosen name.

LOGO b&w


The arena goes dark as a single spotlight illuminates the center of the ring, revealing a steel chair, a white circular table with an MVP Award, cake, and something on it draped in black cloth. Black and yellow balloons are tied to each ringpost. Black and yellow streamers cascade down from the rafters. The audience watches in anticipation, wondering what mysterious object lies beneath. 

Suddenly, the titantron flashes to life, showcasing the ruthless and dominating performances of the one and only Carnivore. 

Carnivore, wearing his trademark yellow smiley mask, a pristine white button-up shirt, and black pants with yellow trimming, emerges from the shadows, moving with an eerie grace, followed by a procession of yellow-masked men. The audience responds with a chorus of boos, he acknowledges their hostility with a humble wave before ascending the steps and entering the ring. The procession makes its way to the ring.

“From Atlanta, Georgia, standing six feet four and two hundred and twenty-five pounds, while currently residing in West Hollywood, California…THE CARRRRRRRNIIIVOOOOOORRRRRRE, DAAAAAAANNNNNIEEEEL DRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEAAAMMM!”

Carnivore shakes the hand of the board of directors member. As he takes a seat, the masked men surround him, lifting him high into the air in a show of celebration. 

As the procession of masked men lowers Carnivore to the mat, suddenly, the wrestler’s hand reaches out for a microphone.

A voice clip from Carnivore’s last promo echoes through the speakers, “We both have a hunger, a carnivorous hunger.”

Carnivore says into the microphone, “This is a very special night. It’s such an amazing honor to celebrate with y’all tonight, so thank you.”

The crowd boos.

“Now allow me to remind you why we’re here tonight,” Carnivore continues, “We’re here to celebrate the most important day in human history, my championship celebration.”

As “Cult of Personality” blares throughout the arena, the black cloth is dramatically removed, revealing a championship belt adorned with the words ‘WESTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP’. 

“Listen up, you sheep,” he growls, “I’m here to talk to you about the true test of a man. You see, it’s easy to be a hero when things are going your way. It’s easy to strut around with your chest puffed out and your head held high.”

The titantron shows a replay of Big Aug and Carnivore, chest-to-chest in the interview area. The tension is palpable as the footage plays out, each wrestler glaring daggers at the other.

As the clip ends, the footage cuts back to Carnivore, who stands in the center of the ring. “The true test of a man,” he declares, his voice booming through the speakers. “Is who he is under adversity.”

“So what kind of man am I?” He continues, a note of triumph in his voice. “Well, I guess we’ll never know.” 

With that, Carnivore raises his MVP Award and accepts his Western Conference Championship, basking in the spotlight.

LOGO b&w


“War dance” by Shen Yi is heard as Xiang makes his way down the aisle. The towering form of the challenger known only as The Wall walks stoically behind him.

“Minimalist as always.” Allie notes, and Quinn nods his head

“The Wall likes to waste as little energy as possible, it’s a simple, conservative, but effective style that has served him well so far. Only a single defeat and that was to the Great American Dream himself.”

Both Allie and Mark groan as The Wall climbs over the ropes. Raising one arm, but otherwise ignoring the crowd’s boos.

“ALL IN ALL YOU’RE JUST A! ‘NOTHER PRICK WHO CAN BRAWL!!” They sing at The Wall who looks unamused.

“Ah, good old British creativity” The Mark chuckles.

The classic guitar riff, joined by the illustrious beat by Kee Marcello of the legendary band Europe, begins as The Final Countdown blasts through the PA system throughout the Globe.   Golden strobe lights begin outlining the entranceway. Bright lights join it, and fireworks as the fans erupt in support for the one … the only “The Legend” Sean Darring.  Donning the long golden robe with silver and purple trim around the letters – LEGEND across the robe’s back.  The legend stands with his arms extended.  Sean Darring turns and begins to take a long-awaited walk down the aisle.   Momentarily he stops and gives appreciation to the support from GLOBAL Nation.

“I know you’re not his biggest fan, Quinn, but the crowd loves the Legend” Allie says with a smile as Quinn tries in vain to protest.

Darring slaps the hands and hugs a young fan before going to ringside.  Walking up the stairs and between the ropes, Darring stops and turns around, soaking up the moment and looking at the Magnum Opus logo and the thousands of cheering fans.

“Certainly this will be the champion’s biggest challenge yet, pun not intended.”

“Sure it wasn’t.” Mark says with an eye roll. “But you’re right. The Wall’s got the size and power over Darring, but Darring’s quicker, expect him to use that. Hit and run tactics, go for the legs to chop the big man down. It’s 101 in the giant fighter’s playbook.”

As Darring’s entrance music fades, the crowd starts up one of their own in honour of the champion.

“Dare! Dare to believe you’re invincible!”

“I get it!” The Mark says, before Newman makes the introductions.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Introducing first, accompanied by Xiang! From Guangzhou, China, weighing in at 365 pounds… THE!!! WALL!!!!”

Again, a basic arm raise as the crowd boos and Xiang claps. The Wall does not take his eyes off the champion.

“And his opponent! From Miami Florida, weighing in at 240 lbs! He is the GLOBAL champion! The LEGEND!! SEAN!! DARRING!!!”

“Newman’s laying it on a bit thick, don’t you think.” Quinn says.

“It’s the same introduction he gave The Wall!!” Allie says, outraged.


Darring takes the initiative. Using his quickness, he tries to strike at the big man’s knee with a hard kick, like chopping down a redwood tree. But to his surprise, the Wall grabs the offending leg before Slamming a gigantic elbow into DARRING’s knee!

Darring cries out, but Xiang barks an order in chinese and The Wall follows up. Driving another Ballistae like elbow into Daring’s leg!

By now, Allie has rounded on The Mark.

“You were saying??”

“Okay, so… not what I expected the Wall to do.”

Xiang smiles wickedly as the two shots to the Legend’s leg now havee him writhing on the floor. At his manager’s command, The Wall raises his boot and Darring NARROWLY avoids having his leg stomped in half as he rolls away!

“But this IS something XIANG would do.” Allie says “You said at the top that attacking The Wall’s legs is 101 in the giantslayer’s playbook. Well, Xiang is a master strategist. Of course he’d instruct his client to flip that script.”

Darring needs to take a breather now. His leg feels simultaneously numb and on fire. He rolls out the ring, trying to use the apron for support.

But like the Terminator, The Wall is coming after him.

“It’s a good strategy from Xiang.” Quinn admits “You said at the top of this match that Darring has the speed advantage over The Wall.”

“But a LIMPING Sean Darring doesn’t have a speed advantage on ANYONE.” Deltzr concludes. And Quinn nods.

“Like I said. It’s a good strategy. He’s taking away the biggest advantage Darring might have had here.”

The Wall has caught up to Darring! Picking the hobbled champion up like a child, the monstrous man drops him on the ring steps with a wince inducing kneebreaker!

“That’ll leave a bruise!” The Mark cringes.

Xiang calls for The Wall to finish it! To end his weakened opponent!


No! Darring caught the Wall in a guillotine!!

The Wall actually stumbles for a second under this shift in weight! He tries to ram Darring backfirst into the ringpost, but the veteran releases the grip and drops so that The Wall ends up charging headfirst into the post!

“Let’s throw in a correction, it’s not Darring’s speed that gives him an edge! It’s those veteran instincts!” The Mark cheers.

Darring has an opportunity now! Xiang is yelling at his client! The champion goes for a chopblock!

…But he suddenly collapses, crying out in pain as he put too much weight too quickly on his OWN wounded leg.

And meanwhile, The Wall has already shaken off the impact to the ringpost.

“The Wall is certainly living up to his name.” Quinn remarks.

Darrig tries to backpedal, to scramble away, but on the mat like he is, and so close to The Wall, he has no chance to get away.

He tries to fight back, punches hit The Wall in the ribs, but The Wall doesn’t even seem to NOTICE them!

“Darring isn’t a small, or weak man by  ANY means, but The Wall is shrugging of the champions hits like they’re confetti!” The Mark calls.

Looking more annoyed than anything, The Wall grabs Darring and THROWS him ass over tea-kettle over the announcer’s table! As Darring goes tumbling throw the air, one flailing leg accidentally kicks Quinn’s water bottle out of his hand!


Allie and Mark hurriedly clamp their hands over Quinn’s mouth.

The Wall isn’t finished with Darring, throwing the GlOBAL champion back into the ring, but Sean uses the momentum to roll himself out the ring on the opposite side.

“Darring is doing all he can to not be crushed under The WAllt! Getting distance between himself and the giant.” Allie says

“And rolling across the ring so he doesn’t have to walk on his bad leg.” The Mark adds.

There’s a slight tightening of the Wall’s jaw, but still he keeps coming after Darring. Climbing over the ring ropes. Relentlessly pursuing The Legend.

“He’s like some sort of… Non… giving up… Chinese guy!” The Mark calls.

“Our education system hard at work folks.” Allie says with a roll of her eyes.

But as the wall steps over the ropes on the other side,  a quick thinking Darring pulls out the ring curtain so the Wall steps into the gap! Trapping himself between the curtain and the edge of the ring itself!

“Okay, THAT was smart!” The Mark cheers!

With the wall trapped, Darring again attacks with elbows and forearms to the lower body, but again it seems to have no effect and the Wall grabs Darring by his tights, to tossing him up into the ring ropes with such violent force that The Legend BOUNCES of the ropes and is sent crashing backfirst into the barricade!!

“My word!” Quinn exclaims.

The Wall rips the ring curtain away like it’s made of tissue paper.

“Those curtains are attached TIGHT, that man is inhumanly strong!” The Mark gasps.

Xiang barks more orders in Chinese and the Wall nods before STOMPING down on Darring’s bad knee! He keeps his foot planted on Darring’s leg before STANDING ON THE SCREAMING LEGEND’S LEG!!

“Oh, GOD!”  Deltzer cringes, looking away.

Darring’s face looks pale from agony as he desperately tries to get the weight of The Wall OFF his leg, but he has absolutely no leverage from his position!

Eventually, Xiang recalls the Wall, directing him more in Chinese to roll Darring back in the ring.

“Looks like Xiang wants to put this away early.” Quinn says.

The Wall grabs Darring by the throat! Deadliftting the champion off the mat!


“Yes! The Legend still has fight!” Allie cheers!

The Wall staggers around with the full weight of Darring hanging from his arm! For a minute, there’s a brief expression of discomfort before he starts lifting the champion up again! Holding nearly 250 lbs on one arm! He goes to slam Darring, but The Legend releases his grip, dropping in a somewhat controlled fall to the mat, making sure the impact isn’t felt on his damaged leg! Again he attacks with those strikes to the lower body, but again it seems like they’re having no effect!

“Okay… maybe Darring should try another strategy?” The Mark questions with growing concern. “Those punches don’t seem like they’re doing much.”

Military Press from The Wall! Again he throws the veteran like a small toy, but The Legend makes sure to twist midfall to take the impact on his back!

“Smart move from the veteran.” Quinn reluctantly admits, “You don’t want your leg taking the impact with the state that Darring’s is in.

The fall knocks the winds from Darring’s lungs and Xiang commands the all in Chinese as The Wall picks up Darring.

DAO BOMB (Jackknife Powerbomb)-!


“And again The Legend shows his tenacity and technicality with another counter!” Deltzer cheers.

“He knows just ONE of those power moves could end this! He’s doing whatever he can to not suffer the effects.” Reece says.

Once again though, The Wall displays his FRIGHTENING POWER by  holding Darring in the air and swinging in the Triangle Choke into a BRUTAL Stretch Muffler!!

“That’s going to destroy Sean Darring’s ligaments!” Quinn exclaims!

Darring is grasping! Reaching out to try to grab the ropes, to get some relief from this pain! He manages to get a grip, but The Wall YANKS him off the ropes with such force he gets thrown halfway across the ring!

“Good LORD this man is powerful!”

Darring is coughing violently from the impact! He tries to roll out the ring again, get some distance from his unstoppable opponent.

…Only to find his escape path blocked by a smirking Xiang.

“Xiang is again one step ahead of Darring! The wall is dangerous enough on his own, but paired with the intelligence of Xiang, he’s nigh unbeatable! Quinn comments

Sean’s eyes go wide just as The Wall grabs him by the ankle and drags him back into the centre of the ring! He lifts Darring’s leg… and SLAMS his knee into the mat! Another lift, another brutal slam as the champion cries out in pain!

Cries thar only get louder as The WAll releases his ankle to STAND ALL HIS WEIGHT ON DARRING’S LEG!!

The fans are booing loudly at this brutally cruel tactic, but Xiang doesn’t need The Wall’s moves to be pretty, or even to be a traditional hold.

As long as The Wall puts Darring in enough agony that he submits, the title will be theirs.


“That could be bad for The Wall! We know he’s had a history of leg issues!” Deltzer says.

Darring is trying to crawl away. Trying to get distance. An infuriated Wall is about to charge, when he suddenly stops at the call of his manager!

“And we see Xiang’s intelligence on display again,” Allie notes “You mentioned the leg issues, why let his client rush in and risk making it worse, when he can rest while he still has complete control of this match.

Darring has managed to limp/crawl to the farthest corner from The WAll, using the ropes to hold himself up while Xiang directs The Wall to the opposite corner. The two wrestlers stare at each other as they rest.

The Wall stands at Xiang’s order. Walking unflinchingly towards Darring who meets his gaze. He doesn’t run. He steps towards the monster of a man.

“I think the champion wants to go out on his shield.” Quinn says.

The Wall tries to grab Darring, but the Legend drops into a roll that takes him past the giant. The Wall turns to try and Grab Darring again, but Sean rams a shoulder into his gut!

“THAT one had a little more impact! Detlzer cheers.

As The Wall staggers a few steps back, Daring drops into a roll again. This time trying to escape the ring again. Only to find Xiang once more blocking his pa-


The fangs explode into cheers!

“That fucker found out! That fucker found out!”

“And there goes our PG rating, flying right out of the window.” Allie comments.

“Who in the Red White and Blue Hell is giving us a PG rating with REYN on the roster??” An incredulous Mark asks!

The Wall is enraged! He charges straight at Darring in defense of his manager! He slides out the ring. But even a charging Wall is slow enough that Daring hits him with a dropkick as he leaves the ring!

“BEAUTIFUL technique by The Legend!” Quinn gushes “Using the ropes for support to take the pressure of his leg in the jump and landing on the apron so he can roll back into the ring!”

“Don’t let Daniel hear you talking like that.” Allie giggles, and Quinn almost looks sheepish.

“L-look, while Darring may not be… the most marketable champion, it’s hard not to appreciate a master at work. Sean Darring, Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee. They all put the ‘art’ into Martial Arts.”

If that impressed him, The Legend’s next trick would have him almost squeeing. As The Wall tries to come into the ring, Darring hip checks him in the knee to trip him of the apron, and grabs the back off his head! Falling down to pull his throat against the top rope and leeting go to let the whiplash throw him back INTO HIS MANAGER!!!!

The crowd is ROARING in delight at seeing Xiang crushed between the barricade and his massive client’s bulk!

“THAT COULD COMPLETELY TURN THIS MATCH AROUND!” Deltzer cheers. “The Wall is almost COMPLETELY reliant on his manager for strategy!”

Darring is picking himself back up! He still needs the ropes for support, but the crowd can see new hope, new fire in his eyes as they serenade The Legend!

“Dare! Dare to believe you’re invincible!”

The Wall tries to Wall back in the ring, but Darring is on him immediately with a grounded sleeper!

“Yes! A perfect strategy from the champion!” Quinn praises “The Wall is carrying over 300 lbs, that WILL affect his stamina! Taking away his breathe is one of the best possible things he can do!”

The Wall tries to roll onto Darring to smother him under his weight, but the veteran uses his leverage to roll the near 400 pounder off, fully locking in the sleeper!

Even with the hold locked in, the Wall is STILL able to make it to his feet, carrying all the weight of The Legend Sean Darring!

The Wall tries to ram Darring backfirst into the turnbuckle, but Darring drops off the Walls back so that the only thing to hit the turnbuckle is The Wall himself! As The Wall stumbles out of the corner, Darring brings him to his knees with a chopblock, then a knee to the lower body! 

An enraged Wall shoves Darring with enough force to send him sprawling halfway across the ring!

He tries to charge at the champion, but immediately stumbles as he puts weight on his bad leg!

“See, this is EXACTLY what Xiang was worried about earlier!” Allie calls. “Without his master, The Wall is just acting on blind rage and instinct! He’s not thinking strategically!”

Darring however. IS.

“Guillotine Choke from the champion!” Quinn calls as the fans cheer!

The cheers quickly turn to gasps though as The Wall rips Darring off to turn the choke into a Military Press! But he can’t keep his grip and droops Darring who twists in the fall to protect his leg! He throws yet ANOTHER punch to the lower body, but THIS time it’s having a noticeable effect on The Wall who drops to a knee, holding the wounded area with a grimace of pain! Darring moves to continue the pressure


“ONE blow! ONE blow from the Wall and he turns it back around in his favour!” The Mark yells in frightened awe.

But instead of following up, The Wall collapses against the ropes, clutching the area just below the right side of his ribs that Darring has been hitting over, and over, and over…

“Wait a minute…”

Quinn’s eyes widen as it hits him.

“Those have been LIVER shots!”

Allie and The Mark’s eyes go wide as they realise it too!

“One of the most painful areas to damage in combat sports!” Quinn half explains, half gushes to the audience “The Wall might have been able to shug off one or two blows, but four… five… SIX?? The pain gets to EVERYONE eventually!! Our champion is a GENIUS!!”

Yep. Quinn is being won over.

“He’s brave too.” Allie says “A plan like that takes focus, commitment, and sheer will to keep going or the liver, chipping away at The Wall’s stamina while the big man threw him around like a ragdoll.”

Meanwhile. The Wall is able to push through the pain enough to make the first pin of the match!









The Wall tries to pick Darring up for a bearhug, but it’s clear that the pain throughout his body is making it hard for him to hold the champion who counters into a hanging KIMURA LOCK!! Once again though, it’s not his real target as he drops and brings the wall down with ANOTHER chopblock.

Another punch to the liver, before locking in a bulldog choke on The Wall! The Wall tires to stand, to fight through the pain to pick up Darring again, but suddenly the soun of fervent Chinese is heard!

“Xiang’s back!” Deltzer notes

The Wall hears and obeys! Using his incredible reach, he’s able to get one of his legs under the bottom rope to force a break!

“Again a smart call from the manager.” Quinn admits. “Better to get the ropebreak on the mat than to put more weight on his leg.”

But The Legend has The Wall in the most vulnerable position he’s been in all match! The Fans cheer as they realise he’s going for the LEGEND LOCK!! (Stranglehold Alpha)

Wait! The Wall has grabbed the leg! He pushes himself up to counter the Legend Lock into another  Stretch Muffler- no! Darring swings his body around! Hanging Triangle Choke!

The crowd is cheering on their champion’s tenacity as he REFUSES to give The Wall an inch!

Buckle Bomb slams Darring backfirst into the top turnbuckle! As Darring falls out of the corner, The Wall grabs him by the throat! Tossing him up into the air with one hand and catching him by the back of the neck in midair!


“HOLY HECK!!” Quinn yells











The crowd can see Darring bleeding from where he had his face SLAMMED into the mat by The Wall! But the wall is ALSO lying on the mat next to Darring, breathing heavily from the exertion!

Suddenly there’s a shocked gasp from the crowd, followed by loud boos as they see The Border Control charging towards the ring!

“What the Hell ae THOSE two doing here?? We made sure to have Truth nd hi goons BANNED during this match!! What idiot let them into the building??!!” Allie screams

The referee immediately moves to intercept them, but the boos become almost FEROCIOUS as they see John J Truth slide into the ring, holding a steel chair! The Border Control is keeping the referee’s attention, he doesn’t see Truth who is mouthing off to The Wall! His words drowned out by the noise of the crowd!

“Oh come on! Not like this!!” Quinn yells.

The chair is swung at The Wall’s head…


John J’s eyes go wide. He can’t believe that Darring just saved his opponent! But Darring glares John J down.


The fans cheer in delight! As John collapse slowly to his knees, holding his groin and making a noise similar to a tea kettle, the crowd sings ‘Ave Maria’ in mockery. 

Meanwhile, Darring has taken the chair and CRACKS both members of Border Control over the head with it! The two members try to attack back, but they can see Truth has out the ring, barely conscious, Darring is armed, and he looks like he’s prepared to fight the WORLD to keep this match honourable.

…The two decide that with their employer unconscious and his plan for revenge in tatters, this fight isn’t worth it.

They pick up The Truth and make their exit.



The Wall is trying to lock in the Five Stars Vice (Elevated Head and Arm Triangle), but Darring is able to use his technical experience to block a full lock! He manages  to  slip out! Grabbing The Wall in a headlock for a bulldog! The Legend doesn’t waste a second before applying a bulldog choke! As he leans back to apply more pressure to the hold, Xiang directs the Wall to try to get his legs under the ropes again!

Realising Xiang’’s plan, Daring grabs The Wall’s leg, trying to apply a half-crab that will target the leg and keep it way from the rope-


Xiang is urging The Wall to finish it! To score the win! The Wall tries to grab Darring, but the champ is WINDED, not unconscious! He rolls out the ring, and as The Wall tries to grab him, he swings a clothesline into the ankle of the Wall’s injured leg, to trip him up before sliding back in!

Darring tries to lock in the Figure Four, but the Wall kicks him in the back of his bad leg! As Darring drops, The Wall tries to lock in a knee bar, but…

Darring is able to counter! Heel hook applied! Darring is wrenching on the hold as he grapevines his legs around The Wall!

To everyone’s horror, THE WALL IS MANAGING TO STAND UP!!

“This man is not human. THIS MAN IS NOT HUMAN!!” Again, The Mark.

The Wall lifts his leg! The leg that Darring is still wrapped around… AND STOMPS!!











The Wall looks like he’s had enough! His fists hammer down on the grounded Darring! Just trying to pummel him into the ma-


Once again, the challenger is displaying his insane power as he lifts Darring up!


“Wow! You don’t see that from The Legend!” The Mark exclaims.

“Don’t get it twisted, it may not be his usual style, but Darring is a VETERAN who has forgotten more than most of us know!” Quinn says, “The man has travelled the world and learnt all there is to know about our sport! Superstar style, Catch-as-can, Puroresu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Lucha Libre… If there’s a style, Sean Darring has studied it! And just like with Daniel Dream, he’s reaching DEEP into his tricks against this dangerous opponent!”

The wall is struggling in the hold! He doesn’t have the strength to lift Darring up again! Darring might get the submission here!

…The Wall gets a foot under the ropes!

The fans boo as Darring releases the hold, rolling away, taking a second to catch his breath, formulate a new plan. Standing to his feet, he grabs The Wall’s wrist, booting him hard and repeatedly in the head!

“Is this wise, Quinn?” Allie asks.

“It could be. He may be trying to keep the Wall disoriented with blows to the head.”

With a furious roar, The Wall practically throws himself at Darring with a chop that The Legend ducks! Darring hits the ropes! Rolling over The Wall with a sunset flp, then using a leg trap to  bring him down into a pin!






The Wall has made its way back up! Daring tries to chop it, but the Wall grabs him by the throat!


Once again, it’s just a way to escape a devastating move and Darring releases his grip! He ducks a chop from the wall as he lans! Darring hits the ropes, perhaps going for another chopblo-BIG BOOT CAUGHT HIM!!!

The Wall collapses against the ropes, breathing heavily! Xiang is urging him, ordering him, practically BEGGING him to get back in the  fight, to finish Darring off!

The Wall wipes sweat from his brow before he turns to pick Darring up.

Dao Bomb!

Wait… the exhaustion, combined with the pain in his liver and leg causes The Wall to lost his grip, stumbling under the weight and letting Darring lock in a hanging guillotine!!

The wall almost collapses entirely under the weight, but he barely, BARELY remains standing! He’s reaching around, flailing blindly as he tries to grab for something, ANYTHING to break the hold!

“Again Sean Darring is a genius!” Quinn gushes. “He’s keeping The Wall’s head bent low so he can’t see where the ropes are!”

He’s fading more now, dropping to aknee! Darring eaches around, hooking an arm around the back of The Wall’s leg, leaning his weight back…

“Small package!” Quinn calls “Small package applied!”











…A millisecond too late.



“Even with all that, and it’s BARELY enough to keep Darring dow- OH COME ON!!!” Quinn is enraged as Xiang suddenly slides into the ring and blasts Darring across the back of the head with the title belt! As the exhausted Legend drops, Xiang starts putting the boots to the champion! Kicking him over again while he’s down!

“This is unbelievable! Sean Darring puts on a hell of a fight, puts his neck ut for these tow and THIS is the respect they show him???!!” Quinn is beside himself as The Wall joins his manager in literally kicking The Legend while he’s down!

Now Xiang has produced a pair of handcuffs. As the crowd boos, Xiang cuffs The Legend’s hands behind his back and calls for The Wall to deliver the DAO BOMB!!!

“What are they… No! No! No! If Darring takes the Dao Bomb with his hands cuffed, he’ll land straight on his neck! Someone has to stop this!” Quinn cries!

“Hall of Fame” by The Script feat. will.i.am


The fans cheer as fellow Manchester Aleczander the Great comes charging to the ring! Immediately, Xiang calls for himself and the exhausted Wall to retreat! Not willing to risk his crown jewel in a fight against the fresh athlete that is Alexander!

“I… I don’t believe it! Has Aleczander come down to save Sean Darring??” The Mark asks with wide eyes!

Allie meanwhile, narrows her eyes suspiciously.

The fans cheers are dying down. Still hand cuffed, Sean is making his way to his feet. Looking at his future opponent with surprise, confusion, concern… and maybe a little gratitude.

Zander, meanwhile, is staring at the title bel he is holding, and the crowd sees a calculating grin as he wraps the belt around his shoulder and turns to state cruelly at the champion…

“If you want something done right…”

“Oh no… Sean’s hand are still cuffed, he has no way to defend himself!” Quinn realises!


“YOU UNBELIEVABLE SON OF A BITCH!!!” Allie screams, as the fans loudly boo their fellow englishman “He wasn’t saving Darring out of the goodness of his heart! He just didn’t want to risk his title match being pulled if Darring was in the hospital!”

“I’ll bet it was him who let those border idiots into this match earlier too”, Deltzer said with a scowl. “I’ll bet it sounded positively PATTON to him. Have The Wall beat the tar out of Darring, then send those three goons to sabotage the match and make sure The Wall doesn’t actually WIN, because we ALL know the “Great” would rather fight a battered champion than a healthy one!”

“And he just COULDN’T help but get his own licks in, could he.” Quinn says in discuss as Zander lays the belt on Darring’s unconscious body. Patting his chest mockingly.

“Keep it warm for me Old man.”

LOGO b&w

A Mere Mortal: Shae
Fast News Travels Fast: Pedro
Mirror, Mirror: Scott & John
A Special Moment: Take 1: Chris
Trouble Roxx Vs. The Players: Pedro
The Search Continues: Chris
No Case: Keegan
Concern?: Kyle
Rich Family Saviors: Brian 
Guilty by Inaction: Shae
Amber Lee Vs. Darren Best: Keegan
A Special Moment: Take Two: Chris
A Planned Hike: Crash
Return of the Jed-I: Pedro
Cracking: Scott
Daniel Dream Vs. Big Aug: Chris
I Don’t Understand You: Blair
The Legend Prepares for Global Challengers: Brian
Alfie Button Vs. Declan Rich: Keegan
A Trip Home: Brian & April
A Special Moment: Take Three: Chris
E Z Rah Vs. Alf Alferson: Scott
The New Kids on the Block: Brian
Something’s Missing: Blair
Death: Written in the stars
Master Sisters Vs. BoB: Pedro
I Guess We’ll Never Know: Hector
Sean Darring Vs. The Wall: Shae
Finale: Here